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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mars in the 3rd house: Parakram, Expression, Arms/Shoulders, Siblings, Short Travels

Mars in the 3rd house: Parakram, Expression, Arms/Shoulders, Siblings, Short Travels

What I have observed over the years that Mangal or Mars draws a lot of attention from non-Astro folks. So I thought of writing down a quick article about Mars’ effects in all the 12 houses. I will try to cover in a very objective manner keeping side my creativity (whatever little) aside.

A Horoscope is called as “Manglik” if Mangal is placed in one of 1, 4, 7, 8, 12 houses; i.e. 5 out 12 people in this world are Manglik (aprx 42%). It indicates that it is not a big deal then? There are various varieties of Mangal coined by Astrologers: Kadak Mangal, Soumya Mangal etc! J Mangal with a Soumya planet like Moon or Venus is usually treated as Soumya. Or Mangal in Guru’s drushti is called Soumya. Even the one with Shani’s drushti is considered Soumya! So basically --- All Manglik varieties are Soumya?! J More on that later.

Mars is the governor of: Blood, Siblings, sports, land, vehicles, speed, aggression, adrenaline, south direction

The 3rd house Mars gain, this is a non-Manglik position. This is a naturally strong position for Mangal as 3rd house is about individual parakram. Mangal in this house makes a person quite friendly, mostly extrovert with energy in some sort of expression. Needless to say, this is a great house of Mangal for Sportspeople. These folks would enjoy the game and sports more than carrying the responsibilities like Sachin and Dravid who have Mangal in Dharma-Trikon (Duties). The Kaam-trikon Mangal would enjoy the game more than carrying duties relentlessly. (Kapil Dev 3rd house Sun in Sagittarius and 7th house Mangal in Aries – Both in Kaam-Trikon)

Prakash Padukone has Mangal in Mithun rashi in 3rd house, I suspect Dennis Lillee who has Mangal in Mithun also might have Mithun lagna and also Roger Federrer I think!

The 3rd house Mars is very significant from siblings’ point of view. It shows a definite karmic history with siblings and friends too. When there is a definite good or bad karma with siblings, then a person tends to have 3rd house Mars. A well placed shows very well-to-do siblings, a badly placed one could show blood, health issues with siblings and even a very badly placed could show miscarriage to Mom in the next pregnancy after this (your) birth. The intensity of this Mangal will show the degree of good or bad events for siblings.

These folks also tend to have some land 6 to 8 hours away from their native place. Now, again the intensity of the Mars would show good or bad luck with the land but some definite karma with land which is 6/8 hrs away from the native place.

This Mars is more action oriented or tactical than strategic Mars in the 9th house. They would like to attack the opponent directly than grinding them to slow death like Dravid. However 9th Mars to Moon or Lagna is seen in MANY Great sports-personalities. The 3rd Mars would not care much about stats but would certainly have various legends or “kissa” about how they tackled certain bowler, batsmen or a player and how they tricked them in some situation to take advantage etc. These folks would not be bogged down with the seriousness of the event (Say World Cup Finals) – they will still do/play like the way they play in the nets/practice!! J

This Mangal shows certain vitality or energy in expression, attitude of short-writing, painting or singing could certainly be there if well placed with say Shukra or Chandra – Poetry could very well be possible when with artistic setup (With Shukra in Shukra sign). With Budh in Budh signs it would show great MATHEMATICAL ability for sure – knowledge carried from the past birth in mathematics (engineering one and not just basic one).

This 3rd house Mars can also make person travel abroad or places that are 6 to 8 hours for short terms and it makes them stay away from home and family from time to time. However, they make very good friends/contacts at these distant places.


  1. Milind, I have charts of many of my friends/ family/ acquaintances. Helps me make observations, learn, cross check when I read any article etc. I do not have a single chart with 3rd house Mars in my family and friends even. 37 charts total. Peculiar. :)

    1. Hi, Could not find your email id on your blog profile...

      For an aries lagna, shani owns the 10th and 11th house.. as it becomes the lord of a kendra it gains power and becomes a benefic.. correct me if I'm wrong ..Now if it is placed in the 8th (governed by mars) and Mars aspects it from the 2nd house(7th dristhi) then in this case is the aspect a good one? (Ascendant lord aspecting its own house and shani as well)

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  2. Yup Milind,As yu said Mangal draws a lot of attention,I agree with that.
    This "Manglik term' creates a scary picture in people's mind.But now we can see its other side too.
    Yor wonderful explanation on this topic is really very interesting.Good job!:)
    My Mangal is in 12th house in Gemini.
    I'm egarly waiting for yor views about its position in 12th house.
    best regards!


  3. Ditto!!!!! :-)


  4. namaste milind ji :)

    i have 3rd house mangal with ketu in scorpio rashi.
    please tell what effects does ketu make with this mangal? does it soothes the mangal effects or amplifies it?
    also, according to moon placement, my mangal is in 2nd from moon.
    should it be interpreted as 2nd house mangal or still a 3rd house mangal?

    thanks again for the information which you constantly share. :)

  5. hello milind ji

    i have makar mangal in 3h ....libra sani in 12h.... ascendent is scorpio.......What will be effect both uchcha mangal n sani on me.....? And thnx a lot for ur previous response...:)



  6. Milind ji

    .....y u dont give any advise for 3rdH mars folk as u did for 2nd mars house ....LOL


  7. hi my hus dob is 12june 1979 time 13.30 place pune...when we will go back to india?our relationship in future?our married life?please guide us thanks shraddha...

  8. [1] Vanessa
    :) 3rd house Mangal is mostly not about the karmic burden but mostly a reward one even with Shani -- 3rd house does planets give some self-power to people. 3rd house Mangal or any planet shows "passion" about some things in the past life which needs to be fulfilled in this life. It is not about sense of duty or responsibilities. Brahman families in Maharashtra will slowly start gettign such Mangal in 3 7 11 houses which shows that our generation is doing duties and karma which enables future egenrations to follow their passions!

    [2] Sharad: Rohini
    12th planets always give planning ability and strategic thinking. They always try to reach out at the top level and think in a Top-Down fashion than usual bottom-up approach. Management is the best field for 12th house folks with Mangal in there it could very well mean engineering sector.

    [3] Raghav Abhi
    Ketu will bring some sukoon to this Mangal for sure -- Scorpio Mangal is very Khunnas and passion oriented - - killer instinct! Ketu close to Mangal shows blood history will repeat from maternak side (DNA). If Jyshtha both then MAMA side of your Mom or Mama side of your maternal grandfather also! Yes being 2nd to TULA moon -- ii.e. Moon 12th to this Mangal will POKE this mangal's aggression and enforce more planning/self correction-as-you-go stuff to this Mangal's action orineted nature. Evety planet 12th to other planets shows difficiencies in the action or execution of the 2nd house planet. It has some self correcting tendencies.

    [4] SNM
    Stomach issues and some Mama or Mousi in trouble in Mangal and Shani in similar degree on those signs! :) But this Makar Mangal is very positive and self-centric personality as it is ascendant and in Makar it shows relentless efforts and hard-work. Good posts ability and also good blood quality but stomach will be an issue and also head of mama or mousi.

    [5] Advice to 3rd House Mars:
    Drive carefully -- not slow but with care for others -- thats it.

  9. Dear Milindjee,

    I have Mars in Capricorn in my chart, which is 11th from the ascendant and 6th from the moon sign. Which one should I consider ? Kindly have my confusion clear as this will help me understand lot of articles concerning various houses. Thanx

    1. When Milind writes about any house, it's always from the ascendant, never from Moonsign. So you have 11th Mangal. I guess very good for making lot of friends :)

  10. plz help me milind ji....

    Swetha parents trying for her marriage suddenly...
    they are against to our love...
    I dont know wat to do...especially her mother...she is the only reason for all these things...
    Swetha is thinking of committing suicide as she is house arrested...

    How long this will be??
    from last 20 days she is suffring a lot wit all these things...
    will she get marriage in this period..?
    will ther any chance for both of us to become partners?

    Swetha: 4 july 1990; 7.34pm, Hyderabad
    Pavan: 15 august 1988; 8.20am vishakhapatnam

    Plz help me...plzzz

  11. I have the same doubt Milindji, I have mars 6th from ascendent and 2nd from the moon. I also wanted to know the difference between the rasi chart and bhava chart. Which one should I consider if a planet changes position.Thankyou!

    1. In your birth chart, consider position from ascendant. But when current planet changes position, it is primarily seen from the moon. rather it is a combined effect of planet position from moon and ascendant.

  12. [6] Capri Mars in 11th
    Meen Lagna SIngh Rashi -- Mars should be treated as 11th -- but yes COMPETETIVE spirit of 6th Mars will be seen in this configuration. But yes it IS 11th Mars i.e. elder sibling must be great.

    [7] Swetha / Pavan
    Her marriage should be late from her horoscope -- no point in getting her married in a hurry! I do not think she will let it happen as Dhanu Lagna and Mesh Mangal!!! Also Scoprio Moon so she will make sure she tells the guy about how she is being forced etc and avoid it. I am sure family folks would not be able to force her. She is supposed to find someone great and appropriate from May2012 to May2013 and if she has already found him then this period will CONFIRM to her that indeed it is the right one or not the right one. Until this period i.e. say Aug-Sept2012 she should not even think about getting married etc. If you have further questions I will ask to read the this SAME response above repeatedly -- this is what ALL I have to say! Please do not think that I am annoyed but it will save you a lot f time instead of waiting for my next reply! :) I am glad to help any way I can with Atsro analysis.

    [8] NEWTON
    Consider 6th Mars for physical and also this life outcome (stomach issue instead of eyes) and so on but SOME "attitude" of 2nd Mangal would be the for sure.

  13. Milind,

    Thanks for the response on my Mars query. You are right about the artistic side:) There is a creative side in me as observed by my bosses at work, and yes i do dabble in [homely!] embroidery.

    You have said the girl for a 4thH Mars guy will be 'above' him - you are right or were right. Till about 2008, it was like that. I have switched gears now focusing on my son:)

    But guess my problem is 'the other person', LOL. I had given details in December/January timeframe in an email. Our relationship is shrouded by this person. He looks up to this person, i do not. So there we go:)

  14. Milindji, After reading your MARS articles, I checked mine and my husband's horoscope. We both have MARS in 2nd House from Lagna but in different houses. One in 9th other in 2nd....Any significance or its just that both of us will have similar issues??

    Best Regards

  15. Milind, I read something interesting on this site though I couldn't understand everything....
    But found something new to me was Karmic Debt no, would you be able to throw some knowledge on this...when you have time . We are waiting for your article on numerology.

    Thanks again

  16. Are you still providing consulting via email?

  17. Dear Milind,
    Does this analysis also apply for planets in navamsa as well , i.e. if makar-mangal in third in navamsa?

  18. Namaste Milindji,
    Myself and my husband both belong to Sinha rasi and going through difficult times.I've been jobless for 21/2 yrs and failed my license exams.Husband having trouble at work,having to travel a lot and as a result health is affected.We are in financial debts which keeps increasing..please advice.

    dob : 11th july,1978
    time : 08:14 AM
    place : bangalore

  19. namaste milindji
    please show some path ...please guide me....shraddha

  20. thanks a lot for the detailed description milind ji :D

  21. How about mangal and budh together in makar(shani sign) rashi in 3rd house? will it give the same mathematical ability as in budh sign?

  22. @ MIlind--- I know this is off topic!
    but ur rashifal was right on! :D
    lots of planning reqd by me n the execution went well... my supervisor was VERY HAPPY with the effort... i was in tears on wkend coz of 8th guru n stress... like i can work a lot but i cant handle mental stress... n today im all relieved... like god saved me at key points... i was jumping, dancing, singing, changin tones to get my students focussed on photosynthesis and my baby scientists were doin awesome... they were singing the random tune i made n i was like AWWWWW.... finally those rugrats r cooperating with me... im waitin for may :) but thank u for all the guidance u give via this blog :D cant thank u enuf! rabb kare tuhanu duniya di har khushi mile..dil di dua eh! :)
    P>S> im waitin on 4th house mars article.... my mars in 4th from the moon

  23. Milind,
    WRT to your reply to Vanessa -
    My daughter has got 3rd Shani and 11th Mangal.So..what would that mean - what will her passion/purpose of life be?? I hope I have not misunderstood something :(

  24. Milindji
    Thanks for the excellent article
    I am trying my luck once again : if you could kindly reply to my email dated Dec29.
    Pretty much a life changing event, for someone very close to me.

    Best regards

  25. Sir, i have mars in 4th house. The lord of the 4th house is gemini. what does this mars placement convey?
    - Pranav

  26. Milind & Vanessa,
    can u throw some light on the effect of a planet which has just entered a house ?
    Will it show the effect of the previous house or it will not have any effect ?


    1. @ anonymous- Please excuse my amateur knowledge if i may take a shot at ur question (Again: im not a PRO)
      But what i learned it that planets and transits thru houses are phasal... they are not static... they are either "Aspecting and moving towards" or "Separating"... "A" is more powerful than "S" .... planets that are literally on borderline as Vanessa mentioned(Thank u vanessa ), they are phasing in and out and hence acquire a duality in their characteristics... so u cant have BLACK AND WHITE with them ALL THE TIME... theres always room for grey :)
      Excuse me if im wrong

  27. I have Venus in Kumbha, but just there. I was always curious about the point you mention. From all my reasearch on Shukra-Kumbha, i could relate to kumbha more than makar. But the problem is, I have moon in Makar.
    But I will say, it displays the characters of house ii has just entered. Also consider nakshatra. SOme nakshatras span two rashis.

    I will let Milind explain better.

  28. Btw, One more thing I remember about 3rd Mars- Big handwriting!!

  29. Dear Milind Sir

    Great article again...

    what you said is quite true in my case

    I am Kumbh (lagna + Rashi)shatbhisha nakshatra, with MARS in 3rd house along with SURYA & RAHU (MARS having the highest degree of about 29 degrees) also lagnesh SHANIdev is vakri in 10th house...

    as you stated above such MARS is excellent for sports persons having great agression, right since my childhood I have played lots & lots of cricket (palyed regularly @ Shivaji Park) & wished to make it as my career, but surprisingly I landed into deep studies of CA...(but still kept playing in lanes etc until past 1 year or so)

    This I believe is due to RAHU yuti or MARS getting AST due to SURYA...?? or may be even Vakri Lagnesh SHANI in 10th house of career...

    What does your divine light of knowledge opine in this case??

    also I am currently going through SHANI mahadasha since May 2007...It hasnt been going good...careerwise & life in general :( ever since it has started with lots of setbacks...

    Pls Pls Pls kindly guide & help...

    Thanks for such a gr8 article again...with many more to come...

    best regards

  30. Dear all,

    Its great to read the discussions between Vanessa, Sahiwal and of course Milind. I find this like the panel discussion of experts during and after a cricket match on TV. Milind writes an article and Vanessa and Sahiwal provide titbits regarding the same.

    Keep going, guys. Enjoying them a lot!


  31. [9] DPS
    Mars in 2nd house so the article will apply but in Vrishabh rashi and in Sagittarius the effects could be v ery different. The one in Dhanu (9) woudl have bigger voice than Vrishabh also Dhanu Mars more talkative than Vrishabh calm and stable. Dhanu mars in Moola can cause some minor blood related issues and also some leg related issues to some family member. Vrishabh mars would like EATING a LOT.

    [10] NUMEROLOGY -- DPS
    Will need to chck the site -- I don't think I will be able to do that soon!

    [11] Deepak
    Not really! Most of my article applies to Main Chart and Navamnsa would only add or reduce its effects a little bit.

    [12] A Sharma
    Mangal Budh in Makar would be more physical than say mathematical but it will give ability to do cryptic calculations and attention to details and workaholic nature. Shani placement is VERY VERY critical for effectiveness of Makar rashi planets.

    [13] SANDHYA
    Lot of money for sure. Some issues to repro organs and legs to your Mom. Your temparament is a bit troubled and could show lack of patience from time to time -- please work on it diligently. Shani 11 great but close to Chandra Mangal and drushti on lagna 3 pklanets could be a bit worry some for health matters over. PUKHRAJ highly recommended for health.

    [14] Sahiwal
    Thanks for the feedback. Life is not bad with 8th Guru so it will only become better now after May.

    [15] 3rd House Shani and 11th Mangal Daugher
    Insufficient information! Their signs not know but yes this formation shows great mass mentality and leadership qualities, a lot of friends for sure and some care to be taken later in in 1st pregnancy as Both Shani Mangal drushti on the 5th house (kids). But not major.

    1. Thanks for your reply..... :-)


  32. Hi Milind, pls can you help. My DOB is 25/11/1978. Wanted to know when I would have a child. Pls do reply.

  33. Milindji,
    I really needed your thoughts...pls help.Going through a difficult phase...both myself and husband belong to Simha rasi.No job and a total failure...feeling very low.Thought my sade sati was over n things would improve but instead getting worse...dont understand why...pls do reply.thank you.lakshmi
    Dob: july 11th 1978
    place :bangalore
    time :8:14am

  34. I read somewhere that if mangal is in 1, 4, 7, 8, 12 house but is swa grahi or in a friendly rashi, the person is not manglik. True?


  35. Milind ji,

    I posted on your fB as well, I read in few astro sites about tripe planets in retro mars/shani/mercury ....any significant impact on rashis ...any do's and don'ts to be taken care of...please advise in this week's rashi bhavishya if possible.


  36. I have this thought in mind since sometime, can we really know from horoscope/astrology that a person would have problem with business running into loss or will close it abruptly / may loose job at some time/ or may loose lot of money during any period..? Even including major debts in certain period of life..?
    If these can be known to some extent at least ....then prevention can exist upto some extent ..? Is it possible or it is not since the person has to undergo his own karma?

    please throw some light on these aspects.. what can one look for in astrology exactly- like a fore warned is fore armed. If it is true then one may not land up in huge problems though some cannot be avoided.

  37. in continuation to the above one, forgot one more point, anything on education as well. for one of my cousin an astrologer had indicated that he can study only until 21yrs and later he wl have problems....and same thing happened later..he couldn't complete his engineering. anyway at that moment nobody bothered but now they feel that he cud have done a normal degree by i am curious to know really if such things can be prevented earlier ...?

  38. Milindji I have heard astrologers say that mangal's negative effects reduce significantly after a person reaches 28 years of age. Can you please share your thoughts on this?


  39. Hi Milindji
    I have rahu positioned in the 3rd house in Aries (4th house from the moon)with mars and venus in the 7th house occupying leo. (8th house from the moon). Saturn is placed in the 10th house in scorpio and aspects leo.(saturn is placed 11th from the moon. rahu has no aspects on it and is in venus's nakshatra in aries. Mars is vargottam in leo. Presently rahu-saturn antardasha is running. How would you rate the remainder of rahu dasha? Please help.

    Thank you

  40. Hello Milind Sir,

    Thank you very much for your blogs.I am just our of sade sati and things still seem to be downwards.I have started feeling that my sade sati was much better than the present situation.I got a job,moved into a new house,started new ventures all during sade sati.I lost the job towrds the end of sade sati,but got an alternate job.Please let me know if thing will work from now on.My date of birth is

    time:5:16 pm
    raasi :simha,nakshatra:pubbha
    I've written to you a couple of times.Will wait for your reply.


  41. thanks for the feedback and please put some light on mercury going retrograde and its affects on obviously virgo moonsign

  42. Hi,

    i have 3rd house mangal with rahu in kark rashi.
    please tell what effects does rahu make with this mangal? does it soothes the mangal effects or amplifies it?


  43. Sir, after the death of brother after how many months we have to perform rituals like narayan naagbil, kaalsarpa and other related rituals performed at trimbakeshwar ? and is it to be performed by the younger brother ? or elder brother's son ? and MORE importantly any good genuine pandits u aware of who perform these rituals ?

  44. SIR, what is ur opinion about mars n chandra together in 3rd house in scorpio. rahu in 6th n sani in 8th .

  45. I have Sagittarius ascendant with all 7 planets in kaam trikone. Jup + Moon in 3rd, Saturn in 7th, Sun, Mer, Mar, Ven in 11th, rahu in 12th. DOB: 26/10/1974, New Delhi, 11:50 a.m. (What is the significance of Kaam Trikona)

  46. Milind ji pls pls help us as we are suffering from past 8 months. My husband was doing well in his career suddenly lost job in apr. he is just not able to find a job. we are sooooo distressed. we have a small child and need to take care of her. his DOB is 5/06/1973 at 5:30 am and mine is 31/08/1979 at 1:30 pm both born in Bangalore. We are really in a bad state. will appreciate if you can help and send some ans.

  47. Milind ji in my lagna chart mangal is sitting with saturn in 3rd house in sagittarius sign aspected directly by jupiter in ninth house in gemini sign my physique is bad and suffering from disability from left leg . My date of birth is 23-02-90 time 9:36 pm deoghar jharkhand milind ji please help me about my career. ? I am very much confused with my life always thinking of fighting with others, but not a single fight happened ..suggest me something to wear please.......


    here is my video, cant wait to talk to other 3rd house mars people

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  50. namastey milind ji
    plz help check my horo my date of birth is 22 aug 1979 bareilly u.p. i have met many astrologers but no solutions i have a bag of gem stones but no solution in my carrier relationship and mind so plz help me and give solutions of my problems. thanks
    nadeem khan

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