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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Random Thoughts 8: Navamansh & Vargottam Navamansh Primer

Navamansh & Vargottam Navamansh Primer

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1. Navamansh as the name clearly suggest means 1/9th part of a sign. Every sign has 9 Navamansh which are actually called as CHARAN also. Every Nakshatra has 4 CHARAN.

2. Each Navamansh or Charan is of 3 degrees and 20 minutes (i.e. 3’20” or 3.3333 degrees)

3. Each Navamansh is assigned to 1 Sign. i.e. Mesh rashi has navamansh of Mesh, Vrushabh up-to Dhanu (9th) and so on. i.e. these 9 parts are assigned 1 sign each.

4. The FIRE Signs MESH, SINGH, DHANU always start with MESH Navamansh and end at DHANU navamansh.

5. The EARTH signs VRISHABH, KANYA, MAKAR always start with MAKAR navamansh and end with Kanya

6. The AIR signs MITHUN, TULA, KUMBH always start with TULA navamansh and end with Mithun.

7. The WATER signs KIRK, VRISHCHIK, MEEN always start with KIRK navamansh and end with Meen.

8. The Same Rashi/Sign and Same Navamansh assigned to it is called as VARGOTTAM Navamansh. i.e. MESH RASHI MESH Navamansh is Vargottam Navamansh.

9. Vargottam Navamansh:

a. The CHAR Signs always start with their OWN navamansh (i.e. Mesh starts with Mesh, Kirk with Kirk, Tula with Tula and Makar with Makar!) – i.e. Vargottam navamansh is at the start of the sign itself

b. The FIXED / STHIR Signs (Vrishabh, Singh, Vrishchik, Kumbh)) always have MIDDLE part as their own navamansh. i.e. Vargottam navamansh is in the middle

c. The MUTABLE /DUAL /CHANGING signs (Mithun, Kanya, Dhanu, Meen) END with their own navamansh. i.e. Vargottam navamansh of these signs is at the end of the sign!

10. This means 2 consecutive CHARAN of the same nakshatra which is divided between DUAL and CHAR signs are Vargottam Navamansh! These lucky Nakshatra are Punarvasu, Chitra and Uttara-shadha

11. The Vargottam navamansh are VERY STRONG as they embody the essence of the sign completely and much more than other 8 navamansh in that sign.

12. Planets in these navamansh even though neech – they become quite strong to give good practical results but neech would be too neech so could affect health & some karakatva of the planet but still success in practical sense of the word is always ensured!

13. In short these Vargottam navamansh are quite empowered and enabled to give significant fruits/results and they show some very specific past karma for sure.

FAQs – Answers:

14. A planet VERY strong in main horoscope but in neech or shatru rashi in the navamansh horoscope (or simple neech/shatru navamansh) – the strength reduces somewhat – of course it does NOT become bad! ;) i.e. some discount on that goodness of the planet but not too much!

15. A planet VERY BADLY placed in main horoscope but uchcha or swagruha in navamansh – the intensity of the bad effect is reduced somewhat but it does not become great!!

16. A planet uchcha in main horoscope & Vargottam in navamansh or in swagruha in navamansh would become exceptional.

17. There is NO connection with ATI-UCHCHA degree of planets in various signs and navamansh vichar. Mangal is ati-uchcha in 27th degree of MAKAR which is Kanya navamansh (Owned by Budh and not friendly sign for Mangal) but in such case Ati-uchcha should be taken as per priority and not as shatru-navamansh,

18. Slow moving planets like SHANI and GURU, RAHU stay neech or uchcha for a long time and hence Navamansh, Nakshatra or even Saptamansh and Dashamansh are checked for them closely. Example: Shani stays in one sign for aprx 2.5 years and millions will have Shani in the same sign but thousands would have Shani in specific navamansh and even fewer would have it in specific Dashansh or even Dwadashansh!! So good to check it out.

19. All said and done NAVAMANSH horoscope and Navamansh of planets are VERY VERY important BUT they cannot override the effects & attitudes and results of the MAIN horoscope which displays your destiny. Navamansh is Sukshma-Wichar and can only alter the result of the main horoscope but some % only (Like “interest rate” but years of interest can form a big amount!J).

Analysis of a Navamansh Horoscope

1. In south India, without Navamansh for reference, astrologers would not even look at a chart! It is VERY closely followed in South! In Maharashtra M. D. Bhat has published “Navamansh Rahasya” and how important it is! It is termed as main horoscope’s “Sukhshma Vishar/Swaroop”.

2. Navamansh is treated as “Kalatra-wichar” i.e. the detailed thinking on the 7th house of the main horoscope (marriage/partnerships etc). The ancient Sanskrit-grahth(s) insist navamansh for ALL sorts of analysis and not just the 7th house detailed thinking. M.D. Bhat says that without navamansh one can’t say anything for sure.

3. How to check navamansh:

a. For a very extreme Yoga in main horoscope (both good and bad) one must look at the Navamansh horoscope. For example, main horoscope shows very bad past karma with kids due to extreme grahayog on 5th house, 5th house owner and Guru – The Navamansh will show how bad it is. If 5th lord is placed badly in navamansh and 5th house is badly aspected and Guru is again not the best in Navamansh, the degree of the intensity will increase quite a bit. Similarly, if one suspects short life in a horoscope it *has* to be confirmed in Navamansh apart from Chandra Kundali and also Numerology to support it.

b. Let us say that the owner of the 6th house is in 6th house in main horoscope – this shows providing “service” and earning money thru the same. The sign in 6th house and the planets and their nakshatras will certainly show the sector for the service but the navamansh will further drill down the specific sector. When multiple planets in the 6th house and if same navamansh then almost the certainty! The owner of the 6th house and its sign / nakshatra and navamansh has distinct/major say in the outcome of the analysis. When there are multiple messages created by sign, nakashtra, navamansh then the karakatva of the planets in the 6th house and the owner should take the precedence.

c. Remember, when Navamansh adds to the complexity of the main horoscope then the past karma is not very specific in the area of analysis and hence extreme great or bad results will not be seen by the person (jatak) and hence more “Kathya-koot” (deliberations) are not required or would not result in any concrete outcome! J

d. For a Mahadasha / an antardasha or a significant bhukti, one should check the main horoscope planets’ ownerships and also graha-maitri with lagnesh and rashi-swami and of course rashi-bal, speed bal etc. However, the same should be checked in the navamansh horoscope to decide the scope & nature of the results shown by the maha/antardasha or bhukti.

e. Even gochar Shani bhraman when happens on various planets of the horoscope, the same analysis should be done on main and navamansh horoscope.

f. The Chandra-Kundali in main horoscope is very important but in navamansh horoscope also Chandra-kundali will make it too many things to analyze and hence too much to expect this but still the “state” of Moon in Navamansh horoscope is very important!

I think I have answered almost all the FAQs I get on the Navamansh chart I have received so far which I answered multiple times on my Facebook wall.


  1. Amazing article.........its too much for me to take it in one shot and understand as I do not have so much of astro knowledge.....still lack of words to appreciate your hard work...and you present it in your writing so effortless !!!
    Few words cannot be related/understood immdtly as am a south indian....but really really good.
    Hats off to you sir !!! God Bless you!

    I donno how many times I hit this site everyday...have got really addicted to this one! In last one week...I read all the articles in this blog since 2009 !as I was feeling very down...but felt so relaxed after reading.I am sure I would like to see you if at all I get a chance to visit Pune.;)

    Also realized answer for my question which you had answered to me sometime back...but i kept on pestering you again and again...which I will stop now .

    Thanks again.....thank you so much.


  2. Also waiting for this week rashi bhavishya....

  3. M D Bhat's Navamansh rahasya and sanchit darshan are my favorite books of all. Little on-the-spot observations all over the two books.

    Btw, what do you know about second toe bigger than the big toe? (payachya angthya peksha bajucha bot motha). Dominant? Royal ancestors? :)

    1. well, whatever is the meaning, its one of the favorite stories of tour guides taking honeymoon couples for a ride (literally).. last week I came across 4 generations of a family - grandmother,mother, daughters and grand daughters - ALL with this feature!!!

  4. oh..i was waiting for the weekly horoscope! :(

    it's a very very informative article for everyone who want to learn deeply about astrology.
    I think lagna chart is like CAR & navmansh is like a petrol & both decides about how we get good or bad mileage; but without petrol our CAR not able to run, just like that without D9 astrologer can't predict perfectly.
    Thnx for sharing such a V.V.IMP notes

  6. Lucky navamsha should be Purva Bhadrapada and not Uttara Bhadrapada?

  7. Desperately waiting for the weekly rashi bhavishya.

  8. Thanks milind sir!!
    for sharing with us.
    navmansha is VIMP chart for making prediction.
    it will help us to learn new.

    Piyush bhireri

  9. Hi Milind,

    Thanks for your article.

    I have saturn in cancer in both lagna and navamsa in 12th and 5th house respectively. Does that mean very powerful effects ? Good or bad ?

  10. I have Guru in 9th house , lagna kirk,shani in lagna,simha raashi,shukra in 3rd house in lagna chart.However, in navamsha,I have got shukra in 7th house,shani in 8th house and Guru in 12th house.I am 36 years old female and unmarried.Should I still pursue for marriage? As my father is very concerned about it and wants me to be married.

  11. Dear Milind,

    Completely confused!

    Have generated my Kundli through Kundli software. In the moon rasi chart I have Sat & Rah in 5th and 6th is empty, whereas in Navamansa I have 5th empty & in 6th I have Jup, Sat & Mon. What to interpret?

    I am Makar moon-sign.

    Also wanted to ask 2 Q's:

    1. How can i decode my own horoscope? Any Books you would recommend? Is kundli software's interpretation's reliable

    2. Have sent you my birth details but do understand you are a working professional. Can you suggest any other reliable source to use as a consultation mechanism to decode my horoscope. Called Vodafone Astrology/Ganesha Speaks but they were not able to give me a basis for their prediction.


  12. Hello Milind Ji,

    What would be the significance of Mars in sixth house(Scorpio)with Sun and Mercury in main horoscope and Mars exalted in 4th house (with Mercury) in Navmansha?


  13. Hi Milind,
    Nice and informative!

    Could you please write something on the current planetary situation and its impact on the population in general ? Like exalted libra Saturn(retro) opposite aries Jupiter and Venus? Leo mars(retro), and sun+mercury(debilitated, retrograde) in Pisces; rahu-ketu debilited in scorpio and taurus? The collective impact of all this on human mind/body/behaviour in general ?

    Thanks again for all the educative articles.

  14. Dear Milind,

    A question is striking my mind.

    Some people say "A planet in debilitation if retrograde acts like an exalted one and an exalted planet like a debilitated one. The reason: debilitated planets have the potential to be unethical and negative, and when retrograde, they start behaving in the opposite manner." For example mercury at this time. Is it true ?

    Many thanks in advance for your reply.

  15. Brilliant piece of work :D
    Thank u!

  16. Hello Milind:

    I always enjoy reading your blogs. I also tried to contact you via email, but because of your busy schedule, I could get in conversation with you.

    It is my humble request to you if you answer following question based on my birth information.

    1. Inspite of having 2 MS degrees in IT field, I am still struggling with my career, so when should I expect stability in my career?
    2. When will I get my career advancement and in what field (which field is good for me)?
    3. Should I pursue additional MS or PH.D in any field other than techinal field?

    Below is my birth information:

    DOB: March 02, 1977
    Time: 6:30 AM
    Place: Surat, Gujarat, INDIA
    Currently Residing: Bristol, Pennsylvania, USA

    I will be grateful for your reply.

    Thank you,
    Hemal Jariwala

  17. Milind ji,

    Understand your busy schedule and so many people asking for help....but pls help me also ..I just want to know my earning aspect. I have tried checking my horoscope...but couldn't understand anything ..( as you had told it can be checked from 2,6th and 11th house) ..kindly answer me.
    Have left many messages in FB.

  18. Please put rashi bhavishya....

  19. dear MILIND sir

    what a brilliant & exhaustive article on concept of navmaansh...simply amazing is your way of explaining, to put it in simple tht any basic student of astrology would understand it...

    U toh are blessed but we too are blessed that you share with us your divine knowledge & insights...

    I am KUMBH (LAGNA + rashi) & also vargotammi moon in 1st house of navmaansh chart...what is your opinion...

    GOD bless you always...with many more of such amazing aricles yet to come...


  20. Hi Milind Sir,

    Great Article!


  21. dear MILIND sir

    what a brilliant & exhaustive article on concept of navmaansh...simply amazing is your way of explaining, to put it in simple tht any basic student of astrology would understand it...

    U toh are blessed but we too are blessed that you share with us your divine knowledge & insights...

    I am KUMBH (LAGNA + rashi) & also vargotammi moon in 1st house of navmaansh chart...what is your opinion...

    GOD bless you always...with many more of such amazing aricles yet to come...


  22. Milindji,

    Even you random thoughts are methodical insights.


  23. ===>
    "A planet in debilitation if retrograde acts like an exalted one and an exalted planet like a debilitated one. The reason: debilitated planets have the potential to be unethical and negative, and when retrograde, they start behaving in the opposite manner."

    This is COMPLETELY LOGICLESS and Bullxxxx! :( Soryr about that as this comes from some Sanskrit Granth! :) This shows that something in Sanskrit is not always gold! :)

  24. Dear milindji
    It was very intersting to read about navamash
    thanks again for writing a wonderful article.

    I am Kanya(lagna+rashi) which is vargottam and also venus in 3rd house vergottam, how it can be interpreted in general

  25. Hi Milind ji,

    I have been told that if in main horscope the degree/power of planets is between 5-25 that means they are good and there is NO Need to even chk the navmansh as they fortel as it myth or wrong??

    Pls clarify.Thanks


  26. Hi Milind
    Thanks a lot for for the detailed article.
    it is very helpful for initiator.

    could you pls tell about the native...
    please advice is there any chance to go foregin for work concern.

    Planet detail are under::

    native is leo lagna ,surya in Lagna.
    5th and 8th lord(jupier) is sitting in 9th house.
    6th and 7th lord in 4th house.
    3rd house in lagna.
    2nd and 11th house in Lagna.
    rahu in 8th house so aspect the 12th house and 4th house.
    jupier is retrograde.

    Thanks !!

  27. Sorry my means that 3rd Lord in lagna.
    2nd and 11th Lord in Lagna.

    Pls consider it!!


  28. Milind....will not be posting this week bhavishya?

  29. Dear Milind,
    was waiting for this article for a long time. thanks. When using for `kalatra vichar' does it signify main horoscope of wife or type of girl one would marry or what?

    planet exalted in navamsh+swagruhi in main rashi will it give results only in mahadasha/dasha/bhukti or its only for personality judgement?

    what if more than one vargottama planet?
    also does same lagna in main and navamsha have significance?

    Thanks .. and waiting for rest of your mangal series

  30. Deepak: Navamansh shows detailed swaroop of 7th house of main horoscope -- so the main one shows how/when/where of the wife and aso the quality but the detailing -- HOW GOOD or HOW bad of it -- further shown by Navamansh. Again Navamansh cannot override main horoscope...

    Planets in uchcha etc rahsi affect attitude and health and overall persobality ALL the times but their ITENSITY or effect like light in a room on life increases in their period or when guru is over them or 180degrees to them.

  31. Deepak: Also when Lagna in Vargottam then the direction of Astro beocmes more clear -- same lagna in navamansh horoscopes makes it more sure. More planets in Vargottam navamansh is a good thing actually!

  32. THANKS Pradip, Siddharth and others!!! Almost forgot to thank you guys! :)

  33. Dear Milind,
    Last week you said that you will look during the week. I know that you are too busy. Please…please look on my details as I had sent my details and query to your Gmail ID. I am desperately waiting your reply. Now, my tough time will also started and experiencing now for both personal & professional fronts. I think you are annoyed on my desperation and on sending queries several times to you. Please….please………helps and guides me.
    Regards, Shashank

  34. @ milind--- I read this article 3 times to squeeze out every detail as much as possible... Thank u zillions!
    n i totally agree on the validity of navamansh...especially on kalatra karak...superficially on the outside i attract scorpios ALL THE TIME (including my entire fam n frs) but deep down i cherish ppl who are spiritual n luv travelling, philosophy, working for causes, wisdom/university culture (im a GEEK) and that was confirmed with saggitarius on my descendant in D9...I was absolutely awestruck at how amazingly it shows u things that u never tell other people or u never put it out openly.....
    .... im still processin this all coz im slow :D


  35. also forgot to ask one more question-- Isn't guru a karak for hubby and venus for wife?
    coz u mentioned ke progeny ke liye guru dekhte hain... cud u elucidate the same?
    usually i check 7th lord from natal and find its place in D9 (and sign with aspects)... and then i c descendant ruler in D9 and uski placement... but agar mera descendant ruler jupiter na hota to kya main jupiter ko weight deti as spouse karak for every female?
    The reason I ask so is coz i was readin d chart of someone i mentioned before who has venus(9th house ruler) conjunct mars(8th house ruler)placed in taurus(9th house) in natal and D9 mein bhi venus is conjunct mars and venus is conjunct south i thought ke at some point this person will feel dissatisfied from spouse/ partner..coz ketu dissolves....i looked at his venus n took the liberty of sayin that INTENSE YET PERPETUALLY DISSATISFYING relationships.... Did i faulter here?
    (Also I felt like his 8th house ruler super malefic mars(in natal) lost its malefic nature being saumya(and conjunct 9th ruler) and then in navamansh it is conjunct jupiter...

    Please correct me on this...

  36. SPOUSE is always SHUKRA and 7th owner -- Guru is Santati (kids) Karak...BOTH WAYS -- So Mars loses some its malefic but Shukra also loses some of its goodness for this horoscope. Your analysis is correct as Mangal Shukra close -- what is teh nakshtra for them both?

    1. Venus conjunct mars(less than 1 degree) in mrigsirah and then 12 degrees away or somethin was saturn (5th house and 6th house ruler) n 9th house(rohini) too....there is so much going on this person's ninth house it seems...
      Thank u for correctin me on spouse karak

    2. P.S> i forgot to mention-- this is also the person im scared off... has this super intense n rock solid presence with aries sun in 8th house yet super ethical n empathetic with the surrounding..n VERY INTUITIVE n sharp ...same person whose moon chart is 80 percent my radix chart... n all my luminaries conjuncted his luminaries n ascendant axis like crazy... this person intrigues me coz his aura is different from others...

  37. Dear milind ji
    person not knowing the time of birth but know ony pm or am with 1to 2 hrs difference.what is the rule to check to check the exact time so as to arrive at exact navmash for detail annalysis . pls help

  38. TIme not available -- (1) Physical characteristoics could help and observaing the person would help as you have confusion with 2 sins only as ascendant.

    (2) The best part to me is to observe which house the Sun of this person seems to be -- You got to first observe and segregate behavioural pattern of Sun being XX from moon and observe what is Sun from ascendant --When the person talks to you -- Sun from Moon is more evident and when you observe when t hey are not talkking to anyone and alone etc then Sun from lagna is more evident.

    (3) Mahadasha Antardasha -- check the history using past maha and antardashas. with both he times...

  39. Hello Sir,

    I am Tula rashi Vrischik lagna. I have Rahu in 7th house in both Main chart and Navamash chart. Please suggest the effects of it. Also, Ketu in lagna in both the charts pls suggest my marriage life because of Rahu in 7th house.


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  41. Hi sir,
    I am tula rashi + lagna . Saturn is in sign of Sagittarius . Saturn is vargottam and atamkarka both. How will be my Saturn mahadasha

  42. Thanks for your writing. I am so delighted for your nice writing. Again thanks. vashikaran