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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Random Thoughts 9

1. As you can notice, every time I harp on grahayog in “Close degrees”. i.e. Kendra-yog, yuti-yog or Pratiyog in close-degrees. You can see that this indirectly shows you why Navamansh Horoscope is very important! When planets are VERY close in Kendra – they are the same in Navamansh too (i.e. Kendra-Yog but in different rashis). Similar to Pratiyog yuti-yog too! They are replicated exactly the same way in Navamansh horoscope. However, their signs could be different in navamansh as not all planets in Vargottam navamansh. The exact degree navamansh however will be shown an Yuti in the Navamansh horoscope.

a. Pratiyog: Mesh 1st degree and Tula 1st degree – in Navamansh they will be again Mesh and Tula and hence opposite to each other.

b. Pratiyog: Singh 15 degree and Kumbh 15 degree – both in Pratiyog in Singh and Kumbh navamansh!

c. Yuti: Singh last degree 2 planets in last 3 degrees – they will be also in Yuti in Navamansh in Dhanu rashi

d. Kendra: Mesh 1st degree and Kirk 1st degree – Kendra --- Navamansh again Mesh and Kirk

e. Kendra: Vrishchik 1st degree and Kumbh 1st degree Kendra – in navamansh it would be Kirk and Tula Kendra.

f. Navapancham: Kirk last degree and Vrishchik last degree Navapancham – They will be in YUTI in Navamansh in Meen rashi

g. Other interesting observation is that the exact Labh-Yog becomes Pratiyog in navamansh – Think this over! J

2. The KAAM-TRIKON (Houses 3, 7, 11) I always say that it shows “peripheral things” in life. i.e. the things that you LOVE to do than the things that you HAVE (Dharma-Trikon: 1 5 9 houses) to do or NEED (Economic/Arth-Trikon: 2, 6 10)

a. In a nutshell: The Kaam-Trikon shows your passion and your VISIBLE IMPACT on the surrounding both in material and platonic way but mostly in a visible way.

b. 3rd house – Prakram Sthan: express something, write, paint, sing, good speeches, patronize people i.e. move or influence people!

c. 7th house: Sex, partnerships, Big-Wars

d. 11th house: LABH STHAN: Friends, Elder Siblings, All sorts of tangible, visible Gains given to you by surroundings without much specific effort in this life etc

e. Very good planets in these houses shows culturally rich life or what you can call as “uchcha-abhiruchi” life.


  1. sir....i ve send u mails many a times in past six months...u didnt replied....i need ur valuable advice.
    I am not in job from past one and half yrs......need to know is there any ray of hope in my life ??????
    Pls reply if possible....
    Details are
    Birth date.....27 aug 1980
    Birth place......ambala
    Birth time........09:35am


  2. Thanks Milind,The kaam trikon part is very interesting, though the 'close degrees' part is a bit difficult to understand.

    Does venus placed(in 12th house taurus) along with ketu reduce the effects of the debilitated ketu ?


  3. Dear Milind,

    I am having a planned cesarean next week. can you please tell which date would be the most auspicious for the baby ?

    (Example ?? Mars direct on 6 April + Full moon + good numerology)Or is this bad since moon between two retrogrades mars and saturn ? And rasi swami mercury debilitated ?

    I tried a lot to figure out a good date, but my knowledge is limited. And research on internet gives contradictory results.

    Your help will be of immense importance,
    Thanks a million,

  4. ....Milind, i am not requesting you a detailed analysis for an auspicious date for cesarean next week. I know you have an extremely busy schedule.

    I am requesting only a 3 minute analysis (as mentioned in one of your previous blogs.)... Just a rough idea to avoid blunders while choosing the date!

    Thanks and regards

  5. Hi Milind!
    what a lovely article.

    if a person doesn't have no planet in kaam trikon
    and she have 5 planet in Dharma trikon.what does it signfiy.?

    Thanks & Regards

  6. Hi Milind!!
    Thanks again for sharing with us.
    Happy Ram-Navami

    if mercury placed in lagna in horoscope and in navmansha horoscope it is placed in virgo navmansha but with i read somewhere virgo is mool trikona for rahu..
    what some extent rahu(malefic) reduced the power of mercury in navmansha..

    So can you spoke on budh rahu yuti in virgo navamnsha?


  7. Hi Milind

    Happy RaM-Navami

    If mercury is placed in Lagna in Main horoscope.In Navamansh Horoscope,mercury and rahu both are placed in Virgo Navamansha.I read some where virgo is mool trikona for rahu.isit?
    rahu is malefic planet so reduce the effect of merucry in virgo
    Could you spkoe on Budh-rahu in Virgo navmansha?

  8. Yes April 6 is a very good date for sure. as numero is also 6 and 6. Shukra in Krittika but later part of it so no issues. Kanya rashi is not the best place with Mangal Guru Shani and rashi swmai Budh also in this day but at least it is separate and not influenced badly by any planet directly. April 9 is also a good date...anyways if Karma of the kid is very specific -- you will not get a chance to select the date and time! :) KUMBH lagna is the best right now due to Shani exalted in Vargottam navamansh. also Dhanu lagna is good due to margi Guru and in 5th house. Singh lagna not the best as Sun in meen. Kumbh lagna is 2 hrs before the sun rise. 3:30 am+ to 5:05 am if considered as Pune birthplace.

    Mesh and Vrishchik lagna are also good but callling Vrishchikl lagna as "good" by choice is soemthing not all astro woudl agree! :) :) Althogh Mangal wakrti -- it is in string sign of Leo! Leo laga to be avoided as far as possible and Tula also as Shukra 6th in Krittika with Ketu...

  9. BUdh lagna of Kanya until April 9th is also not the best as Budh in Kumbh until April 6th 5 p.m.

    Mithun lagna is good -- i.e 11:37 am to 12:48 pm in Pune is Mithun lagna.

    So overall Mithun, Kumbh, Dhanu, Makar lagna, Aries, Scorpio are good. Kanya lagna, Singh lagna not the best right now.

  10. Dear Milind, I dont have words to thank you for your prompt reply about auspicious dates and lagnas for C-section.
    Maybe i will not be able to choose, as you say,but in case i have a choice, i will have at least some idea.
    Milind, may God bless you for sharing your knowledge and skills to help us.

    My sincere gratitude to you.

  11. Hi Milind
    Why do you say that 7th house is for 'big wars'?
    Never heard that before. Can you explain please?


  12. Hello Sir,

    I am Tula rashi Vrischik lagna. I have Rahu in 7th house in both rashi chart and Navamash chart. Please suggest the effects of it. Also, Ketu in lagna in both the charts. How is it going to affect my marriage life and what does big-wars signify?


  13. venus, mars and retrogate mercury in 7th house in kanya rashi,satun is in fifth house ,jupitor is in third house.Both jupitor and saturn aspecting 7th house-this combination is good or bad?My husband has this combination.he is maglik or not?What are the effects?


  14. Hi Milind,

    Iam running GURU mahadasha and guru antardasha, iam a virgo moon sign, generally guru dash is said to be good, but iam facing lot of problems in this period only....iam doing hard work, but still no progress....Is guru in 8th position currrently could be a problem ? when will this be over...what will be its effect after may 2012 ?


  15. Hi!

    I have a very specific query wrt your current article and one of your older articles.
    Well, a person is Vrishchik lagna and 4 of the important planets are in Kaama trikon - the 11th house. Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Saturn (and pluto). Now if these planets are in 11th house, you have mentioned that the person would lead uccha abhiruchi life. Since these are in labha stan, they should logically indicate gains from the houses of which they are karaks without any specific effort in current life. But in your earlier article, you had spoken about position from Moon too. If any planet is placed in 1st position wrt moon, the native has to put in specific efforts to achieve success wrt the house of which it is karak. Thus in above case, though the planets are in 11th house, there will be no or less 'Visible Impact' of gains in current life because the planets are conjunct with moon. Am I correct?


  16. Dear Milind, it is quite interesting and informative. Just a couple of questions:

    (A) With Venus, Saturn is in 7th house Aries (Libra Lagna), obviously Saturn is debilitated; So I am wondering if the debilitated Saturn is making things worse in this 7-1/2 Yrs period for Virgo?
    (B) I have Jupiter, Ketu and Moon in 12th House, Virgo and Rahu in 6th House Pieces. What does it indicate, i.e. too many planets in 12th house?


  17. dear milind sir,

    another BRILLIANT article in your series of random thoughts.... :D

    its ironical that you say random thoughts, when actually they are deeply insightful, logical, crisp & yet so simple to grasp for everyone....thanks to you, Sir... :D

    the KAAM trikon explanantion is really interesting...

    -I am kumbh lagna + rashi (also in navmaansh vargottami lagna + vargottami SURYA + vargottami MOON)....
    -lagnesh SHANI is vakri in 10th house...
    -BUDH & SHUKRA in 2nd
    -I have 3 planets in my 3rd house- ucchha SURYA + swagruhi MANGAL + RAHU

    current dasha....SHANI>>BUDH...since may 2007

    Kindly throw your light of divine knowledge on the same...

    Have undergone toughest phase ever since shani mahadasha has all aspects will the remaining 14/19 years b so.??

    Kindly help sirji... I will be deeply grateful to you
    thank you in advance

    best regards

  18. Dear Milind,
    I have navapancham of chandra, guru and shani (guru and shani at same degrees) in the moksha trikon, and guru-shani together in mesha in navamansh. i do have a spiritual bent of mind, but still i seem to have too much aasakti about matters related to career. i get too happy about small gains and depressed with small losses. shouldn't the navapancham in moksha show virakti?

  19. Dear Milind,
    I just realised that my kaam trikon has no planets in main horoscope and only one in dharm ( most in moksha trikon actually), but in navamsha has planets in all i.e. 3,7,&11, and three in dharm trikon what does that tell?

  20. very informative and good article as always...what happened to Mars series..........??

  21. Hi.....waiting for the weekly update and the mars series

  22. sir......kindly respond to my query.
    I am not in job from past one and half yrs......trying hard fr job but in no vain.......need to know is there any ray of hope in my life ??????
    Pls reply if possible....
    Details are
    Birth date.....27 aug 1980
    Birth place......ambala
    Birth time........09:35am


  23. Sir, waiting for 4th house Mars article......

  24. "Vrishchik lagna are also good but callling Vrishchikl lagna as "good" by choice is soemthing not all astro woudl agree! :) :)"

    Milind ji ...w.r.t above What signifies Vrischik Lagna ...Any specific impact ..?Also Saturn in 8th house in lagna rashi indicates what.?


  25. hello sir

    Birth date.....9 th april 1975
    Birth place......dhaka.bangladesh
    Birth time........17.00 pm

    sir pls suggest me about my career(architect) and would be spouse(still single) ....


  26. Hi Milind..

    as you posted random article now in my mind
    random thought generated..:):)
    nice article.

    what will be effect of 9th guru but vakri?
    what does it mean of Retrograde of any planet.
    In general term GURU MD will be good or bad?


  27. Hello Milind,

    If possible, please posts the Birthday significance for this week as you did for last week. Would greatly appreciate that.

  28. 1 article to dhank ka likho...all bekkar

  29. Hello, Recently have started reading your blogs,quite interesting,am learning astrology from quite few years..Can you post something on RAHU-KETU,
    1.wanted to know if rahu is in 7th rahu dasa can give marriage as rahu is for materialistic similarly if ketu is in 7th can ketu give marriage as i read it is for vamsha vrudhi.
    2.Rahu in 12th house gives foreign residence in its dasa , will ketu in 12th give the same in its dasa.
    well there are may queries for rahu- ketu as they are interesting to discuss. hope you will also like to discuss
    thank you

  30. Hi Milind,
    I seem to have a very strong kaam trikon - venus in vrishabh in 3rd house, moon in kanya in 7th and Jupiter in makar in 11th house. However, I don't seem to lead a uchcha-abhiruchi life. In fact I'm known to be very "arasik". How do you explain that?
    Also, is this a trikon yoga?

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