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Monday, March 26, 2012

Short Description for folks born on a particular date: March 23rd to March 31st

Short Description for folks born on a particular date: March 23rd to March 31st

March 23rd

23rd ruled by Mercury (Budh) is a very good birth-date of a great communicator or simply speaking someone who wants to “express” It could be an orator, novelist, cartoonist, a composer, poet or a painter! This is particularly a great birth-date for short-writing and quick composition (say advertisement jingles). With March 23rd, the Pisces Sun (March14 to April13) adds to the creativity, innovation and imagination to the equation and reduces “word-play” or criticism of a 5 (5, 14, 23) quite a bit. The Piscean would be the last person to criticize someone! In a way this Pisces Sun adds to the artistic nature but reduces or opposes the word-centric approach of a 5 dominated person! A simple google search would reveal that 23rd is, without much exception, a “lucky” date given/allowed to soul who has done some good karma in past birth(s). March 23rd born folks have beautiful /dreamy eyes – There is something about their eyes! Examples:

March 24th

24th of any month is probably the most lucky of the birth-dates along with 19, 21 and 23! This date shows a very good karma in the past birth(s). This is the date of the artists, ruled by magical VENUS (Shukra) this date along with 6 & 15 is certainly about magic! There is a certain “balance / harmony” to their personality with very less or none rough edges to speak of. They are the people with “lazy good manners”. The Pisces Sun (March14 to April13) only adds to the good qualities of these folks. The only advise to these folks would be to avoid affairs or related temptations which ruins best of the qualities they have and make them regret quite a bit later on due to the soft side of 24 and Pisces Sun combination! Examples: Tommy Hilfiger (American Fashion Designer), Harry Houdini, (Erik Weisz), Hungarian-born magician, Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper in CBS Sitcom The Big Bang Theory)

March 25th

25th (7) vibrates to Neptune, the planet of 6th sense, spirituality, vivid imagination! The Pisces Sun also vibrates to the date of 7 i.e. Neptune as Neptune is the co-owner of the Pisces Sun along with Jupiter (Guru). This puts a distinct stamp of a ‘dreamer’, innovator on the person born on this date. The natural language to read minds, body-language of others comes naturally to them – what we can also call “the 6th sense”! These folks will always get some vibe when they meet someone for the 1st time or even visit a place/land/house for the 1st time! This date is also a great channel for someone who wants to progress on the path of spirituality. No wonder that these folks seem lost in some of the practical or day to day matters. They forget things very easily. You would hardly see them getting rid of the old stuff as they can’t discard things easily! Examples:

March 26th

You have some contradiction in this birth-date as it vibrates to the date of Saturn (8) and also to Neptune. One a dreamy innovator trying to go away from reality and the other (Saturn) one a relentless auditor, reviewer with an eye on continuous improvement with a long term view! The Neptune can “see” centuries ahead but Saturn needs data-points and hard-facts to prove it correct. The date of 26 also has combination of 2 (Moon) and 6(Shukra) which makes them artistic and moody in a limited way but it certainly shows some lessons in life when it comes to relationships. They are requested to handle relationships carefully else there are some surprises there. These folks know the problems/deficiencies in their surroundings due to being 8, but would find it very difficult to criticize/share them directly due to Pisces influence which has inborn tendency “to serve” and to please others. A tough date for the person for sure where others are not even aware of this inner struggle! Examples:

March 27th

The date of the fire planet Mars (2+7=9) al bit a lot more friendly than the plain 9 and downright aggressive 18! The 27 is the luckiest 9 dates and shows definite good past karma. The service proving Piscean is always there beneath that straightforward Marsian (9) front-end. They do tend to have a bigger friend circle as 9 always shows past birth connections with friends. Sports is natural to them and sports or Gym makes them a much better person as it releases their energy which otherwise could come out bursting like steam coming out of a pressure cooker. The date of 27 ensures that this fish (Pisces Sun) does not choose to go only downstream but shows inclination to has occasional upstream adventures. These folks are advised to channel their energy on innovative and creative pursuits where they can even surprise themselves. Self pity from time to time is a BIG NO. A Piscean born on 18 27 or 9 needs to & usually catches some tide or wave by the age of 25/27. Examples:

March 28th

The date of 28 certainly shows a very good connect with peer group and also masses (workers). These folks are born to create products or services for the masses i.e. at t the bottom of the pyramid! The pioneer instincts of 28 (1: the Brilliant Sun) are supplemented by dreamer, innovator Piscean and it results in to some “services” that are created for masses. The Piscean wanting to serve certainly shapes the entrepreneur or pioneer spirit of the 28 (1). These folks do something new which nobody from the family has done. They are not looking at specialization but generalizing the specialization for mass use! The Sun dominated 1 and Neptune dominated Piscean Sun both do mask or override each other from time to time but they are not opposite like Sun and Saturn or Mars and Mercury (Budh). The 28 born are naturally outgoing and extroverts but still do not like to go to a completely unknown place or surroundings. Examples:

March 29th

29 i.e. (2+9) 11 is a master number. This number vibrates very well with the Piscean Sun of March 14th to Feb 13th range. The 29 March date does show a subdued approach in childhood which becomes friendly later on in school/college and quite populist further in life. These folks want publicity and love to be recognized. The date of 29 adds to the Piscean dreamy nature. Day dreaming and being lost in their own thoughts is the second nature of the 29th March born folks. These folks would find it very difficult to criticize someone and also saying NO is a very difficult art which they hardly master in their life. This gets them into trouble as 29s invite some friends who are detrimental to a larger cause (not all). The publicity and popularity is a almost is given for a 29th March born person. SALES is the best profession for them, basically, anything with people contact makes them very successful. They are natural people leaders. Examples:

March 30th

The 0 in any date brings or rather shows wisdom, maturity which is earned over multiple births. It also brings some lethargy later in life after a fairly competitive childhood with a race for ranks and scholarship and desire to differentiate themselves from others by their “individual achievements” and not with people contacts like 29 born! These folks tend to be lonely and keep to themselves later in the life. They tend lose their competitive nature after degree/post degree when they enter practical life. This is again due to self realization which comes to them earlier than others as 30 born are the “thought leaders”! The 30th March date shows conflicting numbers, 3 which vibrates to the broad minded Jupiter and the Pisces Sun that vibrates to ‘dreamy / innovator’ Neptune. When this contradiction managed well can bring in innovation (Neptune) in the education system (Jupiter) to take it ahead by several decades. This date is very good for professors or teachers or principals but of some creative subjects. Examples:

March 31st

31st Match born folks are certainly lucky as personal achievement /thought leadership (3) comes before the self esteem or ego (1). A very interesting date as it adds to 4 which is the absent-minded Uranus and the Piscean Sun which vibrates to Neptune! So you have 4 planets that are influencing this March 31st birth-date to give something harmonious and creative, detail oriented to this world! They are certainly a “change agent” as they are basically a 4 (3+1 = 4: Uranus) and usually they are born in a traditional family and are supposed to modernize their family by bringing them to say 21st Century! Pretty unorthodox folks they are, but in an unassuming and a non-boasting way. Luckier than 13th born due to need of the soul for achievement more than the need of self-respect or ego! 31 born can mend their ways for greater good which might not be possible for the 13 born! So we have folks that are unassuming, creative, un-orthodox without being flashy and who are very quite detail oriented.


  1. Sir please post for 1st march too, i am eagerly waiting for you to read my horo too.
    1/mar/1972. mumbai 16.00


  2. Thanks Milind, great article, keep it up!!!

  3. u ve posted kumbha weekly rashiphal same as last was word to word same.
    Pls check.

  4. hi milindji my husband dob 12june 1979,time 13.30 ,place pune ..please show some light on carrier prospect...shra

  5. Hello.......waiting for the 4th mars details. I have mars in 4th house along with Jupiter, 6th house has sun, mercury and rahu, 7th house has Venus and Saturn, 10th house has moon. I am kanya rashi and lost my job for no fault of mine and had to return to india. Living a vagabond life for the last 3 months. Will be glad if you can provide some insight ...... Thanks a ton

  6. Hi Milind,

    Is moon alone in a horoscope (ie no planets with or on either side if the moon)considered bad? What type of impact does it give ?

    Is it better to have moon alone than with rahu/ketu/shani ?

    Thanks in advance

  7. Milind ji,
    wat vl hapn if i try for ibps banking exam hapning in june..wil i succeed..cos my canara bank marketing job is im planing for another..wl i get anther bank job..? Or lyf lng i have to stay in canara bank..?


  8. milind,
    I have send many mails,Would appreciate if you could reply. waiting for it

  9. (1) KUMBH Rashi Bhavishya was changed yesterday itself. Please check

    (2) A person's DESIRE & most his/her past life "unfulfilled" dreams/desire is reflected in the position of Moon in this life. This is assuming Karma is good -- ELSE a person's MENTAL TORTURE or incorrect treatment of MOM in the past karma or with OTTHERS is forced in this this birth's Moon's position. What is "Good" or "Bad" is pretty much mundane to answer --- WHY **you** chose or WERE FORCED choose this formation is MORE important! Regardless of HOW BAD the karma is -- at least we are given birth back as a human being! :)

    Having said all this - a simple answer to this is Moon alone is good for emotional intelligence, tranquility of mind -- Moon with Budh Shukra and in Guru drushti is amazing to say the least -- it shows a GREAT temparament and tremendous tempoarament, logic, maturity etc. Moon with Rahu or Ketu or Shani shows certain "Manasik Wyagrata" --- BUSY Mind! Whether it is used for good things or bad things is again to large extent depends on the rashi swami placement and also Guru drushti etc but ALSO there is certain CHOICE to put it to good use -- FINALLY you are given birth again toi PAY or UNDO what you have done (bad) or yet benefits of the good things.

  10. Hi Milind
    Could you please answer my queries sent you on gmail id


  11. Hi Milind,
    Just wanted to confirm if we should refer to the Lagna chart or Birth rashi chart. And houses to be counted from Lagna onwards ie Lagna is first house?

  12. Milindji

    Awesome answer for moon
    just cant stop re-reading it again & again


  13. Milindji -- Fantastic explanation for Moon's characteristic's !!!!

    Warm Regards,

  14. Hi Milindji
    I am vrishchika rasi, vishaka nakshatra. I am undergoing sade sati now. lot of bad name in work place and i might be forced to quit.

    i already got another offer. do you think it is wise to take it now if i am not laid off? or shud i continue in current company carrying the bad name for ever?

  15. Anand:
    Can't anser that but I would suggest to change job ONLY if required for now as 7th Guru for May2012 is still away and staying at a place u r valued more and will b e dealth with repsct in turbulent times is imp..

    Thanks Mehul and Hina!

  16. Milind,
    Thanks a lot for the light thrown on moon alone and moon conjunctions. You are a reliable source of knowledge.
    Encouragements and good luck to you!

  17. Hi Milindji,

    I am kanya rashi person.I have a lot of breaks in my career and in nov 2011 I lost my job.
    I have five planets moon,saturn,jupitor, mercury and venus in fifth house with taurus lagna,rahu and mars in third house and ketu in 9th house with sun in fourth house.
    When will I get new job and
    What is the significant of these five planets in fifth house.

    Could you please answer?


  18. Milind ji ....very Interesting article to go through each date even if one is not born in MArch ..? Few things mentioned for numbers like 7/9 etc is applicable generally to any month born on those dates..?

    Again very good explanation on Moon placement ...I could relate to my brother's horo...


  19. Hi Milind,

    Iam a great fan of ur blog and will read it regularly, and ur predictions are accurate... i have some interesting questions for you (one general, one personal)

    Many children are born on same date and same time in world or may be in same city, but no two persons horoscope(destiny) will be same even though their planets positions and horoscope chart of such persons remains same.
    what factors apart from horoscope are taken into consideration while predicting future for any person ?

    for example: i have a dhanu lagna, kanya rashi and chitra nakshatra.

    sun in 10th house,mercury 11th house , venus 11th, mars 2nd,jupiter 3rd,saturn 12th,moon 10th,uranus 12th,neptune 1st, pluto 11th.

    what these positions mean from career and abroad chances... ? i would be grateful if explain something abt these planets in those positions ?



    (1) Rahu and Ketu in the horoscope show FAMILY HISTORY.
    (2) Rahu -- Paternal family Karma
    (3) Ketu -- Maternal family Karma
    (4) So it is all **relative** literally! RAAHU KETU literraly decide the DNA you inherit and also the wealth or nay other TRAITS that you inherit from teh family.
    (5) So -- this RELATIVITY IS A HUGE THING!!!

    Makes it EASY to explain why the KARMA is SO different for each of the kids and that is why they get birth thru different families where their karma matches with the DNA of that family!??

    Rahu/Ketu have 18 years cycle thru 12 signs. So they have their own impact.

    Also Rahu mahadashs is 18 years and Ketu 7 years from 120 years -- i.e. 20%+ part of your lilfe of 120 years is DIRECTLY dependent on the your FAMILY folks's karma. ALsO every mahadasha has Rahu and Ketu antardasha --- so overall 30-40% of your life is dependent on your family karma or your grandparent's karma!!!!

    But isn't it amusing that a boy in poor family and Prince charles got birth at same time, same place -- the RAHU and KETU make all the difference -- don't they!? :) The ROYAL DNS is given to the SOUL that has ROYAL Karma!!!

    Hope this helps!!

  21. Well...that was interesting observation. never came across this point.....milindji you write well....god bless

  22. Loving the awesome explanations milind :)

  23. @ amit jain--
    I responded back to your post for me on one of the previous articles.. i hope you saw my reply :)... if you are reading this, lemme know...I wish I cud put my email over here :( i dont feel comfy doing the same....

  24. Hi Milind, Another question - this time on a quite different subject - The name numerology (eg Cheiro - 'Taj'= 4+1+1=6)

    And changing the spellings to 'Taaj' = 4+1+1+1=7.

    So does changing one's name spelling change one's numerology or harmony with the birth numbers ?

    Thanks again for your guidance,

  25. Dear Milind,
    Thanks for the rahu-ketu explaination through DNA. Now, at present Rahu and Ketu are said to be in debilitation in scorpio and taurus respectively. Does that indicate something particular concerning the maternal/paternal karma in general for all kids born with these two debilitated planets ?
    Thanks and regards,

  26. Thanks Milind ji about what you said abt my new offer.

    In my current work place, i am not given much importance. i have a bad name too as past year, things were very different for me.

    even if i resign now, i will have to serve 1 month notice period and so me taking up new job will be first week of May only. currently, i have not even tendered my resignation as I am waiting for the offer to come to hand though I passed the interview with flying colours.I fear getting laid off even before that!

    Anand(vrishchik, vishaka nakshatra)

  27. Hi Milind,

    Great explanation ...Thanks a lot!!!

    so you mean Rahu and ketu positions are relative with their family karma and doesnt depend on time of birth/place of birth ....correct ?


  28. (1) NO Vijay -- Rahu and Ketu positions also telll you about the family karma for sure but to differentiate between same place same date-time births you will need to check lagne degree and rahu ketu positions -- for families with great karma Rahu Ketu woudl be acutely placed closer to lagna degree. So yes Rahu Ketu positioning DOES reflect the Karma of the Paternal & Maternal family for sure but there are limitations on interpretations -- better way is to check family history as it repeats or karma fructifies for this kid in rahu ketu maha/antar/bhukti or gochar.

    (2) Spelling - Numero
    If and ONLY IF the name is used QUITE A BIT like Website name or say Amitabh Bachchan (film stars) then it carries some weight -- yes changing name will change the underlying vibration of the previous "somewhat" but unless that name is used like MS Word, MS Excel etc for crores of times - the impact would be 0.01Cents! :) :) :)

    Milind adds to 18 which is also my Life Path number. THis name was given by my Grandma who had no clue about numero let alone spelling ! :) Also, AstroMNC was given WITHOUT numero check -- (can u beleive it -- Astrologer not using it for his own website!) :) It adds to 29 -- (11) incidently my b-date!!

    So these numbers follow-you no matter what -- changing Name spelling is like Gemstone 3/5% impact -- but yes the perception of people can change a bit about you by name change...

    BUT I HATE this spelling changing business! :( Mission Istaaanbul anyone???? Height hain!!! City ke nam to mat change karo yaar!!! Shraddha can become Andh-shraddha in NOT TIME!!!!!!

    1. Milind...I have Rahu in Lagna...What does that indicate??

  29. Dear Milind,

    thanks for the article.

    I am Kanya Rashi.Eagerly waiting for May '12 :)

    Many times you have mentioned in your articles that 9th,10th and 11 th guru is a good period for a given raashi. I have 9th house Guru along with Budh in Tula rashi.

    1.So how the 9th guru period < for kanya- as you say it is from may 2012 onwards > will be ? 9th guru from kanya rashi and having 9th house guru from the lagna as well.

    2.How is my guru maha dasha ?

    Thanks in advance !!


  30. is there any specific maasa or period when you should not buy a vehicle....since the day we have bought ...we have been facing issues with it...more than the cost purchased spent double on repair. only good thing by god's grace no negative effect on people .
    Hence the be careful ahead..

  31. (1) 1st Hosue Rahu -- Check my article on Chandra Rahu(search) it wil lapply to you too somewhat. (Anger, Sudden unexplained Agitation, narrow chin compared to forehead -- Watch the villain in Transporter-3) :) :) He is ROLE MODEL of 1st house Rahu or (3) Die Another day Korean villain (son of military leader) -- PERECT Rahu 1st house example (the character)

    (2) Vehicles purchase!
    Best time to buy vehicles is WHEN GOCHAR Guru aspects your Horoscope Mangal and or 4th house! :) Check if you bought when SHANI was aspecting Mangal or 4th house or both! :) :)

    I bought my Ikon 1.6 (excellent) when Guru was aspecting 4th house Guru and Shukra and Safari when Guru was aspecting my Mithun Mangal! :) :)

    1. I hope you dont mean 1st Rahu people are villains :)) My chin is narrow, I do get agitated suddenly and short tempered.....but my husband's shani-sade sati has controlled my anger to a lot more extent !!! as I couldn't oppose his anger :)
      I hope 1st rahu people are not not so :((
      Seriously but wanted to know if there is any negative effect..or does it indicate any specific past karma

  32. Gochar Planets are imo from both moon and Lagna and especially planets in the horscope so Kumbh lagna and Guru now aspecting 9th hosue Guru Budh makes you travel a bit, meet good mentors. get great advice and also a position or great role in career -- coudl make you travel.

    When Guru comes 9th to 8th house Moon -- -it will make you buy somoe house or decorate/spend on house or vehicles and inherited land or structure as you have moon in the 8th house -- Also you will get ACTUAL designation & salary of the POST OR ROLE/RESPONSIBILITY you got in Guru aspetcing Gru Budg in 9th house until may2012...

    it is all about logic and putting ALL things in pespctive when "predicting" something -- 1 thing ignored could bruing shortfall to the "detailing" part of it.

  33. Dear Milind,
    Great info..especially in your comments above.

    Now i hope for one detailed post on rahu-Ketu and the DNA angle from you. You have mentioned in past posts/ comments..but now in some more detail please...

  34. Hi Milind,

    I hope you do continue on the series for mars in various houses. I have seen a lot of keen observation of yours in these articles



  35. Milind ji, you have mentioned many times about 9th Guru bhagyodhay and 2nd Guru showing income, 4th gru stagnancy...8th guru testing period etc ...what happens in 3rd guru??
    kindly write an article on Guru transition....

  36. (1) Rahu KEtu and Family History and DNA angle is already covered in a detailed article earlier.

    (2) 1st house Rahu -- Villain No -- Violence coudl be used for heroism also! :) Salman Khan seems to have 1st house Rahu and I also have 1st house Rahu and it has taken me 20 years of Astrology to get "SOME" control over my agitation, aggression, non-sportsman spirit and what not...!! Still it is VERY VERY difficult to fight the CHEMICALS in your OWN brain!!! :)

    (3) 3rd Hosue Guru -- Check 2012 Meen rashi bhavishya article -- you will get a very good idea.

    1. Thanks Milind on 1st house rahu......true...very difficult to fight with our brain chemicals !!

    2. read clearly on 3rd guru explained meen rashi bhavishya clarity...waiting for May :)

  37. Milind,
    Is it possible to have characteristics on two numbers. Birthdate adds to 8. And was born on a sapthami (7 ).

  38. Dear Milind, i have come accross many twins, brought up in the same family, having different temperaments, different destinies and different appearances.

    One wonders why there seems nothing in common in the two even same birth place, almost same birthtime and almost same bringing up.

    Thanks and regards,

  39. This seems to be very silly....but please do let me know....i have heard that a person should have yog for owning a house/land or vehicle?? is this true for learning to drive as well..??
    I tried to buy a site or a flat for almost 5 years spite of many tries it didn't work out. atlast i could buy a land for which after 3 installments i landed in some financial problem and so had to sell it off. I had a dream to buy a car....also drive it. With many hurdles each time at last i managed to finish my driving clasess ( it really took more than 3 yrs) and get a license....but by the time i really could start driving a little bit...we had to give the small car.
    So I was wondering is it determination or fate or timing ....what is it !!!
    Just put my thought over here..

  40. Hi Milind,

    Iam born on 4th october 1986 at 12:13 PM belgaum, according to numerology what is my number ? And also 13 is my birth time which is considered unlucky by western countries..will it have any impact...? please can u tell whether my birth time and date are inauspicious ?

    Iam in a very tough situation as iam a kanya rashi (moon sign) and chitra nakshatra ?...despite of making all all ways..


  41. @ milind--
    I don't quite have a hold of how numerology works but once my astrologer told me my life path number is 4... i hav no clue how...throughout my life im haunted by numbers 2 and 4 in everythin lol so u look at birthdate? 22 april...did the astrologer just add this up or somethin? and my name is 5 letters which is another story altogether... but what books do u recommend on numerology?

  42. sir....i ve send u mails many a times in past six months...u didnt replied....i need ur valuable advice.
    I am not in job from past one and half yrs......need to know is there any ray of hope in my life ??????
    Pls reply if possible....
    Details are
    Birth date.....27 aug 1980
    Birth place......ambala
    Birth time........09:35am


  43. exalted sun and exalted saturn aspecting each other is one of the most destructive combinations possible in a chart-is it true?My son has this combination in navamsa with sun in aries in 1st house and saturn in 7th house of libra.What are the effects?

  44. exalted sun and exalted saturn aspecting each other is one of the most destructive combinations possible in a chart-is it true?My son has this combination in navamsa with sun in aries in 1st house and saturn in 7th house of libra.What are the effects?

  45. Shukra does not go away more than 45 degrees from Sun..So they can be together 1 sign before/after or two signs (laabh yog) Bhimsen had Surya onwer ofof teh 10th house close to Shukra in the 3rd house....(expression)

    >>>> SIR, what laabh yog ? so if surya in 9th and shukra in 11th, what can the native expect ?


  46. Dear Milind,
    As you said earlier that you will look… but still on wait list. I know that you are too busy. Please look on my details as I had sent my details and query to your Gmail ID. I am desperately waiting your reply. Now, my tough time will also started and experiencing in both personal & professional fronts. I think you are annoyed on my desperation sending on queries several times to you.
    Please….please………helps and guides me.
    Regards, Shashank

  47. Hi Milind,
    Nice to see many blogs, and all are nice.

  48. What about 5th house Rahu with Chandra and 11th house ketu? Please explain.Rahu at 24 and Chandra at 23 nakastra.

  49. Dear Milind,

    In one if your previous articles on 'Budh in meen' you have written "Separate BUDH (away from the Sun) shows some definite past karma with Mama/Mousi family" What does that mean ? In what sense ? In a positive way or negative ?

    Thanks a lot,

  50. Milind, what is the order of importance of the placement of these in a horoscope ?
    Rasi swami
    wakri planets
    other planets?

    Sorry for putting so many questions, but when you get a good and honest source of knowledge, it comes naturally.

    Thanks again,

  51. [1] Twins
    Their Navamansh and Dashansh and also KP Method can be used to further check teh detailing of Twins as KP method divides each naksahtra into 9 NON-SIMITRIC parts i.e. instead of 30 degree in 9 part of Navamansh -- KP divides the 13.33 degrees in 9

    NON-Equal parts (SUB-LORDS / Upa-Naksahtra-Swami) -- the division is as per Vinshottari mahadasha proportions. i.e Shukra SUBLORD would be of 1/6th of 13.33 as Shukra mahadasha is 20 years of 120 years of Mahadashas.

    I sometime back on had thought thought that 1 of the twins would go to Engineering and the other to Medical field and it was indeed true as admissions had already completed and their education was alreayd underway! I used Navamansh

    Horoscope as it changed lagna in 5 minutes of difference.

    [2] Car, House, Land etc :) :)
    It seems your Mangal is also lord of the 4th house and it is troubled in the horoscope! :) Or bad placements of Shani in some wrong rashi with Mangal in the 4th house is quite likely. You should look at periods when GURU is aspecting 4th house or Mangal to

    buy a house or a car! So YES it is possible to comment when some YOGA is VEYR VERY bad or VERY VERY GOOD --

    [3] VIJAY
    You are 4 personality (advanced, unorthodox, progressive, moden) and 2 life path (people connect, friends etc). The Kanya rashi shows that you should see improvements from May2012 to May2013 FOR SURE. HARD-WORK IS THE KEY.

    [4] SAHIWAL
    Addition of bdate only is personality -- Primary number (i.e. 31 = 4; 13 = 4; 26 = 8) etc
    Addition of complete b-date is Life Path or Secondary Number: Say 19-4-1981 == 1 (1+9) + 4 + 1 (19) = 6 (venus)
    Please search my article on personality and Life path -- in 2009 I think.

    [5] USHA
    In navamansh!! Why worry so much!? :) :) Unless main horoscope shows Surya Shani yog then only this Yuti in Navamansh will be given importance. Surya Shani in Navamansh in Tila rashi shows that the Father might not be from a Govt agency or would not

    be Governor or President of India! :) :)

    Sun Aries and Saturn Libra -- How close they are in degrees -- THE COMPLETE outcome depends oon degrees - it close it shows spine, eye, heart issues to him and his father and at the time of marriage tussle with father -- LIk Ashibhaek Karishma was

    broken by Bachchan? Plain rumor but I am just giving an exmaple?! Shani in 7th could show older wife or more educated also. Surya Shani pratiyog shows some issues with Govt and authorities and father but BOTH UCHCHA means Father is well placed and a

    strong person and also much lesser issues if it was other way round Mesh Shani Tula Ravi! :) :)

    I guess Shani is 1st 3 degrees and Surya is in 20th degree so -- this is NOT a big deal at alll.

    [6] Thanks Shirish!

    [7] BUDH -- Mama
    Both good abd bad terms -- Definite karma with Mama is reflected in 6th house and Budh corelation in the horscope i.e. Mesh lagna and Makar lagna! Also for others when Budh is in 6th house itself.

    [8] ORDER: Can be debated & every astrologer would give you different oder -- here is my reasoning -- Which area mentioned below for planets is important then this order will change as per that!

    Lagnesh: This life direction Destiny forced or willingness! :)
    Sun: The ATMA-- SOUL -- Where you are FIERCE and in WHICH AREA YOU WOUDL NOT TOLERATE MEDEOCRITY -- You are BRILLIANT in the area/house/rashi etc denoted by the Sun.
    Moon:Your desires from past life that are not fufilled and you want to work on them and ALWAYS want to think of them! :) :)
    Rasi swami: How well these desires wil be fufilled and also WHICH WAY and HOW they will be fufilled.
    GURU: What in your life will NOT have too much harm!! TRIKON which Guru is in WILL NOT FAIL you! :) :) For me it is Moksha-Spirituality or rather Astrology! :) :)

  52. venus, mars and retrogate mercury in 7th house in kanya rashi,satun is in fifth house ,jupitor is in third house.Both jupitor and saturn aspecting 7th house-this combination is good or bad?My husband has this combination.he is maglik or not?What are the effects?


  53. what are the effects of fourth house sun in leo??

  54. dear sir,

    my lagna is sagitarius which has malific influence.What remedy I can do?
    Please suggest.


  55. What about 3rd house Rahu with mangal in kark rashi and 9th house ketu?

  56. @ milind-- Thank u...
    I have a question related to wat u wrote...

    "GURU: What in your life will NOT have too much harm!! TRIKON which Guru is in WILL NOT FAIL you! :) :) For me it is Moksha-Spirituality or rather Astrology! :) :)"

    What if guru is functional malefic-- like randhra lord.... will it still protect the house it is placed in? say L8 guru in tenth house of aquarius-- wont that mean upheaval in public identity? In navamansh the placement is better but guru bhukti killed my identity and started a completely new me...! i wonder if every guru bhukti will do the same...In navamansh guru is in aries in 11th house (initial degree)


  57. Guru in my Makar Lagna transiting 12 house from Vrushabh rashI. Lost everything, money, reputation, businss, peace and confidence.Can I stand up again?

  58. Hi Milind ji,
    my dob 10 Apr 1979, time 12.25pm ,
    place belgaum, karnataka
    please show some light on my carrier prospect.


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