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Thursday, April 5, 2012

April 1 to April 10th : BirthDate Analysis April


April 1 shows pure 1 unlike 19, 28 or 10 i.e. the Sun in its purest form, a forthright person, and a straight talker, one who wants to live alone. 1 certainly is a date of a leader but the Piscean Sun would mostly show a reluctant & less aggressive, less demanding leader! Being a Piscean does show the imagination and creativity but the attention to detail could be masked by the Sun (1) which likes the BIG picture. Every now and then the Sun in April 1st personality takes the Piscean for a ride, does something very extrovert and big bang! Once they achieve or finish this task, they go back to their usual resting, lazy mannered Piscean ways, conserving energy and building their thoughts for next outburst! By April 1st, the Sun advances to the ‘Revati’ Nakshatra in Pisces sign which reduces seriousness of “Uttara-Bhadrapada” nakshatra quite a bit, brings playfulness & charm with an all-rounder approach. Revati folks are more at ease with their naivety, forgetful & dreamy nature. Examples: Former Cricketer Ajit Wadekar, English Cricket David Gower, Otto von Bismarck, Unifier of Germany


A very harmonious date which means the Moon effect of the date 2 is complimented by the Neptune quality of the Piscean Sun. However, this means April 2 borns are a lot more unassuming and mutable than say folks born on April 1 or even 3rd. These are natural “carriers” and people connect comes to them easily. The Piscean 6th sense is certainly complimented or increased by the emotional/tranquil Moon (2). They are the most helpful people around and you would not have many folks talking ill of them. In short, this is the last date for some critic to be born on!! Giving negative feedback or criticism is not their cup of tea! Also, these folks like to be part of a group instead of being singled out. This date usually shows a big friend circle with say 100s of folks on their Facebook profile. They are born with a lot of karmic links to friends & colleagues. The soul wants to understand others (Neptune) and wants to reach out others (2) is a quick interpretation of April 2nd date.

Examples: Ajay Devgan, Roshan Seth, Australian Captain Michael Clarke, Actor Alec Guinness, Tennis player David Ferrer


Like March 30th, April 3rd born folks also have Jupiter (3) and Neptune combination that tend to oppose each other, pure thought leadership, individual achiever streak of a 3 born is opposed somewhat by the intuitive, 6th sense, dreamy Pisces Sun! The creativity or the dreamy nature of the Pisces Sun is turned in real achievement with April 3rd date. These folks tend to achieve a lot more than April 2nd folks as all the creativity is put for individual achievement. In the process the 6th sense and the intuition do take the backseat from time to time. You cannot call them selfish at all but less selfless than say April 2nd or April 29th borns! Like other 3s (12, 21) these folks are tend to judge other people by their individual achievements. 3s tend to be thought leaders than the people leader or people orientation aspect of April 2nd born folks. They marry their thought leadership to the Pisces Sun’s need to provide service to other or make others happy. Examples: Actors Marlon Brando, Eddie Murphy


An very interesting combination like March 31st. These are ‘change agents’ and are usually born in conservative families to modernize them or bring them ahead by several years/decades. The Uranus domination on date 4 shows unorthodox approach, breaking the rules or customs that are outdated to bring “change”. Kishore Kumar and Obama although August (4th) born are heavily influenced by number 4 and indeed termed as change agents and unorthodox in their approach. The combination of Uranus and Neptune (The Pisces Sun) makes these folks very creative and ultra-sensitive. The Revati nakshatra of the Sun just adds to the creativity and makes them all rounder too. They do things very easily and often termed as “natural” at what they do. Although the Uranus (4) gives them the rebel attitude from time to time the Piscean sun would not allow them to take extreme steps unless absolutely forced. Examples: Maya Angelou


An innovator or an artist or an all-rounder with very good oratory is the way to describe April 5th born folks. Marathi stage/movie artist Prashant Damale is a great example of this date. The all-rounder aspect of the Revati Nakshatra is enhanced by Mercury (Budh) domination of 5 which shows the need of the soul to communicate or express! Everything comes very easily to them and they hardly seem to struggle to acquire something or express something. They have a wit that is not usually seen in Pisces Sun. The Pisces Sun avoids the “wit” side of their nature not to hurt anyone even indirectly. But the date of 5 brings this wit forth and puts it to good use. You can’t expect them to start something new or be a pioneer but they spread or communicate something started by pioneers of say 1 dominated folks. Pisces stays away from trading but the Mercury dominated 5 can certainly bring them to trading; this trading will involve some innovation or art for sure and not merely financial numbers! Examples: Marathi Stage Artist Prashant Damle, Actor Gregory Peck, USA Defense Secretary Colin Powel

April 6th

April 6th born are mostly branded as “nice people”. Everybody likes to have them around. There is certain lazy mannered but caring attitude they have. The innovation of the Piscean Sun is mated to the art / creativity of the Venus (6). These folks are absolutely wonderful with kids. The kindergarten would be the best place for these folks along with April 2nd born. You will not find any rough edge to them, as a result lesser of these folks are found in rough professions or even engineering professions. They are not natural to anything which requires rough or tough work unless they have Mars in a tough sign like Aries/Capricorn or Sagittarius. They have various artistic hobbies and one of them can earn them serious dough too. The Venus (6) augments the Neptune supremely to create a greatly harmonious artist. “All April 6 folks have this ability to “sense” the art at the highest possible level! Bharat-Ratna “Lata-didi” has Venus and Neptune conjunction very close indicating very specific past karma with some art.

Please Note: Lata Magneshkar’s B’date is Sept 28th and not April 6th ..Here example is given to only explain Venus-Neptune conjunction.

April 7

A date of “vibrant spirituality” and also speed! Neptune’s speed is splendid but without the explosiveness or anger of the Mars. The 16th born West Indies fast bowler Michael Holding was termed as “Whispering death”! This birth-date shows sublime imagination & innovation with a speed of light! The sense of providing some service to mankind is immense. Make them “innovation manager” in your company! Their creativity, innovation will be displayed in any field you put them in – say even in mining! The April 7th date shows highly evolved 6th sense and inborn understanding of body language or to understand under-currents of situations or a place they visit. They can easily predict in the morning if it is going to rain! They would have these messages coming to them from all things in the world and they are closer than anybody to the almighty! The complete addition of birth-date if also 7 – then watch-out, you could be staring at the next saint or a Maha-yogi! Well, Ketu Guru in Meen rashi with Moon and Sun and April 7 birth-date would be a great channel for a prophet to descend upon mother earth! Examples: Bharat-Ratna Ravi Shankar (Sitar), Jacky Chan

April 8th

An innovative banker!? The birth-date of 8 shows a conservative person who is great in review, audits and compliance (say Software testing or Security Company) & ’attention to details’ professions. It is a very good date also for finance/accounts matters. The Piscean Sun is an innovator and creative. This innovations and creativity is mated to Shani’s perseverance, hard-work and attention to detail. The date certainly shows some specific karmic obligation towards some aspect of their life, something they owe to others. The life until the age of 30 is not very pleasant as it is time for planting the seeds, the real harvest starts after 30, i.e. after 1 complete cycle of Shani in their life. They obviously have a long term outlook with long running initiatives/projects. Value Innovation is now a days name of the game in corporate world and these folks are ideal to look at both innovation and the real financial value that it adds to the business.

April 9th

A very harmonious date for sure. The aggression, initiative, “Josh” of 9 (Mars) is quite evident in their thoughts, forceful arguments and overall conduct. The soul has figured out enough plans in the past birth which need implementation and fierce execution in this life. Retrospect is not their cup of tea! A mistake would be dealt with one more action to correct it than any analysis! The Pisces Sun will certainly add to this personality with innovation and happy go lucky charm. These folks would love to read that they are Aries Sun than in reality they are Pisces Sun (The REAL Sun Sign!) A very positive date, it is difficult to keep them down for a long period! The 9 also brings anger, temperament issues and they tend to be politically correct. It is very difficult for them to make adjustments with their perceived enemies. Absence of diplomacy despite the highly forgiving & charitable Pisces Sun sign! They are highly advised to join Gym and do regular exercise. This channels their energy much better and it does not come out the wrong way! Examples: Linda Goodman, Jaya Bachchan

April 10th

The April 10th is very much similar to April 1st but with a lot more maturity, wisdom and less of a “James Bond” style i.e. lot less flashy than April 1st. The 0 brings in a great deal of aloofness to the Pisces Sun’s already somewhat detached nature. The Sun dominates the Neptune hidden in the Pisces Sun of April 10th. These folks are quite stiff, self assured and independent. They are not order takers and even though they are “service oriented” Pisceans, they do have certain originality and pioneer spirit which makes them start some initiatives on their own! These folks instinctively know what people around them are good at. The entrepreneur or a pioneer in them always spots the skills or the abilities in the surrounding which they can leverage or put to a Win-Win effect. These folks have some stress when it comes to dealing with figures of authorities! Like all Pisceans the structure, the hierarchy or the authority produces stress in these folks and often they are found at odds with the seniors. However, the tact or diplomacy of Piscean would not see them take extreme steps. Example: Joseph Pulitzer


  1. Milind,
    In the last article,someone asked you about the 2nd house of wealth/family. Made me wonder that if a house represents multiple things - is it possible to know if the good OR bad yogas/drishti/ownership will be applicable to which of those things, or will it be all? Eg - 2nd house - so is it wealth or family or both will be blessed or affected ? or say 5 th house - is it kids or buddhi?

  2. Milind, a humble request, please tell about birthdate January 1.

  3. hey milind wana ask u is there any speciality about those born on 1st january.....

  4. Hi Milind,
    Even though youhave posted for April birthdays, do the caharacteristics apply to the numerical date in general regardless of the month? In other words, person born on April "29" may be similar (in terms of numerical characteristics) to person born on May "29"?


  5. Milindji,

    No examples for April 8 people?

    Thank you.

    1. My life upto 30 was not "unpleasant". Infact it was super good and made me super lazy. Never struggled. After turning 30, I got a real jhatka, So finally am trying to step up. Which is good too in the long term.

      100% agree with your karmic issues for number 8s statement.


  6. Sigh of relief!! It is kinda suffocating not to have such great articles coming up for so many days!! Thanks & Wonderful!!

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    If its not me i ll not post my query to u in every blog.i am really facing a tough time,kindly let me know whn ll i get the job,having 6 yrs of sound exp. ......i m not in job from past one and half yrs......need to know is there any ray of
    hope in my life ??????
    Pls reply Sir....
    Details are
    Birth date.....27 aug 1980 Birth place......ambala Birth time........09:35am

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    I am facing lot of issues in my job and may be loosing in coming months . I am not at all getting any calls . Will I get any better job in coming months. My birth date is 27 May 1981
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    Pls respond

  9. dear MILIND sir,

    to simply say...WOW what an article :D
    so so so...deep is your knowledge, insight & analysis.... :)

    I am short of words to complement you...

    Its indeed GODs grace & your greatness, that you share such GOD gifted, oceanic knowledge of astro such a simple & easy yet crisp manner for the benefit of everyone... :D

    sir I hope & ITS A HUMBLE REQUEST TO YOU ON BEHALF OF EVERYONE, that you KINDLY continue this numerology analysis of all birth a continuous flow of the dates as you did till now...(23rd to 31st march & now 1st April to 10th april) so that no one misses their birthdate narrowly... :D

    My bdate is 16th of april...
    As you explained above, my nature too matches very very closely to april..7th...highly inclined towards spirituality, meditation, astrology etc...(TIVRA / severe)

    What do you say Sir?

    you are already blessed but still pray to GOD, tht HE bless you with the strength to help you to serve others with more & more of this knowledge & insight with infinite more articles to come on tis blog...

    Cheers :D


    1. Dang it ! u sound like my long lost brother with those words....
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      U r funny!


    2. Mr. Sahiwal,

      thank you

      I hope i didnt go too u say... But indeed its a fact...

      GOD is kind...& gracious on every being
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      I am surprised & eager to know, what you felt funny about me...
      ~ siddharth

      I agree with u :D
      excuse my wits ... it was AVEIN! u had an excited face emoticon after each line so it seemed lil funny.. MY BAD
      infact im hyper n goofy like that...



  10. milind sir,

    waiting for next batch of birth dates...i.e April 11th to April 20th whenever you have time...& whenevevr you post them along with other articles in your random thoughts & mars series... :D

    thanx in advance


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  12. Hello Dear Milind,

    I certainly can confirm again that You have a wonderful knack of keeping READERS glued to this blog!! Great thing!! You write these blogs in different ways and still score VERY MIGHTY SIXES. Now this DATE wise writings again are proofs of that.

    Keep Going.

    Saurabh (9th April)

  13. Hi Milind Sir,

    Excellent Article!!.I know few people with these birth dates and your analysis is spot on.

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  14. Hello,

    I have forwarded a email from my id and have been patiently waiting for your response. please have a look.

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  15. Hi Milind

    I would be interested in reading your thoughts on the ' Bhrigu Samhita' An ancient Hindu astrological book, said to contain details of millions of lives, with horoscopes drawn. According to legend a vedis sage Bhrigu lived 10,000 years ago and had a divine vision of everyone who was to be born in every country of the world. The manuscrpit is supposed to give the name of the client compiled from Sanskrit syllables approximating names in any language, with details of past, present, and future life, as well as previous incarnations.

    My Dad is no more...but my Mom tells us that in the early 1960s he met an astrologer in Mumbai, Girgao..., who gave him details of his last birth and present one. He told my Dad that in his past birth he was a 'Sahukar' and was married to my mom who was a very pious lady, a big Shankarachi Bhakt. In that life he cheated 4 women of their money.....In the present life he would give birth to those 4 women and pay off that karmic debt. When he was told this he did not have 4 daughters and so probably did not believe it...We are 4 sisters and my Dad suffered significant financial setbacks....made a lot of money lost almost all.... never owned a house..
    I have asked many astrologers about this manuscript....I'm sure there may be hundreds of volumes...they know about it, but it is not accessible.....

    Your thoughts??

    Thanks AKS

    1. :)u hav all ur answers within u...when u meditate, u will c ur past n ur ancestors n ur role within the herd... same group of 50-70 ppl that u interact with in every life...the karmic debt will pay off on its own...u carry ur ancestors in your palm...when u dream, ur spirit guides will give u an inkling as well...

    2. In Yashwanth Nagar, Jalgaon, there is a jyotish named Mr. BM Jawahar. He may be able to help answer most of your questions. I know of many people who have consulted him and have learnt of their poorva janma karma and what they can do now to alleviate some of the troubles it causes.He is very good..

  16. Wow! Lovely comments on this article -- Ddidn't think birthdates woudl garber such a interest.

    The books you get of this in market in Maharashtra are too simplistic etc and not in great details. What you wrote about seems more in details. Also I heard that in Pune some people have some secretive grahthas and they tell you such things but do not show the granth etc...I don't know!!


  17. Thanks for your response on the Bhrigu Sanhita! Because of the incident I related I find this very interesting......Anyway seems a long shot to find anyone genuine.

    There are certain questions I would like to ask you...this does not seem like an appropriate place to do it. Can you please take a look at my DOB and help me out? I am reaching out to you to get some guidance. Thanks in advance!


  18. Milind Sir,

    Mars goes direct in Leo today.Any good news for Leo?


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