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Friday, April 20, 2012

Birthdate Astrology -- Personality Description April 11th to April 20th

April 11th

Enter Vargottam Navamansh in Pisces Sign. All-rounder is a quick word for them! Well, 11 is a master number and not always reduced to 2. A very good date for populist folks to be born on. They are stiffer than other 2 born folks for sure. A great date for psychics too! Bigger friend circles are very much likely. The double-Sun of 11 mandates them to balance two things in life by finding common things in them and still keeping them independent. These two things could be as simple as two persons in life, two concepts like spirituality and materialism, two religions, two castes or two families! The moment they align to one side heavily, they get slapped! The fame or publicity or popularity is almost a given. They do have specific subject’s knowledge of passion from the past which they leverage in this birth. They are very good people managers and emotional intelligence of a very high degree. They can easily decipher body language or hidden message or undercurrent of the situations. The past desire for publicity is greatly seen in this date (Dilip Saab: 11th Dec, Bachchan Saab: 11th Oct, K.L Saigal: 11th April, Rajesh Khanna: 29th Dec & so on): Example: K.L Saigal, (Da Vinchi?? Not sure)

April 12th

The Vargottam Navamansh (last 3.33 degrees of Pisces) makes this a great date for expression, short writing, multiple skills and an all rounder persona with various interests! They do all these things with a certain ‘ease’ as if it is second nature to them. The 12 brings in thought leadership and little bit of arrogance too, individual achievement is the yardstick to major everybody. They are very good with seniors and juniors but find peers as competitors! The ego or self (1) takes precedence over others (2) or you can treat is as a master (1) and disciple (2) date. Obviously, a great date for professors or principals of education societies. They would be very popular among students due to their all-round interests and personality. The date of 12 also means that their destiny is to take a back seat & support others for the throne! The more they take back seat and support others in earlier life the more important positions they occupy later in life. The more they want some position badly; more they see peers opposing them. So you have fiercely loyal juniors and supportive seniors but hostile peers! Choose a career where the demarcation of designations or roles is VERY clear. The thought leadership will take you far.

April 13th

The absent minded genius of 4 (Uranus) meets with highly innovative and imaginative Piscean and that too in the Vargottam Navamansh in the Pisces Sign! The all-round expertise and genius is seen very easily! The importance of SELF/Ego (1) is seen also easily which could mar the achievements (3) at times. The last degree of Pisces shows past connection with some an ocean for sure or even connection with Mom’s siblings/cousins. If these folks have hard-work ability they can get to the TOP of their field as there is TREMENDOUS specific past karma associated with this date for sure. The “Rashi-Gandaat” of Pisces is VERY effective and intense. The relative ease is seen by others as a lazy genius but forget not that it is a time spent or the hard work from the past life(s). They are non-conformist and rebel sorts but in very high level or self-less matters with no direct benefit. The humility and social approach is quite evident. They always have some obligation towards society and need to SHARE their knowledge without any ado! Rather, there is tendency to talk quite a bit of what they learn or master! Example: Gary Kasparov

April 14th

The Sun enters the Fire-brand Aries (Mesh) rashi! The 1st degree of Aries sign is highly karmic and it shows definite intense past life karma with any planet in it! The Sun and Mars in this degree are highly active, aggressive, forthright & action-prove. Success in career & wealth is guaranteed regardless of their humble beginning. The folks born on this date are obviously very positive and have a childlike initiative. They are like fearless ram that will bump into something without much worry or fear! Even playing something like carom 13th April guy would seem innovative, imaginative, whereas the 14th April one would have decided what to do even before the striker comes to him/her -- The action will be immediate and quick! This means the souls who take birth with Sun in the 1st Navamansh of first 3.33 degrees of Aries have done enough thinking, planning etc in the past life and now they want to ACT!! 13th April Pisces detachment/spirituality/laziness is taken over action of the Aries Sun. Of course, this means they are more prone to quick / minor accidents than others. Dentist make them run for cover, they can’t imagine giving their head/mouth in someone’s hand with a complete trust – try holding a ram! J 14 b-date shows great speech, ability to coin slogans & noteworthy quotes. Example: Bharat-ratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

April 15th

The Sun is still very aggressive, forthright and action prone for sure as discussed for 14th April born folks but the 15th birth-date angle brings some harmony & a bit of a deceiving lazy approach to their personality. The desire to outperform, take action, be aggressive is very much there with a sugar coating of the Venus (15 = 6) personality. They try to balance as much as possible but would not budge from their course of action. They will agree to disagree but not agree! J The date of 15 certainly shows great luck due to great past karma. Date of 15 and 24 are karmic rewards for a soul. Despite aggressive Aries, they do have artistic approach due to Venus angle and their positive attitude will certainly reflect in their work. It will be very difficult for this Sun in Ashwini nakshatra and 15 born not to have some artistic angle to the personality. The Sun in 1st 3.33 degree of Aries also shows a very strong & hardworking father.

April 16th

The Sun is still in the first navamansh of Aries and does show strong & hardworking father and career minded, aggressive, forthright personality. The desire to take family to next level of riches is certainly there. The ability to put in a lot of hard-work, continuous efforts can be easily seen. The date of 16 also adds intuitive & imaginative approach. They can spot patterns very easily in everything they see. They are highly “sensing” and “perceiving” than being purely logical or analytical. The date of 16 can make person abandon the position once the top position is reached. They can easily give up the peak as the soul wants to experiment something different. This could pave the way to next success or period of efforts, investment in new things which could bring some bitterness in them. However, the Sun in Aries Sign and Aries navamansh WILL find its way out of any situation. You can’t keep them down for long time! Mathematics & engineering comes very easily to April 14, 15 16 born folks. The sign & placement of Mars has profound impact on their life, attitude and what their soul actually wants to do!

April 17th

The brilliant Sun in the Aries Sign certainly shows a career minded, aggressive, forthright person. The overt aggression is reduced though. The fire of the Aries Sun is mated to the calculations and meticulous approach of 8 (17) i.e. Saturn. Yes, there IS a certain conflict in the personality due to Marsian Sun and the 17 Saturn. The tussles with authority/seniors is almost a given. Finances have special importance in their life. The Saturn in 17th April will always be calculative & conservative when it comes to expenses. This date shows good career as an auditor, quality assurance/control or even IPS / police services. The sector is often engineering due to Mars’s 1st rate impact on this date. These are certainly more hard-working than April 14, 15 or 16 folks. A finance degree while working in engineering sector can take them far. 17 born folks have a tendency to do something dramatic & extreme from to time so that they are remembered after they are gone. There is a deep rooted desire to make an impact and leave a great name behind!

April 18th

Fire meets Fire! The Marsian Sun meets Mars’s date 9 (18). The 18s are downright aggressive and easily angered and can have very bitter quarrels due to intense karmic links from past life. This is usually in close relatives but for the friend circle and outside folks they come across as highly positive, aggressive, ambitious and friendly. Large & dedicated friend circles are almost a given. Rather, they are born for friends and hence participate in many team sports, especially contact sports! The anger of 18 and also Aries Sun needs a VERY good channel else it comes out like steam coming out of a pressure cooker. Regular GYM is HIGHLY advisable to these folks; it makes them very positive and relaxed. 18s need to forgive & forget – very difficult for them but certainly not impossible! 18 borns do have some violet karmic history and ‘April’ 18 only adds to it. If forget & forgive is not practiced whole heartedly, then can have some accidents, long sicknesses etc. They love the engineering, sports, iron etc related sectors, and engineering mathematics also comes to them easily. Example: West Indies (Fast bowler) ‘Great’ Malcom Marshall – who broke nose of Mike Gatting, hit Andy Loyd in head and sent Vengsarkar on a stretcher more than once! Hostile bowler to say the least!

April 19th

The date of the rulers! The 19 is majestic and lucky. They are pioneers and entrepreneurs. Even in service, they run their units like their own business! Tremendous positivity and optimism is shown by this date. These folks love big bang approach (Sun) versus the step by step progress of the April 17th (Saturn) folks. They are often come up with something original which is termed as simply “brilliant”! Yes, there is some ego and false ‘show/style’ factor to them but it comes after they achieve something. Although have good dedicated friend circles, they are not especially easily approachable or most friend people around! They do have a sense purpose and awareness of the “big picture”. Mostly a successful date and depending on the past karma they hit the heights in business or their own circle. Like a King they do categorize people as their “Nava-garaha” i.e. folks with specific purpose and role In their life. They will quickly identify 2 borns for people connect/sales etc, 5 for marketing/trading, 8 for accounting etc. i.e. they build their own sphere of influence or circle which can sustain itself.

April 20th

The 0 in the birth-date shows some wisdom from past birth, mature approach towards life. 20 is not the luckiest of the dates and it does show some learnings in this life by going through some hardships. The spiritual approach can make impact of these things on psyche very less. Even though it is not the luckiest of the dates; it cannot be termed as the date of Karmic obligations for sure. Like any “2” (Moon) ruled personalities they are dreamy, innovative and friendly. People contact comes easily to them. The Aries Sun will of course show aggression from time to time and this Mars plus Moon date would indicate some very close friends. Despite their age, they will come across childish from to time. The Moon would make Mars energy put in everything day do but not very focused. Hence it is advised for them to decide top 2/3 things in life and concentrate energy on those things than only depending on the external factors or environment pulls. The surroundings, clothes, colors etc does impact them in some way. The Human Resource (HR) career is one of the best choice for this date as people connect is their second nature. Strong Moon in the horoscope would take them to creative fields and strong Mars will make them go to field of sports or engineering.


  1. Milind Ji, Please post description of just plain numbers ( not specific to month)as well, also something on life path number significance and karmic debt numbers...when you get time.


  2. dear milind sir,

    What a superb article... :)

    I am 16th April, resembles very closely to what u have said...

    Heartiest thanx to you...for keeping the Birthday series on...

    GOD bless you & family always with lots of knowledge, happiness, strength & bliss with many more articles to come...


  3. Did you know that Apr 20 is the b'date of Hitler? Wonder how the above article would fit his profile?

    - Shilpa

    1. I think Apr 20 characteristics are broadly suited to Hitler n specific in depth need to be seen from kundli only-Ram

  4. Can ANY Astrology article suit HITLER ?? :) :) He has Sun Mars and 2 more planets in ARIES Sign and that too in the 7th house which is house of long term wars making Kendra yog with SHANI in the 10th house -- struggle and fights against authorities. Once Shani moved away from his MESH rashi planets -- he became stronger and when Shani wentr over Shani -- his fall it put drushti on those 4 planets in Aries Sign. Parvez Mushraff got humiliated in Kargil when Shani went over his Mangal in 10th house in Mesh rashi from April 1998 to Dec2000.

    You cannot target one date for 1 personality. Similarly you cannot explain HITLER by his TULA lagna and also sentimental KIRK rashi...!!

  5. Also in personal life HITLER could be a dreamer -- else who would want to rule a world -- the idea seems rediculous to sya the least -- What does ruling the World mean??? :) :)

    Also, he might be sentimental etc due to Kirk rashi Moon and Shani -- who knows his personal life and temparament in person life.


    1. Milindji

      This is for sure as he was on the top of germany and other friend nation that mass support would not have came

      He must be sentimental otherwise he would not had married before committing sucide...


    2. @ milind--- I think a lotta politicians have tula lagna coz yogakarak saturn is temporal benefic ... also dealmaker capabilities...
      I dont think he was sentimental coz moon conjunct ketu and L6,L3 guru sitting all together...hamdardi se kaafi door tha i think... :)


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Milind Sir, I am waiting for 23rd April, which is mine. And as a matter of fact, I share my birthday with Sir William Shakespeare. :)
    Eagerly waiting.
    Thank You.

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