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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mars/Mangal in the 5th house of a Horoscope

What I have observed over the years that Mangal or Mars draws a lot of attention from non-Astro folks. So I thought of writing down a quick article about Mars’ effects in all the 12 houses. I will try to cover in a very objective manner keeping side my creativity (whatever little) aside.

A Horoscope is called as “Manglik” if Mangal is placed in one of 1, 4, 7, 8, 12 houses; i.e. 5 out 12 people in this world are Manglik (aprx 42%). It indicates that it is not a big deal then? There are various varieties of Mangal coined by Astrologers: Kadak Mangal, Soumya Mangal etc! J Mangal with a Soumya planet like Moon or Venus is usually treated as Soumya. Or Mangal in Guru’s drushti is called Soumya. Even the one with Shani’s drushti is considered Soumya! So basically --- All Manglik varieties are Soumya?! J More on that later.

Mars is the governor of: Blood, Siblings, sports, land, vehicles, speed, aggression, adrenaline, south direction

Mars in the 5th house (Dharma Trikon, Tactical Success, DREAMS, Sports, Achievements, Budhdhi-sthan, Kids/Santati)

The 5th house is part of the Dharma (Duty/responsibilities) trikon. It shows responsibilities in life, tactical success, sports, Budhdhi-sthan (intelligence, studies etc) and most importantly it also shows your Kids (santati-sthan). I have explained the 5th house Tactics, 9th house Strategy and 12th house Vision in my article on Moon-Sun Relationships in a person’s horoscope. Do check it out using search feature. The 5th house shows GO-GETTER approach. In IT terms it shows a development project with specific goals and objectives to be achieved in specific duration! The 6th house shows “Production Support-Maintenance” etc. The 5th house planets make person masters of ACT and EXECUTE and less on strategize /planning.

The Mars or Sun in the 5th house shows stronger/longer upper phalanx of the thumb (execution/force/action) than the middle phalanx which shows planning, logic, and strategy! (The lower phalanx is nothing but Venus mount!)

This is a GREAT Mars position for success in sports and sports related actions. Most of the sports captains (responsible) are born with 5th house Mangal or 9th house Mangal – more in 5th house as SPORTS is about ACTING & EXECUTION. Imran Khan Mars in 5th house in 1st Degree of Sagittarius in Moola nakshatra shows INTENSE SPORTS, siblings and Mom & kids related Karma!!! Blood for Mom (as 4th owner) and 1st kid could show some issues as 1st degree of Moola does show some blood related issues. Sunil Gavaskar has 5th house Mangal in Vrishabh rashi in Mangal’s Nakshatra and so does MS Dhoni! MARS is SPORTS and hence sports related achievements, responsibilities are shown very well in this position of Mars. One of Bela’s friend has 5th house Mars in Kumbh, is 27th born and Aries Sun also – She can be seen completing some long cycling runs or even some 20+ KM marathon etc! J (Her Husband has the 4th house Mangal in a STRONG for Mars house!)

This Mars could obstruct primary education as ability to focus or concentrate is a bit lesser unless this Mars is in Mithun, Tula or Kumbh rashi (AIR Signs) but still from time to time, sports activities or plain simple outgoing nature and “Dhamal” with friends would affects their academics for sure. The education after 12th standard could be ok as they life engineering or mathematics later in the life. So their later life education when Mars’s effect is lesser is much better and focused.

The 1st kid could show early stomach, digestion or some health issues which later on become ok. This Mars has direct impact on the kids both good & bad. Kids are treated as friends and are themselves quite aggressive and straightforward.

A badly placed Mangal would shows blood or some other issues with younger siblings and also kids and also the relative denoted by the house owned by Mars in the horoscope (For Imran Khan it is his Mom and also grand-kids). The badly placed Mangal would also shows some issues with lands, vehicles and some accidents from time to time.

Sachin’s birth time is shown as noon/1 pm etc with Kirk lagna on the net but I am very sure that it is 5th house Mangal and hence Kanya lagna – else he would have played like Kapil Dev (7th house Mangal) for his own pleasure and not with the GREAT responsibility he plays with. All his life he played with great responsibility and tension without enjoying the game as much as Sir Viv Richards or Kapil Dev. This shows a 5th house Mars - Yes it is a GOGETTER mars and WILL get involved with fights and TACTICS etc unlike 9th house strategic Mangal of Rahul Dravid. The 5th house Mangal and Meen Budh has affected his academics anyways – Thanks God for that! J Sachin’s Mars has done neechbhang of his Guru also. His childlike innocence is for sure from his Meen Budh and Aries Sun.


  1. Sir,
    you not mentioned mars in kanya rashi, how it will affet a person life
    for more details: Mars & shani together in kanya rashi as fifth house (vrishabha lagna, kumbha rashi. Budha placed in 9 th house makara rashi with Shukra.

    could please tell me about this
    Thank you

  2. Hi Milindji,

    My mars is in capricorn and is exalted as per astrology ? is it good or bad ? please can u explain


  3. I have mangal with rahu in kark rashi in third it good or bad?please explain.


  4. Milind,

    Sorry for posting this again.

    need your guidance for my nephew ( my sister's son ). His father is an irresponsible person and also a very big cheater-especially with money matters- to everybody around him including his own in-laws.

    That boy is taken care by his maternal family. He is very shy . but he is very talented. Be it is drawing,painting ,electrical work or anything you name it.

    But he has no proper direction to go ahead- Now he is in 7th standard. Can you please look at his kundali and tell me which field/study is good for him ?

    We are worried about his future and he shouldn't be influenced by his father's bad behavior in any way!!

    His details are as follows :

    Meen lagna (18.13 degree),

    Second house : Guru (4.56 degree) and shani
    (20.15 degree)

    Fifth house : Rahu (14.39 degree) and Chandra (26.39 degree)

    Sixth house : Venus (28:15 degree)

    eighth house : Sun (14.44 degree)

    9th house : Mercury (7.01 degree)

    10th house : Mars (17.25)

    11th house : Ketu (14.39 degree)

    < I just had a look and his kundali has chandra-rahu yuti and gaja kesari yoga > This i realised after reading your articles ! But don't know how they all effect in total here :)


  5. Sir,

    You mentioned Mars in the 5th house. Shouldnt Jupiter in the 5th house result in a go-getter attitude too?

    Arent 3rd and 6th house more important for success in sports? Afterall, isnt sports more about remaining fit and also defeating adversaries - qualities depicted by the 3rd and 6th houses?

    What would you make out of Mars in the 11th house with Moon? Is that chandra-mangal yoga? Is it beneficial to sports?

  6. I have mesh lagna + rahu in mesh, mangal+harshal in 5th house, guru in 4th, sun+moon+ven in 6th, Mer+ke+ne in 7th, shani in 12th

    I have minimal interest as well as progress in sports. how does it fit into logic?

  7. Hi Milind,
    I have Mars in 5H virgo, I do like sports and sports events though I am less active at playing.
    I had read horrific articles about Mars destroying 5H of children, but your article does not say much about mars causing sick or children with disabilities or childless issues.


  8. Hello Milind ji,

    Pisces lagan and Mars is debilitated in 5th house aspected by sun and Venus from 11th house, I think I have neechbhanga but not sure if I have a strong 5th house, please advice.

    Thanks Milind ji

  9. Why would Mars be horrific in 5th house? Has Sunil Gavaskar's Son has done badly? Is Arjun Tendulkar not doing good and Sachin's younger daughter (Sasha?) is also doing good.

    Any planets BADLY placed in 5th house could cause those issues. A well placed Mars would give a very youtful and energetic kids. Also GURU the KARAK of Kids is SINGLEMOST IMPORTANT Aspect when you think about Kids.


    1. Sarah. She is older, Arjun is the younger sibling. We don't know how both of them are doing.
      I would say, Rohan Gavaskar has been a failure.

  10. [1] ]Hari --
    Mars in Virgo in 5th still gives interest in sports but its attitude woudl be analytical and "to serve" the sports activities or the captain or the team. Mars in Virgo could be counted to do something exactly the same over and over again with dependability -- Just like ANIL KUMBALE'S BOWLING...!! :)

    [2] Anonumous: Mesh lagna -- Mars in 5th house
    Try playing sports and you will surprise yourself. The owner of the 5th house is not supporting EXTROVERT nature of the Mars here - it is in service sector house so Mangal's effect woudl be seen in engineering service sector. However whenevr you play you will not be consdiered as a novice...respectable ability in sports. Also Surya in 6th house makes one quite competitive actually! In Virgo analytical but fiercely competitive.

    [3] Anonymous:
    YES 1st and 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th houses are very natural for sports. When Mars in 5th and Mars' rashiswami in 3, 7, 9, 11 or 1st -0- would add to the effect.


  11. Hi
    I have shani and guru placed in 5 th house what is effect of these

  12. milind, my son has 5th house mars (retrograde) in cancer, debilitated. guru in aquarius in 12th house. is that good/bad for sports and in general?

  13. Anonymous daughter has chandra rashi,mithun lagna
    in 4th ravi,budh & sukra,fifth house mangal & rahu,6th guru,7th neptune,9th sani
    What will be effect of mangal here?

  14. Dear Milind,
    Hello. 5th house Mars is probably tricky..I guess?! I have exalted Mars with 'Neechbhang' Guru in 5th house & of course Kanya lagna. Though I was good sportsman at local level, I did extremely better in studies compared to sports & am still considered good in academics. Some other factors might be responsible for this.

    Yes..5th house Mars..some health problem to 1st born child which eventually goes off..Me and wife both have 5th house exalted mars..both very good in studies..not so good in sports..1st born child - some health problem..both children outspoken..energetic..

    Thanks for another good article


  15. > Mesh lagna -- Mars in 5th house

    well I am highly competitive, sometimes even where not required (HA Ha).. Would take your advise and come back with the results..

    I am in Engineering service sector. Was pulled miraculously into service sector by about 28-30 ish from field Engineering.. quite frequently, I can see things (in documentations & drawings) which can develop into big issues, in a flash, much ahead of others.. maybe it is because of Mar+Harshal here..

  16. hello milind sir....sir plz im posting u my details again and again...plz tell me about my career im upset bcoz of my unemployment since 2008..m preparing 4r govt job bt still unsuccessful..plz guide me sir..i mailed u once also and posted msgs many times. my dob is 16-05-1985, delhi, 5.55pm......plzz sir is bar btado

  17. hello milind sir....sir plz im posting u my details again and again...plz tell me about my career im upset bcoz of my unemployment since 2008..m preparing 4r govt job bt still unsuccessful..plz guide me sir..i mailed u once also and posted msgs many times. my dob is 16-05-1985, delhi, 5.55pm......plzz sir is bar btado

  18. Hi Milind sir, I am worried as twice my wedding got fixed & twice it broke. My parents are really very much worried about it. please tell me if i have to do any remedy my DOB is 23rd nov 88 13.12 hrs Sri Ganganagar Rajasthan

  19. Dear sir,

    I feel the MARS in 5 th house has very strong effect on marital relations. What happens if both wife and husband has mars in 5 th house? Pls look into these two horscopes.

    husb: 03.12.1977, 13.46 hrs , 18-93N, 84-59 E.

    WIFE: 21.08.1988, 12.00 hrs , visakhapatnam (ap)

  20. Hi,

    Pisces lagan and Mars (at 0106 dg) is debilitated in 5th house of cancer. How bad is it?

  21. Hi Milind,
    My daughter has pisces lagna and mars debilitated at 25 degrees cancer in 5th house. What does this mean for her 5th house related matters - children, creativity, intelligence, sports?
    She is a very energetic, active and alert child.

  22. sir my husband fights a a lot hes has mangal in 5th and is vry irritating person he doesnt have good behaviour,whats the remedy for this

  23. Hi ,
    pls find my daughter's details . Pls let me know 02 - mar - 1982 , 11: 20 AM , Hassan - karnataka .. where is the mangal placed and tell her horoscope is good for marriage ?

  24. pls reply the above details to .. plsss

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  26. Guru , rahu , mangal and shani in 5th house of my kundli and ketu and budh in 11th house. Kindly tell how it will be for my life

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