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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mars in the 6th house of a Horoscope


  1. Dear Milind,

    a. can u add the google login on your new site, instead of FB?
    b. My son has sixth mangal in meen with multiple planets i.e. surya,shani, budh and ketu. He is tula lagna, kanya rashi (12th house moon , rahu)with mangal as lord of navamsa lagna (aries) in 7th navamsa (libra)with guru.
    what profession is good for him? he is undecided as of now.

  2. milindji - i also had a comment about comments section. can you please change it so that those with fb can leave fb comments and those without fb can leave plain comments like on this site? rgds

  3. Dear Milind,
    Here I go again, the same question. On a generic level: what happens when mars is debilitated, in any house? does it still carry the karakatva, maybe at a weaker level? or it completely loses its strength? To be specific: my son has fifth house mars in cancer. Does that make the sports ability lost?

  4. Hi Milind,

    Want to share an interesting co-incidence of mine which is exactly as per ur prediction.

    Iam a kanya rashi and chitra nakshatra guy.

    Like all others i worked really hard from last april till now...Tried and wrote 2 times GRE, TOEFL...etc etc..worked really hard for these exams..but nothing really worked BAD..

    Then from this jan-2012...iam trying hard for jobs...almost attended 5-6 interviews..prepared myself really hard for interviews...but till now did not get offer.

    Then today...some ideas stuck my mind..and thought of seeing if my time(rashi and nakshatra were inauspicious) as no sign of success till now...

    Then read ur article on kanya rashi and guru badal on net...i must say ur prediction matched 100% in mycase...u said 8th (hard work) testing period...that one happened....then u said..after start of 9th guru...will take way from home..that too happened...parents went out of country for some reason...

    Except 9th guru giving great success...all other predictions are exact...Hoping to see that one also be true in future...Dont know why this is not still coming, despite of hard efforts...??? Any logical/astrological explanations..???

    Anyway ur logic/analytical ability (As a u r ENGG back ground) and astrological knowledge is a deadly combination...write more and more articles and help people with their queries...Long live...Milind !!!!


  5. Sarvesh:

    Javed Miandad had Mars in the Kirk rashi 1st degree -- Vargottam and even Michael JOrdan has Mangal Ketu yuti in the 1st house in Cancer! :) You know how great hard workers these folks were and always trying to score (CHAR rashi -- always hard-work!) So yes Blood quality, flow of the bood in self and next sibling could be an issue but 5th house it too good a house for Mars as far as sports is considered. If lagensh is in synch with this Mars sports ability will be GREAT to say the least (Navapancham lf lagnesh/L1 or Guru to the 4th house Mars can make wonders).

    ANY planet in CHAR rashi keeps person very busy. That is why CHAR/moving rashi are called BALAWAN by Sanskrit Granth(s). Neech planet in a CHAR rashi is not as powerful as the same planet in uchcha rashi (again CHAR) but it gives as much MONEY as the uchcha rashi and also as much activity -- just that health wise it could show some deficiency.

    Miandad was Moon sign Vrishchik so this Mangal was 9th to his Moon. (Strategic liek Dravid).


  6. CHAR rashi are VERY Hungry and ambitious!! I have an article on CHAR rashis I guess on this blog. So most of your questions could be answered by that article.

    Mangal in 6th house in Kirk woudl show some blood relate deficiency and also some digestion issues.

  7. DEEPAK:
    6th house so many planets in Meen -- Ankle/feet need to take care of. Very strong but shows overuse of them. Good quality footwear is a MUST.

    Service sector for sure and Nakshatra of those planets and m,more importantly Navamansh rashi of those planet BUT more so of GURU would decide teh service sector for him. In Mangal'sNavamansh - Engineering -- in Shani's and Budh's Banking/finance/economics or language etc.

    yes Google, yahoo etc etc ids can post there! WIll also allow anonymous now -- let us see -- if folks abuse it then will need to remove it.


    1. Dear Milind,
      Both Guru Mars are together in Venus Navamsha(libra), Rashi tenth lord is moon in twelth kanya)and moon is in shanis Navamsha(makar) and is placed in tenth house in navamsha. Nakshatra of Guru in PurvaShadha, Moon is Uttarphalguni and mangal is UttarBhadrapad.


  8. Milind, Should the house be calculated from the moon or lagna. I'm a kanya rashi with vrishabh lagna. I have mars in the 6th house from lagna with ketu in the same house.
    Like you said,I have always been good in contact sports.

  9. Having moon-shani yuti in 8th house - Is that a reason to get weird/ unconnected sequence of actions in my dreams in the night ? Also I don't get sound sleep. I have started chanting hanuman chalisa before sleep -as you suggested in your blog. Still no luck :(

  10. Hi Milind,

    How is it corelated.?

    Iam a kanya rashi,chitra star,dhanu lagna.

    with following details...

    10th house -> sun,moon,ketu
    11th house -> mercury,venus,pluto
    12th house -> saturn,uranus(scorpio)
    3rd house -> jupiter (aquarius)
    4th house -> rahu
    2nd house -> Mars(capricorn)

    I have a weird horoscope...3 planets each in same 10th house...and again 3 planets in same 11th house...No planets at all in 5th,6th,7th 8th,9th,1st house :) :)

    Does it show any specific karmic burden if mnay planets in same it even good ?

    My mind changes very quickly at times...iam sad...very next moment i will be cheerful...Deep thinker...easily subdued/motivated by others...which i want to avoid

    Can u explain does these planets indicate these things...right now suffering like all kanya rashi people.


  11. millind ji

    pls tell about brishik lagna with sun Jupiter Uranus venus and mercury in 1st house .... but my lagna lord mars place in my 3rd house
    can u xplain my lagna with many planet .what will be the roll play of venus n jupiter of this horoscope ........plssss tell me




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  13. Hi Milind

    I have emailed you regarding job. Kind of urgent. Can u pls let me know if good or bad to take the step?


  14. Hi Milind,

    Please reple for the above query.


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