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Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Article and 1.5 Million hits on the Blog!

Hi All,

Thanks for making the blog a hit - it has now 1.5 Million+ hits!! The Site also has very good traffic and it is increasing every day!

New Article: 

Thanks again and have a great week ahead!!
~Milind (


  1. Milind Ji...I was about to ask you this to do Hanuman Sadhana when you had answered someone that it is more than just reading/chanting hanuman chalisa.

    Thank You so much,

  2. Hi Milind,
    Congrats and keep going strong buddy

    Amit Jain

  3. Hi Milind,

    I will try as i have some fearful thoughts coming in my mind now and then.

    If a native doesnt have any planets in 9th house then, how to check 9th house prospects...i have sun (lord of 9th house) in 10...Any other planets to check for career ?


  4. Hi Milind,

    I have sent you 3-4 mails before...I didnt get any response...seems you are too busy.

    Could you please kindly look into my mail this time atleast with subject line "Vijay-Humble request"...I have sent just now.


  5. Congrats, you deserved it.Keep going strong !

  6. congratulations, milind, and best wishes for many more hits.

  7. Congrats, millind ji

    1st house with jupiter venus .sun .mercury. uranus .Vrishick lagna and my lagna lord mangal place in 3h but moon n rahu place in 8H and 12th sani.......what will be effect 8th house moon rahu and 12h sani in this horoscope ......mercury mahadasa is going on......pls ans



  8. Hello Milindji,

    Same situation as of planets in 9th house (No luck ??????)

    I have dhanu lagna,kanya rashi...I think my lagna lord is powerless :):)

    Lord of 9th house (sun) in 10th place.
    Lord of 10th house (mercury) in 11th place.
    lord of 11th house(venus) in 11th place.
    Lord of 2nd and 3rd house(Deadly shani) in 12th place.

    Is it good career wise ? As iam struggling for career right now...

    Have jupiter in 3rd house in Kumbha(retro)....started guru mahadasha...and guru antar....How will the career be now ? Worked hard in 8th guru..9th guru is not doing any good....Is guru weak in my horoscope....I never felt any good benefits of guru (weak/less effective)?

    But Shani maharaj has taught some good leesons :):):):)


  9. [1] Dharmesh:
    If no planet in the 10th hosue then you need to check drishti on the 10th house and the owner of the 10th house and MOST importantly you need to check the KAARAK of the thing you are looking for. The 9th house is about travel, broad mind (professor/PhD like viewpoint of a subject) -- In your case L9 in 10 is great for sure -- Also Surya in 10th itself is a wonderful stuff. For you career is directly dependent on Surya & Budh (L10). Sept2009 to Nov2011 were tough as Shani went over Surya (unless you are Vrishchik rashi where Shani 11th was good). But now you will get icreasing support from seniors, increaing sphere if influence by May2013 for sure regardless of your Moon sign.

    [2] VIJAY -- Will check buddy

    [3] Sarvesh Amit --- Thanks!!

    [4] Priya:
    Mithun rashi? How close are Moon Rahu? Mangal in uchcha in 3rd shows good blood quality and also good friends and siblings. Mangal Shani both drushti on 6th house stomach issues and also some Mama Mousi health issue. Despite 12th Guru to Moon now you will have a GREAT FEEL good as Guru will be aspecting your 1st house multiple planets. Shani uchcha in 12th shows karmic links that are abroad 9/12 hours away from natice place. This Shani is IMP as it is owner of Mangal's rashi -- which is owner of sign with multiple planets! A good horoscope overall. Mom could have some lung or arms related issues.

    Vrishchik lagna in last 3 degree or planets in the last 3 degree of Vrishchik rashi need special attention -- can't comment as I don't know here.

    [5] ANAND (Same situation)
    This Horoscope is about CAREER AND CAREER Only as so many planets in the Udit-GOlardh i.e. visible hemesphere! This horoscope shows abroad stay quite a bit and also possible immigration. Especially, in Guru mahadasha now travels could happen or actually some ling term travel could happen (1 only as Guru in sthir rashi -- does not like to many travels / changes) :) The career will now only go UP due to Guru aspecting your multiple planegts in next 3 years for sure.


  10. Hi Milind,
    I send u 2 mails & details on ur new site also. Pl. reply. It is urgent & veryyyy imp.

    Ravindra Joshi

  11. Milind Ji....I know I have been asking the sam ething again and again But pls let me I want to be careful in taling decision from now onwards.....I would like to earning aspect from my horoscope and what suits or job option..? is thsi a good tiem for me to get a job..?

  12. Hi Milindji
    Waiting for your reply to your email, last sent last week from email id:

    Any comments are appreciated.


  13. Milindji this is Namrata begging you to respond to my query submitted on your website twice. I have lost a lot of confidence in my ability will this ever change?
    Please advise. Dob aug 13, 1978 at 5:30 pm in Calcutta. Career issues just not getting resolved work with mean people.

  14. HI Milind,

    Thanks for reply Milind..... !!!

    Iam tring to read navamsa shows sun as ascendant in to trace other planet positions ?...I calculated based on lagna that is taking sun(gemini) as 1st house...and counting from there with respective it correct ?


    sun (ASC) - 1st house - gemini
    mon (3rd house) - leo
    ketu (4th house) - virgo
    saturn (5th house) - libra---exalted ??
    mercuty (7th house) - sag
    mars (9th) - aquarius
    rahu (10th) - pisecs
    jupiter (11th) - aries
    venus (12th) - taurus

    Rasi chart

    dhanu lagna,kanya rashi.

    2nd house mars - capricorn
    3rd jupiter (aquarius)(retro)
    4th - rahu (meena)
    10th house- sun,ketu,moon (kanya)
    12th - shani.(scorpio)

    Tried to read Dasamsa...did not understand :):)

    Is Navmsa chart contradicting/nullifying any good effects from main chart ? Is is it good from career point ?


  15. Hi Namrata:
    (1) Horoscope shows intecast love marriage or an affair which becomes marriage etc -- not sure if this is true for you. Some skin issues possible -- skin-birth mark on either stomach or legs possible.
    (2) July2007 to Nov2011 was VERY VERY tough for you.
    (3) Actually now Sadesati period will be MUCH better for you as there are no planets behind and after Moon -- except Uranus and Neptune! This is good for you teh Shani change from Nov2011 which menas despite sadesati (like me) most of the planets are now ledt alone by Shani Maharaj! :)
    (4) Your Mahadasha of Shukra is very good materialistically and you shoudl use DIAMOND for sure. Shukra is with Mangal and its owner Budh is wakri in 8th hosue with Shani WHich means Shukra is TROUBLED ...! This diamond will give you some feel good for sure.
    (5) You have a very good LOGIC and temparament so do not get bogged down -- 7th Guru to Vrishchik will help you a LOT as Now Guru will not only be 7th to Moon but also drushti on Shukra Mangal Rahu and in LABH sthan of Surya rashi also !!! So a LOT OF things will be settled by May2013 for you!

  16. Milind Ji please answer to my query ....Thanks a lot..Best Rgds

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. @ Milind... :D
    COngratulations... im happy for u bro!


  19. Milindji thank you so much for responding I appreciate that. You are right I did have an inter-caste marriage and I am blessed to have a life partner like him.
    Yes the past five years have been very tough I am wearing a diamond in white gold on the left middle finger. I am so relieved to know things will get better in the next few months. I have had many blows to my confidence in the past few days and in the process lost what would have been my dream job. Do you see a job change in the next few months I truly want to work in a place with a good environment. Thanks again, Namrata

  20. Hi Sir,
    CONGRATS on 1.5 million hits!


  21. Dear Milind,

    can u reply to my query pls. for con. i am again forwarding herewith:
    my birth date is 10th Novm 1981, birthday time is 14.15, could u analyse my chart,

    i feel that my life is non-progressive, its been more than 7-8 years of my job, but no money, no satisfaction, no gud opportuity, no recognistion i had. its always tension & no recognisition as far as money or reptation is concern. Even if something gud suppose to be happen, last minute everything is ruin.
    can u please tell me when this will change & i get new job with gud location & money.
    Its not only the professional life also, my married life is also no gud. it always had trouble in last 5 years of my marriage.
    can u suggest any remedy, should i use any stone ? will it help ? wht should i do ? because of all the tensions, many time i get depress,

    please reply

  22. Sir......pls let me knw abt my marriage,as i am 31 yrs and 8 months old.....and still not married.
    Career wise i was struggling from past 1 and half yrs....but somehow get a job now but not of my taste.
    I request you to ve a glance on my horo......and guide me abt my marriage and career.
    Birth place.......ambala(haryana)
    Birth time..........09:35am
    Sir....i send you countless mails...but not as lucky coz u didnt revert towards my query.
    Pls milind ji.....if possible for u then pls revert.

    Warm rgds

  23. Congrats milind bhai!! Ur hard work is being paid...keep it going ...had a doubt ...i had read about your article on hanuman sadana in this blog sonetime last year...but also found same ditto in another website !! Check last para

    Is this copied from ur blog or r you involved in that website too!


    1. Well, many articles in there have been copied from Milind's blogs. I had seen this earlier too, but did not point out since there is no way blogspot can be copyrighted (can it?). But astromnc can!

    2. oh ic....many websites must be doing the same !! at least they can edit and put their own analysis....hmm...too lazy so...resorts to copy


  24. Hi Milind:

    Just a friendly reminder....
    Hope you find time to answer my e-mail, Waiting patiently
    Thanks in advance!


  25. Dear Milind,

    Just wanted to inform you: My wife, who has kanya raashi, has had a tough time in the sadesati and the 8th guru. but, come 9th guru, there has been significant progress already in her career, with a couple of important developments in the last two weeks or so. The progress also comes in something of her liking. Jay Guru Maharaj! :)
    Thanks for all the encouragement you gave all this while.

    1. COngrats on ur wife's success....
      I second u on the kanya rashi 9th guru forecast by milind...

      9th guru got me 3 job offers yesterday and it left my supervisor awestruck... he was the one who told me that this particular district is hard to get into n hella picky bla bla to put me down....infact one of the school offers left him speechless coz its a top notch school to teach in...
      i guess kanya rashi has more good times to come...Waheguru mehr kare...


    2. Thanks Sahiwal, and heartiest congrats to you too. 3 job offers in a day is incredible. All the best. Well, you don't need good wishes now, for the next three years at least. :)

    3. thank u... i definitely needed this coz my self confidence since 2008 has been ZERO.. it took me good 3 hrs to believe it myself... i heard my voice mail precisely 8 times to believe that ive been recommended by an anonymous person...i still think its a fluke or a mistake but oh well...i need the lil extra money to pay my loans n the fresh start to believe in myself :)

    4. Congrates..Sahiwal
      & good wishes for that anonymous person


    5. thx :) ya i shd thank the recommender as well...although for some odd reason im niether happy nor sad bout things on my career front... i had a complete career change from graduate school in dentistry to education industry....
      it is now that i truly believe in destiny.... my ketu in sixth house will never let my private medical practice to flourish and my 10 navamsha is governed by guru-- education...i never imagined being a teacher..they say that sometimes the most hazardous/sorrowful twists in identity/career r good for the spirit in long term... :) hopefully i find my happy spot n not experience a detour again :)

    6. u r true sis....all the best !

    7. hey congrats sahiwal...i forgot that in above mesg :)
      I am also crossing my fingers hoping something good for my husband kanya rasi....suffering enough for last 5 yrs...and 2011 won the best suffering award !! :)

  26. Milindji,
    I have sent you requests before with no response, I believe you are too busy to respond to everyone.
    A humble request again, please look into my chart,
    4th September 1971, 3:43 am, Delhi
    I have been suffering a lot under my shani mahadasha since 2009, can I expect to get some relief with the Jupiter and shani transits this year?


  27. congratulations.

  28. Hi Milind,

    just reminding you, i send u a mail from email id

    please check the mail n let me know plz


  29. dear Milindji,

    how could i contact you with the details? can i post it here. or is there any email id to sent?
    please reply me.

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