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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Random Thoughts 11

It has been some time I wrote a Random Thoughts Article:


  1. Milind...

    right now venus is retrograde in taurus...and I think around end of june it become direct until july 31st... so say it crosses a planet in retro and vaapis usi jagah direct motion mein bhi jaye, so will it then fix the problems back jo kutch retro mein nuksaan hua?

    1. Sahiwal

      I hope Milindji answer's yes to this
      as Mars + Satrun Retro in feb has done unbearable damage

      Its been month that mars got direct but nothing solving out; rather I am trying to learn to get used to with such situation

      How was your interview..?


    2. Hina--
      Mars saturn retro can b a bummer :(
      But u gotta FINISH STRONG girl.......
      the other day i was reading something bout how if u mold ur thought process- like u r detached from ur body n surroundings n u think of ur self as a spirit with a little span left to go, the suffering gets easier.. or the sufferin itself doesnt matter.... more like JO HONA HAI, HONE de... what doesnt kill u makes u stronger :D
      p.s. i tried to embrace the thot process for a week until venus went retrograde n BAM im the crankiest person ever--- like someone is stepping on my value system and beliefs..( may b venus is not solely responsible lol)

      Interview went ok... fingers crossed... :)

  2. Hi Milind.
    How r u???
    First of all thanks for sharing Sai Baba's article..loved it and now I cant wait to visit Shirdi as I haven't been there for last 5 years.

    Milind, I am Virgo with Uttara nakshatra and mithun 9th guru has started. I was very +ve that I will clear my IELTS test after 17th may and will apply for my PR. However, don't know for some reason I have become so lethargic and restless.couldn't concentrate on studies and I have my exam on 26th..and also taking off from work ...PLEASE..If time permits, can you please suggest me what should I do?? any remedy???
    Thanks for all your articles..
    God Bless

  3. Hi Milind

    Just an FYI:
    Per your suggestion I've sent you an e-mail to your g-mail account with the subject:AKS


  4. Milindji

    What to do when Jupiter is retro
    Its in 5th house, moola Nakshtra 11 degree
    satrun is watching from 3rd house

    I request you
    please write something about Intense Nakshtras
    as per your convince only


  5. Sahiwal:

    Yes in theory! But how do you "assign" things that have gone wrong to Mahadasha Antardasha Bhukti, Gochatr Shani bhraman or Mangal bhrmaan or Rahumhraman or Shukra mhraman??! :) i.e. Maha Anatradasha Bhukti could deliover irreversible issues (some of them for sure) which gochar can't correct fully! So yes to your question but I am not sure how useful it would be assign blame to one planet -- it is easier to do that to Shani and Mangal and more so to Shani for sure.

    Shani bhraman 11th gave me money but it aspected 6 planets in my horoscope and made a mess out of my robust health! Some long term desease has come to me which has no solution -- Shani's travel after 30 years repeats events quite a bit and I guess the one I have IS in main horoscope as a destiny etc and it was delivered in Shani & Budh antardasha along with Shani bhraman. This damage is irreversible.


    1. @ Milind--
      Thank u!!!
      i do c ur point.... saturn is very powerful in transit even when not mahadasha lord too...I add the nodes to his category as well... ive seen people going insanely acting with nodal contacts touching their natal chart issues by transit....
      although i still feel that the period till july is imp in terms of venus retro...retrograde venus will conjunct sun on june 6th (if im not wrong) and then jupiter ketu yuti in taurus too in june end...people loadsa taurus planets will have loadsa changes in all things venusian....

      Although I wonder if its true that venus retrograde means karmic encounters with old frs/lovers-- like spring cleaning...
      I had an old fr come up to me after more than an year to tell me how i cut off from her coz of wrong reasons ( which is not true.... my rahu saturn dasha with sadesati has made me a happy loner )..This made me think...."WAIT WAT huh?-- i wasnt thinking bout that!"

      Thank u

    2. Milindji

      I ignored this point and took all the blame, the Maha & Antar dasa stuff


    3. Mr Milind Ji,
      I was Born in 25-June-1983 Time- 01:05 PM in Chennai, am worried lot about my career. Please predict my horoscope regarding career and finance condition.

  6. PRITI:

    Do Hanuman Sadhana and sanskrit Ram Raksha 3 times a day and check the results!!

    Yashaswi Bhav!!!!

  7. Hinda:
    This shows some issues with kids and more so with legs but navamansh also woudl indicate the area of issue. 5th house Guru does show good kids even if delayed due to Shani drushti but depend how acute or close degrees the drushti of Shani is.

    The 1st born could have initial dogestion or etc issues which are resolved and then becomes a very robust health as Guru in Dhanu IS Guru in Dhanu! :) :) Yes Wakri and Shani does show that your kid's mnagal might not be very well placed which would show some minor health issues from time to time.

    Definite Remedy is to donate as per your income to orphanages, spend time with less previledged kids. More the good karma better luck with kids.

    5th House Guru shows GREAT education and especially desciplined approach in education when in Moola! Shani drushti and Guru wakri could bring some pessimism with educaiton (long term debate about the basi USE of education etc) in the person which could cause disinterest from time to time in overall a great academci approach!


    1. Milindji

      At each full stop of above description I was clean bowled at middle stump... apart from kids as single yet (dont know why but very happy for that)

      I have some problem with legs
      elder sister has digestion related
      Through out 80% student till graduation
      in MBA lost interest during sade sati took nose dive.... yet thinking what to do with all the study... but I LOVE the most study along with sports

      will surly do the shown remedy & heartiest thanks for that

      In Navamansh guru is in 2nd house Cancer - Pushya & 6th from satrun


  8. Replies
    1. Milindji

      Your great work never makes me find any such typing error

      actually I did not noticed that and jumped on answer........LoL

      Keep up this work
      God bless...bro


  9. Hey Milind,
    Going by your points on ownership and retrograde...looks like that jupiter retrograde and debilitated in capricorn at 6th house with 6th house owner saturn in gemini in 11th house is a double whammy of kinds with respect to past karma of a certain kind...coz jupiter is retro meaning some bad past karma and then saturn not favouring the hard work...means more penance !! what would be your assessment of such a placement and what does it show is required to corrected in this life ....

    Thanks buddy
    Amit Jain

  10. Hi milind,

    Have a query:

    suppose a natural malefic planet say saturn placed in 12/8th house which is not so good...and at the same time its exalted in navamansa ? Then what will the combined effect ? More bad or effect nullified ?

    Also when a particular house is considered afflicted...if a particular house has malefic planet or some other critera also needs to be taken into consideration.

    If possible please write a article on reading navamansa chart and its effects.


  11. Milind Ji
    Per your comments in the last post, I did resend my email. Hope you do get a chance to review it.
    Shraddha and Saburi , else will awlays be my guiding words: no other choice
    Thanks a lot for your time
    And sorry that in each post I keep repeating this request


  12. Thanks Milind for your reply.
    But, if you can tell me in detail about HANUMAN SADHANA!!!! I have searched on google but found confusing..
    If u can tell me abt these, how to perform and when???? want to do these pooja perfectly :)

    Sorry for inconvenience but I am in Australia
    and really helpless and also want to get rid of this EXAM ASAP..
    Thanks once again...for ur TIME..
    God Bless!!!

    1. Put a clarified butter lamp (Ghee)
      in-front of Hanumaanji and recite HANUMAAN CHALISA, Hanumaan Astak and finally Hanumaan Aarti. Do it either early morning or late evening (after sunset). You can get Hanuman Chalisa from URL:

      It is believed that Hanumanji remains busy in doing Sir Ram's work in day time.

      All the best.

    2. Thanks a lot!!!!

  13. Hi milind.,
    How r u, I have been reading ur blog from last 6 months and it's really good.
    I am Taurus with krithika nakshtra.
    I am leaving in Australia, I completed my masters last year and looking for an IT job. I applied for few job and had some interview with recruitment agency.but when they forward my resume to client then some of them rejected. For few job I was so close, I thaught I will get the job. But didn't got it. It's so frustrating.
    Can u plz tell when would I get decent IT job.
    I already send my birth details to ur email I'd.
    Please whenever u get time reply me.
    Thanks & regards

  14. (1) Amit Jain
    This not that bad a combo if Saturn has good speed -- Rather it shows that there is income from service sector and also masses. The Navamansh of Saturn as well as Guru is VERY important as it will show which service sector money would come. YES -- This Saturn does show that Guru's Capri Hard work is directed towards service sector and NOT production sector like Capri Guru and Cpri Shani or Capri Guru and Aries Shani or Kirk Shani woudl do. Rather it shows giving service to some production sector etc. Logic is limitless and you can do a better job than me with this logic as you know your life! :) So not that bad a situation when Shani or the owner is in 11th house for sure!!!

    But yes, the houses that are owned by Guru would have lseer powesr due to this Shani and also karakatva is a bit subdued but still planet in a CHAR rashi is very powerful.

    (2) BHAVESH
    12th house and 8th hosue are completely different apart from being Moskah Trikon (spirituality) etc - They do show some karmic obilgations that you need to pay off (your soul's desire). 12th house shows karmic links with abroad folks (9/12 hours away) and also Father's siblings. Exalted in Navamansha woudl show that there is agood chance to pay back these karmic links by good deeds and providing service than say sufferings or deseases!

    (3) Aniruddha will check over weekend

    Hanuman Sadhana:
    a. Have a Hanuman purnakruti poster (as aggressive / balawaan etc as possible) it should be Dakshina-mukhi (the poster should face South).
    b. Every morning after bath, concentrate on Hanumaan poster for 3 - 5 minutes (eye to eye contact); No disturbances what so ever.
    c. Every evening when it starts to get dark, recite Hanuman stotra and Raam-Raksha (sanskrit).
    This will help in a MAGICAL way, Can't explain ALL the effects here for the lack of time BUT it IS magical.

    (5) SRI
    Sure..Will try to check whats ur email id -- guess you sent it on my gmail id?

    1. Thanks a lot sir. I am aware that you have extremely tight schedule, a lot on your plates. Please forgive me for my repeated requests: makes me feel extremely selfish.
      End of the day , I have to face my Karma, and along that path whatever comes is for my good. But still being a layman , I do get bogged down my events, and look for guidance.

      Thanks a ton

  15. dear Milindji,
    Could you please write about shani dasha and 8th house shani, thanks


  16. Hello Milindji,

    Pisces Lagna, Jupiter,Mars (debilitated), and saturn in 4th,5th, and 6th house and interestingly all of them Vakri
    I must have offended many people in my past life to get three major planets Vakri :(

    Currently Jupiter mahadasha started, I hope it gives good results.

    Saturn vakri in 6th house - good? As its placed in malefic house?


    1. Same for me also. But in 7(Shani-mangal) and 8(jupiter). Now running Shani mahadasha and sade-sati.

      @Milind - Can you please reply back to puneet and my query.

      I must have offended many people in my past life to get three major planets Vakri--- Is it true ? If YES, then what are your suggestions

  17. Having moon-shani yuti in 8th house - Is that a reason to get weird/ unconnected sequence of actions in my dreams in the night ? Also I don't get sound sleep. I have started chanting hanuman chalisa before sleep -as you suggested in your blog. Still no luck :(

  18. Thank you so much Milind. Will start from tomorrow.

  19. Hi milind,
    Yes I send mail to ur gmail ID
    My ID is Kubeersrikanth from gmail account.

  20. Anonymous: Dreams
    Yes -- that could be the reason most likely. Please check Hanuman Sadhana suggested above and you will see good results. But you also need to listen to some metal music too! :)

    Puneet ki Awaaz:
    Pisces lagna - Guru in kirk uchcha and Guru mahadasha now -- GREAT period buddy for you -- Do use Pukhraj if you can spend some money. Do not spend extravagently though -- not more than say 15/20K Rupees on this including Gold ring. Lesser money if use copper one.


  21. Hello Milindji,

    prashna on shani mangal yuti

    Have mangal in 2nd house in makar as iam dhanu lagna which is (lord of 12th house) and shani in 12th house in vrishchik (lord of 2nd house)...So is this shani mangal yuti ??

    What are the effects ? As lord of each house is sitting in other house..lord of 2nd in 12th and lord of 12th in 2nd...? Loss of wealth ?


  22. Hi Milind,
    I have requested a read of my birth chart on your website. I would sincerely appreciate it if you can take a look at it and respond. I am Kanya rashi, Tula lagna & Uttara nakshatra. I have yet to see some light at the end of the tunnel and reached a point of stagnation in every aspect of life.
    Birth details as follows:
    DOB - jan 29, 1978
    Place - Pune, Maharashtra
    Time - 1:12 am
    Please let me know. Thank you so much.

    Best Regards,

  23. Milind,
    Soon after Shani came in Tool child had health issues and had to be admitted in the hospital. By GODs grace she is fine now. Also,I had a foot fracture which is still healing (hoping it heals soon and doesnt need surgery!!) Apart from Kanya sade-sati, from Tool rashi, shani aspects my lagnesh, pachamesh, saptamesh and others(all these planets are aspected- Sun/ guru/ mangal/ venus).
    Now, when shani comes back to Tool we expect more issues to my kid and my health....or we are done ?? :((

    And, sorry to read about your health too :(( Unfortunately the "permanent" ones come as a big blow ...difficult to sink in :(

  24. Hi Milind,

    i have guru wakri in my birth chart in 3rd house in kumbha (sagitarius lagna)...Guru mahadasha has started recently....but things have become very slow...exceptionally slow...Iam also running sade saathi.

    Guru has come 9th but still very very slow effects are seen ? Will guru show some good effects now as iam seeing only shani effects(slow,delay,struggle).


  25. Hi Milind,

    Saw your numerology article. Thanks for your guidance to us all.

    I am asking the same question in a numerology:
    Sharmila: 14 march 72
    Rahul: 26 July 72, husband
    Tanishk: 14march 2008

    My sons and my birthdate sums upto 9

    What can I read from that pl..?

    Also thanks for the tip on hanuman sadhana

  26. Hi Mlind

    Again you are doing brilliant job with superb article with advice..

    you suggested HANUMAN SADHNA for people...What is HANUMAN SADHANA?

    is it differ from HANUMAN CHALISA? Lots of confusion in mind??That's why asking?

    I read in one of your comment above..

    as i got HANUMAN SADHANA is nothing Individual..
    but it is worship of Hanumaanji and recite HANUMAAN CHALISA followed by Hanumaan Astak and finally Hanumaan Aarti.

    (we know hanuman chalisa,Aarti as well as hanuman Astak)

    so all of above is in one line is called "HANUMAN SADHANA". AM i correct??

    please tell or if i were wrong than please share text of HANUMAN SADHANA.


    1. Hello,
      Milind has described the sadhana above, in his response of may 24th.

  27. Dear Milind,
    I see that you have recommended hard metal music to some people. What could be the logic behind that? Its a little unusual from a yogi.

  28. Hi Milind,
    Just wondering did u check my mail and my details.

  29. Thanks Milind for responding to the previous query...if I can continue to the discussion...

    You had mentioned that the navamsa position of Jupiter and Saturn provides specific direction on the area and action. Going by that, if in navamsa chart, Jupiter is placed in 11th house (aries) and Saturn is placed in 7th house (Saggi), what specific sector and kind of work does it signify...Just to add Jupiter is in Sharavana nakshatra in main horoscope...For context, this was regarding my previous query on jupiter retro and debilitated in 6th house (capri) and saturn in 11th house (gemini) in main horoscope...

    Lastly, since retrograde planets slow down things in a person's life....I am guessing that the mahadasha of retro debilitated jupiter in the above case would be not so happy period given the impact of 2 negatives?

    Thanks again for your response

    Amit Jain

  30. Quick comments:
    (1) Debilitated Planets - Greta for Money but not for health so mahadasha gives good career or money but some issues initially with 1 failure (being wakri)O & success in 2nd attempt

    (2) Hanuman Sadhana - Posted above and also latest article on my site also. Please check.

    (3) Metal Music: Chandra Ketu is depressing stuff -- too much of a self doubt & THANDA stuff if they are too close. Worrying nature and unnecessary self mental harassment. This requires some stimulation & energy dose. Aoart from having a bit more glucose & Sugar - -these folks need to run around and at least walk a lot to get fluids in the body running.

    Metal music gets the frustration out and gives it a channel to get the wrong thoughts out of the mind and Hanuman Sadhana makes good thoughts in right direction and more powerful (magnetize in the same direction)

    (4) ASK -- Could not respond over the weekend Will do it today.

    (5) SAMRADNEE: I think you need to be careful with accidents (good footwear, helmet etc) when Shani aspecting your Horoscope Mangal in close degrees. Don't think that the stuff should repeat as Shani woudl have enough speed when it re-enters Tula. Thanks much for the concern!! Yes they do hurt and even knowing that you would have issues in this period does not help! :) But "DAIV Kunala Chukale??" :) :)

    (6) Srini -- If Mangal Shani in 2 houses how come they can have a yuti? Yes Shani aspects Mangal which means some issues with right eye and teeth and somewhat knees (minor). This shows that you have great invetsment luck and abroad places connection for investments loans and foreign accounts/banking/ Forex department etc etc etc -- Logical connections of 2nd house of investments and 12th house of immigration!! :) You can also build the logic as you want! :) :)


    1. Hi Milindji
      Sorry to persist, with my request too.
      Hope you get a chance to check sometime this week.
      mail send from
      Subject "A sincere request: help needed for some serious issue"

      Hanuman Sadhana article is good, thanks for all the work.

      Best Regards

  31. Hi Milind,
    Did u check my email.


  32. hi milind
    Please see my horoscope...have submitted request on astromnc request consultation form on may 1st.

  33. Dear Milindji,

    i have emailed my request through your website, my husband going through sade sati, we having financial situations there is no growth in his or my career whatso ever, read about hanuman sadhana - confused at a point where you say poster should face south.. you mean we should put up the poster on North wall can you please , can you please help ( i plan to do this on behalf of my husband)

  34. helo milind sir,

    My DOB is 1st Feb 1985,6.40 PM,Bhandup mumbai.
    i read your blog from 6 months and that realy true

    Pls tell me about my carrer and wht i do for my sucess and also whwn i geting marraige.
    pls do the needful.

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    Gandmool Dosha

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