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Monday, May 21, 2012

Sai Baba: Article by my Grandfather on Sai Baba

My great grandfather lived in Shirdi in the times of Baba. His son Hon. A J Chitambar (my grandfather) Hon. G. J. Chitambar (younger brother of my grandfather) were blessed by company of Sai Baba. I guess they might not have realized at that time (being kids) how privileged they were! J Our family doesn’t like to mention this in public as this Shraddha is personal matter. But I came across the following article and couldn’t resist sharing it with you all. So posting this article at the expense of being scolded by my father and uncles!! J Hon G. J. Chitambar was true to his birth-date of 22nd August – master number “Change agent / unorthodox” who started all-girls primary school in 40s (I think) in Ahmednagar (was almost outcaste that time and had to cope with dirty politics & anger of the elites). True to his Sun & Moon sign of Leo and intense Magha nakshatra, he was highly disciplined & a fierce progressive (“Sudharnawadi”.) I guess he has Ketu with Moon Sun and in the ascendant of Leo – He was under Ketu mahadasha when he spent time with Baba. Here’s the article I found on internet a few days back. Couldn’t gather courage to post it but read it again today and almost felt an obligation to share!!


  1. millind ji

    pls tell about vrishik lagna with sun Jupiter Uranus venus and mercury in 1st house .... but my lagna lord mars place in my 3rd house
    can u xplain my lagna with many planet .what will be the role play of sun n jupiter of this horoscope ........plssss tell me




  2. WoW! Mangal in uchcha rashi that too in the 3rd house is gREAT -- where is Shani?? Very strong horoscope - Own business very good. GREAT MEMORY !!

    1. thanx millind

      vrishik lagna

      my ketu place in 2h and 8th house moon with rahu and saturn place in 12 house ...... what will be saturn role play in this horoscope and what is ur suggestion fir this horoscope ... pls tell me ...... thnx dear again



  3. Hi Milind

    Wonderful article on Sai Baba!! You certainly are very blessed Milind to be born in a family that was so close to Sai Baba. And I see now that you are gifted with this astro predicting capabilities and your generosity in helping others with your gift!!

    I am a Sai Bhakta as well. Just yesterday I found a large picture of Sai Baba, in Bhagve garb. His eyes talk to you. When you stare at the picure, and speak it feels as if he is listening to you. I've placed it on my dresser, so that every morning I wake up I look at Him first. Every time I read the Sai Satcharitra I feel there is a new message just form me!

    Thank you for sharing the letter.

    Milind I have posted my response to you on the article
    "My New Site and Mars in the 12th house of a Horoscope"
    Since I have 2 replies that are rather long I urge you to please look at the reply on that post.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Take Care..& God Bless!


  4. I have a general question regarding the relationship between Guru and Budha (mercury). As a Kanya rashi, my lord of the house is Budha. However, having read some articles, I see that Guru regards Budha as an enemy, eventhough Budha sees Guru as a neutral . My question is - Does this relationship affect how much goodness will emerge from Guru being in the 9th, 10th and 11th house for the next 3 years for Kanya rashi?

    Thank you for a wonderful website and blog !!!

  5. ASK -- Will check -- Do send an email to my gmail id and mention AKS in the email -- I will get back.

    Even if Mars comes to 9 10 11 or ANY Planet TO ANY RASHI comes 9 10 11 there is a good stuff for that person -- please check my Article on this 9 10 11 movement of ANY Planet.

    Vrishchik rashi in the past 7.5 years have been at the helm of the things -- Narendra Modi, Nitish Kumar, VilasRao, Zaheer Khan were all having 9 10 11 Shani -- right time right place. Vrishchik is Mangal sign! Similarly MESH folks were right time right place in the 90s. LK Advani, Sharad Pawar, Imran Khan folks were doing wonderful in laste 80s and early mid 90s due to 9 10 11 Shani. Mesh is Mangal's sign.

    About GURU BUDH relationship -- in the next Random thought article! :)

  6. Excellent post you have made.You are really blessed.I am born in vrishika rashi in anuradha nakshatra please tell me something more about vrishika rashi and anuradha nakshatra.I heard there yogas existing something like please tell me do i have any yogas in my rashi.

  7. Hi Milind,

    How is it corelated.?

    Iam a kanya rashi,chitra star,dhanu lagna.

    with following details...

    10th house -> sun,moon,ketu
    11th house -> mercury,venus,pluto
    12th house -> saturn,uranus(scorpio)
    3rd house -> jupiter (aquarius)
    4th house -> rahu
    2nd house -> Mars(capricorn)

    I have a weird horoscope...3 planets each in same 10th house...and again 3 planets in same 11th house...No planets at all in 5th,6th,7th 8th,9th,1st house :) :)

    Does it show any specific karmic burden if mnay planets in same it even good ?

    My mind changes very quickly at times...iam sad...very next moment i will be cheerful...Deep thinker...easily subdued/motivated by others...which i want to avoid

    Can u explain does these planets indicate these things...right now suffering like all kanya rashi people.


  8. Milindji
    Great article on Sai Baba.
    Clear cut definite goals in life, these people.
    NOt like me looking for Stars to change to have better days
    That being said, can i request you once more to please look at my email ( i also posted on your website ) originally dated Dec 29, 2011. (from

    Never before felt so down in morale. BTW this not about career/ money/ education , relations

    Thanks a lot

  9. Govind:
    Chandra Ketu does show pessimism from time to time and Deja-Vu effect (this has happeneed before) and it also shows some irregular thoughts which tend to be sensitive emotion etc. In Kanya rashi this yuti becomes too analytical and fear of even cockrogaes and unknown stuff etc. Over thinking - Manasik Wygrata is also seen with this Yog. Remedy is simple yet effective -- Hanuman Sadhana. Everry morning after bath stare/look concentra at Hanuman Poster (eye to eye) for 3 minutes and also evening Sanskrit Ram Rakasha. Also helpful is METALLICA -- Metal HARD ROCK music -- daily dose of some heavy metal music! :) This helps surprisingly!!!

    Too many planets in 10, 11, 12 show abroad stay -- strategic thinking lesser on execution, attemtion to details and also great planning ability. 3rd house adds to abroad or travel connection. Several Karmic links both good/bad with abroad folks or folks at 9/12 hours away from your native.


    Dude - Sorry about not checkinig -- might have lost it in all those emails -- Now a days not able to find SERACH in new look gmail also! :(

  10. Hi Milindji
    No problem. Sir, hats of to you for what you are doing.
    Just in case, I have sent the same message again just now.
    Subject " A sincere request: help needed for some urgent issue"

    gmail id:

    Please do take a look, per your convinience. IN the mean time I will live by Shraddha and Saburi

    Thanks a lot

  11. Hi Milind,

    Thanks a lot for ur reply.

    Yes milind, u r right i do see Deja Vu effect, and lot of pessimissim at times....Will follow what u have mentioned....hanuman shraddha...and ram raksha stotra.

    Strategic thinking..lesser on execution is also true :):):):) mars in 2nd house in capricorn has any side effects?

    But thanks for ur reply and solution/remedy milind...iam really grateful to you!!!


  12. Dear Milind Sir,

    I am repeating my query here with a bit elaborate information.

    I had changed job in May 2010 and had got a better post and package. However, since last one year or so I feel I have taken a wrong decision, as the job is monotonous and lacks any value addition. Also my personal life is haywire and I am becoming a careless person which I never used to be. Will you please advise on this, as I need your guidance URGENTLY about my career and personal life.

    DOB: 30th Sept,1974
    Time: 15:15
    Place:Latur (Maharashtra)


  13. Dear Milindji

    Now that is known that why "Shraddha & Saburi" is your soul

    Its pleasure to be in touch with person who is having such a golden ancestry....


  14. Hina -- just my grandparents being associated with Baba doesnt make me any good etc but yes Baba is my support system -- I turn to him from time to time and the solution appears out of nowhere (as long as intentions are pure and not conflicting with great cause/other people etc). I have not visited Shirdi for more than 2 or 3 years now! :( But I know that I am "there" with Baba whenever I want! :) I have to just close my eyes and imagine he is looking at me..!!!

    I am just an ordinary soul who wants to get rid of his karmic burdens and fulfil some dreams of publicity unfulfilled in t7eh last birth! :)

  15. Hey nice to read your post me my brother also very big Bagth of baba..

    i want to tell you i was born on 10 july 1985 pls tell me my marriage yog. i got information from i want to check both.

    thanks a lot


    Waiting for reply

  16. very good article Milind ji, inspite of objections you thought of sharing it with us...thank you so much. God Bless,


  17. Hi Milind,

    Do you have any ideas of Baba's horoscope? I am quite interested on the planetary combinations he had.

    Shubha Karanth

  18. How Great were those people who got a chance to talk and play with Saibaba. Your family's definitely blessed. Saibaba is my Guru, At one point I never use to get into a Saibaba temple then something happened maybe he brought me back to him. I have lots of stories to say, maybe should start a blog myself of his stories. He is really great. I feel small to discuss anything about my Guru and I feel that it would feed my ego. Just to say that my udhi has never got over. I am in Scotland since 2007. Om Sai Jai Mahalaxmi Ma.

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