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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mars in the 8th house of a Horoscope

Mars in the 8th house of a Horoscope: Mission Impossible

“Son your Ego is writing checks, your body can’t cash!” J

What I have observed over the years that Mangal or Mars draws a lot of attention from non-Astro folks. So I thought of writing down a quick article about Mars’ effects in all the 12 houses. I will try to cover in a very objective manner keeping side my creativity (whatever little) aside.

A Horoscope is called as “Manglik” if Mangal is placed in one of 1, 4, 7, 8, 12 houses; i.e. 5 out 12 people in this world are Manglik (aprx 42%). It indicates that it is not a big deal then? There are various varieties of Mangal coined by Astrologers: Kadak Mangal, Soumya Mangal etc! J Mangal with a Soumya planet like Moon or Venus is usually treated as Soumya. Or Mangal in Guru’s drushti is called Soumya. Even the one with Shani’s drushti is considered Soumya! So basically --- All Manglik varieties are Soumya?!  J More on that later.

Mars is the governor of: Blood, Siblings, sports, land, vehicles, speed, aggression, adrenaline, The South direction.

Mars in the 8th house of a Horoscope (Moksha/Spiritual Trikon, Inheritance, Mrutyu/Death or rather Ayushya Sthan, Internal Reprod organs, Kidney)

The 8th house is not in sync with the 1st house; it opposes the 1st house and shows the obstacles, physical pain or loss of energy. The 8th house is 2nd in spiritual triangle (4 8 12) and shows yoga, alternative medicine, occult, mysterious stuff or hidden/secretive stuff. It is called as Mrutyu (death) house but is also called as ayushya (life) house, more than longevity it shows the situation (type/nature etc) at the time of death.

Mars in the 8th house is troublesome to self. These folks write cheques their body can’t cash! J They are known to do stuff beyond their physical limits. Mission impossible hero Ethan Hunt is the best example of the 8th house Mars. It is obvious that these folks drive bikes & cars VERY fast – they tend to know the bike/car limits instinctively but rest of the folks don’t! J It is a stupidity to give them even a bicycle in their childhood – be prepared to attend them anytime! Yes, Jupiter drushti on this Mars makes it much tolerable as Jupiter allows them to do all these things with calculated risks and know exact limits of these things. Multiple marks on their face (teeth, eyes, eyebrows, nose) are very common due to childhood activities. Yes, this excess energy tends to get channeled better from the age of say 28/29 etc for guys and say 24/25 for girls. Saturn movement on this Mars or opposite (or even 4th) to this Mars teaches them very valuable lessons not to take matters beyond a certain limit. If this signal is ignored -- the repercussions are far more serious (loss of a finger, broken legs or even permanent damage affecting quality of life) – of course this Mangal needs to be too much of a badly placed in order for this to happen and even then there are so many social / family values etc pulls etc to keep folks away from this.

There is an excess energy in these folks which is for everyone to see. They seem not to get tired, they are but they do not think that way and continue to put in efforts with the same vigor. They do go through periods of excess hard-work and then recuperation by over-sleeping/resting. The 8th house does give Sinusoidal wave of energy dissipation. A High peak followed by a high valley. Their sports career or overall career also seem to have the same pattern of periods of tremendous hard work followed by periods of Business-As-Usual. They can accelerate any time they want & also again go to cruise control when they think so. It is VERY VERY difficult to brand them or to predict them with accuracy!

They speak very fast (unless Mars is in a fixed sign) and their speech is not clear, especially, in childhood. It takes time for them to say “R”! J Sanskrit shlokas can really clear their speech / tongue. Eating habits are usually irregular and they like spicy stuff. Eating on some shabby joints is quite likely (taparis) as the 8th house does show such hidden or not very well known places. These are the folks who suggest that certain place has very good wada-paav or Misal that not many people are aware! J

This Mars of course shows karmic obligation towards siblings (all kinds including cousins) and they usually tend to be elder ones in the family in their generation or have to act like one. It also shows some bad land related karma in the family. This karma if bad could cause blood related issues in the family to make you spend exactly the equivalent amount the family gained due to land stuff. Kidney failures, piles or any kind of blood issues indicate such stuff. Karmic healing works wonders for any 8 or 12 house planets. Donating blood, land(!) to Non-Profit -Organizations works wonders. Donations to blood cancer research institutes, helping cousins, siblings also wonderful. Needless to say gym / regular walk / running is a must to keep blood circulation regular as 8th house does show irregularity for sure.

I can tell you countless examples from my childhood where I jumped from 3/4th floor into construction sand or went to an apartment on 3rd floor from other apartment gallery and so on; broken teeth due to “Kabbadi” (Trying to get hold of Harkesh Singh)– a scar still on my lips (a stitch that came out); stitches in my head (no kidding – HEAD – the noise that reverberates in your head when they put stitch in head is amazing to say the least!) J Trying to walk on the walls of adjacent building wall (“Chandranagar” in Nashik) full of glass pieces specially put for me! J (Spending hours on tamarind trees and taking pride in climbing any kind of tree!) Knowingly running in to a tree full of thorns to take a “catch” (3 balls 5 runs – you got to attempt that catch!) J Trying to take a VERY fast turn on sand (bicycle—countless injuries on knees); Broken arm at the age of 4/5 etc


  1. Hi Milindji

    Hat's off work in this week

    Thanks a lot

  2. Thank you milind. We are all very grateful to you for the help you are offering to all of us.

  3. Well, what's gotten into you? So much in a weekend? Keep it coming, Milind.
    Say, I have shani in the 8th house, the house of death. I have read a lot about it, about a long painful death with chronic ailments etc etc. Do you agree? What is effect of 8th house shani?

  4. resonates very well with me but in jupiter's rashi, the rashness is curtailed or i get lucky but definitely one those who trips a lot n yes the energy level goes in extremes--- 110 percent to hibernation to 110 percent- more like those bunny rabit advertisements on batteries LMAO

  5. Hi Milind
    I am still waiting for your response, please check my horoscope and let me know when would I get the job
    I already send my details to your mail from


  6. Hi Milind,
    Please tell the significance of jupiter 8th to moon in birthchart.
    Thanks for the series of articles, hard work of course!

  7. Hello

    I got your reference from your blog.

    My Birth date is 27 May 1981
    Birth time is 05:45 AM
    Birth place - Chiplun Dist- Ratnagiri State - Maharashtra


    1) I am having lot of trouble in my career and currently going through very bad phase .Also danger of loosing current job due to politics in company
    Also I am not getting any new job offers .
    Is there any possibility of stable and fulfilling job in near future? how will be my overall career growth?

    Also having health issues as well
    Pls let me know if Iw il be free of these health isses

    2) Me and my wife are trying for baby but not successful. all our medical reports are normal
    When will we have baby?

    My wife details are
    Birth date 29 Nov 1984
    Birth time 01:22 AM
    Birth place - Mumbai

    Pls let me know answers I will be very thankful to you


  8. Thank you Milind.

  9. Hi Milind,

    Though justified, we can see that you tend to reply more on your new blog rather than on this one. Nothing wrong of course, but we folks with no FB account feel a bit isolated.

    Looks like the transition to the new sit will be quick!

  10. Milind Ji ...Congrats on your half century yesterday on FB chat....finishing 50 horo's is no joke....WOW'ed customer service :) And thanks a lot for answering my query ...10% bal is thr still :)
    Pls ans that it will be a great help for me/us to take decisions further.Thanks Again

  11. Hi Milind,

    I've upcoming Rahu (MD)/ Sun (AD) starting from Aug. Can you please let me know how that would be because current Rahu/Venus was not that good. Feeling stuck in my current position and not learning anything new.. Please help forecast with respect to career and family life.
    DOB: Dec 26, 1972
    Time: 7.40AM
    Place: Vadodara, Gujarat.


  12. Boss! How do u see India going forward with financial instability & on world map ? Let us say in next 2 years? Tks

  13. Dear Milind,
    I wrote you an email on 7th june. I guess you are finding it hard to get time for all responses. So I am describing the horoscope here (don't want to write birth details online) Asc Pisces; 2nd house: Saturn in Aries; 3rd: Sun and Mercury, 4th: Mars, 5th: Venus, 6th: Ketu; 7th Moon; 8th Jupiter; 12th Rahu. Also, shani mahadasha begins from december 2015.
    What can you say particularly about the career front? 9th Guru will help? There are some good indications, but many hurdles to overcome still. Shani mahadasha (with neech shani) creates issues? Its been a five year struggle, so this period is quite tense.
    Waiting with anticipation,

  14. Hi Milind

    I am probably being a real pest! And my apologies for that. The last I heard from you was a reply on May 27, saying you would write to me that day. There was an anonymous reply from a fellow well wisher telling me that I should check some older posts. Which I dutifully did and could not find any reply for me. Not sure if it is my inability in using this mode of communication appropriately.....nevertheless, please write back a short reply....I've sent you an e-mail with the subject:AKS


  15. [1] Sarvesh
    Shani in 8th house shows long life and supposedly death after a long illness in the old age. I have not observed this myself so can't comment on case studies but there are enough case studies with Shani in 8th house where people have had short life span due to Mangal bang opposite to it and both wakri etc and not great nakshatras! But yes Shani alone without Guru drushti will show long life and the abovementioned way of death but in Guru drushti it will show YOGA and healthy life style which would ensure long life -- lesser risks etc profile. This Shani does shows a bit late santati and your life pattern a bit different than your father's. It also shows some issues with eyes and teeth and a small voice ( i am an exception due to Mangal effect)

    [2] Sahiwal
    The way you describe/articulate it -- it fits the bill perfectly! :) Kanya effect! :) Yes in Guru rashi it shows a "su-sanskrit approach" or rather an idealistic approach.

    [3] Sri:
    Sure Man --- The weekend was spent analysing 55+ horoscopes! Missed yours and a few othersm like AKS too.

    [4] Jupiter 8th to Moon
    Difficult to comment anything on this as lagna positions do not know but yes Sadesati trouble is reduced quite a bit as the persono has Guru support for 12th and 2nd Shani! :) :) i.e. it shows that you do not spend extravagantly or invest in a hapazard manner and hence Saturn tends to trouble you less in Sadesati. Guru 6, 8 to moon although not considered very favorable but has a blessiing in disguise this way! :)

    [5] Career and Baby Issues
    GREAT Horoscope!!

    (1) Yes shows delays in Santati though! Posisbility of a twins is there. Also I think NOW until May2013 is THE BEST chance to conceive for you.
    (2) Drive carefully in 2014 for sure as Mangal in Krittka at the end of Mesh sign. 12th Mangal shows great planning. Must have got some great friends in March to May2012
    (3) GREAT support from seniors in the job now for sure until May2013. You will be surprised with this support by Aug2012. So need NOT worry about office politcs.
    (4) Trading, Share market, investment gains are a must --- MAKE sure you try it out -- ofcourse with your own INSTINCTS /study / thinking and not some haphazard advice of others.
    (5) Despite senior support / Ego boost --until May2013 is a saturation and slow environment -- The REAL achievements and sucecss if from May2013 to June2014 FOR SURE. Sept2009 to NOv2011 was VERY tougha end even now until Aug 4 -- BE PATIENT!!

    Use of Pushkaraaj -- Yellow saphhire WILl help - do not spend too much -- not more than 20K including ring.

    [6] MMS
    Tremendous feel good for you until May2012. New friends, new affair, increases social status and people working for you! ;) Venus not the best for you which is obvious for Dhanu dominated chart and Singh rashi -- Jis galee main kabhi gaye hi nahi waha se fayada kaise hoga!? :) Also Shukra opposite to SHani only shows WOMEN trouble in Shukra Antardasha! :) Take care!!

    Surya Antardash - Rashi Swami and 1st house -- Good position and responsibility, better health etc. Surya antardasha will be very good for sure. I am hpoing you are using Pukhraj right hand and if possible GOMED in left hand Guru finger (index) -- try out one by one if possible --- not necessary -- but Pukhraj WILL help you with such a HEAVY Dhanu domination in the horsocope!!! THE BEST BEST YEAR WOUDL BE JUNE2013 to JUNE2014 -- Can't tell you HOW GREAT it would be !!!!

    [7] ASK
    Sorry Sir!!! Somehow you email just got under some pile! :( :( WIll check it today or tomorrow.

  16. Milind Ji...In my chart also Shani is in 8th house...i hope i have good death though i dont wish a long life :) but i dont know what drushti is thr on that...

    Are you by any chance doing online chat this weekend also....sorry I wont be bugging you ...but just asked?

    Congrats again..

  17. Hi Milindji thanks for advising on career and baby issue
    I pray and hope that your forecast will come true thanks again

  18. Dear Milind,

    I don't know if you can help on this but last night I dreamt of Lord Hanuman and seeing him accomplishing miracles , one was he was giving a drink to a child who could not speak and after that the child started to speak. I don't know if there is any hidden meaning in all that. Like every Tuesday morning I do Hanuman prayers reciting Hanuman chalisa.


  19. Hi Milind,

    What if rahu and ketu are in same signs in navamsa as in main chart ? Vargottamma ?

    what are the effects of rahu and ketu being in vargotamma ?

    Also i have shani in 12th house in scorpio, and it is in 5th house in navamsa in libra...what exact karmic issues it shows ?


  20. Hi Milind,

    Sorry to ask once again, i have sent 6-7 mails..but i think iam not as lucky as those 55 people for whom u analyzed horoscope...this weekend...anyways.

    Now can u please look into my horoscope...and tell me if it is good or bad ?(career wise)....As situation is getting tougher for me...Please give me short reply abt is enough for me...but please reply.

    Birth Details : 4th october 1986, 12:13 PM (afternoon) belgaum.


  21. Hi Milind,

    I'm already wearing PUKHRAJ in right hand (index) finger, but have question about Gomed. I heard that I should wear it in right hand middle finger, not sure but conflicting with your advise. I'd like to know how to make sure it is authenticate ? Can you help with that? I will send you personal email for that.


  22. [8] Shubha-JI: yes -- will chat online this weekend too

    [9] HARI
    It means you are going to get some help from someone I guess or you have already got some help. For sure it means you are feeling optimistic!

    [10] Manoj
    Yes Vargottam! Usually Vargottam is a very good thing consdiering all things same which they never are! ;) Shani in 12th in Scorpio but in uchcha Navamansh shows you will have connections with abroad folks and provide them some services. Long term travels of 9/12 hours are very much likely. Some financial/debt/lending etc activities at abroad places very much likely.

    [11] Vijay or is it Manoj only?? ;) :) It is very obvious! :)
    (a) Moola lagna-nakshatra shows karmic ties with maternal grandfather's family. it also shows some health issue with legs espeically as Guru wakri in kumbh too. So some minor leg related issue.
    (b) Chandra Ketu close -- some periods of feeling very low possible -- pessimism etc possible but it also shows imaginative and dreamy nature and lost at times -- day dreaminig!! Lack of energy from time to time and fear of unknown. The best remedy is Hanuman Sadhana.
    (c) Mangal uchcha i 2nd house -- Good for investments/lands and multiple friends -- 2009 was very good for these things and now again until may2013 also great for investments -- LANDs and friends.
    (d) Guru Maha just started so great 16 years ahead -as Guru is L1 -- Pukhraj would help for sure!! 3 carat in right hand in Gold in index finger. Start from a Thursday mornign 6 am
    (e) Abroad or 9 /12 hours connections for land/finance/lending/debt etc very likely as mentioned above in [10] Mangal adds to this possibility. It however shows some eyes related issues.
    (f) GREAT income in life and some artistic ability for sure. Use it!! Great contacts every where which will help a lot!!
    (g) Both Paternal Maternal grabndfather were good people and every Rahu and Letu antardasha or maha wud be good for you!

    NOW you are on INCREASING profile in next 3 years -- MAKE THE MOST OF IT -- AMAZING period from Feb/March2013 as Moon in 24th degree of Kanya for you!
    Hope this helps.

    [11] MMS
    As I mentioned in my GEMSTONES article on this blog -- I believe using Gomed only for protections. You Guru very close to Rahu and not Shani etc so use GOMED in LEFT hand in Guru's finger for protection etc. Do check the article also. Rahu's gemstone not for great luck but for proetctions. My advice based on pure logic and some experience too.

  23. Milind
    what if rahu and ketu are in the same houses in birth chart and navamsha? No big deal? Or some kind of vargottam? I have rahu in 1st house in both but different rash I.
    Also sir, you missed one post of mine in your responses. Or would you care to see my email of 7th June?

  24. hi milind
    I too have guru wakri in kumbh. Does it mean minor leg issue for me too? Interestingly, I do have a leg problem. One foot is number 8 and the other 9! Sara shehar mujhe loin ke naam se jaanta hai :) I never get proper shoes and my feet always hurt.

  25. Hi Milind,

    Thanks a lot for ur detailed reply.....

    Iam grateful :):):):)


  26. Milindji how to chat with you this weekend and at what time? Thanks Namrata

  27. Hi Milind

    Thanks for replying, I will wait for your response for my horoscope for career, and how would be my life.
    Before analyzing check my mail which I send u today from
    Hopefully I will get my horoscope soon.

  28. Hi Milind,

    I am kumbha rashi, and kumbha lagna, shatabhisha nakshatra, what prospects for getting certified (for training I had last year). last 3 years were miserable to say the least. If I take the certification this Nov. 2012, what are the chances of success. Please let me know when you can. Thanks for ur help.
    If you need my DOB, here it is
    DOB: Nov.16th, 1961
    TOB: 1:41pm
    POB: Mangalore, karnataka
    Day : Thursday

    Mangala Kurada

  29. @ Milind bhai--
    Thank u! :)
    moon in virgo is a savior for my mercury in pisces(thats a bummer)

  30. Dear Milindji,

    Have been trying to reach you since 6 months..Can you pl help me going thru a patch...
    afraid reg job,general health and future..everything seems very uncertain..

    Pls help me ji

    DOB - 27/03/1975
    Time -12:50 pm
    Place - Chennai


  31. Hi Milindji,

    I am kanya rashi.

    DOB: 6th March 69
    7:35 AM

    I am still not finding any light at the end of the tunnel. Going thru hell on health and carrear front. Please advise.

  32. Hi Milindji

    This is regarding [5] Career and Baby Issues
    As per you my horoscope is great !!!
    However I feel forget great its not even ordinary . I am going through hell in career and personal front. I am sure I have to quit my job in december and no alternatives are yet in forsight. Its very hard to believe on ur predictions . if it comes true I will acknowledge it on Forum but if not will let u know as well

  33. Hi Milindji͵
    I have Dhanur lagna with Sani and Chandra in parivartana. ie between 2nd and 8th lords. Will the above mentioned death be fully applicable in this case? What remedies can help?

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