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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Monthly and Weekly Horoscope/ Rashi-Bhavishya for June2012


  1. Thank You so much Milind ji for posting this...I am relieved to see good news for Kanya and Makar people.
    I am just waiting for something new to start as you said for Meen...I really hope that 3rd Guru will get me something worth for last 5 yrs of hardwork.


    1. thx for the wishes on the previous article shubha di...i know another kanya person who is HASTA nakshatra pada 2 and even he got a better job 2 hours away from current place... i think all kanya folks will hav good times ahead as milind bhai says...

      Much regards

    2. ya sis waiting desperately for that,

  2. Thanks for monthly post


  3. Thank you so much Sir


  4. hi millind ji

    its my pleasure that i find u in online ..... life seems to much hard for me .......

    can u pls explain the horoscope plsssss ....

    4th december1982 ....time 5.50am
    dhaka .bangladesh


    1. [3] Priya
      I think I did analyse this horoscope earlier. You are in for a GREAT year despite the 12th Guru to Gemini moon sign! You have 5 planets now in

      Guru drushti which means tremendous feel good for you. You can see it from August 2012 and as most planets in later degree of Vrishchik

      more so from FEB 2012. But a VERY good year with increase in support from seniors; help from maternal /mam mousi etc family; IMMEDIATE

      EFFECT: Getting new friends in life; Getting GREAt advice from various mentors/Gurus etc. Expansion in career and personal life for sure.

      Chandra Rahu strongly suggest Hanuman Sadhana for sure. Hope this helps. Mahadasha /Antaradasha are good practical etc without big

      impact on your life. Good part is that Shukra Budh are in Jyeshtha but not in the last 2/3 degree!!!! This makes them a lot better but still shows

      that you need to behave like an elder person always in the family regardless of your age! :) You will always be the most responsibile and "elder

      attitude" person in your family. You have any ability to take a LOT of stress....which is good!!!

  5. Sir......pls let me knw abt my marriage,as i am 31 yrs and 8 months old.....and still not married.
    Career wise i was struggling from past 1 and half yrs....but somehow get a job now but not of my taste.
    I request you to ve a glance on my horo......and guide me abt my marriage and career.
    Birth place.......ambala(haryana)
    Birth time..........09:35am
    Sir....i send you countless mails...but not as lucky coz u didnt revert towards my query.
    Pls milind ji.....if possible for u then pls revert.
    Warm rgds

    1. [4] Vikram
      I think I analysed and replied earlier. The horoscope does show delays in marriage until age of 30/32. But now it is a very good time to get

      married ANYTIME Now. The real chance to find someone was from Dec2009 to MAy2010 and Nov2010. Howeverm now anytime is a good time

      for sure. (2008 was not bad at all to meet someone). The reasons for delay are obvious for delays (Shani drishti on marriage house and also

      marriage karak shukra) So delayed but good quality marriage for sure. I tend to believe that the BEST time woudl be May2013 to May2014 to

      get THE partner for you. BUt as i said looking at Maha/Antardasha it is good time now in next few months as well.

  6. Hello Milind,
    My DOB is 6thNov-82
    Time 10:40 AM
    I would like to know about the time frame for Gemini (Marathi Rashi).
    Now a days my work sequence is going smooth, usually work sequence never stuck-up.
    I am looking for Vastu in this month. Let me know what are the good dates for my rashi/me and when good time will come?


    1. [5] Anonymous VASTU GEMINI RASHI
      You had a great time to find something great from May2011 to May2012 -- both on land front and also on home front (Vastu). Did you check

      any stuff in this period. Actually even now from Jan2012 to Aug2014 also there is GURU Antardasha which is VERY GOOD for Vastu for you. If

      you ask me personally -- despite Guru antardasha I would advise the best time as May2013 to May2014 and more so May2013 to Aug2013 for

      sure. You seem to be a rebirth from maternal grandfather side -- May be his sgortlived younger sister -- You would inherit good bad bits of

      BLOOD related issues from maternal family. Chances of some decease are there. You also have Chandra Rahu taht shows some agitation from

      time to time -- HANUMAN SADHANA WILL be GREAT for you!!!

  7. Milind,

    A request. Pls put a link to your new site somewhere in the header section in the blog. The URL is seen, but a link wil help us:)

  8. Milindji,

    I am a dhanu rasi person. You said will get job before May 17. I actually got 2 job offers. And both screwed up because of somebody else. Life is so messed up right now. Atleast till Aug 4. When are planets moving out of 6th house. Jupiter goes next June. What about others? Have 3 interviews lined up for next week. But really "scared" and have a feeling I will mess them up. Wish I could do something for planetary alignment problems. :). Only Hanuman ji can control them.


    1. [6] DHANU-RL
      I think you will keep getting offers for sure and once you get and join it - -you should stay there until May2013.

    2. Got offer. Starting work soon.
      Dhanu RL

  9. Hi Miland,

    As you said there is nothing positive happening for Virgo's after May you agree you are wrong?

    1. [7] T V RAMANA
      :) :) MOST of Kanya folks are getting and will get good results by August2012 -- The CHITRA Nakshatra woudl see it in March April May2013. But

      even they also would see improvements slowly but surely.

  10. [1] Sahiwal / Shubha
    Good to know that you have got some dream offers! Finally Kanya moving on! :) Shubha: I am sure that 3rd Guru will start something.

    [2] Hina -- Veena -- Thanks! :)

    1. Milind Ji...Thanks for your wishes...I am hoping really for something new and worthwhile to all set o hard work again!!
      am crossing fingers my husband (kanya rasi) too !

      Best Rgds

  11. Hi Milind,
    I have requested a read of my birth chart on your website a while back. I would sincerely appreciate it if you can take a look at it and respond. I am Kanya rashi, Tula lagna & Uttara nakshatra. I have yet to see some light at the end of the tunnel and reached a point of stagnation in every aspect of life.
    Birth details as follows:
    DOB - jan 29, 1978
    Place - Pune, Maharashtra
    Time - 1:12 am
    Please let me know. Thank you so much.

    Best Regards.

  12. Hi,

    Pls write a series of articles on numerology as well along with the meaning of different name numbers

    1. It is already there

  13. Dear Milind,

    I'm Kanya rashi, Uttara nakshatra. Does that mean I will be spared of the effects of this renewed 1st Shani period?


  14. Hi Milind,

    Nice to see kanya rashi people....getting some good time atlast !!!.

    I have rahu and ketu in same sign like rahu in meena and ketu in virgo in both main chart and navamsa...Are these rahu and ketu vargotamma ?

    So rahu and ketu being vargotamma has more negative/bad as they will be strong effects ?


  15. Milind Ji ...Have one more doubt - Two of my best friends are hasta nakshatra kanya rasi am not sure abt thier lagna rasi or nakshatra padas.
    But since last 5 yrs one of them is going through lot of mental tensions but other one seeing progress in career and a happy going life .touch wood let it be for her...but I wonder how different rather contrast is sade sati for them..? Your analysis/opinion please...

  16. @ Milind :)
    Thank u!

    I was wondering if someone has kanya moon and gochar ketu is transiting saturn in rohini(9th house)-then how will venus+ketu+jupiter conjunction right on saturn on june 28 or 29 play out? will it be good or bad in terms of career, health, relationships?
    My friend went thru a rough patch but finally got a research job at a different place but i sense more changes to come... dont know if good or bad...

  17. Milind,

    Great job !!! are writing blogs...and also answering people's query..

    Iam a great fan of your doesn't complete without visiting ur blog :)

    Please continue ur random thoughts series....and other interesting astrological articles.

    Long live milind !!!!


  18. I am Chitra nakshatra and kanya rashi...Already saw two miracles happening...Still going through mental stress and fears but is getting optimistic about future after 5 and half years... Thanks again I am a big fan of your blog..:)

  19. Sir My DOB is 18th AUG 1984,i have been goin through a terrible phase for past 8 years.inspite of all the hard work,i don't get success in competitive exams..I am preparing for civil services,and i have lost my confidence,i am not able to concentrate any more and stress is always there.Plz help me.

  20. Dear milind sir

    dob-25/3/1985, tob-10:02 am, pob-New Delhi,gender-male. I had sent you a couple of emails but didn't get a reply. I'll be greatful if you could reply me here itself.My question is regarding marriage and business.What is the favourable period for getting married(single right now), and are there any yogas for foreign with respect to business in the future. What is the favourable period for growth in career.thanks

  21. Hi Milind,

    You say that Kirk is in the magnificient 11th guru phase, but nothing close to remotely magnificient happening in my world. I have sent you my details via e-mail (per your request) Waiting to hear from you.



    1. AKS Ji...Milind Ji answered to your query long back..please chekc older posts and u will defnetly find ur ans.

  22. Hi Milind,

    I am just wondering did u check my email. Today my resume is forwarded to the client. Scared wht will happen now. Please check my horoscope And tell me when would I get the job.

  23. Hi Milind,

    In the previous post you have suggested hanuman sadhana for my weird dreams/disturbed sleep problem. I could see some improvement now !!
    Thank you very much for your help !! I hope depressing thoughts problem also will reduce !!

    Can you please write an article about moon-shani yuti- as I have seen in the blog comments- many have this depressing thoughts problem.

    Thanks once again and God bless you !!

    --Dream girl!!

  24. Hi,

    Have you put b'date analysis for the month of June as well?

    Thank you.

  25. Milindji,
    Can you please tell me if Jupiter transit this year can give me some relief from the sufferings of shani mahadasha going on for me?
    4th september1971, 3:43 am, Delhi,

  26. Milind,

    I've upcoming Rahu (MD)/ Sun (AD) starting from Aug. Can you please let me know how that would be because current Rahu/Venus was not that good. Feeling stuck in my current position and not learning anything new.. Please help with respect to career and family life.
    DOB: Dec 26, 1972
    Time: 7.40AM
    Place: Vadodara, Gujarat.


  27. Hello Milind Sir,

    Please let me knw my future predictions, especially about my career.
    DOB : 04-07-1985, Time : 10:16AM, Bangalore.

    Sai Ram

  28. Dear Milind,
    DoB Sept 24, 1968 at 4.44pm in Mapusa, Goa. Please advice when I would get my Green Card (USA) applied since 2007.

  29. Milindji this is Namrata date of birth aug 13 1978 at Kolkata at 5:30 pm. I have vrischika rashi and mars is supposed to be in 11th house soon and that will help on the career front but doesn't mars transit every 40 days or so what happens after that? Also is there a job change in store for me anytime in the next year or so? Thanks much.

  30. Dear Milindji,
    May kindly enlighten about my future and profession. Have been going through an extremely bad patch since Aug 2011. Moon Mahadasha started in Feb last year.
    1105 AM
    Katihar, Bihar
    Meena rash, Revati Nakshatra and Thula lagna.
    Two weeks back mother has been diagnosed with cancer. Will all this end and will I see some happiness. Do respond. SOS.
    Thanks and regards.

  31. Milind I have a question... should one look at the predictions according to one's lagna also??? or just according to the moon sign???

  32. Hi Milind,

    I got relieved from my current job, getting a good offer. To my surprise, it went the other way, I keep getting offers from prestigious concerns because of my merit in graduations and also getting through the panels, but at the end it was a flop. Also my parents are worried since because of this my marriage alliance though fixed was in half a way and postponed by me. Will this June show me any luck in profession, at least getting a good offer?
    My details below::
    Dhanu Rashi
    Moola Nashatra
    vishnu Kothra
    4th Padam
    DOB 11/04/1985
    email ID ::

  33. sorry I forgot to add my birth place and native, hence adding it here::
    Name :: Yogapaartiban
    Birth Place :: Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu
    Residing/Native :: Chrompet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
    Please let me know any more details required.
    Kindly advise!
    Thanks in advance , Sir.

  34. My dob is 06th Sep 1950 morning 06hr 10 min
    in Darjeeling (west Bengal)

    Born under 'Mrigsira' nakshatra and rashi 'Mithun'
    Retired and seaching for job.
    When can I get a good JOB

  35. Hello Milind,

    Thanks for all your post.
    My DOB is 11 Feb 1982. Birth Place is Pune,India and Birth time is 08:00AM. Can you please tell me when will I get married?


  36. Dear Milind ji,
    Namaste, May God Bless you. You are doing great service by guiding people with selfless service in Astrology. I would like to appreciate it. Kindly guide me with divine advise.

    I have been grounded.
    As I mean to say, I have been taught lessons by lord Sani.
    Sani Mahadasha has started for me in May 2009 and now Sani antardasha is ending.

    I felt that I have been pushed down from a cliff after reaching some hard earned respectable position in life.
    Good things in this period:
    2. Married in Jul 10
    3. Got promoted in May 11 - This was the peak moment in the Dasha.
    4. Bought a house in Oct 2011
    5. Became more spiritual. I've gradually, became a devotee of Lord Shiva and built immense respect towards him.

    Bad things:
    1. Some Health problems started in 2010. Decreased immunity.
    2. Health problems continued through out.
    3. Wife too had health problems.
    4. Had unnecessary relationship issues with wife which blew out of proportions, and it went till separation in July 2011. There is no progress in this matter so far and currently we are living separated.
    5. My promotion did not help me. Infact I have been given lowest performance rating and given lower responsibilities.
    6. Had an almost major accident in July 2011, without any of my mistake on the road , but survived it because of god's grace.
    7. Lost my dear Maternal uncle in May 2011.
    8. Deputed to a distant place when I wanted to stay with family, in oct 2011
    9. Faced crunch of money throughout the period.
    10. Nervous Tension and melancholic mood.
    11. Needed to spend lot on health matters.

    Now with the commencement of Mercury/Budha antardasha (from 03-Jun-2012) and subsequent Ketu antardashas, Kindly guide me how it will be for me.
    My details are: 05-03-1981 (dd/mm/yyyy), Time: 21:20 PM, Place: Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India.
    1. Saturn is in kendra and kona lord for me (4th and 5th house). But placed in Vyaya sthana - 12th house with Jupiter.
    2. Saturn is my rasi lord too.
    3. 5th house from lagna has Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus together.
    4. Mercury is in 4th house from Lagna and placed in Saturn's house, and Ketu in the same house.
    5. After Mercury dasha, it will be Ketu dasha which are in the same 4th house of family affairs.

    Kindly guide me:
    1. Whether there will be some recovery for me in this period for the issues that i faced.
    2. Can we get reunited and have kids in this periods? or will there be permanent separation? When can any of these may happen.
    3. Can I get back to my lost position in career?
    4. Do I have any higher education prospects? (I have been trying to do Masters for the last 10 years, but could not succeed).
    5. Please let me know if I need to do any remedies.

    Please help. (requesting in desperation.)

    Thank you and Best Regards,

  37. dear ji,
    currently im facing a lot of problem with my car. furthermore my boyfriend was caught 0n 2007 due to unattempted crime.i am so depressed of all this. my dad part away on 2011.i noticed that my problem rising one after one. im also facing difficulty with my studies.please guide in desperation.
    i would like to know about my current and future.
    1. about my suitable occupation
    2. about my marriage
    3. about my health and wealth
    4. remedies
    d.o.b-29august1989 5.29pm
    thank you

  38. Hi Sir,

    My Bdate is 29.11.1980. Birth Time 17:35 IST. and my Marathi Rashi is Singh.

    Can you please guide on me whether is this the right time for me to quit job & start into Interior Designing & Execution profession, as I am very much saturated doinf jobs for over 9 long years ans want to start my own business.

    Just guide me whether Can I be able to succeed in business. or should i continue job only.

    Please advise

  39. Hi Sir,

    My Bdate is 29.Nov.1980. Birth Time 17:35 IST.born in mumbai and my Marathi Rashi is Singh.

    Can you please guide on me whether is this the right time for me to quit job & start into Interior Designing & Execution profession, as I am very much saturated doinf jobs for over 9 long years ans want to start my own business.

    Just guide me whether Can I be able to succeed in business. or should i continue job only.

    Please advise

  40. Hello Milind,

    Thanks for all the post.
    My DOB is 3-0ct-1986
    Birth time is 10.20 PM
    Birth Place is Savda(M.S)
    Please let me know about my marriage. When i will get good proposals and when i will get married? Boy will be from which educational background?
    Also when my career will start well?Should i continue with job or i can do my business?
    Please Please advice.


  41. Hello Milind

    In the past we have had a look at Budha in Meen rashi which is a neech rashi for budha.
    In such case how is the budha mahadasha for the person.or am I linking two vague things.

  42. Milindji,

    I have sent you mails earlier but did not get a proper reply - maybe you were very busy. Would request you to please study my horoscope which is given in condensed form below during the weekend and give me a reply by mail regarding my future in job (Career) since I am repeatedly being sacked from jobs without any fault from 1997 till date (8 in nos. with some periods as jobless). I have already been given sack notice by my present employer which will terminate on 08.08.12. Could not get any job offer till date (maybe because of my age) and do not how I will support my family after 08.08.12 since I have no other source of income.

    I have tried to give relevant horo details (I hope so) in a condensed form in such a way, which I think an expert like you will be able to comprehend immediately on seeing without giving much time.

    Pranab Kumar Dey-17.06.1956-11:55AM(IST)-Calcutta[Lat: 22⁰35'N\Long: 88⁰21'E]

    Natal=>Asc:Vi-6⁰52'/Mon:Vi-24⁰37'/Sat(R):Sc-4⁰19'/Rah:Sc-13⁰55'/Mar:Aq-14⁰10'/Mer:Ta-10⁰38'/ Ket:Ta-13⁰ 55'/Sun:Ge-2⁰46'/Ven(R):Ge-10⁰34'/Jup:Le-3⁰18'/Her:Ca-7⁰6”/Nep(R):Li-4⁰32”/Plu:Le-3⁰13”


    Shadbala Strength=>Sun:721/Mon:411/Mar:299/Mer:414/Jup:569/Ven:461/Sat:316

    Vim Dasha(MD/AD/PD)=>[Sat/Rah/Mer:29.08.11-24.01.12][Sat/Rah/Ket:24.01.12-24.03.12][Sat/Rah/Ven:24.03.12-14.09.12][Sat/Rah/Sun:14.09.12-05.11.12][Sat/Rah/Mon:05.11.12-01.02.13][Sat/Rah/Mar:01.02.13-01.04.13]

    With Great Hope in my heart that I will get a response from you by mail this time & with Warm Regards,

    Pranab Kumar Dey

  43. hello milind my name is aswathi born on 14 4 1987

    3 .02 am can u temme abt my horoscope in detail :)

  44. I am Shrinivas, I got the break from job on 30 May 2012 & searching for good job since then,
    I am Engineering graduate with 10 years of IT experience.
    Please tell me when would i get good job. and also tell me when i will get my complete settlement.
    My DOB is 27-Feb-1974
    Birth time is 06.56 AM
    Birth Place is Satara(Maharashtra)

  45. Hi, I am Venkat, I need your inputs on my horoscope, my details are:

    Born: 08-Dec-1974
    Time: 0:30
    Place: Secunderabad (Andhra Pradesh)

    Thank you in advance, looking forward to you advise

  46. Hello sir, My husband's birthday is 12.23.1976 and born in Scarbrough, Canada, Time: 4.54 am. His business is not doing well and we are under pressur, can you please advise as to what shoud we do???
    Thank you

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. Hi,
    I am Chitra Nakshatra. Waiting to see the ray of hope.
    Btw, No posts for July ?

  49. Hi Milind,

    Dropped u a mail few days bck... can u pls chk..looking for good job opportunity since last months but till now no progress. I am already working for a reputed company. But still need a change....also want to know about any chances of moving abroad...
    DOB - 18/4/1979
    Time- 9:52pm


  50. Hi Milind,

    Dropped u a mail few days bck... can u pls chk..looking for good job opportunity since last months but till now no progress. I am already working for a reputed company. But still need a change....also want to know about any chances of moving abroad...
    DOB - 18/4/1979
    Time- 9:52pm
    Place Pune


  51. Hi Milind,

    Can you please guide me on my career and marriage aspects.

    DOB: 18 June - 1979
    Time: 5:48 am
    Place: Beed, Maharashtra.


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