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Friday, June 8, 2012

Random Astrology Thoughts Part 12

Random Astrology Thoughts Continued: Part 12

(1) Rain & Astrology and
(2) Intense Constellations like Moola, Ashlesha, Krittika, Jyeshtha etc



  1. sir.....pls let me know about my job stability,i am doing job which is gud but not of my type.......actually i was jobless from last one and half yrs......sir...i wud like to knw,will i be stable in my job nw.....and if somehow i ll get a job again in bank or in financial services,will i join it or shud i continue with wat i am doin nw.
    Pls....if u feel free then pls revert....i ll be highly obliged.
    Dob......27 aug 80
    Time 9:35am,
    warm rgds

  2. Now you are recommending gems! In earlier articles you seemed to be skeptic about gems. But, how do you explain gems neutralising karmic burden? I have 1st house moon in Virgo. 2nd house Neptune - 3rd house Shani with Rahu, 6th Mars, 9th Merc with Ketu, 10th Sun with Venus (Comb), 11th Uranus & 12th Jupiter with Pluto. Can you throw some light on what the 'definite specific karma (acute)' you said in para 3 above is to be used in my this birth?..........PK Dey

  3. Hi milind, still waiting for mars in 8 house. Not sure if you missed it or delayed it for some reason. Can you post it ASAP.

  4. Guruji
    Waiting for my turn .Have sent emails since dec 29, 2011.
    Hope you do not mind me posting a request for help in each of your blog.
    Whenever you get a chance, please refer to mail from with the subject: " help needed for some urgent issue"

    Thanks a lot, reading your articles has given all of us lot of knowledge, and hope
    Best Regards

  5. (1) 8th house article posted
    (2) Aniruddha: We discussed in detailed I guess today! :)
    (3) Gemstones: Still skeptical about them: They are like TONICS & not antibiotics. Use of colors is equally effective or more -- Extreme cases where ATTITUDE or Psychology or health matters are a bit extreme I tend to suggest a Gemstone...

    I think I did post reply to you - Let me check -- I at least typed it for sure. Career Wise -- things are good until 2020 now! and more so from June2013 to June2014 you will get tremendous success,,,put in as much efforts as possible.

    [4] Vikram : PREVIOUS REPLy
    I think I analysed and replied earlier. The horoscope does show delays in marriage until age of 30/32. But now it is a very good time to get married ANYTIME Now. The real chance to find someone was from Dec2009 to MAy2010 and Nov2010. Howeverm now anytime is a good time for sure. (2008 was not bad at all to meet someone). The reasons for delay are obvious for delays (Shani drishti on marriage house and also marriage karak shukra) So delayed but good quality marriage for sure. I tend to believe that the BEST time woudl be May2013 to May2014 to get THE partner for you. BUt as i said looking at Maha/Antardasha it is good time now in next few months as well.

    1. Dear Sir,

      Still waiting for your reply on 'definite specific karma (acute)' you said in para 3 above is to be used in my this birth?..........PK Dey

      (Please refer my comment on gems dated 8th June 2012 above)

  6. Hi Milind,

    Have been trying to reach out via mail to you.

    Know you will have many requests but can you somehow help me
    DOB - 27/3/1975
    TIME 12:50 PM
    Place Chennai


  7. From Siki

    My query is with regard to my career and as to when i would settle in life..finding going difficult now...

  8. My query is regarding my business start. iam trying to start my business related to under earth materials like iron,metals, oils . trading of these products with indian & foriegn companies and making trade happen between them. things are very slow in progress .will i see success and good earnings in this?

    new delhi
    pls reply

  9. From Anup Tadge

    Milind Sir,

    My birth details are as follows
    DOB 04/06/1974
    Time 6:50 Pm
    Place Mumbai.
    I am scorpio rashi and scorpio ascendant, anuradha nakshatra.
    In my birth chart there is Rahu Moon in first house, Guru in fourth, venus in sixth, sun ketu in seventh, budh and shani is eight and mangal in ninth house. Sir Kindly suggest me good gemstone for better financial gains, career growth. I used to work in IT before, have been in US and now in business in India, let me know job is better or business for me. My email id is

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