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Sunday, July 8, 2012 Anonymous Comments Available now

Hi! All,

Anonymous comments are now allowed at website for all the new articles to be posted now onward: 


Thanks for the support and let us continue the discussions!



  1. Hello sir, My husband's birthday is 12.23.1976 and born in Scarbrough, Canada, Time: 4.54 am. His business is not doing well and we are under pressur, can you please advise as to what shoud we do???
    Thank you

  2. Anonymous comments not working for below link.

    can you check? or is it that anonymous comments will work only for new articles?

    1. Only new articles sadly as we do not want to loose the FB comments folks posted

    2. It's been almost a year waiting for your reply for my emails that are sent from Could you check your gmail and reply for my queries?

  3. Dear milind,
    request an article on atmakaraka, its significance in rasi and navamsha, ishta devata etc. what is your view on debilitated but vargottama atmakaraka with vargottama amatyakaraka which is also lagna lord,both in meen/revati/possibly gandanta ?

  4. Sir ,
    I have sent my brother's details again,which I had earlier sent on 13th JULY 2011 .
    Please see If You have time.
    Thank You .

  5. Sir,
    My DOB is 18th April 1984 and time is 6:33 AM. Having issues with visa and away from husband since 3 months..lot of uncertainity about my visa, meeting my husband, career..totally troubled..pls let me know if i had to do something to come over this phase...

  6. I hardly believe or analyze "Atmakaraka" -- highest degree planet in the horoscope -- it does not meet any logical thinking so far for me -- when it fits in the big picture or some logical Astro-Thinking -- I will try to consider it and comment on it.


  7. Hi Milindji,

    I am kanya rashi.

    DOB: 6th March 69
    7:35 AM

    I am still not finding any light at the end of the tunnel. Going thru hell on health and carrear front. Please advise.

  8. hi milind,
    my dob is 18-01-1983 time 5:20, place hyderabad (india) i am doing fashion designing first yr, wil i be able to get success in this field if yes then when plz let me know

  9. hello milind ji
    i was waiting for ur reply since very long time..its regarding when I'll have a kid..My DOB is 21/11/1978. birth time is 11:59:59 p.m at post Shirur,Dist-Pune.
    And my husband's DOB is 9/9/1975.Birth time is 11.05 a.m. at post Manchar,dist pune.
    Plz reply soon...since we r desparately trying for kid from long time.Plz guide us..
    Thanks & Reagrds

  10. Hi Milindji,

    Please reply to my mail. ...Please sir. My email id is


  11. Milindji

    please write on Moon in 11th house..!!
    awaiting since long

  12. Hi milindjee,
    My details are
    DOB: 16/05/1983
    Place: Dhule
    Time: 05:15 Am

    I am disturbed too much financially & mentally,
    I would like to change the job ? when i will change it ? My home is pending for renovation from last one & half years at Dhule. A lot of loan is on my head. can not able to take decision quickly. How will be my future ? Monetary Condition, Progeny, Etc. please help me.


  13. Dear Milind,
    Would be grateful if you make predictions for me. Have been undergoing very difficult times for a year now, both professionally and personal. Mother has been diagnosed with cancer. My details are......
    11-08-1971 1105AM. Katihar, Bihar
    Meena rashi, Revathi nakshatra and Thula lagna.
    Presently undergoing Mars-Rahu from 12-7-2012.
    Best regards.

  14. when will u post august 2012 predications????????? Daily i am visiting your site 8-10 times in hope that u may posted, but still not......Please post aug 2012, we all r eagerly waiting.........

  15. when will u post august 2012 predications????????? Daily i am visiting your site 8-10 times in hope that u may posted, but still not......Please post aug 2012, we all r eagerly waiting.........

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

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