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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Random Thoughts 13: Death Prediction Folly and Thoughts on Longevity

Random Thoughts 13: Death Prediction Folly and Thoughts on Longevity:

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  1. Dear milind ji
    After the big bang of big bang theory is there a need to alter our view towards astrologly.karma theory, other rules laid down by saints in past,prove astrologly in amore scientific manner& accept the challenges post by anti supertitious people

  2. milind there any chances,that shud i settle abroad......pls have a glance on my horoscope details...and pls guide me will my stars and grahs support me as far as my abroad migration is concerned ?
    Birth place : ambala
    Birth time : 9:35am
    Birth date : 27 aug 80
    pls revert...!!!!!

    Warm rgds

  3. Milindji,

    Can it be predicted "this person will commit suicide"?


  4. Ahh.. I would be interested in that permanent weight loss procedure you are talking about in the linda goodman’s book.
    Very Interesting article about death… and soul....and that our soul chooses
    So I am thinking you might be able to help with the following question.
    From past few years, I am in and out of dissatisfactory durations in my life… they don’t last long, usually 2-3 days at a stretch… But sometimes weeks…. and in this duration….. I am usually dissatisfied with the pace of my life and the usual “go to office…come back home…eat .. sleep” type of routine, which leads me to think what’s the purpose of my life.
    This dissatisfaction leads to extreme anxiety most of the times. Since you have popped the topic in your article that the soul chooses life they want to live, the family they want to be with and the purpose of this life. I would like to ask is there a way to find the purpose of my life?
    Is it possible that I have no purpose in life? Is it possible that I have some purpose but I am not seeing it? Am I suppose to know the purpose of my life or the purpose is automatically solved while I live my life as it comes without making a fuss?
    Will this anxiety go away if I find out what’s the purpose of my life and start working towards it consciously?

  5. Hello Milind, Ms Sahiwal and Ms Shubha

    Apologies for missing your company and discussion threads. Last few weeks were little extra challenging as life has been a bit of roller coaster ride and extra interesting.

    Ms Sahiwal & Shubha: I have sent few PDF & epub format books on Eastern Practices of Spirituality & Philosophy to Milind's gmail Id today as I do not have your contact details. Hope that you will like them. Also you might like this interesting video link:

    @MILIND: Thanks for referring me to your Astro Basics blogs. They were indeed very nice and thought provoking. Also can I make a request to you to forward the eBooks that I have sent today to your gmail account id with subject "Eastern Practices of Spirituality & Philosophy Books" (To Sahiwal & Shubha). Please accept my thanks in advance.

    Kind Regards,

  6. hi milind plz comment on the effect of
    " Sun of Leo and Sun of Makar are -- opposite -- so this is bigger issues than say Tula & meen Moon Signs"

    thanks in anticipation.


  7. Hi Milind,

    I am in a utter confusion and even I had mailed u also. My dob is 9/4/1979 birth place bangalore and btime is 3.30pm and in astrologer written horoscope mine is simha rashi (Leo) and as per date in western calendar its mesha (Aries) and with your corrected one it goes to meena (Pisces). But your meena rashiphala for 2012 doesnot reflect what happened to me in 2012 till now. But in other 2 cases your dates dont match with my birth date. So which one should I follow pls let me know. thanks

  8. Dear dearones,

    The cause of all the distress and miseries in our life is because, we are seeking happiness in a wrong place, the nature of soul is sat cit ananda to be eternally blissful so we try to be happy always, the way is to surrender ourselves to God, In Bhagvad Gita Krishna says in 18th chapter, he will take care of us if we surrender to him completely...In India we misunderstand god, we put our requests in front of him as if it is his duty to fulfill our wishes. God as a supersoul within you is waiting for you to love him, not giving him orders or files asking for nitty gritty things :) Love him and he will reciprocate...

    Thank you for patiently reading, forgive me if I have hurt anybody's sentiments.


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