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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weekly Horoscope November-2012 and Random Thoughts 16


  1. Random Thoughts 16
  2. Monthly Horoscope / Monthly Rashifal: Nov 2012


  1. Helo sir,

    My name is vaishali bandwalkar.MY DOB 1st Feb 1985 ,Time of Birth is 6.30 PM ,Bahndup,Mumbai
    I want to know about my career and marriage?
    plase for better carreer what shoul i do?bcoz current job i m not satisfied as well as want to know about marriage its love or arrange bcoze of i m in relationship with the guy but my family appose for that actualy till date i didnt tell anything to my parents but i m sure they will not agree pls help me give me suggestion,

  2. hello milind;
    i m sandeep pagare .i want to know about my job. i am searching new job but didn't get success in that can u please tell me when i get new job and where in abroad or India. i m mechanical engineer.
    sandeep pagare
    10.30 morning
    place thane

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  4. Hi Milind,
    great work you are doing and out of those 19 lac views my own would be atleast half a lac...
    well jokes apart, i am kumba and because this shani 9, 10 11, (whose effects i have already noticed). eagerly waiting for 2013 horoscope because of the end of 4th guru in may 2013. if this good is shani 9th now how it would be without guru 4th after may. & so please update 2013 horoscope as soon as possible on
    thanks a lot for this initiative that u have taken. may u become the best astrologer in the country.

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