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Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekly Horoscope: JAN-30-2012 to FEB-05-2012 (Saptahik Rashi bhavishya / Weekly Rashifal)

Weekly Horoscope / Weekly Rashi bhavishya / Weekly Rashifal

JAN-30-2012 to FEB-05-2012 (IST Dates / Moon Sign)

This article will not apply to housewives or even farmers. The folks with a very strong 4th houses would never travel and stay in a comfort zone in “SUKH” and atma:shanty than worldly activities.

Please check as per your MOON Sign only. Any astro site would be able to tell your moon sign. If you HAVE to check as per SUN Signs – Please check as per your REAL (sidereal) Sun sign: The Western Sun Sign calendar is not correct.

2012 Annual Horoscope for all signs posted:

Moon Movements in the week:

Moon in MESH 00:03 degrees at the start of the week at midnight

Moon changes to VRISHABH 12:43 p.m. on Wednesday Feb 1st

Moon changes to MITHUN 12:07 a.m. (Friday midnight) on Saturday Feb 4th

Moon changes to KIRK 8:12 a.m. on Monday Feb 6th


1. Guru becoming maargi is great news for Mithun, Singh, Dhanu, Tula and Mesh folks. The things would move FAST now onwards until May2012.

2. The week is great for Singh and Kanya folks.

3. When I wrote following stuff last week I had no idea how bad this is going to be – Pune is a sad example! India is always chaotic with traffic issues anyways regardless of the planets but when you have showdown by Shani & Mangal then the collective conscious becomes further worse! L)

4. Mangal going wakri last week in LEO in DHANU navamansh is not good news for traffic issues, street-fights, arguments. Please avoid it as far as possible. Road rage is going to be very easy! KANYA rashi and MAKAR rashi especially needs to be careful with vehicles: air pressure, servicing etc is a must. Mangal is with RAHU in navamansh (Dhanu navamansh) and this makes them worse still!

5. Mangal and Shukra are coming opposite to each other – advise girl’s not to wonder around in the night-time and not to trust someone too much! Young folks are advised patience in love affairs and not let passions run wild. Night clubs, bars etc could see some tensions/fights in the week. Some colleges could be boys fighting over girls etc! (Pretty standard affair usually but could take serious/fatal turn!)

6. KUMBH and MITHUN: Beware of seniors until FEB14th! J Check what they want, their priorities etc and do not jump any signal/stop-lights etc – any error will cause cops giving you a lot of trouble! For more details of troubles with authorities for ALL SIGNS:


This week is good to execute your plans after expensive weekend! J Some economic gains are possible from Wednesday noon. The weekend shows travel possibilities: presentations, proposals or meeting with siblings.

Guru in rashi will only increase the responsibilities until May2012. Shani in 7th house could reduce the sphere of influence but cause increased collaborations with workers, masses. It would also cause a “reality check” with partnerships. 8th Rahu advises some care of paternal family elders.


This week until Wednesday noon shows adverse climate: hard-work, patience & perseverance! After that things come back to track and positive energy until Friday midnight. Some gains are sure on the weekend.

The 6th Shani forcing new collaborations like Sanjay Dutt doing Kancha Cheena to venture into new mass-base! J The 12th Guru is forcing planning of next 12 years of life. Ketu in rashi good for spiritual pursuits and 7th Rahu shows collaborations with paternal side family.


This week shows multiple gains & a pro-environment until Wednesday noon. Thereafter, for 2+ days there is a need to re-group and think your strategy for next month or so: Invest time, money and energy for next month. Start of execution from Saturday and gains start from Monday.

The 6th Rahu is keeping enemies at bay and also making you work with folks from different cultural background. The 5th Shani is now MUCH better but advises care on kid’s front. The 11th Guru is all-mighty and WILL give tremendous success until May2012!

Beware of seniors until FEB 14th:


This week is great until Friday midnight. Shows a much better frame of mind which is NOT shown by bigger planets! Until Wednesday there is some happening feel at workplace. Great gains and pro environment is shown from Wednesday noon. Friday midnight onwards it is time for spending time & energy for planning the next month. The weekend shows expense.

4th Shani and 10th Guru is NO FUN! J Both make person report to a person with similar abilities who has reached the position with a different path than yours – not fault of his or yours! J You have got be patient until May2012 for sure. 11th Ketu and 5th Rahu are helping with blessings from both the families.

SINGH / Sinvha / Simha

This week is VERY VERY good for Singh folks. Time to “chamako” now! J Start of the week itself would see start of some great things for sure. After Wednesday, you will work very hard and reap benefits with multiple gains from Friday midnight! Try to stay away from affairs this week – else some unpleasant surprise later on.

9th Guru and 3rd Shani: Your time has come now to snatch a initiative or a program for next 3 years! Hrithik has got 2 specific movies from May2010 (JNMD and Agneepath) which should set him up for next 3 years or so. 3rd Shani will allow you to play your cards and choose between 2/3 good things! Shani will also allow you to put your people in key positions. 4th Rahu is OK – 10th Ketu is making you do projects that have “token” value – showcase value.


Patience and hard work and some more hard work is needed until May2010 and more so until Wednesday noon. From Wednesday noon you will enter 6.5 great days. Travel is quite possible on Wed/Thursday. Hard-work & results are ‘on’ for the weekend. 2 days of multiple gains from next Monday morning. Weekend is very good for education/certification related activities.

Service your vehicles keep patience while driving, do not affect others with your vehicles and state of mind! Drive carefully and with as much sleep as possible. L 8th Guru is testing you until May2012: Yoga, Meditation, Ayurvedic stuff will help for sure. Study/complete certifications until May2012. 2nd Shani will show previous investment mistakes but start new/fresh income. Going away from family/mom quite likely in 2nd Shani. Rahu and Ketu are helping from 3rd and 9th house for sure.


This week until Wednesday is great to spend with partners/spouse etc. there is a lot of hard-work and physical tests from Wednesday noon to Friday midnight – take enough rests/sleep & “Vitamin B / B-Complex” pills! J You enter very good 6.5 days starting Friday midnight.

7th Guru is helping increase sphere of influence and also on collaborations/partnerships front. Shani in rashi better than say 12th! J Rahu in 2nd and Mangal in 11th is great for investment income and land related activities.


The start of the week shows upset stomach and health issues until Wednesday noon. Later on until Friday midnight is great for bonding with partners/spouse etc. The weekend is hectic for sure and some driving issues quite likely. Be careful! The Monday 8 a.m. will start a great period of 6.5 days.

The 6th Guru is making enemies shine, exposing health issues, spend on partying around & social causes. 12th Shani forcing to NOT get involved in street fights and concentrate on 30,000 feet view (bird’s view) of your life and DECIDE/plan what you need to do in next 30 years of life. READ, THINK and Write down and verify. The 10th house Mangal is taking care of your workplace influence – but do not stretch the workplace matters beyond reasonable limits as nobody is irreplaceable.


This week starts on a very good note – great news from kids, speculative markets and meeting some influential folks like Gurus/mentors who would shape your next 9 years of life. After Wednesday noon, social events and upset stomach! J Drive carefully after late might party! The weekend is great for spending time with spouse and overall partnerships and collaborations.

‘Dream Come True’ success for Moola Nakshatra until Jan end. Later in Feb March great for Purva-Shadha and April May2012 great for Uttarta-Shadha! Shani in 11th angle will show you the “rain of Rs”! J Rahu making you spend time for paternal family elders.


The week starts with some lethargy that gets over by Wednesday noon! J Until Wednesday noon is a good time to visit Mom and spend some quality time at home. The things start happening after Wednesday noon to Friday midnight. You will mostly have a party mood on the weekend and would need to watch health aspects.

4th Guru is stagnancy personified but the best time for certifications and preparation for glorious 5th Guru from May2012. 10th Shani is great for potential increase but along with 4th Guru it makes you report to someone elder & someone probably you do not like! J (Raj Thackeray, Rahul Gandhi Shah Rukh, Gopinath Munde) Rahu i.e. paternal family elders are helping for sure. Mangal in 8th house of peeda – service vehicles and drive very carefully – avoid accidents by being careful and conservative and do not overly depend on brakes, other people to obey laws etc.


The start of the week is great for expression, presentation, writing white papers etc. It is also good to pick some fights with someone! J Wednesday afternoon onwards 2 days would be slower – will allow you to take a pause and think over your execution plan. Friday midnight onwards 2+ days are very good to get things done – connections with places 9.12 hrs away on the weekend quite likely.

The 3rd Guru is great for short travel, new location and assignments at workplace, getting away from daily grind! The 9th Shani is trying to get to new & exciting daily grind (responsibility, duty, designation, position & status etc)! J Rahu in the 10th house giving you some glorious or image/pet projects for your organization. 7th Mangal wakri recommends caution/patience in relationships.

Beware of seniors until FEB 14th:


Average week with some investment gains at the start of the week. Wednesday onwards you will need to communicate a lot. It could also show some very short travel for a meeting or so. Friday midnight onwards 2+ days shows relax environment and some rest.

The 2nd Guru will expand you income/investments. The 8th Shani warrant health checks, increase in ability, yoga, life-style review etc. The Rahu in 9th house & Ketu in 3rd house shows good support from both maternal and paternal family. Mangal in 6th house is good to get victory on competitors but watch vehicles/drive safely.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekly Horoscope / Weekly Rashi bhavishya / Weekly Rashi-fal Jan 23, 2012 to Jan 29, 2013

Weekly Horoscope / Weekly Rashi bhavishya / Weekly Rashi-fal

JAN 23, 2012 to Jan 29, 2012 (IST Dates / Moon Sign)

This article will not apply to housewives or even farmers. The folks with a very strong 4th houses would never travel and stay in a comfort zone in “SUKH” and internal shanty than worldly activities.

Please check as per your MOON Sign only. Any astro site would be able to tell your moon sign. If you HAVE to check as per SUN Signs – Please check as per your REAL (sidereal) Sun sign: The Western Sun Sign calendar is not correct.

2012 Annual Horoscope for all signs posted:

Moon Movements in the week:

Moon in MAKAR 01:13 degrees at the start of the week at the midnight

Moon changes to KUMBH 03:41 a.m. on Wednesday JAN 25th

Moon changes to MEEN 12:20 p.m. on Friday JAN 27th

Moon changes to MESH 11:54 p.m. on Sunday JAN 29th


Guru becoming maargi is great news for Mithun, Singh, Dhanu, Tula and Mesh folks. The things would move FAST now onwards until May2012. The week is great for Vrishabh and Mesh rashi folks.

Mangal going wakri this week in LEO in DHANU navamansh is not good news for traffic issues, street-fights, arguments. Please avoid it as far as possible. Road rage is going to be very easy! KANYA rashi and MAKAR rashi especially needs to be careful with vehicles: air pressure, servicing etc is a must.

KUMBH and MITHUN: Beware of seniors until FEB14th! J Check what they want, their priorities etc and do not jump any signal/stop-lights etc – any error will cause cops giving you a lot of trouble! For more details of troubles with authorities for ALL SIGNS:


This is a week of good news right until Friday noon. Increasing responsibility at workplace & a position/designation is quite possible. Shani will force you to build collaborations with people you usually do not like to spend time with! J Mangal in 5th house is going wakri, drive carefully especially, when kids are with you. Check what your kids want and ask them to take care with vehicles. Friday noon to weekend shows expenditure & spending/investing time and effort to plan for next 30 days.


Seniors & Govt now would be friendlier now! J Budh going 9th in Makar will help bride communication gaps. Mangal wakri in 4th house shows domestic trouble. 6th Shani is forcing new alliances & also asking you to watch health/stomach for sure. The week shows a great support from Moon movements in 9, 10, 11 houses right until Sunday night. You mood would be very good until end of the weekend! J


11th Guru will start giving great gains. 5th Shani is now much better placed which shows position/designation or promotion with some added responsibilities. The 3rd Mangal is making you travel and drive fast and express yourself confidently but it is going wakri so now express yourself carefully and without haste! J The week shows great support from Moon from Wednesday 4 a.m. There is peeda and hard-work in 8th Chandra until Wednesday 4 a.m.

The 6th Rahu will help in competitive deals thru collaborations with people from different background/caste/religion etc. Paternal Grandparent’s deeds (good or bad) could come your way (help or hinder). Beware of seniors until FEB 15th for sure:


Some setbacks and reporting to an equal or less ability person is quite likely now until May2012. Have patience. Surya moving out of 6th house gives breather to your enemies (heet-shatru more precisely). The start of the week is good for group activities and partnerships. Wednesday 4 a.m. onwards 2+ days show hectic schedule and a lot of peeda. The things come back on track from Friday noon which starts a good period of 6.5 days.

SINGH / Sinvha / Simha

The Sun moving to the 6th house will show success over competition for sure. 9th Guru and 3rd Shani are almighty and helping you tremendously. Ketu 10th at workplace house would give you some awards or sukoon – maternal family deeds would help or hinder in business or workplace matters. Mangal in rashi wakri is requesting to keep cool and show some temperament. Until Wednesday 4 a.m. the things are average, rather they show some social things and also upset stomach! J Collaborations and partnerships is the name of the game until Friday noon. Very hectic 2 days from then on until end of the week (Sunday night).


Service your vehicles! J The Sun entering the 5th house will help execute things much better. Guru is hurting on professional front but helping on home d├ęcor and even investment front despite 2nd Shani which could affect/expose previous investments! This Guru would also give advances on alternate medicines & yoga or other spiritual avenues. Overall a good week actually – Good for doing some karma for kids until Wednesday 4 a.m. Then, some social events until Friday noon/do watch your stomach. It is about partnerships/spending time with spouse etc from Friday noon to Sunday midnight. Next Monday and Tuesday would be hectic.


Mangal in 11th is great for real estate, investments gains. The Sun moving 4th brings some status quo and reduces travels a bit. Shukra in the 5th, and Guru in the 7th great for marriage related activities and also overall collaborations and expansions. Shani in rashi warrants careful about drinking water outside. Start of the week shows some rest and sukoon due to some travels over the weekend. Good for spending time with mom until Wednesday morning. Wednesday thru Friday noon shows some achievements and also meeting someone “special”! ;) A party mood is possible from Friday noon to Sunday midnight.


10th Mangal is increasing power at workplace but as it is wakri now do not try to use harsh words & avoid any abuse of power or arrogance. The 6th Guru is making your competitors grow. You need to service well what you got from May2010 to May2011 in 5th Guru. The week shows travel possibilities on until Wednesday morning! Then until Friday noon it is time to meet dear ones and a homely environment. It’s a good time to spend with kids and some studies from Friday noon to Sunday midnight.


The 5th Guru is now going to shower success on you. What you have been working from past 3 years will give success. The start of the week shows monetary gains in investments/share market etc. The Wednesday thru Friday noon shows some expression and travel possibilities. The, the next 5 days are very good for achievements & also spending time and good news from kids. Good achievements in studies and some shine thru your intelligence.


The 4th Guru and 10th Shani can make you someone senior but of equal ability and also a senior who is older than you and you can learn some risk management from him/her. The moon in rashi until Wednesday morning shows enthusiasm. Later on 2 days shows gains and getting things done at workplace. Friday noon onwards to Sunday midnight is a great time for some travel to meet your mom or dear folks. The weekend shows some rest & spending time with dear ones.


9th Shani and 3rd Guru are starting new things in life, Shani on “Duty”, designation, new job profile, new workplace/change of job/location front and Guru on what you “LOVE to do” front! Travel is imminent and new responsibilities too. It is a tough environment for you until Wednesday 4 a.m. You get back on track from Wednesday morning. Friday noon onwards 2 days shows some results of your work. Mangal in the 7th house recommends careful driving and also taking it easy with partners, avoid confusions/fights. Beware of seniors until FEB 14th:


The 6th Mangal is keeping you in the hunt with some tab on the enemies. The Guru in 2nd house shows increasing income & investments. Shani is asking you to increase your potential and be careful with seniors and also pay special attention to your kids. Shukra in the 12th house shows some time spent on entertainment & indulgences! J As Ketu is in the 3rd house and the owner of that house is Shukra – some unforeseen travels for maternal family folks are quite likely. The week until Wednesday 4 a.m. is wonderful. Then, until Friday noon it is adverse environment for you: be careful in expressing yourself and also make sure you are not misunderstood. Also, you will need to recalculate your strategy.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Random Thoughts 6: Multiple Planets & “Accidental Nature”

Random Thoughts 6: Multiple Planets & “Accidental Nature”


Many a times there are multiple planets in a horoscope say 3, 4 or even 5 in one house. In such situations, Guru drushti or Guru on these planets could be magical as it would enhance most effects and limit losses if both Shani and Mangal part of those planets! It is obvious that either good or bad effects both would be highly pronounced in this person’s life. Good days would be very good and bad news from everywhere when things are not good! The following text concentrates ONLY on the effect of these planets of 3 houses that are not in synch with the house these planets are in the horoscope. The immediate next house, the 6th & the 8th house from this house are affected in some way.

1. When there are multiple planets in a specific house in the horoscope, they usually cause some harm or say partial fulfillment to the house that is 2, 6 or 8 from that house.

2. For example, too many planets in the 4th house affect the 9th house in the horoscope somewhat. Also they make you stay away from practical achievements of your knowledge (5th house) or even Kids. Similarly, they are not in synch with the 11th house too.

3. Too many planets in 3rd house would make person travel so much that they might not be able to enjoy SUKH too much in life (4th house) or stay closer to mom or even just relaxing at home or having a party/dinner with closer friends despite having close friends.

4. SO when there are various planets in the 3rd house and 9th house – the 4 and 10th house of the horoscope are affected the most and the person would stay away from parents and even there could be some repercussions towards mom and father’s health & longevity IF Moon/Sun are not very well placed in the horoscope (rashi bal, sthan bal, Guru drushti etc)

5. Too many planets in 12th house could affect health (the person will ignore 1st house which is image, appearance and also overall health, well being). Also, it could show a spouse with some health issues as this 12th house is 6th to marriage house (7th). Also too many bad or too many planets in the 12th house would also affect the kids (5th house) and PERSONAL achievements as person would PLAN and ARCHIETCT the plans that are achieved by others.

6. There is nothing good or bad – it simply using common sense means that 1 thing MORE focused in life WILL affect some other thing in life being lesser! J

7. Spiritual terms or Spiritual Explanation – The soul wants to concentrate due to the PASSIONS of past life so much on 1 ASPECT of life that the focus on many things is just not there as it is NOT the life purpose of the soul anyways! J

“Accidental Nature”

Please note that accident and Mangal are very closely related as Mangal shows blood, sports, running, driving etc. So Mangal in bad state in a horoscope will certainly show some accidents in life due to own actions or just out of some misfortune also (100% someone else’s mistake!). The text below is about even Moon and Sun signs and about attitude/behavioral pattern and not about destiny/past Karma etc.

1. Accidental nature or “suicidal nature” terms are taken as very fatal. Suicidal nature when reading palms means that the person until a moment would have completely logical analysis etc but suddenly something happens as all the logic goes for a toss and the person does something really stupid. Similarly, Accidental nature in a horoscope does not mean fatal stuff but just smaller things and part of attitude/excitement in the person which causes some funny accident – Spilling milk/water, things getting thrown from their hands etc.

2. The most accident prone signs in the Rashi-Chakra (Zodiac) are Aries and Sagi i.e. Mesh and Dhanu. When a person is Moon Sign Mesh and Sun Sign Dhanu – it is seen more or say a person with a combination of these signs in a horoscope make person spill, throw stuff unknowing due to some quick gesture or an action. Even in a room while taking to someone they start walking and stumble upon a table and hurt their knee or feet! J It is mostly funny and sometime embarrassing than fatal etc. So Mesh and Dhanu rashi is it is well occupied in some person’s horoscope – beware if you are around the person! Especially, the Moo, the Sun and also Mars (Mangal).

3. It will be seen more for Dhanu moon and Mesh Sun compared to Mesh rashi and Dhanu Sun as later is more strategic and the former is more tactical configuration as you can see from the article on “The Moon and The Sun Relationships in a Horoscope” in this blog itself.

4. Even the Mars in DHANU NAVAMANSH also tends to be a bit accidental. MARS: Right now, from Jan 5th 2012 until Jan 25rd and then even from Jan 25th wakri to FEB 11 – it is wakri in DHANU NAVAMANSH (Leo Sign!) Then it will be maargi wakri etc again in DHANU navamansh in Singh rashi. This makes this Mars a bit accidental for sure. You could see more folks on the road “driving” you nuts! J Be watchful, as you can see some silly mistakes and silly positive MOVES by drives around the word causing nuisance kind of accidents! Some could be dangerous also given individual karma but overall this Mars in Dhanu navamansh is accidental for all folks.

5. Even in a Horoscope Mesh rashi Dhanu navamansh (Krittika) or Singh rashi Dhanu navamansh can cause this attitude in a person which is highlighted when some major planets in GOCHAR male yoga with this Mangal or in maha or antardasha of Mangal!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Replies to comments on Random Thoughts 5 Article

Not able to post comments due to some browser settings: Here are some replies to comments on Random Thoughts 5 article:

[1] Rashmi: If not now sometime later in life when Dasha Antardasha of these planets come across! :) Your destiny WILL pull you towards that. I started Astro back in 1991 or so but started blog in 2009 -- used to write from 99 or so and more after 2003/2004. But as they say TIME ana chahiye! :)

[2] SP: When Astrologers say that -- they are talking about the planets at the time of your birth. There are 11 planets and 12 signs or 27 Nakshatra. All these grahas are in some nakshatra/rashi at the time of your birth.

[3] Janki Marriage

Any astrologer would tell you that the period until May2012 is good for marriage. Which is not wrong -- there are good chances BUT I think that May2012 to May2013 is the best for finding someone and getting married.July2012/Augst2012 are further BETTER. You have Shani VERY close to Shukra and hence the delay but it is NOT denied...Guru also with Shukra so when it happens it will not be bad at all. There is a good chance of inter-cast marriage. 2009 was very good to find someone but it is good that it has got delayed. You are very good at planning/vision & management. You will be able to do things with GREAT productivity and ease. The horoscope is of great many riches and also daan-dharma etc in life. 26 date only shows some mismanaged relationship but I guess Shani with Shukra would not allow too many mistakes -- rather it could delay it....LEO -- SUN -- 26 -- all these together could cause some EGO issues-- Never compromise on Sefl esteem but EGO can be avoided if possible. Your mistake for someone else's mistake is equally bad morally!

[4] Sahiwal

NO Sun can't combust Nodes as they have their own effects and ALTER the effects of planets with them -- Rahu adds agitation, aggression; Ketu adds sukoon, but also pessimism, slow responses. Health or overall Robustness could become a worry when Sun with Ketu.

[5] PAVAN Swetha

yet to check -- -will check but BOTH horoscopes advise delay in marriage. Pavan's horoscope shows delay at least until 2013 end and if possible imn 2014 early part.

[6] Raghav ABHI: Any planet in 9th house brings philosophical view to the person and 12th house shows spiritual/philosophical views.


Sure -- A book sounds good! I find awastha or Tarun, Old, Mrut etc etc bullshit to say the least. He has Shani in own rashi in WEALTH house and Guru in 10th house drushti on this Swagruhu Shani. The best part is BOTH Shani and Guru are in CHAR navamansh --- although their Navamansh are NEECH for BOTH these planets -- They are CHAR and hence give money. Both Shani and Guru in ARTH Trikon have given more emphasis to MONEY. Pawar Saheb has 6th house Shani & Guru both and hence more emphasis on Shani. Balasaheb has Shani in 11th house and Guru in 4th house with Mangal in Mesh so Money has not been his as much of a focus.

[8] Anonymous Bangalore 1974 2nd Jan -- Any cancer related history in the family? Just checking. I am surprised that 2009, 2009 did not yield some good recommendations for marriage. The horoscope shows a bit ANASAKTI about marriage & sambandh actually. I think now May2012 to Mmay2013 is a great chance. 2009 was also great to find a Guru in life for next 12 years & also to get a very good position in career (designation/responsibility etc). Please be careful as you could get in touch with some physically/mentally weird person if got married in a hurry -- family, education certifications and physical checkup etc is highly warranted before getting married.

[9] MMS Horoscope changed quite a bit!! Here is the changed description:

You could be Double-haddi -- robust body-frame :) -- Getting agitated from time to time, narrow chin compared to forehead, residing hairline. Would usually speak TRUTH no matter what the consequence and even a kid would know if you lie about something. L9 in 1st with L1 in own house shows ability to occupy positions of high responsibility -- Some definite connection to education sector with so many planets in Dhanu rashi and L5 in 12th house with L12 in own rashi -- Course planning, training planning, architecting etc ability.

Your L10 is in 12th house connections with abroad places and career at abroad places. Business possible but 10th house owner is with Shukra Mangal. 26 is 8 and it shows ability to REVIEW or AUDIT something and not necessarily create something from scratch. Wakri Shani opposite to 3 planets shows delays in life & much better life from age of 30/32! 12th house planets in Scorpio along with Scorpio owner Mangal shows stay away from motherland. Also planets in 5th house of Chandra also go against doing your own business. Guru maha from FEB2016 would continue the things started by Rahu maha from Feb1998. Horoscope shows great for immigration or settling away from native. The date of 26 shows some obligation for sure in relationships mostly. Horoscope shows or recommends late marriage else some issues in 1st relationships/marriage.