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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

2016 Annual Horoscope -- 2016 Annual RashiBhavishya / Rashiphal (AstroMNC)

Have published the 2016 Annual Horoscope for up to Scorpio Moon Sign on

Will be completing remaining 4 in next 2 weeks.


  1. Dear Sir,
    I have mars + saturn in 5 house.
    Mars is stopping my success and income.
    How to overcome from this.
    Other positions are:
    Pluto + rahu= 6 house
    Neptune= 8 house
    Venus + Mercury= 4 house
    Sun + Jupitar= 3 house
    Ketu = 12 house
    Moon = 1
    Uranus= 7

    Please suggest me how save myself with mars+saturn combination.

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  19. Hello sir,
    Nice to hear you evertime whenever,but sir if u have time than I want to ask u
    I am having a tauras lagna but in my 7 th house vrischik rashi both mangal-shani are there and in ninth house is makar rashi followed by Sun,venus,mercury so there is any remedy for that ,I have talked to many astrologers but can't able to find the right remedy ,so please suggest me.

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  21. what remedy for naga dosha ,pitru dosha

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