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Sunday, December 31, 2017

AstroMNC Tantra Mantra (1)

#AstroMNC "Tantra & Mantra" 1:
Extreme good or extreme bad analysis should be done only when (a) the house in question is placed very good or very bad (b) the owner of the house is placed very good or very bad AND (c) KAARAK / Governor planet of the house is placed very good or very bad. AND these 3 are in sync in some ways (like, Yuti, NavaPancham or Kendra or Pratiyog) and so on.

Example: Kids related questions
(a) 5th house: Aspects on the 5th house, 5th house planets, 5th house rashi and so on.
(b) The owner of the 5th house (L5) placement - its sign, nakshatra and aspects on L5 and so on.
(c) Kids KAARAK is GURU.... So placement of Guru (house, sign & nakshatra) and aspects on Guru and so on

(1) Guru or L5 or both in Kendra with 5th or L5 reduces goodness of the outcome.
(2) GURU or L5 either or both in NavaPancham with 5th house increases goodness of the outcome
(3) Shani drushti on 5th house or L5 or Guru and combination delays kids in life (not deny maybe) -- Karma deficit: needs karmic deficit.
(4) Guru drushti on 5th house or L5 increases goodness of the outcome
(5) Pratiyog of L5 to 5th house or with Guru increases intensity of goodness and also bad periods for having kids and after brth of kids for their success. Good periods much better and testing periods more testing.
(6) INTENSE Nakshatra degrees Rashi-Gandaant for 5th house Bhavarambh or L5 or GURU intense past birth karma - might need karmic remedy and if Shani also involved might need adoption also to have own kids after a few years of adoption and raising a kid.

When 5th house or L5 and Guru all 3 are in 3 different states -- they Go help the astrologer with the analysis. :) :) As Karma is quite mixed and average and hence SPECIFIC stuff good or bad should be avoided by astrologer regardless of how rich or imp the person visiting you! :) :) :)

So this is just an example how complex the analysis is. PERMUTATIONS & COMBINATIONS...!!

And SO FAR in this article I have NOT talked about
(1) the same things to be checked for the 5th house and L5 from CHANDRA rashi -- (Chandra kundali) or
(2) D9 Navamansh chart for this analysis and other divisional charts

There is NO mention of timelines here which is about common sense - age factor Girl & Boy different analysis, Transits of 11 or 9 planets and Mahadasha (Mostly Vinshottari).

One can now understand how much mathematical objective calculations are YET how subjective the conclusions are from these calculations. do not use any sentences from any article unless you find 10 case studies of the same!!

Friday, December 29, 2017

SHANI (SATURN) in the 6th House of a Horoscope (Natal Chart)

SHANI (SATURN) in the 6th House of a Horoscope
“Mass mentality, Consumer mentality, Economic power + political contacts, Service Sector for masses”

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SHANI: SATURN, Shanai, Shanai – slowly slowly, Sincere, Serious, Hard-Work, Perseverance, covertly ambitions, Auditor, Police, Relentless delivery of good/bad karma, Channel for karma delivery just like ISO or CMMI Auditors or Financial Auditors, Poor People, Masses, Workers, Large group of Consumers, Cold Calculations, Devoid of emotions, numbers driven approach

The 6th House: Stomach house, Intestines and all digestive system, Rog-Sthan (Deceases), Samaaj Sthan (Social standing), Shatru (Ripu) Sthan (Competitors/enemies), Service Sector (banking, insurance, big Govt undertakings for masses – any service provided to masses & lower people – base of the proverbial pyramid Money matters, Debts and loans, Maternal family – rather specifically mama / mousi folks – younger siblings of the mom); Employees and Home Servants etc

Shani being Shani the auditor and delivery of karma – regardless if which house it is – Drushti of Shani on any planet or any house shows lesser stuff with what that planets shows for your horoscope. Closer the degrees more the issues. Extra hard work is required to get thru the things those planets show. This can't be the topic of this article. Means, Shani drushti on L5 would show delayed kids or difficulty with kids regardless of whether 2nd or the 10th Shani! Shani drushti on Surya would show some tussle with the father/Govt no matter which house Surya owns or Shani owns.

The 6th House (not so) Random Thoughts (Mukta-Chintan):
Being economic & service sector house, it shows predominantly debts, loans and banking sector when combined with the 2nd house which is for all sort of wealth management stuff and “instruments”. :) The 6th house is for employment and generating employment. It shows how a person generates employment or does for a living. This is also social presence house which connects to politics obviously. You can see that politics and economic matters are connected “naturally” even in the Vedic Astrology! :) You can’t separate them! :) The purpose of politics is to feed people & enable them to feed their family and keep them safe from enemies. This connected the 6th house with politics. Even Balasaheb with all his MIGHTY Shani 11th to Lagna and 3rd to Moon, got the power in the state when it was connected to the 6th house Uchcha Rahu Antardasha in Shani Mahadasha from 1980 to 1999 which showed his active politics strongly. So 6th house is connected to debt and loan management and political power. Each planet as per their own nature and governor/kaarakatva displays their results or presence. 8th Mangal is success & fights over competition by direct Kabbadddi style maaramaari like a sub inspector or hawaldar serving the people. It also shows sibling rivalry too as Mangal is siblings. So nature and Karakatva is imp. Surya 6th shows Govt connection for employment or Govt blessings for a business. Guru in the 6th could show “tuitions or classes” using knowledge to earn money. Dhanu rashi planets in the 6th house would show using knowledge or sports or gym etc to provide service. Strong 6th house shows strong digestive power too (which allows to digest money also!) :) It also shows strong maternal Mama mousi connection too. So Maharashtra “Sahakaar” or cooperative sector comes under this house and hence 6th house Shani Sharad Pawar saheb becomes an ideal match for their politics which is driven by money & service sector. Controlling loans & dents and using money matters to control the region! The 6th house is also about deceases and enemies. Bigger the political power bigger the enemies so it is also quite understandable., The same way bigger social presence is giving jobs to higher number of people. Someone like Magar (with say 2nd or 6th or 11th house Shani) ties up with Pawar saheb with 6th Shani and creates 20,000 jobs in Magarpatta (IT employees) and 40,000 more jobs due to these IT jobs. As you can see the 6th house is all about money matters, loans and debts & providing service sector. The 6th house is also about deceases so owner of 11th and 10th house in the 6th house connects to pharmacy or medical sector also. Exchange of 6th and 11th house owner is further more effective.

Connect that to Shani in the 6th house:
Shani is masses and large group of people and Shani is also the auditor and now connect it with politics, economics, service sector, deceases and mama mousi family. The combination of Shani nature and Karakatva and the 6th house makes it VERY powerful indeed. Rather, 3 6 11 Upachay houses are considered the BEST houses for Shani Rahu Surya and Mangal and such so called PAAP Graha to unleash their full power. SHANI method is SLOW and STEADY and long-term stuff and not quick achievements. DIrghodyogi (long term stuff) is what this Shani is. Obviously, it shows connections with powerful people who control politics or large group of people or economic sector which indirectly controls people. The success over competition for this Shani is NOT like kabaddi or direct action but it is thru money matters and economic and political power. It is lot more serious and slow approach towards destroying your enemy using money and people power.

Of course, like EVERY house – it is about WELL-PLACED SHANI which will show success with all this like Pawar Saheb has Shani in Mesh rashi with Moon and Guru which is well directed and it is also opposite Mangal (cancer when Shani was in Tula from Aug2012 to Nov2014 and also Nov2011 to March2012). So a well placed Shani has its own MAJOR SUCCESS with political contacts and powerful economic folks contacts. Whereas a badly placed Shani with Mangal or opposite Mangal without Guru drushti is a bad news for health and wealth both. Even a well-placed SHANI Is NOT about gambling or sudden income but a long term strategy which gives people money and part of that comes to you! It is sustainable and bahujan HItaay Bahujan Sukhaay model. So when these people are in trouble – the masses the thousands and lakhs of people who benefitted by their initiatives put pressure on Govt and such bpdies to let these people go as they acted in their behalf. As long as this Shani keeps in-flow to 5/10% of what they are making people earn – they are great and always on upper trajectory. Any greed and there are huge repercussions which affect thousands of people.

At an individual level you become an imp person for the organization or a political party or whoever you work for your knowledge of people. What people want, how people live, how people purchase, -- everything about customer base or your political base is very well known to you. This knowledge and ability to understand people and ability to being with people becomes very crucial for any org to get customers, keep them and also expand them. The flipside is that they know about large group of people and mass-market products more than say classes or niche products or so on. But they can still study the ways of these groups also meticulously and come up with a plan. Targeting demographics, maintaining and nurturing them is what 6th and also 3rd Shani is about. There is no dramatic rise or dramatic fall for the 6th house Shani – it is gradual and hence sustaining. Regardless of what you do or even a high tech job you do – you will get in touch with political folks or folks with higher economical foot-print.

As Shani is masses, your employees and customers are usually from middle or lower class economically. SPECIAL attention is needed on how your customers lives their day or a month or a year. Consumer behavior needs to be observed ALL the times. As Toyota principles say “Listen to customers and Live the customer”.

The 6th Shani due to drushti on the 12th and 3rd house of travels – makes a person travel for business and expansion customer base. These travels are much needed and serious and sincere stuff than picnics or leisure. They would carry all their office work to picnics or find some relevance to these picnic spots to their job or business! :)

The 6th house is about mama mousi folks. Even a well-placed Shani shows an obligation to help mama mousi and maternal cousins, A badly placed Shani downright shows your obligations to pay them back as you stole from them in the past birth. Regardless, being in good terms with maternal family and helping them is the biggest remedy for this Shani no matter how good it is placed. Even higher political or economic positions would be awarded in lesser time if you help them. It is a kaarmic action which has results beyond our immediate understanding and reason and logic.

Shani drushti on the 3rd house of siblings, some not to good events are seen with some siblings or cousins and even some difference of opinion and a very different life than the siblings too. Either the person has no younger siblings or some issues there. Mangal with or drushti on Shani & on the 3rd house could show miscarriage to the mom after or before your birth – especially when Mangal or Shani are L3. Shani drushti on L3 would add to the issues.

Shani drushti on the 8th house could show some tussle and deficiencies with inheritance. If bad aspects are in the 8th house it could show kidney or reproductive organs related issues. Mangal in same degree as Shani in 2nd 5th or 8th house is not the best news for health and inheritance or wealth of the family. Some wealth in the family is earned thru bad stuff and you could see losses due to bad investments or due to catastrophic events or some people indirectly causing harm to your investments.

Shani drushti on the 12th shows abroad connections and travels and adopting abroad good things and methods for betterment of masses back at native, It is imp for 6th Shani folks to visit abroad and better places often so that they get the VISION which is much needed as 6th Shani is too engrossed in day to day or detailing. This abroad connection helps & rather COMPLIMENTS their native or country affairs & initiatives.  There is no obligation or FORCE to make them travel abroad – but they should consciously should travel abroad to check what they can bring back their surroundings in an economically viable model. Shani drushti on the 12th house of abroad, vision, immigration and so on shows such connect but again, converting vision (12th house) to operational /tactical or execution model (6th) with actionable items! This drushti shows abroad travel only when necessary but it DOES show highly necessary abroad travels against the wish as the 6th Shani wish is to rally around massed which are usually 6 hours in diameter from their own place where people know them or they connect with people at conscious or subconscious ways! Long-term Abroad travel becomes an issue as learning complete new mases and ways becomes a major task! :) Not knowing ground level intelligence and what people think, eat, need and laugh at etc etc --- they find it VERY tough. But eventually if the stay is longer they tend to catch on local context very carefully. Of course, AIR SIGN Shani in Mithun or Kumbh or Tula can adopt to abroad masses/customers and their thinking also.

Remedies if badly placed:
(1)    Help Mama mousi and maternal cousins and your own Siblings as much as possible.
(2)    Stomach issues to be taken seriously – HONEY every day 3 times one tea spoon and LEMON in each meal is a MUST.
(3)    Walk for 3 Km per day at least for stomach health.
Neelam Gemstone is not easy to carry around as it is very difficult in the first few days as Shani expects hard-work and not haste. Neelam not advised wholesale for sure!!

Important Configurations:
[A] The adverse or bad things mentioned above would be much lesser in intensity if Shani degree is not close to Ascendant degree. Or Shani is aspected by Guru, Shani is NOT aspected by Mars or with Raahu or Ketu. Or say Shani is not wakri or worse stambhi which gets ignored. Shani has good speed & is not with Surya (Astangat). Shani is Raajyogkarak of friendly with Lagna-Rashi or Chandra-Rashi. The owner of Shani’s rashi “well-placed” and or in Guru drushti.

[B] The above things will be lot worse if Shani is with Mangal or has Mangal drushti. No Guru drushti, Wakri Shani is with Rahu or Ketu or Surya. If it has very less speed. Owner of Shani is wakri or is 6 8 12 from Shani or in Mangal or even Shani’s drushti! (Recursion!) :)  The worse or better the karma the more & more acute planetary formations in a natal chart.

Shani (Saturn) in the 12 houses of a Birth-time Horoscope (Natal Chart)

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Thought of collecting all articles in one reference article. Shani in the 9th 10th 11th houses is yet to be covered. Will try to complete this series soon.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Horoscope DEC2017 (Weekly December Horoscope: From Dec18 to Dec25)

Horoscope DEC2017 (Weekly December Horoscope: From Dec18 to Dec25)
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Nothing can negate or override your birth-time Horoscope but the following text can add or subtract from it to some extent and more so shows your own conscious or subconscious state and what YOU think how you are doing!
1.     All Timings are IST – Convert to whichever time zone you are in.
2.     Based ONLY on Moon Sign – Health could be more related to Ascendant. One can also check from Ascendant

Significant Planetary Changes:

ALL SIGNS will feel the adverse effect of Surya Shani together especially those who are in position of power/authority would see mass--employee etc unrest. Some surprise to people in power is almost a must in this week. People intensive businesses like IT industry needs to be more vigilant.

(1) Venus/Shukra enters Dhanu Sagittarius 18:07 PM Wednesday Dec 20th 2017. It stays in this sign till Jan 13th 2018. This is tough for Vrishabh Ascendant & Moon Sign for health as it is Rashi-Swami. It increases expenses for Makar and some defamation possible if not being careful with ladies/opposite sex.

(2) Venus will be in the first 3 degrees of Moola for the next 3 days until Dec23rd 10AM. This period, especially ladies need to careful and stay in known & comfortable environment.

(3) Mars / Mangal is in Tula and continues there till Jan 17th 2018. This is tough for moon signs of Scorpio and Pisces (Vrishchik & Meen) with vehicles, injury & accident etc etc. Get vehicles inspected & serviced et & drive with care and love and not with a negative sentiment or in an apprehensive manner deliberately slow! :) Adventure sports prepared well and use safety gear and stay within physical limits.

1.     From Monday morning 07:07AM Dec18th 2017 to Wednesday night 20:01PM: After 2+ hectic and fatigue days, start of very good 6+ days ahead till Monday evening. Meeting with older & seniors people. Some conflicts with seniors & authorities & your juniors. Stand-off and need to mediate. Great income and pro-environment, Connect with people 9 hours away.
2.     From Wednesday night 20:02PM to Saturday morning 08:29AM: More of the same, lot of work, productivity, happening, increasing influence at workplace, importance despite stress.
3.     From Saturday morning 08:30AM to Monday evening 18:52PM: Multiple gains, income, support from environment, all work done from the past 6 days will be rewarded in some way.

VRISHABH / TAURUS: MUST HANDLE Seniors, Father, Govt and legal stuff till Jan14th with utmost care and patience.
1.     From Monday morning 07:07AM Dec18th 2017 to Wednesday night 20:01PM: Tough time and peeda, sleep well, conflicts with authorities and seniors need to be handled without ego but enough self-esteem. Imp to be tactful and diplomatic. Krittika Nakshatra folks to especially have a tough time.
2.     From Wednesday night 20:02PM to Saturday morning 08:29AM: Start of relatively good 6 days ahead. Travels or connects with people 9 hrs away against your wish or without too much optimism but thy will help for sure. New opportunities possible.
3.     From Saturday morning 08:30AM to Monday evening 18:52PM: Stress & happening but need to put in hard work and get things done regardless of what weekend or whatever - -need to sacrifice personal time to retain workplace influence.

1.     From Monday morning 07:07AM Dec18th 2017 to Wednesday night 20:01PM: Tussle with partnerships and spouse and group events and so on. Need to handle them well. Singles could have some less than perfect experience with partnerships, beware of older folks and seniors at workplace – handle them with diplomacy not allowing to take advantage but do not offend etc beyond a limit. Seniors could surprise but eventually agree with you at least on principles if not able to help you directly. Tussle of your juniors with your seniors possible and you would be caught in the middle. This is more so for MRIG Nakshatra.
2.     From Wednesday night 20:02PM to Saturday morning 08:29AM: Tough time with fatigue and some not to good news. Put in efforts but “Yukti” is more imp than “shakti” (planning better than just force). Take enough sleep for sure.
3.     From Saturday morning 08:30AM to Monday evening 18:52PM: Start if very good 6+ days ahead. Income, Gains, Still partnerships would trouble and need to deal with. Good connects with people 9 hours away and some good results but still some compromises 50/50%.

1.     From Monday morning 07:07AM Dec18th 2017 to Wednesday night 20:01PM: Success over competition enemies but with toll on health, watch health, eat carefully and on time, eat lemon in meals (!?), maternal family connect highly likely – good & bad both aspects to it.
2.     From Wednesday night 20:02PM to Saturday morning 08:29AM: Collaborations and partnerships, spouse time, good group events, handle seniors with emotional intelligence, harsh truth to be delivered with care.
3.     From Saturday morning 08:30AM to Monday evening 18:52PM; Fatigue, need enough sleep, tough time, misaligned efforts, any hurry or anger could cause more damage. Patience is the key.

1.     From Monday morning 07:07AM Dec18th 2017 to Wednesday night 20:01PM: Watch kids related aspects, education field controversy possible, good quick achievements, good for lawyers, law field. Sports etc use all safety gear.
2.     From Wednesday night 20:02PM to Saturday morning 08:29AM: Social events, celebrations or dinner with maternal folks, upset stomach possible. Enemies/Competitors might try to take advantage of your absence or other personal priorities.
3.     From Saturday morning 08:30AM to Monday evening 18:52PM: Good collaborations and group events, well directed alliances and efforts, good time.

1.     From Monday morning 07:07AM Dec18th 2017 to Wednesday night 20:01PM: Rest & Rejuvenation which is much needed; BE CAREFUL WITH GOSSIP with unknown people, your word will be used against you and put out of context, meeting with seniors or older people in confrontational setup, conflicting interests of your seniors and juniors could affect everybody. Attention to domestic trouble and home front needed. Uttara Nakshatra to see specific domestic trouble.
2.     From Wednesday night 20:02PM to Saturday morning 08:29AM: Quick Achievements, Success and fulfillment but local and not huge etc – but still success is success. Kids will do well. Some inspirational tactical moves to achieve things.
3.     From Saturday morning 08:30AM to Monday evening 18:52PM: Social events, maternal folks and mom connect, Watch health /stomach.

1.     From Monday morning 07:07AM Dec18th 2017 to Wednesday night 20:01PM: Presentations, Writing, publication, expression possible, travel likely or connect with distant people. Watch your choice of words, Chitra Nakshatra to see specific gains due to fights of other people.
2.     From Wednesday night 20:02PM to Saturday morning 08:29AM: Much needed rest & rejuvenation but continued leftover tussle of the past 2+ days of mgmt. and people. Mostly in your comfort zone and people you are comfortable with.
3.     From Saturday morning 08:30AM to Monday evening 18:52PM: Quick achievements and success, good for kids and time spent with kids, speculative gains and inspirational work.

VRISHCHIK / SCORPIO: DRIVE CARFULLY & handle vehicles & sports with appropriate safety gear till Jan 17th
1.     From Monday morning 07:07AM Dec18th 2017 to Wednesday night 20:01PM: Incremental income, gains, Wealth Mgmt., New income in life and more so Vishakha nakshatra, Watch investments, do not be TOO BOLD with investments, Do not promise things outside your control – “Eating” of words possible.
2.     From Wednesday night 20:02PM to Saturday morning 08:29AM: Good expression, publishing, travel, meeting people.
3.     From Saturday morning 08:30AM to Monday evening 18:52PM: Comfort zone, Near Native place, Meeting near and dear people, party or gettogether with friends.

1.     From Monday morning 07:07AM Dec18th 2017 to Wednesday night 20:01PM: Back on track after hectic 3 days of expense of time money and effort and too much fatigue, Good energy & execution and positive outlook, Take care of stuff in travel/transit and more so important documents. Avoid arguments with authorities in travel - -just keep repeating your correct points :) Meeting senior & older (difficult) people is possible – need to handle with maturity and patience. Quick moves and actions could derail even easiest of achievements.
2.     From Wednesday night 20:02PM to Saturday morning 08:29AM: Income, Gains, Family time and good food. Good investments.
3.     From Saturday morning 08:30AM to Monday evening 18:52PM: Travel, Expressions, Publishing, visibility due to spoke & written word / presentations. White papers etc etc. Complex calculations and patience testing work content (attention to details needed)

MAKAR / CAPRICORN:  MUST HANDLE Seniors, Father, Govt and legal stuff till Jan14th with utmost care and patience.
1.     From Monday morning 07:07AM Dec18th 2017 to Wednesday night 20:01PM: TOUGH 2.5 days! Expense of time money and effort needed – too much adversity from Govt, Authorities and all-around people with power. Need to deal with sincerity and good positive and humble body language. Don’t react to the worst of the comments in a hurry – respond later. Handle with patience and 80% of the adversity will be done with!!
2.     From Wednesday night 20:02PM to Saturday morning 08:29AM: Back on track with some energy but still leftover issues from the past 3 days.
3.     From Saturday morning 08:30AM to Monday evening 18:52PM: Incremental gains, some recovery of issues that happened from Monday thru Wednesday.

1.     From Monday morning 07:07AM Dec18th 2017 to Wednesday night 20:01PM: Multiple gains and income, tussle of seniors and juniors but still giving you edge and pro-environment! Workplace conflicts will increase your importance. Capitalize without being opportunistic in a dutiful manner.
2.     From Wednesday night 20:02PM to Saturday morning 08:29AM: A bit tough 2+ days, need to check errors and omissions of the past 6 days and check pending stuff. Cover earlier omissions and plan the next month ahead well. Spend some time on brainstorming and do not jump into action right away. Use words carefully.
3.     From Saturday morning 08:30AM to Monday evening 18:52PM: Back on track with energy & optimism, good visibility publicity.

MEEN / PISCES: DRIVE CARFULLY & handle vehicles & sports with appropriate safety gear till Jan 17th
4.     From Monday morning 07:07AM Dec18th 2017 to Wednesday night 20:01PM: Stress and happening at the same time.- Workplace conflicts with hierarchies etc and you could become sandwiched. Need to use BOTH force and intellect (Chandragupta & Chanakya) at the same time. TRICKY situation at workplace.  Be JUST and truthful as that’s the only way!
5.     From Wednesday night 20:02PM to Saturday morning 08:29AM: Solace & incremental gains, income and mostly a pro-environment but issues from the past 3 days linger around.

6.     From Saturday morning 08:30AM to Monday evening 18:52PM:  Tough 2+ days with adversity, correct previous mistakes & omissions and sacrifice personal time for workplace image and reputation. Plan next month well and avoid jumping in to action on any NEW things.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

2018: Annual Horoscope All Signs (Varshik Rashifal 2018)

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Rashi-Bhavishya 2018 : Based on Moon Signs Predominanlty

AQUARIUS in 2018 (Kumbh Moon Sign) Annual Horoscope 2018

AQUARIUS in 2018 (Kumbh Moon Sign) Annual Horoscope 2018
Started Voluntary Payments: 
(1) https://PayPal.Me/AstroMNC
(2) From India: UPI is milind.chitambar@icici OR AstroMNC@UPI (From BHIM APP or even many bank apps)
(This would help write more & more detailed on the blog not just weekly / monthly but also the astrology articles.)

This article applies to Moon Sign Aquarius (KUMBH). This is only about “Kriyamaan karma” (instant karma) and not the “destiny” of individuals. Destiny-analysis requires horoscope (birth-time chart), Numerology, Palmistry and face reading etc. Moon Sign plays significant role when it comes to “Kriyamaan”.

Some well-known Moon sign Aquarius: Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Mathew Hayden, Salman Khan, Hillary Clinton; This article also applies to some extent Aquarius Sun Sign i.e. people born from Feb 14 to March 13 (Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong:

Aquarius Sign Characteristics
Usually Tall, Absent minded genius, an intellectual sign “lateral thinking” ability, Selfless intellect of highest order starting with Gemini to Libra to Aquarius: the Air sign Triangle of these 3 signs. Aquarius is owned by Shani but for physical presence. The “logical owner” of Aquarius is Uranus which is governor of electricity, electronics, modern sciences that starts at Mars (Engineering) in a primitive state. Their thoughts are always ahead of their times. Their dress sense is VERY simple and often topic of ridicule of others. Although Guru is considered exalted in Cancer, South Indian astrologers consider Guru exalted in Aquarius. Rather, they think that a given horoscope is of a lower category if not a single planet is in Aquarius sign! J These folks have a great foresight & they are often unorthodox, progressive and modern in their thought process. Aquarius sign vibrates to number 4 & the dates 4, 13, 22, 31. They are very friendly and collect a big friend circle. They can be called “Jagad-Mitra”!

Aquarius Sun sign birth-date from FEB14 to MAR13 also show these characteristics. Those born from Sept16 to Oct15 VIRGO Sun Sign oppose these characteristics; those born from Jan14 to Feb13 Capricorn Sun Sign also oppose Aquarius characteristics.

Background & Summary
(1)    You caught your great break in the 5th Guru sometime from June2013 to June2014 when you got a position, job, designation, office, post etc which you thought could be seen by you and your surroundings as “success” or in most cases it could have been like “dream come true” where your DESIRE was fulfilled.
(2)    In the 12 months from July2014 to July2015 you were supposed to “serve”, polish and hone what you had gotten earlier. It was the period of consolidation & hard-work to make incremental gains in your position.
(3)    The 9th house Shani from August2012 to Nov2014 gave you NEW MASS-BASE – new people (or new type of people) working for you who would support you for the next 7.5 years. This mass base would propel you in the glorious 9 10 11 house SHANI movements of increasing masse base and increasing success until like Jan2020.
(4)    SHANI was in the 10th house from Nov2014 to Jan2017 and again from July2017 to Oct2017: this was happening but of increasing stress.
(5)    The 7th house Guru from July2015 to July2016 brought in expansion & good collaborations/partnerships.
(6)    The 8th house Guru from August2016 to Sept2017 was about hard-work but mission impossible & misaligned efforts on programs that might not run their full course. Your work was appreciated but some initiatives were ill-designed and hence might have ended by Sept2017 without reaching final state.
(7)    The 11th Shani from 26OCT2017 to Jan2020 is a great blessing...! The best Shani years of the past 30 years would be given to you. It shows landslide gains and windfall gains for you now. All the work for the past 5 years and even past 15 years will now be paid-off to you in some ways!
(8)    GURU changes to 9th house from 12-Sept2017 and stays there till 12-OCT2018. It is a HUGE DEAL NOW it shows 3 great years ahead with increasing success! Bhagyoday of sorts happen to you now which means you get new higher positions and strategic work and programs which would see reaching their end-state.

KUMBH 2018 Projections
SHANI would move to the 11th house from 26-OCT-2017 to JAN2020 & then Sadesati starts! :)
(1)    Dhanishtha would see more acute 11th Shani in 2017 and early 2018 whereas Shatataraka in 2018 and Poorva-Bhadrapada majorly in 2019.
(2)    Any planet in the 11th house is magical – right time at right place with whatever that planet represents in your life/chart. A planet like Shani that takes almost 27 years to come 11th is absolutely a positive force for you.
(3)    Shani means masses/workers & overall mass-base for all folks due to “Karakatva” of Shani. Shani for Kumbh is rashi-swami and owner of the 12th house (expense/abroad/investments).
(4)    So this Shani makes you a hit with the masses. You will have people around you would inflate your ego just like the WILD success of Michael Jackson, fellow Kumbh-Moon, in the 80s when he had both Shani 9 10 11 and his uchcha Shani Mahadasha.
(5)    People power will be with you in 9 10 11 Shani from August2012 to Jan2020.
(6)    The 11th Shani means your money is directly proportional to the number of people you serve or command or lead. More the merrier. You will see great income & windfall gains for all what you did from Sept2009 when Shani was 8th and you were trying to rejuvenate yourself.
(7)    You will have a great income and feel good that is a big thing as Shani stays in one sign for 2.5 years. Unless you are in a karmic debt Antardasha, you are going to be a big hit.
(8)    The pressure and stress situation of the 10th Shani from Nov2014 to Oct2017 is going to pay off each & every karma on the past 7 years!
(9)    Invest wisely as after 11th Shani it is sadesati from Jan2020. Power misuse is very much possible in the 9 10 11 Shani which needs to be paid off in the 12th Shani from Jan2020 to April2022 – only someone like Narendra Modi (Vrishchik rashi, Tula lagna), can get through the 12th Shani without political exile or major issues but even he needs to go thru CBI enquiry of 6 hours or so! (he had mentioned it was the toughest 6 hrs he faced ever).
(10)  Shani equals “own karma” literally. So Shani ensures each & every karma of past 7 years is paid to you fully in cash!
(11)  It is highly advisable NOT to leave the place or job or a business which you started say from 2010 as it would give all it has to offer by Jan2020! LAGE RAHO!
(12)  The 11th house Shani has drushti on Moon means it gives early indicators with health of mother and self as to what is going to happen after 5 years (Jan2023 to March2025). Reserve time for yourself for health/exercise etc.
(13)  Shani drushti on the 8th house means some inheritance issues and even health issues are brought to fore that were not resolved in the 8th Shani movement from Sept2009 to August2012. You are advised to deal with these issues with cold calculations --- without pride & prejudice! :)
(14)  Shani drushti on the 5th house indicates some neglect of kids is possible and hence dedicated time needs to be given to them. Check what they want in detail and don’t give quick fixes.
(15)  You will get importance at every podium where number of people with you is an important aspect. This is especially good for the politicians and say actors (Salman?).
(16)  WAKRI / Retrograde:
a.     The week of 10th APRIL Shani is Stambhi and becomes wakri / retrograde from April19th at 15th degree.
b.     This retrograde Shani makes matters VERY VERY slow and highly stagnant. Even some bad decisions would be postponed or delayed and same is true with some good decisions. If some eventual bad thing gets delayed – try to make up by extra work or attention and force to keep your influence/strength.
(17)  MAARGI / Direct:
a.     SHANI becomes Maargi from the week of Sept10/15. This makes things much better for everybody. However, it does bring in faster decision making whether it is good or bad! You will deliver some bad news to some people & make them move on this period. The 10th Shani has critical mass on your side to weather most of the storms keep your people happy and engaged.

GURU 9th (Bhagya/Luck) from 12Sept2017 to 12-Oct-2018:
(1)    MAJOR things happen or start when Guru is 9th. Bhagya-sthan is of travel & expansion and long term strategic initiatives. Your efforts now will be aligned well to a greater cause. It is THE BEST house of Guru movement!
(2)    You will get great guidance, right advice and a mentor or a Guru. You will actively seek advice or easily get advice from various experts.
(3)    A promotion or a position which almost guarantees a promotion is a given! As Guru is about knowledge, this position and promotion is associated with increased knowledge and not just due to increase in business!
(4)    You would evolve as a professional and a person due to the knowledge increase.
(5)    You will have a great impact on the surroundings and achieve a lot more than you imagined until Sept2018.
(6)    9th Shani (Nov2014 to jan2017) brought masses to you – the 9th Guru will bring in experts & classes!
(7)    As you can see the 9th house is Bhagyasthan (LUCK / broad success / strategic positions) and Guru ensures that your BHAGYODAY happens as long as you have been working hard.
(8)    There is a very good chance to change your location and travel to a place 9 to 12 hour away from the current one for a period of say 3 years. Bhagya doesn’t change seating on a couch. One has to move their axx for that! :)
(9)    Your image will increase in right circles. Married folks have a great time with kids.
(10)  Guru being owner of the wealth houses (2nd and 11th) you will see great income increase. It will start something new which will stay with you with increasing success with you until 11th Guru which would be over in the end of 2020.
(11)  This shows increasing success by typical GURU fashion which is DYAN-Yoga – what you know will work for you a lot more in this period.
(12)  Guru drushti on the 3rd house means good news from siblings and also travel.
(13)  Guru drushti on the 5th house is great for academics but more so projects and applied knowledge.
(14)  Guru drushti on Moon would show good news for health of self and your mother.

MARS would be in the 12th house & cause Expense and PEEDA for you from MAY2018 to 8-NOV-2018 quite a long time indeed wakri maargi (usually this is only 1.5month!!!). Before MAY2018, get vehicles serviced, oil/air-pressure checked etc. IN this period, drive carefully and avoid risks with vehicles during this period. Helmet and other safety gear is a must in this period. Avoid adventure sports or ensure all safety measures. Avoid road rage and use helmets for sure. Also, don’t stand closer to any building under construction. Use helmet if playing cricket etc sports.

The 10th Guru from 12-Oct-2018 to Oct2019:
(1)    More of the same of the 9th Guru from Sept2017 to Oct2018.
(2)    Stress stress, too much work & high productivity
(3)    Consulting experts is a MUST else would work for 15 hours and still would fall short. Experts difficult to get hold of but it is imp to spend 6 hours to get the RIGHT PERSON with Right knowledge and then make him/her work for 2 hours than trying to get it done for 8 hrs by non-experts as they would not do a quality job! IMP to consult GURUs type people for sure!!
(4)    Coincidentally – whether by design or not - YogaYog or KarmaDharmaSanyog etc you might need to report to someone of equal or less ability in this period of 10th  Guru even if for a few weeks or months. NO fault of yours and not fault of them. 2020 would be give you a better position than this person!

RAHU and KETU 6th house and the 12th house from Sept2018 for 18 months ahead. The 6th house Rahu is a HUGE power and a topic of a separate article itself! It shows your social status will increase, you will work with and provide service to people of different caste culture and or religion / language. Increase in money and social status. Some mystique around you will be created as people from one or twi rung below socially or economically will hail you and support you. This Rahu although creates some jealousy within colleagues as they forget that you are getting it due to 8th Rahu hardships and 7th Raahu hard-work (Karmaani Adhikaraste!). Guru being 9th would reduce this jealousy until Sept2018 quite a bit. Paternal family will spend most of their time in the money matters and practical matters. The 12th KETU shows time to fulfil some obligations towards the maternal family as their elders will need help. Donations to temples, religious places and visit to such places is likely.

SUN: In the following two months: Handle seniors, Govt, Police related matters with tact & diplomacy during following periods; check if their & your priorities are the same! J (Sun would support greatly for 3 months from Oct 16th!)
1.     Jan 14 to Feb 14 – 12th House Sun
2.     Sept 15 to Oct 15 – 8th House Sun

Neptune continues in Aquarius (Kumbh) for several years! Neptune in your own sign shows use of subconscious information quite a bit. Every 28 days Moon passes over it and make you identify patterns around you that have happened before. It certainly recommends use of your hunch and instincts along with your usual data/information methods. This applies more when you meet with new people or even new places or organization. You will do a great job of reading in between the lines but it is recommended to also reconfirm these observations.

Uranus (Harshal) changing to the 3rd house (Aries Sign) from April2017 for around 7 years shows sudden travel probabilities, sudden presentations or white paper needs (some sort of expression). It will be seen more in April14 to May14 and also Oct16 to Nov16.

For all moon Signs and NOT just the KUMBH / Meen Moon Sign:
FROM Nov2017 to Dec2019:
(1)    If you are born from Dec16th to Dec 20th of any year: From Oct26 to Dec31st 2017 -- Please take care of father’s health overall and any accidents to head or leg for self. Handle seniors and Govt matters with tact and diplomacy!
(2)    If you are born from Dec16 to Jan14 of any year -- Please take care of father’s health issues seriously. Please take care of father’s health overall and any accidents to head or leg for self. Handle seniors and Govt matters with tact and diplomacy! Try to reduce weight and watch weight of self & the father very closely. Handle seniors especially carefully.
(3)    Same with people born from SEPT 16th to Oct 16th of any year – Lesser issues than what you had from Sept2009 to August2012 period but similar and leftover effects.
(4)    Same with people born from JUNE16 to JULY15 of any year but Lesser till Sept2018. But mixed also.
(5)    Same with people born from FEB14 to MARCH13 of any year – lesser Extent and mixed one, Lesser till Sept2018.
(6)    If your kids are born in these periods of any year you need to check this more carefully.

If you are born from Dec 17th to Dec 20th of any year: From 26th, 2017 to June 21, 2017 and again from Oct26 to Dec31st 2017 -- Please take care of father’s health overall and any accidents to head or leg for self. Handle seniors and Govt matters with tact and diplomacy!

FROM Sept2017 to Sept2018

(1)    If you are born from APRIL 14th May 13th and OCT 16th to Nov15th of any year: Great support from seniors and govt etc and some go boost and higher positions. Your father will also see some feel-good and great development. If your kids are born in these periods of any year you will have a good time.