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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Guru Rahu Yuti (Guru Chandal Yog)

Guru-Rahu Yuti / Jupiter-Rahu Conjunction (#AstroMNC)

Sanskrit names of some planetary formations are really scary & dramatic! :) For example scary such as Mrutyu-ShadAshtak, Vish Yoga, Chandal yoga, Balarishta yoga and dramatic such as Raaj-yoga, Panch-Mahapurush yoga and so on. One of such name is Gur “Chandal” yoga. It means Jupiter (Guru) is with Raahu (NorthNode). This is an interesting formation for sure as you can see below:

Guru Characteristics: Kids (Santati), Idealistic, Dutiful, “Sad”Buddhi, “Sad”guru, “Sad”vichar, greater good, education, teacher, thought process, social order & social institutions such as marriage or duties of brother toward sister or duties of all folks towards various people in their life.

Rahu Characteristics: Paternal Family elders, Hedonism, Agitation (Anger, Aggression), IMAGE, Materialism, Extreme & sudden anger, Paternal Family elders, Mantra-Tantra (in a bad sense), Washikaran etc, “chemical locha” when with Moon or Budh etc.

As you can see Guru with Rahu is yuti of Nitish and Lalu! :) or Amit Shah and Mehbooba Mufti! :) or Congress with Karunanidhi :) Just kidding! I.e. conjunction of opposite “element / tatva”. RAHU is about excess ambition, personal gains, personal image i.e. “taamasi tatva” etc whereas GURU is about greater good, justice for all and “satvik tatva”.

It is HIGHLY IMP to note that – Rahu (results into or) “acts” as per the planet it is with (yuti) in the same rashi, nakshatra and also the OWNER of the Sign the Rahu is in. Means Rahu when with Moon will act extremely emotional but at the same time owner of that sign and character of that sign will also be displayed in full form! Example: When Rahu is with Moon in Say Aries (MESH) sign: It will be angry as Mesh is aggressive and forthright and somewhat emotional as with Moon BUT further 50% character of Rahu would be dependent on MARS which is the owner of the Mesh/Aries Sign. If Mars is in Kirk then it will bring calm, if Mars in Aries – increase aggression;. Mars in Gemini -- Sense of humor and highly expressive but extreme and aggressive talks and debate & so on.

As Rahu shows paternal family and the paternal family DNA predominantly, the house it occupies the person inherits the qualities from paternal side. Also the planets it is closer to would also show some repeating events from the paternal side family.

So when these are combined following LOGICAL conclusions could be drawn:
(1) As Guru is with Rahu – There is a certain goodness with paternal family elders, some good will in society unless Guru wakri and owner of the sign wakri and both and owner in Shani Drushti!
(2) Like hot & cold water mixed the result is neither hot nor cold: Guru could direct Rahu’s aggression and hedonism to a certain degree and channel/focus it to good or “JUST” causes.
(3) Rahu could impart some aggression and impulse to Guru’s quality of teaching, education or social order. It would give some impatient and aggressive approach in dealing with such matters.
(4) Guru is governor of kids so your kids would inherit characteristics from paternal family more than maternal one. If too close then almost like a rebirth of a soul with the same family. IN this case this person's paternal side family. If Guru Rahu in Ketu nakshatra then it would be from paternal side mom family and if Budh nakshatra then paternal side Mama family (father’s mama?). & so on.
(5) This conjunction when under drushti of Mars could become violent and Rahu might be more influential whereas Shani drushti could affect Rahu more than Guru and make person a bit more calm and judicious!
(6) When owner of the Rahu/Guru house is wakri --- Then one bad family history example with your health or kids is seen repeating (hereditary). Wakri owner of Rahu or Ketu is not a great news for sure as it shows that the person has inherited some issues from the grandparents’ family. When Owner is 6 8 or 12 from Guru/Rahu it again reduces the power of this yuti and bring in some deficit. 6 8 12 with Wakri would underscore some bad family karma which is to be paid by this person.
(7) When owner of the house is well placed say with Guru/Rahu and not wakri – or 3 5 9 from this yuti then it increase the power & results of the yuti. If Guru drushti on Rahu and its rashiswami then it underscores good deeds by the paternal family.
(8) Certainly this yuti in 6 8 or 12 would show more issues with health and well being of the paternal family. IN 6 it would show great money flow for the person as the paternal family has unclaimed money in some people who are from different caste culture religion etc and hence this person would work with them and benefit by them by providing some service to them. IN 12 – it shows obligation towards paternal family and that of paternal family to some people or some ashram/temple or such noble etc people. Or if very badly placed under Mars and Shani drushti and wakri etc – it could show JAIL to some paternal family elders in their or this person’s lifetime also.
(9) Gemstones: I have seen astrologers advising ring with both gemstones for Guru and Rahu in the finger of Guru (index) for some reason. Both in same finger same ring logically doesn’t make sense to me. It is like hot and cold water added to the bucket in equal doses. Logically I would suggest using pukhraaj (yellow Sapphire) in right hand index finger and Gomed in left hand index finger for protection. Or simple pukhraj only in the right hand index finger.
(10) Both planets in a way show expansion or desire or tendency for addition -- So weight should be watched I guess – especially when in Dhanu or Vrushabh rashi.

Regardless of how well placed Rahu is and how well aspected Rahu is – it does create some images or some emotions which are unexplained at times. Consistent and continuous Hanuman Sadhana is needed to keep Rahu on track and on good topics and constructive. It takes 1 second for agitation of Rahu to become destructive and hence Hanuman Locket and Hanuman Darshan daily for 3 minutes in highly recommended to any person where Rahu is with ANY PLANET and especially when Rahu is with Chandra (Moon) Budh (Mercury) or the first house of the horoscope.

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  1. Milind:
    Nice article👍
    How about your analysis on Ravi-Rahu Yuti?
    It will help all astrology students if you could explain this Yuti for 12 houses.
    Mangesh Joshi