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Monday, March 13, 2017

2017 Annual Horoscope DHANU (Sagittarius in 2017): Rashifal

DHANU in 2017 (SAGITTARIUS in 2017) MOON Sign -- 2017 Annual Horoscope
This article applies to Moon Sign Sagittarius (DHANU). We can only talk about the Kriyamaan karma (instant karma) and not the “destiny” of individuals. The destiny-analysis requires horoscope, palmistry, numerology, face reading etc. Moon Sign plays significant role when it comes to “Kriyamaan”.

Some well-known moon sign Sagittarius folks: Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gavaskar, Aishwarya Rai; Sun Sign Sagittarius: Swami Vivekanand, Atalbihari Wajpayee, Kapil Dev, Salman Khan, Nana Patekar, Richard Hadley, Michael Schumacher, Rahul Dravid, Deepika Padukone, Bipasha Basu, This article also applies to some extent Sagittarius Sun Sign i.e. people born from Dec 16 to Jan 13 (The Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong

These folks are idealistic & have childlike purity. With strong Mars they tend towards sports, with strong Jupiter, towards academic/education field. They have robust bone structure & a big forehead which shows thought leadership and broad vision. They are outspoken and cannot lie. Even a kid would know if they lie! J Idealistic/positive speech is their forte. As they are fire sign their response to any event is action – what do I need to do and not “Why it happened to him/me”. They are often termed as “Role Model Student”. They have a “can-do” attitude which can move mountains without the passion/prejudice or kunnas of Scorpio. There is NO NEGATIVITY in their approach and always a sense of a greater good! Moon in Moola nakshatra is intense and serious/disciplined & shows some Karmic issues with Mother. Purva-ashadha is a milder one. A soul that wants to be a GREAT sportsman takes birth on Sagittarius Moon Sign (Sachin, Sunil), Sun (Kapil Hadley, Schumacher) or ascendant (Don Bradman). Although Saints are born under this ascendant or Sun, they are more towards religion / action / DHARMA - The Sense of Duty is more their Cup of Tea (Samarth Ramdas Swami) than spirituality (Saint Dyaneshwar, Saint Tukaram). Great professors are also born under this rashi.

Sagittarius sun sign folks born from 16th Dec to 13th January also show these characteristic. Folks born from July15 to Aug15 CANCER Sun Sign oppose these characteristics; Folks born from Nov16 to Dec15 Scorpio Sun Sign also oppose Sagittarius characteristics.

You had been sort of right time right place due to support from Shani from July2007 to Nov2014 for 7.5 years! This Shani 9 10 11 to your sign increased clout, mass-base, sphere of influence etc. This Shani gave great cash-flow, monthly income. Guru was 8th from July2014 to July2015 recommending health check. It also made you overwork with physical exertion! It was more like “Mission impossible” until July2015 where your hard-work was appreciated but you didn’t gain any big position personally! However, this work ensured & will ensure a strategic/important position in the 9th Guru from July2015 to July2016. A promotion, good position, natural support from environment & some strategic position was highly likely. Start of Sadesati from Nov2014 for 7.5 years means time for complete overhaul, rejuvenation, regrouping & planning for the next 30 years of life. Please architect, plan properly before jumping into big execution. It is imp to spend Time, Money & energy on planning of life for the next 30 years! You will need to gain new expertise to lead higher level of people just like Narendra Modi had to do from August2012 to Nov2014 (Vrishchik rashi). The 10 Guru until Sept2017 is pressure but happening and reporting to someone of equal or less ability. Shani moving to the rashi is emotional test but you start to win back some of the mass base lost from Nov2014 to Jan2017.

The 10th Guru from until August2017 As the BIG planet Rashi-swami moves to the workplace (10), the workplace focus and importance increases further towards career & ambitions. Everything related to career becomes THE focus & the home front s ignored a bit. The 10th Guru will increase pressure, hard-work & stress at workplace. Experts (SMEs) consultation is highly recommended in this period – it will make things easier for you. Reporting to or working for a boss of equal ability or even less in some respects is quite possible until Sept2017! No fault of your or your boss as you had different career paths & they crossed here. Sadesati is still on and hence this 10th Guru is felt more in intensity as you feel being pulled from all sides. Keep patience – it is a great virtue in sadesati! J IMP: You could benefit from advice & support from your parents! Actively seek their help in any matters regardless of their field of expertise. You would be surprised! This is overall a PRESSURE-COOKER period from Mid-2016 to JAN2017 as both Shani and Guru are teasing you somewhat! They both are testing you all across various sectors of your personal & professional life. Some folks fall thru the cracks and never recover whereas the ones who work hard regardless of insults (direct or indirect) or ignorance. Only you would understand the situation you are so you will need to communicate more with the family members and even the team members. At least they will not add to issues if can’t solve them for you! ---- Remember EXPERTS / SME are a “sanjeevani” in the 10th Guru even in the Sadesati period. There is no substitute for specialists/experts (Guru) but also experience of older (Shani) people. Experts have their own priorities and whims and you need to show patience and show them your NEED for them to help you. Desperation is yours to show and not theirs. More desperate you are for advice the better you would get. What you read now needs to be DIRECTLY useful in your work and not pleasure or leisure reading – keep it aside for some-time! Gains. The 10th Guru is also good for investments due to aspect on the 2nd house and also health advice and medicines etc due to the 6th house aspect.

The 11th Guru from Sept2017 onwards would be magical! This Guru is more applicable to MOOLA nakshatra in 2017 predominantly and less so for other two as they would see the impact in 2018. This Guru will ensure you have some feel-good and much needed gains to keep you going in the middle 2.5 years of Sadesati emotional-atyachaar. As Guru is your Rashi-Swami it has double impact in the 11th house which shows all sorts of gains! It will pay you off for whatever you did from last 4 years from the 8th house GURU or rather last 11 years. It is a culmination of all the efforts and each & every contact you acquired in this period. The LABH STHAN – house of gains and BIG planet like GURU means some long-term plans see the success and get you some material gain for sure. This Guru is a great for Kids (either to expand the family or kids doing very well!). If you are in education sector some big awards and recognition is almost a certain for you. It is a period of great fulfillments and fill good. You would be finishing or rather completing many things in this period until Sept2018.  Guru drushti on the 3rd house indicates good luck with short trips, picnics or presentations – it is perfect for artists and say sports-people. 11th Guru is perfect for success with romantic matters and also marriage / spouse for those looking to get married.  It is your time regardless of Sadesati!

Shani would be 1st (in your rashi) from Jan26, 2017 to June21, 2017 (1st Shani) and again 12th from June21, 2017 to Oct 26, 2017. After that it will be 1st until Jan2020. Guru will stay 10th until Sept2017 and would be magical 11th after that until Sept2018. Shani moving 1st in rashi will be felt the most by Moola Nakshatra and less by Poorvashadha and Uttarashadha. June 21 to Oct 26 Shani 12th would be acutely felt by Uttarashadha and lesser by Poorvashadha and hardly by Moola. Moola will have 1st Shani experience in 2017 and part 2018; Poorvashadha in 2018 and Uttarashadha in 2019 (acute), But Shani in rashi is Shani in rashi regardless of the sign.

The 1st house Shani is the end of “WHAT NEXT for next 27 years” question asked by Shani from Nov2014. Now you have decided what you would be doing and how you would be doing it. Now you will start executing these ideas and plans. Execution hurry until now for BRAND NEW things would have been a mistake. Now you are equipped to start execution of new ideas as enough “Wichar-Manthan” has been done. Still it is only about execution and having some daily, weekly and monthly responsibilities and not getting any immediate gains! It is like a Car is designed and now being produced but would start to sell in the 2nd Shani. You will need to correct planning, design with your execution experience in the first stage. Your temperament and mental health will be tested! You will feel the mental stress and pressure at office and home both. Having patience and being calm helps – understand the difference between “react and response”. :) Shani travel on moon exposes heath issues of your mother. Need to take care of mental and physical health of mom. Need to keep aside time for that as worst part is that one has to go away from mom and native most of the times when Shani is on the moon. So further attention to mom is required deliberately. Your legs could get hurt as Dhanu takes pressure and stress on the legs! Water propagated deceases are possible and hence need to avoid water at shady places! Shani drushti on the 10th house shows some issues with father and difference of opinions with the seniors. Need to handle them with maturity and perseverance. Quick fix and quick reactions would not get you anywhere. NO sudden actions and resignations or RUTH ke baithana with seniors. It will not help. Make aware of your issues to seniors and their seniors in a diplomatic and tactful way. Shani drushti on the 7th house can also take away from spouse and business partners or could expose deficiencies with the business partners! Shani drushti on the 3rd house – care of siblings and more so younger ones.

Shani in rashi starts getting you back your mass base which 12th Shani has taken away or taken you away from the mass base. It brings back your workers and your people back to you. You get sympathy and good support from these folks. This is what could be used to offset relationships with seniors quite a bit. Your people can create good support and pressure for you and this political pressure could help you get what your seniors will give reluctantly! So ensure your people ate happy with you or at least you are treating them with mutual respect etc.

Shani in the 12th house until JAN2017 & again from July2017 to Oct2017: (This would be more applicable ti UttaraShadha Nakshatra, less for Purvashadha and almost none for Moola)

1.       It demands that you learn new skills, new competency so as to acquire next level of mass-base which is of higher ability than what you had until Nov2014.
2.       The 12th Shani mandates you to plan for next 30 years of life. This means you need to lose extra weight/baggage in all areas of your life and get rejuvenated with new ideas, new physical ability and new knowledge.
3.       All this needs to happen while catering to your & your family and job’s daily, weekly monthly needs! Hence it is tough! It is like working for 8-10 hrs in office and also attending a 3 4 hours of classroom training! Tough but possible! You have no choice so better get on with it! J
4.       This Shani DEFINES who you would be, what you are going to do for the next 30 years!!
5.       Do not jump into BRAND new stuff without planning completely which means wait until Nov2014 to figure it out completely.
6.       This Shani takes you away from your mass-base/workers/reportees etc i.e. you have lesser & lesser folks reporting into you or it means you going physically away from them or staying at the same place but getting into a more strategic job which removes need to have this mass-base.
7.       This Shani could make you travel abroad or 12 hrs away against your wish -- out of necessity. Also, the place you are going might be compromised and can make you work very hard and make you catch-up etc. At times you feel as if “Naa Ghar ka Na Ghaat ka”.
8.       This 12th Shani makes you pay for your past mistakes dearly, especially, any abuse of power from July-2007 to Nov-2014 of Shani being 9 10 11. This could even result for some folks going to jail or some sort of political exile.
9.       The 12th Shani could show some expenditure on health matters for spouse or even business partnerships needing some re-investments. The 12th Shani recommends checking family wealth indicators and sort out any complications before they become big! You & your family needs to invest wisely & not run into something big which requires big capital. Risk assessment and management with family wealth is highly recommended.

Until Sept2017, RAHU and KETU move to the 9th and the 3rd house respectively. This is a very favorable position for this 180degree axis of Rahu and Ketu. One would prefer interchanged positions with Rahu 3rd and Ketu 9th but still these positions are really good. Rahu 9th means paternal family elders’ goodwill will help you mysteriously. Hereditary issues would be less of an issue (more so if Sagi/Dhanu ascendant/lagna). Raahu 9th means your material needs and ambitions would have better focus and in the larger good and not just selfish way. You would think beyond you and your family. KETU in the 3rd house means some leisure, art or some peripheral stuff by and with the maternal family relatives. Some picnics, some movies or some “TP” with the maternal family is quite likely.

From Sept2017 onward for 18 months, RAHU and KETU would be 8th and 2nd: The 8th house Rahu shows some hereditary health issues coming from the paternal family. It also means you would need to look after elders in the paternal family. You could see some obstacles due to some unpleasant unpaid karma that paternal family elders might have left behind! KETU 2nd on the other hand shows some wealth -related activity with the maternal family. It could also show some timely economic advice from higher placed people. KETU 2nd is a support for financial stuff countering some of the adversity of the 8th house Raahu.

MARS: July 12th 2017 to August 27, 2017 drive vehicles carefully, avoid adventure sports, or use all safety gear etc. Rather get your vehicles inspected or serviced if long due etc before July itself. Folks in sports should not ignore injuries even if minor. May 27th June 10th – overall avoid participating in any road-rage or hanging around an “interesting event” etc on the streets.

SUN: In the following two months, handle seniors, Govt or police related matters with tact & diplomacy. Check seniors’ & your priorities are the same!
1.       Nov 17 to Dec 16 – 12th house Sun
2.       July 16 to Aug 16 - -The 8th house Sun

If you are born from Dec 13 to Dec 16th of any year – Until Jan 26th, 2017 and again from June21 to Oct26 -- Please take care of father’s health, self-kidney and internal reproductive organs issues seriously. Handle seniors and Govt matters with tact and diplomacy!

If you are born from Dec 17th to Dec 20th of any year: From 26th, 2017 to June 21, 2017 and again from Oct26 to Dec31st 2017 -- Please take care of father’s health overall and any accidents to head or leg for self. Handle seniors and Govt matters with tact and diplomacy!

Uranus (Harshal) in 4th house in Pisces (Meen) until March2017 could show some sudden expense on home décor or domestic equipment. It could show modernization and usage of advance sciences (electronics. Mobiles etc) for things such as agriculture, domestic or farming water management and so on. It also shows some sudden expense on vehicles or land etc. Uranus moving to the 5th house from April2017 is good for some modern sciences research or some sudden inspiration especially for artists etc. It would also mean some sudden urge or sudden activity. One should watch-out for fire or electric issues (older places, ignored,  not maintained etc) in April2017 to next ½ months when Uranus would be in a highly karmic initial 3 degrees of Mesh rashi.

Neptune continues in Aquarius (Kumbh) for several years! The 3th house Neptune is very good for some expression and usage of subconscious mind for any form of expression. The things that you know but you don’t know you know! This would happen more so in Feb when Mars is with Neptune and also Feb 14th to March 13rd when Sun is with Neptune or even when Sun is in Leo from mid-August.

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