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Monday, March 13, 2017

2017 Annual Horoscope KANYA (Virgo in 2017): Rashifal

#KANYA 2017 Yearly Horoscope (Virgo) Moon Sign -- 2017 #Annual #Horoscope
This article applies to Moon Sign VIRGO (Kanya). This is a very interesting topic to put 1/12th people in the world in the same category. We can only talk about the Kriyamaan karma (instant karma) and not the “destiny” of individuals. The destiny-analysis requires horoscope, palmistry, Numerology and face reading etc. Moon Sign plays significant role when it comes to “Kriyamaan”.

Some well-known moon sign Virgo folks: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Balasaheb Thackeray, Mahendra singh Dhoni, Prity Zinta, George W Budh (junior), VP Singh, Anil Kapoor. This article also applies to some extent Virgo Sun Sign i.e. people born from September 15 to Oct 15. Sun Sign Examples: Amitabh Bachchan, Vinod Khanna, Narendra Modi, Manmohan Singh (Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong:

Virgo Sign Characteristics
Virgo folks are often described as “paralysis by analysis”. These folks are highly meticulous and organized. They have very good control over speech and are natural at mimicry / imitation. While Aquarius (Kumbh) is highly intellectual, Virgo is highly analytical. Short writing, drama, white papers, statistical analysis, making sense from a bunch of data is their forte. They like cleanliness and being organized. Their bath (ladies especially) begins by cleaning their bathroom! Their attention to detail is unparalleled. They are mostly shy unless they have a major Leo, Aries influence. Virgo + Aquarius makes a person unusually taller (than family members.) Virgo rashi people have a habit of worrying too much and often have acidity, stomach issues. Adjustments / negotiations is their strength. This is a very natural sign for politicians. Virgo sun sign folks born from 15th Sept to 15th Oct also show these characteristic. Folks born from April14 to May14 MESH/ Aries Sun opposes these characteristics (Firebrand, Direct); Folks born from Aug16 to Sept16 Singh/Leo Sun also opposes Virgo characteristics due to extrovert, dashing, firebrand personality.

The 12th Guru effect from July2015 was about planning for the next 12 years of life. It was not easy as it was suddenly going out of form - patience was the key. End of Sadesati in Nov2014 has matured you and prepared you for next 22 years of increasing success slowly but surely. The 3rd house Shani until Jan2017 and again from July2017 to Oct2017 ensures you are a “king maker”. You get to play your cards well. You have politically sound position with your team and your mass-base in a very good position. The 3rd house Shani is great POWER and should be used judiciously with self-esteem but not ego!

Now 2017 will see combination of 3rd and 4th Shani and Guru in your own rashi. Guru will bring you back on track while Shani will complete its 3rd house pro-results completely by Oct2017. The 4th Shani from Nov2017 demands rejuvenation, attending to the domestic matters patiently and ensure that you are learning new things. Guru in rashi until Sept2017 and 2nd later on would ensure you are in the hunt and keep rolling. Rahu moving 11th and Ketu 5th from Sept2017 is really  good for you. The noteworthy axis is best in  this 11-5 and 3-9 positions!

2017 Projections:
SHANI: Kanya will have the 4th house Shani from 26-JAN-2017. It will be wakri in April and again 3rd (powerful) from 21-JUNE-2017 to 26-OCT-2017. From then it will be in the 4th house until Jan2020. In 2017, the 4th Shani would be mostly experienced by the Uttara-Phalguni Nakshatra. Whereas the 3rd house Shani from June21 to Oct26 would be mostly for Chitra Nakshatra. Hasta would see some effects of 4th and 3rd Shani both but not as much as Uttara (4th Shani) and Chitra (3rd Shani). Chitra would hardly see any effect of the 4th Shani in 2017. For Chitra (of Kanya and not Tula) acute 4th Shani (adverse) would be in 2019 whereas Hasta 2018 mid to 2019 mid.

Kanya came out of Sadesati in Nov2014 which was a big relief. However, Guru that was supporting from May2012 onwards went “off” in July2015. However, Shani 3rd has kept you in the hunt. It is allowing you to play kingmaker and also keeping you politically connected to powerful people. The 3rd Shani is parakrami, allows you play kind maker, gives you a great mass base and rally around the mass base to make visible impact on the surroundings. Kanya rashi Balasaheb had 3rd Shani to Moon in his Horoscope itself! So you get an idea what is meant by the Shani power in these 3rd Shani from Nov2014. The 4th Shani is to summarize is about: domestic issues, infighting, stagnancy and need for rejuvenation, retrospect and course correction. This is a bit of a slow period break from the frantic pace of the 3rd Shani from Nov2014! The 4th house belongs to the “Moksha-Trikon” and it means inner-peace and home or farm and the native place and your mother apart from other laundry list of things. It also means close to heart (Su-Hrud) people. It also means “comfort-zone” - As you can see all these things will be under Shani scanner! The misuse of power in the 3rd Shani will be exposed and will need to be paid off! Masses (workers/direct reporting folks) might not just obey any direction you are giving but would still sympathize with you. They would still respect but would know you don’t have direct control now on many things! :)  It is a bit hard to handle at times.

This Shani takes you away from your comfort-zone, your mother and your native or home. It takes you in the close company of people who are 1/2 rungs below your economic or whatever social level at your native or your house. It mandates taking care of Mother’s health. The 4th Shani and the 10th drushti of Shani on moon mean double-scrutiny of your mother’s health. Or, simply going away from your native-place and mother for a period of 2/3 years.  As Shani drushti is also on the 6th house it is preview of health issues and issues with mama mousi that are going to happen 5 years later! Attend any issues there right now and 5 years later Shani the auditor will not give you a lot of non-conformities (NCs) with your health and maternal family cousins or mama/mousi folks. :)

Shani drushti is also in the 10th house (workplace and father). This means ‘slow and steady wins the race’ at workplace too: Some difference of opinions with seniors. Just that this time they would have an upper hand which they couldn’t due to your 3rd house Shani connects and mass-base! J It is all cat and mouse! Karma that comes back to you – good or bad! :) As Shani is the owner of the 5th and the 6th house – some proximity and quality time spent with kids and maternal family is also seen. For students it means careful attention to exam paper presentation and attention to details. Some subject might surprise with complexity which are underestimated. For homemakers this Shani is all about domestic trouble and infighting and hence need to keep patience and handle without passion and emotions! Both mother and MIL could behave a bit funny and rather you will spend a bit too much of a time with them or completely without them both would be difficult to handle.

However, Guru is in your rashi until Sept2017 helps with your mother’s health and image. It gives you specific duties and execution of things which are great especially for employee category. It will enhance image too – physical and social weight gain is quite likely with rashi in Guru.

Your birth-time Horoscope: All these 4th Shani events are seen in extreme if you have some non-guru planets in the 4th house or the 10th house from Moon which means in Dhanu/Mithun rashi. These events would be of less intensity if you Guru is in a Fire-Sign (Mesh, Singh, Dhanu) in your horoscope.

GURU 1st from August2016 to Sept2017: This is where most of the folks are comfortable. As this Guru gives success which is treated as success by your family, friends relatives! :) Socially acceptable behavior is what everybody desperately looking for (Sad but true for geniuses!). Guru in your sign improves your image, visibility and gives you a feel good. You are guided by experts that are now easy to access. You will get good books to read which are about “applied” knowledge and directly useful in your job. Guru starts new endeavors for you where you get to execute your plans that you did until July2015. This execution will be now successful which was not the case until July2016. Of course Guru in your sign is also some sort of an exam or a test. This Guru gives your big responsibilities you always wanted. This means some designation or some office of specific duties – daily, weekly and monthly.

Most people are very comfortable with the 1st Guru support except the ones who are in wealth creation/stock markets. This Guru is not the most natural for investments it in a way opposes the 2nd house (mutual funds, stocks, FDs etc) and the 6th house (service sector)! Yes it is OK for the 10th house (production) but not the best. But folks in jobs, employment will see better and better prospects. You are coming back on track and in form. Guru drushti on the kids house (5th house) ensures good progress on kids front – santati labh, kids doing well in their life etc. Also you would be acknowledged in the education field or intellectual circles. You could be called by education institutes to share your experience, knowledge etc. Guru Drishti on the 9th house could show some minor travels that increase your sphere. Increase your business and overall bhagya. The more you are willing to travel the more the success until July2017. Those who looking to get married have great blessings from this Guru as Guru’s full-force 7th drushti is on the 7th house – the house of marriage/partners/collaborations! Overall, this Guru will increase your social and physical weight too by Sept2017! :)

Guru would move 2nd from Sept2017 to Sept2018: This Guru is all about wealth creation or rather wealth expansion. This 2nd Guru until Sept2017 would start some new income from new method/job/business etc in your life which is the result of the exposure & self-investments from July2015. New endeavors will open for you now. You will invest wisely & focus on wealth creation. It will be a very good time to make some investments. You will also come across with new mentors/Gurus (mild & not hard-core) in your life (more so in investments). . The 2nd house Guru even would show increasing wealth for families & even expansion in the family. Good time to have kids for couples. For those in the field of education, this period is of some great success. You could start or expand your tuitions or business related to education, education material and all the related aspects. Inheritance matters would be resolved and resolved in your favor (of course greed is not good!). overall it will make surroundings realize your value again which they had forgotten from July2015. This Guru overall makes your economic-zone very powerful. Traditional astrology treats 2nd Guru as a great and a huge Bhagyoday. My analysis shows that it is true to a large extent however in the feel good, 5th and 9th and 11th Guru trump the 2nd house Guru. The desires and the pleasure of achievements is lesser in 2nd Guru but the outcome with the wealth matters is really good.

RAHU in the Wyay Sthan until Sepr2017 (12th: expense, spiritual, exile, jail): This means some expense for paternal family & specifically elders. This shows increase in overall expense. You could become a bit too materialistic and hence need to watch if you are spending on the right things. Expense on luxury etc is good but need to ensure it is in control and also it is an investment and not just a futile expense. Health issues for elders in the family will need attention. There is some unpaid karma from your paternal family which you would need to pay off.

KETU in the RIPU sthan (6th: social / decease / enemy / service sector / economic zone) house until Sept2017 means you need to watch out for any hereditary health issues that you might have from the maternal family. You could do some activity with maternal family in the economic sector. Maternal family folks would become more money mind now whereas paternal ones would want to be visiting the spiritual places (teerth-yatra). You would work with NEW people higher materially or intellectually or spiritually or more advanced etc in some manner. These are usually top 2/5% etc folks of the society. You will provide some service to such people and increase your social presence in the process. New people in life means some slow steady matured and structured approach needed to deal and make best use of them (Win-Win). Be careful and aware that they might have different life-style, preferences and social behavior!

RAHU changing to the 11th house from Sept2017 for 18 months is great for monthly income increase. Any unpaid karma left by paternal family elders will be mysteriously awarded to you. Even if they have done some harms and have obligations, 11th Rahu is not the time to trouble you with them! :) As Rahu is always wakri – it enters the last part of Kirk rashi – so it will start helping Chitra nakshatra folks in 2017 predominantly and Hasta and Uttara would be helped later in 2018 and part of 2019.

KETU moving to the 5th house from Sept2017: You would be helped by maternal family unpaid good karma. You would use your knowledge well. There would be some awards and recognition for students and even career folks due to academic stuff or matters of intelligence.

MARS March 1st 2017 to April 13th please be careful with vehicles, driving and adventure sports. Get your vehicles serviced or at least inspected before March2017. Minor injuries are possible and some heat related health issues could also appear. Advised to eat “Gulkand” in March April timeframe to control heat. Exact similar pattern is observed from August27 to Oct 13th, 2017. These two periods especially sports people are advised to be careful and use all the gear to avoid injuries.

SUN: In the following two months handle seniors, Govt related matters with tact & diplomacy: Check if their & your priorities are the same! Remember that any fights with seniors do a lot more harm than good! Make your point of view heard but in a docile and diplomatic way without emotions and with COLD FACTS and Figures (data)
1.       August 16 to September 16: The 12th house Sun
2.       April 14 to May 14: The 8th house Sun

Uranus (Harshal) in 7th house in Pisces (Meen) until Macrh2017 show some sudden activities with relationships. There could be some unorthodox or downright weird people who can approach you in this period. This is more applicable to Chitra nakshatra until March2017. Uranus moving to the 8th house shows some sudden events with electricity or fire etc at places that are ignored for safety for a long time. This is more applicable to Uttara nakshatra more in 2017 from April and not so much for Hasta and Chitra.

Neptune continues in Aquarius (Kumbh) for several years! 6th house Neptune is mostly insignificant. As 6th house is about service, economics etc and Neptune is about spiritual and metaphysical matters. It could show providing some service to some ashrams or religious places and gaining money from it.

For all moon Signs and not just the Vigor / Kanya Moon Sign:
If you are born from Dec 13 to Dec 16th of any year – Until Jan 26th, 2017 and again from June21 to Oct26 -- Please take care of father’s health, self-kidney and internal reproductive organs issues seriously. Handle seniors and Govt matters with tact and diplomacy!
If you are born from Dec 17th to Dec 20th of any year: From 26th, 2017 to June 21, 2017 and again from Oct26 to Dec31st 2017 -- Please take care of father’s health overall and any accidents to head or leg for self. Handle seniors and Govt matters with tact and diplomacy!


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