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Monday, March 13, 2017

2017 Annual Horoscope KIRK (Cancer in 2017): Rashifal

KIRK (CANCER in 2017) Moon Sign -- 2017 Annual Horoscope
This article applies to Moon Sign Cancer (KIRK). This is a very interesting topic to put 1/12th people in the world in the same category. We can only talk about the Kriyamaan karma (instant karma) and not the “destiny” of individuals. The destiny-analysis requires horoscope, palmistry, numerology and face reading etc.  However, the Moon Sign plays a significant role when it comes to “Kriyamaan” (instant) karma.

Some well-known moon sign Cancer folks: Tom Cruise, Madhuri Dixit, Manmohan Singh, Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan. This article also applies to some extent to Cancer Sun Sign i.e. birth-date from July 16 to August 15. (Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong For example Barak Obama, actress Rakhi, Kajol, Kishore Kumar, Singer JLO and so on are SUN SIGN CANCER & NOT Leo!

Cancer Sign Characteristics
Emotional, Sensitive, Mood swings like the changing moon, introvert, love their mom & family, like to drink but would use 1 peg for the whole night! :) Tranquility of mind, Keep themselves always busy like an ant. Ashlesha Constellation is a bit naughty! Pushya is very sincere & Purnarvasu a gentle & just. This is a “moving” rashi, covertly ambitious, workaholic. Without expressing their wants/ambitions they get into it quietly without much attention. They love money/cash/property & feel secure with it. Cancer sun sign folks born from 16th July to 15 Aug also show these characteristics. (Those born from Feb14 to March13 Kumbh/Aquarius Sun oppose these characteristics (lateral/intellectual/absent minded); Those born from June14 to July14 Mithun/Gemini Sun also oppose Cancer characteristics due to all-rounder, expressive, multifaceted and twin-minded nature.)

You had multiple gains & a great feel-good period from May2012 to May2013. However from July2013 to July2014, the 12th Guru made you go in a political exile of sorts and forced to plan for next 12 years without jumping into action / execution right away! Also, to add - the 4th Shani from August2012 to Nov2014 highlighted any wrongdoings done before August2012 and made you pay for them. It also mandated rejuvenation! It made you focus on domestic front & take some tough decisions there. The 5th Shani from Nov-2014 to Jan2017 brought you on track slowly but surely. The 1st house Guru from July2014 to July2015 gave you some image-boost and a new responsibility or a position you needed/wanted. Guru in the 2nd house from July2015 too July2016 brought in investment or share market or overall wealth increase. Rahu in the 2nd house has helped wealth management & collaboration with paternal side family. GURU from August2016 is now helping you gain a new profile / travel and change the location. Shani from Feb2017 and more so nonv2017 is going to change your social circle/work circle and overall your circle of influence, increase wealth, social & political presence and win over competition. New people in career would mean feeling out of comfort zone & tough mentally to deal with so many new people in life!

Shani Mawuli in the 5th house until Jan 2017 & also from July2017 to Oct2017 means slow but steady execution of plans. The 5th house belongs to the Dharma-Tirikon which means it gives a person specific, objective & quantifiable duties that are daily, weekly and monthly etc. Your success now can be counted/measured by some standard. The 5th house ifs about tactical success, doing what you need to do and knowing it very well. It is also about some inspirational moves, originality and overt expression. Don’t be surprised if Manmohan Singh starts to talk! ;) Shani in this house is especially good for lawyers or even press-reporters having success in open debates. However, Shani demands attention to details and executing things very meticulously & carefully. It demands hard-work and success is only after a lot of hard-work – the success you can call your own clearly. This Shani is also great for auditors, police and overall for critiques in any fields. However, the assignments, projects or simply “work” you would get would be complex which needs patience & perseverance. The 5th house shows kids & intelligence. Obviously, Shani mandates careful guidance & scrutiny of your kids’ progress. They need your help. Couples expecting kids need to follow regular checkups and not ignoring any symptoms. This applies more to the lagna-rashi/ascendant of Kirk but still moon sign is also advised to be careful with pregnancy stuff. It is advised to ensure kids use helmets and safety gear and are careful if in sports or rather adventure sports. Students would be tested with some difficult subjects & tests. The subjects would be out of their comfort zone. There is tremendous need to slog for students of Kirk rashi for sure as every exam score would need to be earned by hard-work. The 5th house is about some crushes or romantic ventures. Obviously Shani in the 5th house will test your patience in love/romance matters!

The 5th house Shani aspects the 7th house (marriage, partnerships) which means going slow but steady in such matters. Need to collect all data carefully about the prospects and not jumping into something on just instincts. This Shani also gives some early indications about partnerships/spouse/relationships of what is going to happen in the 7th house Shani from mid Jan2020. Deal with any issues for a long term solutions and not short term patch-work. Facts & figures and statistical analysis is highly recommended in this period of the 5th Shani for any such matter with the subjects of the 5th house which is kids, education, romance, inspirational work, literature and so on. Shani also aspects the 2nd house – investments! So slow but steady investments for the long run is recommended. Easy / quick money can land you in some trouble.

Shani would be entering 6th house from 26-Jan-2017: From Jan 26th, 2017 Shani would be 6th to Kirk/Cancer. It will be back to the 5th house from June 21, 2017 to Oct 26, 2017. From then it would be 6th for next 2+ years. Kirk is comprised of 1 charan of Punarvasu, 4 of Pushya and 4 of Ashlesha. Ashlesha would see 5th Shani more in June to Oct than say Punarvasu or Pushya. Whereas, Punarvasu will see an immediate impact in 2017 whereas Pushya would see in starting 2018 and Ashlesha would see it in 2019 mostly. But yes 6th Shani is 6th Shani! :)

The 6th house Shani will bring in some notable success. It will be visible growth. The 6th house Shani will expand your circle, your political connect, mass base and the sphere of influence. This will bring in new people in your life/career. This is particularly important for folks in politics that need mass base (Laloo / Madhuri: only Astrologers can mention Laloo and Madhuri in the same sentence!). However, most of this mass base or expansion is due to people from different caste, culture and language etc background than yours or the people you are with currently. It means you will be taken out of the comfort zone by Shani where you need to gauge and assess every new person methodically before assigning them work. You will need to ensure you check strength & weaknesses of people and give them appropriate work only! This is important as your base grows -- collecting good people below who are capable and not just loyal is very important. Also, imp is not to collect FAT under the name of expansion/growth. This growth would cause some travel (frequent) which would again cause some fatigue and health issues – have a disciplined regime and intake habits --- will need to drink a LOT OF water else stomach related ailments is a natural outcome of growth of the 6th house Shani! Don’t start eating and drinking all new stuff – Check where you can get your comfort food and at least one meal is needed to be of comfort food. Heavy breakfast is great for all but when Shani is 6th it is mandatory! As this Shani has drushti on the 8th house, it will give early indicators of the inheritance related trouble or issues (inheritance more from lagna rashi however). 6th house broadly is about yoga/Ayurveda and the 8th is about yoga/homeopathy!  So, these aspects would help a lot!!  Shani drushti on the 12th house indicates some expenditure or rather investment which was avoided for last 5 years in 4 and 5 Shani! You will need to invest in yourself for skills or health or some training etc. Shani drushti on the 3rd house indicates taking care of or helping younger siblings. As the 6th house is Mama / Mousi – them and also their kids could need your help – be in touch with them & check what they want (whats app group etc). Shani is relentless delivery of your own karma and the efforts of your last 5 years will result in the social and money and people growth that you yourself desperately wanted in these 5 years!!! It is YOUR time!!

The 3rd house GURU from August2016 to Sept2017: The 3rd house is about some or other form of expression, travel, picnics, music, writing, speech, instruments, doing things that one wants to do and loves to do and not particularly has to do! Guru in the 3rd house could make one travel for less than year away from the current place or just change a place or floor for a year in the office if individual horoscope is totally against travel! :) You will be called for some or other form or expression: speech, drawing, presentations and so on. Time to start some publication if possible or worst case, at least write regular blogs! They will be highly appreciated and pave the way for the success of the 5th Guru that starts from Sept2018. People connected to media would particularly be happy with this Guru movement. This Guru as it is owner of the 9th house (bhagya-travel) does bring in success from travel. Being the owner of the 6th house also means one gets raise / good money for some ventures especially in any of the “service-sectors”.

RAHU in the 2nd house until Sept2017 could bring in some wealth, investment inheritance that might be in the paternal family. It also means one could get a bit too aggressive and materialistic with wealth creation and overall investments. Overall, you could do some economic initiatives with the paternal family folks. On the contrary the 8th house KETU in the same period (as exactly 180% apart from Rahu) shows some long pending issues with the maternal family elders: Health needs to be watched for any hereditary related matters that come from the maternal family (especially for Cancer ascendant but also for moon sign). Maternal family elders would be served better by alternate healing mechanisms such as yoga, homeopathy etc. Life style changes would be needed for them and for you IF you have maternal family hereditary health issues.

RAHU moving to the first house from Sept2017 brings in some image & personality makeover. It shows getting a position of duty that helps people from other religion/castes. This Rahu adds to your responsibilities & position. This Rahu could make you a bit too ambitious or hedonist & may make you run for some image. Ketu in the 7th house from Sept2017 means some leisure activity with the maternal family. It shows Rahu’s dutiful position for lower rung of the society (as their representative) can make you collaborate or negotiate with higher-class people. It even shows some political movement for lower level people making one negotiate with well to do people.

MARS would be in the 8th house from Dec 11, 2016 to JAN20 2017: Get vehicles serviced, oil/air-pressure checked etc before this period. Drive carefully and avoid risks with vehicles during this period. Helmet and other safety gear is a must in this period.  The same care is needed from May 27, 2017 to July11, 2017.

SUN: In the following two months, watch what seniors / upper management wants in the following period; In the following two months handle seniors, govt related matters with tact & diplomacy during following periods; check if their & your priorities are the same! J Avoid direct arguments & use data & facts to counter any arguments & avoid emotional or subjective outbursts!
a.       June 15th to July 15th : The 12th house Sun
b.       Feb 14th to March 13th à The 8th house Sun

Neptune continues in Aquarius (Kumbh) for several years! 8th house Neptune is good for Adhyatma, yoga and alternate healing and medicines along with the 4th Shani! However, it is recommended not to overdo certain medicines as this house also shows side-effects of medicines. 8th house Neptune could make you meet good spiritual or yoga/ayurveda etc faculty Gurus /experts.

Uranus (Harshal) in 9th house in Pisces (Meen) shows sudden surprising travels & meeting some strange or unorthodox folks in travel. This Harshal could start some very long term new initiatives for you. Initiatives that take a broad view and last for next say 15-20 years. This applies more to organizations and countries dominated by Cancer sign but at some level individuals could also see some “change” in the path of life for them. Uranus ruled advance sciences such as electronics, nuclear power, mobile communication etc. Some “flirting” with these fields is quite likely! J

For all Signs and not just the Cancer / Kirk Moon Sign:
If you are born from 16th Nov to 15th Dec: Shani is going over your Sun from Nov2014 to Jan2017 & July2017 to Oct2017. This means you need to take care of your father’s health but more importantly it shows some ego-.hurt in office or conflicts with seniors / authority / police etc. It is imp to show patience & perseverance while dealing with seniors, police, and father in this time frame. Need to also watch health issues of your father very closely. It is quite possible that you will get overrun by seniors and would have zero ego or minimal ego profile

If you are born from May 14th to June14th, you are Taurus Sun Sign and Shani is opposite to your Sun until Jan2017 & July2017 to Oct2017. This means you really need to watch your father’s health, you could go away or stay away from your seniors and there could be some stand-off or fighting with your seniors. The same is applicable to relation with your father too. You need to maintain some tact & diplomacy dealing with seniors. Do not loose temper and have patience. This is a stand-off with seniors where you win some and lose some and they don’t totally run over you.

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