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Monday, March 13, 2017

2017 Annual Horoscope MAKAR (Capricorn in 2017): Rashifal

#MAKAR in 2017 (#CAPRICORN in 2017) MOON Sign -- 2017 Annual Horoscope
This article applies to Moon Sign Capricorn (MAKAR). This is only about “Kriyamaan karma” (instant karma) and not the “destiny” of individuals. Destiny-analysis requires horoscope, Numerology, Palmistry, numerology, face reading etc. Moon Sign plays significant role when it comes to “Kriyamaan”.

(Some well-known Moon sign Capricorn folks: Baba Ramdev, Rajinikanth, Indira Gandhi, Raj Thackeray, Shah Rukh Khan, Gopinath Munde, Bruce Willis, Rahul Gandhi; Sun Sign Capricorn: Balasaheb Thackeray, Subhashchandra Bose, Abhishek Bachchan, Urmila Matondkar, Shakira.  This article also applies to some extent Capricorn Sun Sign i.e. people born from Jan 14 to Feb 13 (The Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong

Capricorn Sign Characteristics
These are a conservative lot. They are very serious / sincere, non-nonsense types. They are the hardest working folks. They are very industrious. They display all of Shani’s characteristics like seriousness, self-control, proven approach, slow but steady, hard-work, perseverance. These folks do not share easily and are greedy in a good way. The negative side is too much self-control could lead to depression, cynicism. They are selfish in some (rather most) ways. They are a step by step person i.e. do not like big-bang approach. Their tomorrow is ALWAYS better than today. They are not very popular with colleagues and do not even try to be popular as their purpose is personal achievement, self-growth etc. They treat material/monetary success much more than any other growth. Sun Sign Capricorn also exhibits these traits: Folks born from Jan 14th to Feb 13th are Sun Sign Capricorn (Balasaheb moon Sign Kanya but Sun Sign Capricorn.) Mars in Capricorn is considered uchcha / exalted (Sachin, Pete Sampras). Jupiter is considered neech (debilitated). Capricorn sign planets in a horoscope denote busy approach, always onto something!

Some astrologers in Maharashtra seem to make fun of Virgo (Kanya) Sign and also portray Capricorn as a very unfortunate sign!? I have no clue why! J The fact that Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Balasaheb Thackeray were of Virgo moon sign (apart from Rajinikanth, Indira Gandhi, Raj Thackeray, Shah Rukh being Capricorn Moon Sign) should be good enough as a counter-argument! J Rajinikanth is Capricorn moon sign and how you dare you call it an unfortunate sign? J

Capricorn sun sign folks born from Jan14 to Feb13/14 Jan also show these characteristic. Folks born from Aug16 to Sept15 LEO Sun Sign oppose these characteristics; Folks born from Dec16 to Jan13 Sagittarius Sun also oppose Capricorn characteristics.

From May2012 to May2013 you were under 5th Guru which gave you some “Dream Come True” success. This period also gave some great success for your kids! The 7th Guru from June2014 to July2015 gave expansion, image & success in partnerships/collaborations. The 8th Guru from July 2015 could result into physical exertion & hard-work which is not done on the most focused or well thought initiatives! Shani has made you “right time, right place” from Sept2009 and helping you with new mass-base, new position and your own sphere of influence that will last until Jan2017 & also say until Oct2017! The 11th house Shani is about windfall gains like Kabali for Rajanikant. Each & every act you did in the last 22 years & more so in the last 5 years will pay you in some or other way. You will earn the maximum amount of money and have max mass-base until Jan-2017 – you are at the peak of your ability and need to CASH IT OUT completely. While you en-cash it, invest wisely. The growth CURVE will NOT stay as steep after Jan2017 when Sadesati starts. However, it is a good time to be a Capricorn moon sign person right until 2017 & even until the end of 2019 :) Yes Sadesati start on 26th Jan 2017 is a start of a very significant period for you (But July2017 to Oct2017 would be again 11th Guru). So Feb to June and again Nov2017 onwards to Jan2020 you would be under 12th Shani – initial 2.5 years of Sadesati! (UttaraShadha first charan would see more of a Sadesati in 2017. Dhanistha rather would get paid for their work and final big pay-off from Shani would happen for them. Shravan would be OK and mostly would see 11th Shani effect and less so 12th Shani but need to prepare for it by studies etc)

MAKAR/CAPRICORN MOON IN 2017:  Start of Sadesati but Guru is by your side
SHANI 12th from 26th Jan2017 and again from Oct 26th 2017 to Jan2020: Aali re aali ata tuzi baari aali! :) Baba Ramdev will also now need to handle new customer, new areas and new things with proper planning and also be careful with anti-publicity and also some side effects of his medicines and so on! SADESATI will start for Makar from Jan 26, 2017 when Shani goes 12th. It will be back 11th again from June21 to Oct26 and would be 12th from Oct 26, 2016 to Jan2020. India also enters Sadesati. However, this Sadesati might not be as bad as the late 80s and early 90s of Rajeev Gandhi mistakes, Babari, Harshad Mehta etc etc – the reason being GURU supporting from August2016 to Oct2019. But still it is WHAT NEXT phase of the life by Shani which he asks you every 27 years!

After glorious windfall gains of the 11th Shani -- The 12th house Shani is difficult to handle even though it doesn’t make you fall but keeps at the similar levels for say 3-5 years before the 2nd Shani starts new money in your life. WHAT NEXT is the question every planet asks you in the 12th house! Funny/Height that in the 11th Mars Sachin scored 2 centuries against Australian attack but in the 12th Mars he couldn’t score anything against New Zealand when Bhajji scored 2 centuries!!! :) So 12th SHANI being the slowest planets asks this question to you bold underlined and for a long time. You are supposed to work on WHAT and HOW in the 2.5 years of SHANI movement. DO NOT Jump hastily in the NEW fields. Step by step expansion of existing is just fine BUT the brand new fields execution should not start until the 1st Shani. The 12th House is planning, vision and spending of time money and effort on OURSEVELS!! Need to invest in SELF so that you can leverage that for the next 27 years of your life! 12th Shani is NOT bad – it is GREAT for upgrading your skills, learning new things, learning new level of maturity, auditing self, asking questions to self and correcting the life course/path. TOTAL rejuvenation and retrospect is needed initially. And then it gives you an idea as to WHAT to do and THEN you start working on HOW to do it – BLUEPRINTING Is what the 12th Shani is about. 9 10 11 Guru will keep expanding and keep giving you much needed growth and something to hang on to. It will keep you in the hunt and in the mix. So not all is lost etc and not all is slow too! :) Just that the SLOPE of the Curve of your growth would not be as steep as it was from Sept2009 to Jan2017 when Shani started supporting you.

The 12th Shani is the worst for the political leaders as it is almost a loss of mass base or completely away from mass base like Pawar Saheb in the 95/1996 (same with Advani as Wajpayee projected PM). If power is abused, then it could cause jail time also. Exile could mean anything and to the extreme also. The 12th Shani has drushti on the 9th house – so 2 travel houses in Shan impact means previously avoided travels and obligation travel against your wish. The 12th Shani also make you work independently away from people who you can delegate your things. It is a blessing in disguise but it is BAD for EGO! :) :) Any ego which you displayed due to being on top of a few people – these people might now be with someone else! :) In a good and great Mahadasha this 12th Shani means slower growth but learning new things and new environments. 6th Shani means socially people below you but 12th means people who are higher than you. So you could work with acute experts of some fields and would gain from their knowledge BUT it means you HAVE to gain from their knowledge else you are left high and dry! Advice from older folks reduces losses in the 12th Shani for sure! Talk to Bujurg folks and don’t learn everything on your own! :) Shani drushti on the 6th house also suggest overall checkup of health – long ignored expense on health to be ready for the next 27 years of life – lean and mean! Please do check Sadesati article on

However, Guru is there to support and anyways June 21 to Oct26 you will enjoy 11th Shani – more so for Dhanishtha and less so for Shravan and almost zero for Uttarashadha.

Shani is 11th until JAN 26 2017 and again from June 21 to Oct 26 2017: This 11th Shani will pay off leftover karma for predominantly to Dhanishtha nakshatra and less so for Shravan and Uttarashadha one. But still 11th Shani would help all Makar folks in this period somewhat: Shani is supporting Moon Sign Makar tremendously from Nov2014 when it moved to Scorpio sign. This is the BEST of the Shani movements of the past 27 years! Any planet is an angel in the house of gains and when it is slow moving rashi-swami like Shani, then one can get mysterious success like Jitendra had in the 80s last time Shani was 9 10 11 to Makar rashi. Rajni became a RAGE in the 80s too at the same time. Bruce Willis had a gala of a time in the 80s with the Die Hard Series and so on. It means you are the maximum of your mass base in the recent years and will have increasing mass-base, workers working for you. Unless you have too many planets in Vrishchik, Vrishabh or Singh sign, you should be rocking now. Even if you have planet in these signs under Shani’s audit-drushti, you are still having a great income and monthly cash flow and overall gains at the workplace. Time for some very big things to happen. The 11th house Shani’s income should be used to invest well for the future. Remember, you will stay at similar economic-layer/bracket from Feb2017 for 5 years when Sadesati starts. SO while you enjoy the gains, don’t assume that the RATE OF INCREASE will stay the same from 2017. Rather it will saturate a bit from FEB2017. So it is imp you do some good investments etc and use the money wisely. Shani in the 11th house takes you away physically (or mentally) from elder siblings, elder friends and overall friends. As Shani drushti is on the kids’ house – you need to check what your kids need as they would need your help. Shani drushti on your moon also means any issues with your mom’s health would be exposed while they are still controllable. Shani would indicate what will happen after 5 years with Mom’s health on a bigger level. Comprehensive health check is recommended for your mom. You also need to watch out with health as Shani aspect on Moon exposes problems with water in your body which is 67% of you! :) You get early indicators with your health which would be exposed in the sadesati very critically of not dealt with right now. Usually 11th Shani is such a busy period with so many material gains that one forgets the other pleasures of like with health, rejuvenation, rest & family etc – which Sadesati 12th Shani forces one with! :)

GURU 9th (Bhagya/Luck) until Sept2017: MAJOR things happen or start when Guru is 9th or when Shani is 11th. This Guru will keep you in the hunt despite Sadesati and rather will reduce impact of Sadesati on your happiness index quite a bit! As Shani is 11th for 5 months of 2017, this is a time period of some MAJOR things happening for you and by you. You will have a great impact on the surroundings and achieve a lot more than you imagined until July2016. JUST KEEPING BREATHING and KEEP WORKING – that’s it. Rest – “Saai Maalik”! :) This Guru increases image, helps get married & helps with promotions etc. Married folks have a great time w.r.t kids in the 9th Guru. As you can see the 9th house is Bhagyasthan and Guru ensures that your BHAGYODAY happens as long as you have been working hard. There is a very good chance to change your location and travel to a place 9 to 12 hours away from the current one for a period of say 3 years. Bhaghya doesn’t change seating on a couch. One has to move their axx for that! :) Guru being owner of the travel house like the 3rd and the 12th  – this Guru in the travel house of 9 for Makar is bound to make work-place changes at least! Overall this Guru is of natural support to you from the surroundings Sadesati or no Sadesati. This 9th Guru starts something new which stays with you until 11th Guru is over which is until Oct2019. This shows increasing success by typical GURU fashion which is DYAN-Yoga – what you know will work for you a lot more in this period.

The 10th GURU from Sept2017 is a pressure-cooker situation until Sept2018. Of course in 2017 the 10th Guru would be predominantly seen for Uttarashadha and lesser so to Shravan and even lesser to Dhanistha. The focus increases further towards career & ambitions. Everything related to career becomes THE focus & the home front s ignored a bit. The 10th Guru will increase pressure, hard-work & stress at workplace. Experts (SMEs) consultation is highly recommended in this period – it will make things easier for you. Reporting to or working for a boss of equal ability or even less in some respects is quite possible until Sept2017! No fault of your or your boss as you had different career paths & they crossed here. Sadesati makes this 10th Guru feel a bit more in intensity. Keep patience – it is a great virtue in sadesati! :) IMP: You could benefit from advice & support from your parents! Actively seek their help in any matters regardless of their field of expertise. You would be surprised! This is overall a PRESSURE-COOKER period as both Shani and Guru would be teasing you! They both are testing you all across various sectors of your personal & professional life. Some folks fall thru the cracks and never recover whereas the ones who work hard regardless of insults (direct or indirect) or ignorance. Only you would understand the situation you are so you will need to communicate more with the family members and even the team members. At least they will not add to issues if can’t solve them for you! ---- Remember EXPERTS / SME are a “sanjeevani” in the 10th Guru even in the Sadesati period. There is no substitute for specialists/experts (Guru) but also experience of older (Shani) people. Experts have their own priorities and whims and you need to show patience and show them your NEED for them to help you. Desperation is yours to show and not theirs. More desperate you are for advice the better you would get. What you read now needs to be DIRECTLY useful in your work and not pleasure or leisure reading – keep it aside for some-time! Gains. The 10th Guru is also good for investments due to aspect on the 2nd house and also health advice and medicines etc due to the 6th house aspect.

RAHU & KETU changes to 8th and 2nd until Sept2017: RAHU 8th is no fun! It means elders from paternal family need attention. You are also advised to check hereditary issues from the paternal family if you have any. Again the 8th house means Ayurveda and homeopathy works well mysteriously. Inheritance issues from paternal side will test your patience – and you MUST show patience & keep calm – 90% issues would resolve themselves and not by your actions! KETU in the 2nd house means some financial activities with the maternal family or maternal family focus would be finance.

RAHU and KETU would move to the 7th and the 1st house from Sept2017 for 18 months:  Raahu in the 7th house can make young folks adventurous in the relationships (boyfriends girlfriends etc) – need to use common-sense for sure. But of course  Rahu in the 7th is much better than the adverse 8th Raahu! This means some leisure and fun activities with the paternal family folks. Rahu would be highly karmic last 3 degrees in the first few weeks from Sept2017 which means folks worldwide if have some hereditary issues with lungs in the family– need to be careful and not ignore even minor indications. KETU in your sign (1st) means some desire for sukoon and calm. It would also mean helping maternal family or simply doing some duty for them. KETU in the Dharma Trikon  is natural to get good position and designation also if maternal family elders have left some good unpaid karma for you to exploit/benefit from.

MARS movements from August 26th to Oct 13th drive carefully, avoid adventurous maneuvers, use all safety gear for any sports and also bikes etc. Get vehicles serviced or at least inspected before end of August. Especially October first 2 weeks are testing for you with vehicles and traffic for you but also for everybody on the roads!

SUN: In the following two months, handle seniors, Govt, Police etc related matters with tact & diplomacy during following periods; check if their & your priorities are the same! (Sun would support greatly for 3 months from Sept 16th!)
a.       Dec 16 to Jan 14 – 12th house Sun
b.       Aug 16 to Sept 16 – 8th house Sun

Uranus (Harshal) in 3rd house in Pisces (Meen) until Match2017 could show some sudden travel from time to time especially 1 month from March 14th. This Uranus could show some urge to write on some topic; use it and you will surprise many. This 3rd house Uranus also shows some long term changes in the life of your immediate sibling. Uranus changing to the 4th house from April 2017 shows some changes to the house/renovation and rather modernization of many aspects of the house - -using latest gadgets and technology etc for the house. You would have good time SUKH etc with modern sciences and electronic gadgets for the next 7 years but INITIALLY for 6 months from April2017 – ensure that the electricity and related equipment is safe and secure and inspected. Some untoward incident for ignored maintenance is possible in 2017.

If you are born from Dec 13 to Dec 16th of any year – Until Jan 26th, 2017 and again from June21 to Oct26 -- Please take care of father’s health, self-kidney and internal reproductive organs issues seriously. Handle seniors and Govt matters with tact and diplomacy!

If you are born from Dec 17th to Dec 20th of any year: From 26th, 2017 to June 21, 2017 and again from Oct26 to Dec31st 2017 -- Please take care of father’s health overall and any accidents to head or leg for self. Handle seniors and Govt matters with tact and diplomacy!


  1. Wonderful analysis as always Milind. Yes, 11th Shani gave me mysterious dividends and now working in my 12 the Shani .. As mentioned an waiting for my 2nd Shani which should be a culmination of all the hard work in all the preceding years.Thank you.

  2. Why is it bad for uttrashada star ppl?