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Monday, March 13, 2017

2017 Annual Horoscope MEEN (Pisces in 2017): Rashifal

MEEN in 2017 (PISCES in 2017 Moon Sign Annual Horoscope 2017
This article applies to Moon Sign Pisces (MEEN). This is only about “Kriyamaan karma” (instant karma) and not the “destiny” of individuals. Destiny-analysis requires horoscope (birth-time chart), Numerology, Palmistry and face reading etc. Moon Sign plays significant role when it comes to “Kriyamaan”.

Some well-known Moon sign Pisces: Dev Anand, Rahul Dravid, Abhishek Bachchan, Dilip Prabhavalkar; This article also applies to some extent to Pisces Sun Sign i.e. people born from March 14 to April 13 Linda Goodman, Kundanlal Saigal, Leonardo Da Vinci, Dilip Vengsarkar, Aamir Khan, Imran Hashmi, Kangana Ranaut (The Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong:

Pisces Sign Characteristics"

Pisces sign folks are very mild mannered, with limited mental & physical energy. They are most happy when they are “giving” away something (info, knowledge, money etc). They are born millionaire or live like one. They will not show great urge to achieve materialistic success. They have wisdom acquired from every sign and have traits of every sign and can relate to all types of personalities without much effort. They are like the fish who can see at both the sides but never straight-ahead! J They know what would happen if you take this decision or that decision but would find it taking a decision with great conviction. But they will easily decide on very broad and long term issues. They do things with utter ease which could come across as the lack of interest or vigor. They are far better in planning than execution. They can give selfless advice. The word selfless is probably made for them. They give away the most important of their wisdom / information easily. (Unlike Capricorn or Scorpio signs) J It is almost impossible to surprise them. Staying in completely in a comfort zone, going with the current/flow OR swimming completely against the tide is their real destiny! Folks born from March 14 to April 13 are Sun Sign Pisces and also show this trait. Folks born from Oct 16th to NOV 15th LIBRA Sun Sign oppose these characteristics; Folks born from FEB 14th to MAR 13th Aquarius Sun Sign also oppose the Piscean characteristics.

From May2012 to May2013 you started something new and were in the 3rd Guru’s “50% Bhagyoday” movement. This Guru made you write effectively, express effectively (proposals, presentations, blog etc) and STARTED something NEW for you. You hung on to this and it created some feel good by May2013. The 5th Guru from July2014 to July2015 must have some real good expansion and success. This period gave you a tremendous opportunity to establish yourself. Whatever started in the 5th Guru would stay with you for 6 more years. Shani from Aug2012 to Nov 2014 was 8th to you: This meant you were away from your mass-base or at odds with your mass-base. It was indeed a tough transition period with need to upgrade your skills to make yourself worthy of new level of mass-base (reporting people). The 6th Guru from July2015 to August2016 ensured you service what you got in the 5th Guru until July2015. The 9th Shani from Nov2014 has made you right time & right place to exploit your skills & personality. You have positional advantage for some post or an important office! 9th Shani is giving you a new mass-base that would support you for the next 7 years. From FEB2017 and more so Nov2017 onward you enter the 10th Shani which is “more of the same” of the previous 2 years! It will bring in more work, stress, tough but happening time. You would feel like a pressure-cooker ready to release steam and benefit immensely from Jan2020…! Until then keep PUSHING as hard as possible. It is YOUR time..!

MEEN in 2017
The 7th house GURU until Sept2017: in a word “EXPANSION”. Guru is Rashi-swami & hence ultra-imp for you. (Neptune is the co-owner of Pisces). As they say: 7th Guru means “Baal bhi na baanka”! The 7th house is collaborations, partnerships, spouse - which means you would achieve success & expansion thru building relationships. GURU would ensure you would get good business partners and also life-partner (engagement/marriage) for “Wiwaah-Ichhuk” folks! As the 7th house is KAAM TRIKON (not Dharma/duty or ARTH/Economics), you would get to and want to work on something you LOVE. You would show flair and panache in your work.  You would spend good time for leisure & entertainment too. It is the time to PUSH for increasing success and increasing MONEY. Guru helps with spouse, marriage, siblings and also income until Sept2017 for sure. As Guru is aspecting Moon, it shows good health and feel-good to your mom. It means good visibility and popularity for you too. Your connect with the classes will increase as you meet well placed people in personal life & also career. As the owner of the 10th (workplace) house, this Guru shows gains from partnerships & collaborations. You will work alongside knowledgeable people and gain some proprietary knowledge. Your Dyaan-Yog would be strong until Sept2017 for sure.

The 8th house GURU from Sept2017: In 2017 this would be mostly applicable to Poorva-Bhardpada and UttaraBhadrapada nakshatra and very less to Revati nakshatra. The 8th house in one word is “MISSION-IMPOSSIBLE” -- Ethan Hunt’s running around trying to cover all the bases – it is his movie so he succeeds but usually in the 8th house Guru you are part of something which is not fully-thought-thru. It means you will be aligned to something which itself is not aligned to a greater good or the big picture. The 8th house is also PEEDA. In Marathi it is called as “DugDug”! :) Being Raashi-Swami it certainly shows fatigue & health issues. This Guru might not be the best for usual promotions, designations, specific posts etc etc but it does show to the world what you are made of. Your dedication & hard-work is appreciated but it doesn’t result in a great success overall. As the 8th house belongs to MOKSHA Trikon in the horoscope – this period is very good for homeopathy medicines results, Ayurveda and Yoga initiation. You would get good advice from such alternate healing method experts. Guru aspect on the 2nd house means good investment luck & well directed decisions for investments in stocks, jewelry, bonds etc. The 4th house aspect means home improvements, interior improvements and meeting with close-to-heart people. The 12th house aspect means good expense which is an investment in yourself. It is a very good Guru position for self-help and self-improvements. If the birth-time chart is conductive to easy money or disproportionate income, this Guru results in some real GREAT income thru say lottery or employee stock-options or some insider information coming to you. As 8th is the house of inheritance, it is a good time until Sept2018 to get something out of it. Although the 8th house Guru doesn’t result in holistic success at career/business (recognition or position/designation) despite the money gain, it will pave the success of the 3 years of 9 10 11 house Guru starting from Oct2018!

Shani moves to the 10th house from Jan26, 2017. It comes back to the 9th house again from June 21 to Oct26, 2017 and later it will be 10th until Jan2020. Poorva-Bhadrapada will see the 10th Shani more in 2017. Uttara-bhadrapada in 2018 and Revati in 2019. The 10th Shani of June 21 to Oct 26 2017 would be seen more acutely by Revati folks. Guru stays 7th until Sept 2017 which is about expansion, collaborations and great support.

The 9th Shani from Nov2014 to Jan2017 is supposed to give new mass base, a new bigger position and sort of a slow but sure bhagyoday. Now the 10th Shani will give you expansion (more of the same), volume and displacement! :) You will be subjected to great pressure, stress and pressure cooker situation but it is part of the growth and increase in business. People working for you will increase. The 10th Shani will give you complex work assignments that need micro-management. It is almost a must to take advice from experienced and older people who have done this before. But the same older & experienced people will stop your next level promotion by seating on top of you. So it is catch-22: you need them but you don’t like them! :) Older, experienced matured people advice is absolutely necessary in the 10th house Shani expansion. You will get respect and a place on a podium due to the number of people working for you (i.e. your mass-base) and not exactly for what your capability is actually. As it is usually understood that masses follow a capable person they can trust and entrust to do the right thing. At times, the 10th Shani puts some ego & buble in the person thinking that it is their skill and their uniqueness that is causing this success but remember it is the people that work for you are doing the difference for you. 10th Shani has drushti on the 4th house means mother and native and house. So this Shani takes away from parents logically or physically. Handle them with maturity and care as there could be some friction. Work place stress would need mom’s help at home and workplace stress would need dad’s advice BUT your higher positions make it difficult to deal with people without ego! :) Patience is the key dealing with parents and a smile on the face goes a long way! Shani drushti on the 7th house shows deficiencies or mistakes in the partnerships. It also takes away from spouse for some time. Of course the 7th Guru until Sept2017 is great for marriage prospects for single folks & keeping you with your spouse if already married. Shani drushti on the 12th house shows travels against your wish to meet very highly placed people with great vision and strategy and they calling the shots without people knowing it!! It also gives an early indicator what kind of expenses might be required after 5 years when Sadesati starts sometime in 2022.

June21 to Oct2016 2017 would be 9th Shani but this would be acutely seen by the Revati folks and more so in the last charan or last 4 degrees of Kumbh rashi. The 9th Shani means addition of some good mass-base, employees and bhagyoday by getting a good powerful position.  GURU is 7th until Sept2017 which means expansion and collaboration/partnerships and working on something you love to work on!  Guru from Oct2018 would support for next 3 years which would coincide with 10/11 Shani – which is fantastic!!

The 9th Shani until Jan-2017 & again from July2017 to Oct2017: This is applicable to REVATI Nakshatra folks; UttaraBhadrapada & PoorvaBhadrapada please ignore this one gives or starts you mass-base until Feb2017 that supports you for next 7.5 years! They work for you and increase your clout. You grow with them until the 12th Shani (Sadesati) kicks in. This Shani also slowly starts new opportunities for you which are long term and highly strategic. Just keep breathing & keep working HARD! The 9th Shani could also initiate a travel away from current place physically or say department or organization. Life This is good for partnerships & relationships as your partners would acquire influential contacts and you would benefit from them. At least Shani is not affecting in any way your partnerships or intimate relationships now. 9th being Bhagya-sthan is the most imp house for any professional or career oriented person. A Big planet like Shani in this house shows SLOW but STEADY progress which is step by step and “REAL” – neither smoke nor just an image. It is truly yours as Shani would make you work hard and make you go thru the distance. Shani presence in this travel house and drushti on the one more travel house – the 3rd almost mandates a long term travel away from current place. Even the most stable horoscope would at least see department change, customer change or at least a floor change! :)

RAHU & KETU are 6th & 12th until Sept2017: VERY VERY significant movement of Raahu for Meen rashi!!! This movement warrants a separate article actually! This 6th Rahu would widen your circle or rather would make you work with new mass-base of different caste, culture, language or religion or region. Raahu will show increasing mystique, clout & social presence. You would have mysterious wins over your enemies & establish yourself in a new mass-base & new area. Your image would increase and become more than your actual-self. Paternal family will do well in material & practical aspects. As your sphere of influence changes & expands you will be forced to analyze people in a very methodical & structured way. The 12th Ketu shows some dev-dharma teerth-yatra etc for maternal family. You could spend money & effort to resurrect/donate to some temple or place of worship etc

RAHU moving to the 5th house (Buddhi, Kids, success, dreams, execution, speculation) and KETU to the 11th house (all sorts of gains, monthly/regular income) from Sept2017 for 18 months: Rahu Ketu are always great in 11 / 5 or 5 /11. Yes Rahu 11th is better than Rahu 5th but still it is a favorable position for this axis.  The 5th Rahu shows some success in execution & achievements! Yes it could show some hereditary issues with your kids. As this is the house of duty – you will perform some tasks for the paternal family elders Any planet in the house of gains (11th) is a great thing! It will increase your monthly income. It will show gains if maternal family has left some good-will for you to exploit. Even if they have done some harms and left some nasty stuff even then the 11th Ketu movement is NOT the time to get those back to you! :) Overall – this axis for 18 months from Sept2017 only adds to your success, recognition and achievements in the favorable Shani and Guru movements...! You are IN for the long run! :)

MARS would be 12th at the start of the year Dec 12th 2016 to JAN 20, 2017. This time-period indicates driving carefully. Ensure you make a round of the vehicle checking its all right. Check air pressure and oil level etc regularly. Avoid adventure sports or use all the safety gear etc in this period for sure. Nov 29th 2017 to Jan 16, 2018 again 8th house Mars advises the same care.

SUN: In the following two months: Handle seniors, Govt, Police related matters with tact & diplomacy during following periods; check if their & your priorities are the same! J (Sun would support greatly for 3 months from Oct 16th!)
1.       Feb 15 to Mar 14 the 12th house Sun (expenses of time money and energy for seniors/Govt/authority)
2.       Oct 16 to Nov 16 – The 8th house – peeda and confrontations with Govt Police RTO etc authorities

If you are born from Dec 13 to Dec 16th of any year – Until Jan 26th, 2017 and again from June21 to Oct26 -- Please take care of father’s health, self-kidney and internal reproductive organs issues seriously. Handle seniors and Govt matters with tact and diplomacy!

If you are born from Dec 17th to Dec 20th of any year: From 26th, 2017 to June 21, 2017 and again from Oct26 to Dec31st 2017 -- Please take care of father’s health overall and any accidents to head or leg for self. Handle seniors and Govt matters with tact and diplomacy!

Uranus (Harshal) in your sign Pisces (Meen) until March2017 shows some change to your personality. It brings love of latest electronics gadgets or modern sciences. It also makes you reevaluate old customs, rituals etc and dump or change the outdated ones. Uranus is a change agent and this brings in slow but long term changes in your personality & life. From April2017 it goes to Aries/Mesh and 2nd to your sign which shows some investment gains and new income in your life due to slow but steady changes & rather investments done from 2010 in your life (modernity, technology, latest stuff) – However avoid very sudden investments at your whims and take some information decisions. This Uranus is more effective to PooraBhadrapada and Uttarabhadrapada first 2 charans in 2017 and less for other charans (the last 6 charans of meen).

Neptune continues in Aquarius (Kumbh) for several years! Neptune in 12th house is great for spiritual connects. This Neptune helps with planning of next several years. It shows some expense of time & money on spiritual places, ashrams and even temples. Neptune helps with power of subconscious mind from time to time. This Neptune position is more significant to countries and organizations ruled by Pisces sign than individuals.


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