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Monday, March 13, 2017

2017 Annual Horoscope MESH (Aries in 2017): Rashifal

#MESH in 2017 (#Aries in 2017) #Annual Horoscope 2017
This article applies to MOON Sign Aries (MESH). This is a very interesting topic to put 1/12th people in the world in the same category. We can only discuss the Kriyamaan karma (instant karma) and not the “destiny” of individuals. The destiny-analysis requires horoscope (birth-time chart), palmistry, numerology and face reading etc.

The Moon Sign plays significant role when it comes to “Kriyamaan”. (Some well-known moon sign Aries folks are Bill Clinton, Barak Obama, Lalkrishna Advani, Sharad Pawar, Anil Ambani, Gautam Gambhir, Lalit Modi). This article also applies to some extent to people born from April 14 to May 14th (Aries Sun Sign). (The Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong

Aries Sign Characteristics
Aggressive, forthright, Initiators, Direct, Fighters, Warriors, Action oriented, Positive, Workaholic, bow-like eye-brows, Do not like to talk much, Fast, Impatient, Anger from time to time, Accident prone if combined with Sagittarius Sun or ascendant! More like Chandragupta than Chanakya! You could see these characteristics in folks born from April 14 to May14 also who are Sun Sign Aries. (Those born from Nov 16 to Dec 15 i.e. Scorpio Sun and those born from March 14th to April 13 Pisces Sun sign oppose Aries characteristics.)

The 8th Shani (peeda/adverse) got to you from Nov2014 which continues until Jan2017 and again from July2017 to Oct2017. This Shani made you reduce your mass-base, influence and people working for you. It meant increasing your skills and working alone on something instead of delegating it all the times! The 5th Guru helped you a LOT from July2015 to July2016, it must have given you a promotion, a prominent position & an office of a good duty! It also meant a lot of plans from May2010 coming true in one shot. However, Shani 8th had drushti on this Guru so the 5th Guru usually which is Dream Come True sorts was not as powerful as it could have been. The 6th Guru from Sept2016 is further making matters slow for you along with the 8th Shani. The things are going to get on track from late 2017 and you are going to be IN and in FORM and rocking for 7.5 years ahead with GREAT Shani support which would be very similar to what you had from say 1988 to 1995 end. Rahu continues to be 5th and Ketu 11th which is a very good position for this axis (Ketu 5 and Rahu 11 the best but still this is also good).

The career right now for Mesh rashi folks you can ask Hon Lalkrishna Advani, Sharad Pawar Saheb, Gautam Gambhir, ex-Cricketer Imran Khan and so on. J The 8th Shani is the lowest career point, unhappening, slow, saturation, alone, Semi-exile, hereditary wealth & health issues, away from mass-base and working mostly alone. This continues until Jan2017. And Again From July2017 to Oct2017. Shani becomes 9th (Bhagya-Sthan) for Feb2017 to June2017 and again from Nov2017 onward to Jan2020. But in 2017 it seems Shani being 9th is going to be useful predominantly for ASHWINI nakshatra folks. Bharani and Krittika would not see major effect of the 9th Shani in 2017. However, Bharani & Krittika folks at least would not see 8th Shani effects which were a major roadblock in their way. Any 9th house planet bring in some sort of Bhagyoday, travel, new position and increase in your knowledge and influence and profile. Shani being a major and long term planet, the 9th Shani effect is profound!! Imagine Hon Sharad Pawar coming back to Congress I 1987/1988 and landing CM position right away until 1995 when Sadesati hit. Imagine Lalkrishna Advani getting into new mass base due to RamMandir andolan in the 9th Shani and becoming a household name in all Indian families. Also, imagine Cricket Imran Khan recalled from his defeat of 1987 world Cup and he had immense support from Shani right until retirement (his world cup win was the 5th Guru to Moon.) So in short, a GREAT era of “right time right place” & a long term bull run is going to start from Feb2017 and more so Nov2017 for 7.5 years ahead. Of course, Shani is nishkaam karmayogi and you HAVE to “go there and do that”. Nothing is given on a platter to you! Shani also is slow effect and can’t be felt in everyday life but one has to co-related long term events. Shani being 9th 10th 11th is a long-term bull run with its own pressures, tests and tactics and stress and struggle from time to time as it aspects various planets of your birth-time horoscope! It is NOT a cake walk but well --- it is SOME walk! J  So Ashwini to feel 9th Shani from Feb2017 to June2017 more and also from Nov2017 to April2018. Whereas Bharani and Krittika do see things to come and see positivity, they will have full intensity of the 9th Shani later in – Bharani from April2018 to mid 2019 & Krittika (of Mesh only) from Mid2019 to Jan2020. These nakshatra is for acute effects but still 9th Shani is 9th Shani and it is available from Feb2017 and more so from Nov2017. 9th being the house of Dharma-Trikon this Shani gives a prominent position of a duty (more like director than say actor). It starts some well-aligned strategic long-term initiatives and success.

Bharani and Krittika would finish their quota of 8th Shani adversity until Jan2017 and again from July2017 to Oct2017.

GURU is 6th until Sept2017 --- What you got from July2015 to July2016 now would be given to your competitors or even enemies. Your competitors will get the highlight and limelight now. You will need to service what you already have.  Ensure you put in huge efforts for whatever you got in the 5th Guru until July2016. The 6th Guru is ArthaTrikon so you will see good economic investments and income for sure. It is also a house of providing “service” so you would be called upon to provide some services from time to time and it will keep you in the hunt. However, it is not a flashy stuff like the it was until July2016 – it is more like step by step progress and slow & steady wins the race sort of a period.

From Sept2017 you enter the 7th house Guru: In 2017 this would be mostly seen  by Ashwini to large and Bharani to considerable extent and lesser for Krittika. The 7th Guru in a few simple words is “expansion, partnerships, relationships, money,  image enhancement, right time right place – “Baal Bhi na Banka”. The 7th Guru makes you very well directed and aligned perfectly for growth and expansion. What you got from July2015 to July2016 will now expand 10 100 1000 etc times as per your karma of this and past life. It will show success in partnerships and collaborations. It will form some formidable alliances for you. You will get support from elites/classes and also masses. This Guru certainly shows a great feel good which will continue until Sept2018. 2018 start to Mid would be for Bharani and last 3 months would be especially for Krittika of Mesh but anyways Guru stays only 12 months in one rashi so Ashwini would see more in 2017 but also in 2018 and Bharani and Krittika in 2017 but more so in 2018.

Sun helps with career and gains from April 14 to July16th.

The 8th Shani in 2017 until Jan2017 and again from July2017 to Oct2017 is more chaotic for Bharani and Krittika nakshatra and less so Ashwini as the had their fair share of 8th Shani problems in 2015 itself! J  The 8th Shani in these chunks suggest to pay enough attention to health of kids and elders in the family. This Shani shows some infighting for inheritance / wealth. Handle these matters with patience and SLOWLY. Do not try to hurry and force a result for inheritance or wealth matters with the family. The 8th Shani drushti on the 10th house means some tussle with seniors and father or police etc. Handle them with diplomacy. These would be long term and principle based issues and not like operational and daily tussle. Difference of opinions with seniors & father needs to be handled dispassionately.

The 9th Shani from Nov2017 could show some issues with siblings and maternal cousins. It could take you away from them due to your career/business etc and you will need to ensure you check how they are doing regularly – they will need your help.

Guru being 6th until Sept2017 could show good collaborations, contacts with maternal side of the family. Maternal family, cousins could meet up frequently. It’s a good time to do something constructive with them. This Guru also reduces Shani drushti on the 10th house – father, seniors. So this helps with ensuring matters stay constructive. The 7th Guru from Sept2017 is absolutely great for married life. To find a suitable partner or spend a quality time with your spouse and even expanding family. It is also considered house of the 2nd kids by logic by many astrologers as it is 3rd house from the 5th house (1st kid!) J Anyways the 7th Guru from Sept2017 to Sept2018 is great for marriage and partnerships aspects. As this Guru drushti is on Chandra directly, it means good luck for your mom.  Spending time with mom and increase in mom’s health etc. Raahu in the 5th house means kids would have good and not so good hereditary stuff from the paternal family. Rahu moving to the 4th house from Sept2017 means you will spend some quality time with the paternal family folks.

The 8th house Shani is a roadblock for wealth expansion or any wealth related matters until Oct2017. It means you must not take undue risk with investments and only invest for the long term. Quick bucks could land in trouble. As mentioned above inheritance issues would keep troubling until Oct2017. Patience is needed for any sort of investment matter. Guru being 6th until Sept2017, reduces 8th Shani impact on investments / stock market etc. This Guru helps with again long term investments and also booking some gains and taking some money out of market with some profit. Guru in economic sector and its drushti on 10 and 2nd house is great for finance and investment matters. Again, it is not for quick gains or fast/easy money – stay away from such schemes (always but more so in 2017). The 7th Guru from Sept2017 expands your monthly income and cash flow. You could have some good luck with jewelry and silver especially until Sept2018.

KETU is in the 11th house until Sept2017 means you will have some economic activity or some gain from the maternal side family. There could be some blessings from the spiritual and religious places. Ketu moving to the 10th house from Sept2017 continues with the economic activity but more helps with production & churning out some output / churn of some products that outright gains/cash flow. Sun helps with career and gains from April 14 to July16th.

The 6th house Guru and the 8th house Shani means health is a major focus for you and your kids. The 6th house Guru would force dealing with much ignored health issues from the past 6/7 years. It will help get good doctors and health advice. It does show expense of time money & energy in to your health. Stomach could be a worry and also hedaches from time to time are possible. The 8th Shani is about indigestion but also it shows kidney and reproductive organs related issues if there is some family history. Both these planets until Sept2017 and Oct2017 indicate that you must look holistically at your health and make use of modern medicines but also look at Ayurveda and Homeopathy very closely. Guru moving 7th from Sept2017 helps with optimal water retention in the body and overall health as Guru aspects moon which controls water in the body. You will get to optimal health pattern in late 2017 and 2018 with 7th Guru and 9th Shani. MARS going 12th from Jan20, 2017 to March 1, 2017 means there could be some heat and more sleep/rest would be needed. Use eye drops to avoid issues and also check if you need B-Complex Vitamin in this period. Raashi_Swami Mars in the 12th house means some health issues. Good part is that it is in Guru drushti so there should not be major issues.

Beware of what seniors/Govt/authorities want from you. Deal the difference of opinions with seniors or authorities with tact & diplomacy! Obey traffic and other laws.
1.       Nov 17 to Dec 16 (the 8th House Sun)
2.       March 14 to April 13 (the 12th House Sun)


Jan 20, 2017 to March 1, 2017 MARS would be in Pisces (meen) which means 12th to you moon sign. So before Jan 20 ensure that vehicles are checked out and serviced if long due. Also in this period of 12th Mars avoid risky adventure sports or use all the safety gear using two-wheeler and so on. Sudden movements and sudden jumps etc etc to be avoided else ankle/feet or head injury could happen. Try avoiding 2 wheelers all together in this period. There could be some expense for siblings or cousins in this period.