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Monday, March 13, 2017

2017 Annual Horoscope Vrishabh (Taurus in 2017): Rashifal

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This article applies to Moon Sign Taurus (Vrishabh). This is a very interesting topic to put 1/12th people in the world in the same category. We can only discuss Kriyamaan karma (instant karma) and not the “destiny” of individuals. The destiny-analysis requires combination of horoscope, palmistry, numerology and face reading etc. The article also applies to some extent to Taurus Sun Sign i.e. people born from May 14 to Jun 14. (Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong:

Moon Sign plays significant role when it comes to “Kriyamaan”.  (Some well-known moon sign Vrishabh moon sign folks are/were: “PU.LA” Deshpande, SushantSingh Rathod, Yashavantrao Chavan, Virendra Sehwag, Ishant Sharma, Bhagwan Shrikrishna! Vikram Pandit?)

VRISHABH Characteristics
Ability to ridicule & make people laugh, Calm, Stable, Stubborn, Family person, Love money, family, farms, Prefer power /stability over money, Dislike too many changes, Stubborn; Do not like to be hurried to do anything. Move at their own pace & style, LOVE eating and try out various cuisines. Very happy when they are eating! J Tremendous memory, Methodical approach. You could see these effects in May14 to Jun14 born also who are Sun Sign Taurus. (People born from April14 to May14 are Sun Sign Aries and it opposes these characteristics. Also, folks born from Dec 16 to Jan13 are Sun Sign Sagittarius and also oppose these characteristics.)

Shani changed your circle & sphere of work/influence from August2012 to Nov2014; It reduced people working for you from Nov2014 to Jan2017 and made you work a bit in isolation.  Now the 8th Shani would further reduce your mass-base and predominantly make you work alone away from people. This is Shani’s mandate for you to learn new things and gain maturity and become an expert and “worthy” for new higher level of mass-base. Shani is asking you to rejuvenate. Of course, the 5th Guru from Sept2016 is going to give some real good success by Sept2017 and it will start something for you for the next 7 years which you always wanted and deserved by your actions of 3rd and 4th Guru from July2014 to August2016. Rahu is average until September and then it will go 3rd and Ketu 9th which is probably the best position for Rahu Ketu axis showing that you will benefit from the unpaid good work or good-will of your ancestors!

Significant Planetary Movements:
Shani will be moving to the 8th house from Jan 26, 2017 for Vrishabh rashi. Of course, Shani would be returning to the 7th house on June 21, 2016 & back to the 8th house on Oct26, 2017. Krittika Nakshatra will see effect of Shani movement in 2017. Rohini would see it in 2018 predominantly and Mrig in 2019 of course this is for all the 2.5 years but the intense and acute impacts would be seen as pet these nakshtatras! In between, Shani would enter the 7th house (Vrishchik) from June21 to Oct26, 2017. This 7th Shani would be mostly applicable to Mrig Nakshatra and less so to the Rohini and almost none to Krittika.

The 8th house Shani movement or that of any planet is not the leverage (gains, income or pro-environment) mode and certainly for something like Shani which is nothing but mathematical equation of our own karma. Any 8th house planet mandates to rejuvenate, retrospect and make a course correction. Shani in this house is no different except that this goes for a long time! :) Shani forces you to acquire new skills by putting you into a role that is more of an individual capacity and not getting work done by delegation from a lot of people. Means, you are away from your mass-base. You must acquire new skills and the next level of maturity to lead Workers or employees of higher levels than before. The 2.5 years of the 8th Shani are the time and opportunity to plan the next 7.5 years ahead of Shani being 9 10 11. Shani 9 10 11 gives phenomenal success for all work and all contacts and all the MAHOUL you created when the Sadesati ended the last time in 2003. But for that the 8th Shani is the preparation in semi-exile of sorts. Shani’s 10th drushti on father & senior’s house mean you need to manage them better. Students will be out of their comfort zone both due to some detailing needed and also managing professors diplomatically and resolving differences by patience. However, GURU 5th is from August2016 is going to support every alternate 12 months for next 7 years! You will be back on track now for sure. This Guru support will offset a lot of 8th Shani movement.
So, until end of 2019 -- Prepare well for the 9th 10th 11th Shani movement that starts end of 2019. This preparation would decide the magnitude of success.

However, GURU is a major savior for you now from August2016 to Sept2017! The 5th Guru is “too-powerful” (ask Sushant with “Dhoni” success”) and it shows some inner desire coming true! Much awaited promotion & much deserved position and something you always worked for from 3rd Guru from July2014 and imagined in the 12th guru of May2011 to May2012 is given to you! (Anyone read the book “The Secret” :) ) This Guru means even students would surprise themselves! Yes still one subject could trouble and need more efforts due to 8th Shani! Great time for students to secure a job! The 5th Guru shows “success in execution of one’s plans” and success shall be delivered! :) This Guru drushti on the 9th house shows some travel but lesser duration, good guidance from experts of various fields and even “Saint-Sahawas”. The drushti on the house of gains (11th) means multiple gains and especially great increment & promotion. Your image will also be enhanced and there could be phsycial and social weight gain! :)  As you can see, the Duty-intensive planet like Guru in the Dharma-Trikon ( 1 5 9) to moon is always a blessing! As Guru’s curve is starting for next 7 years – this 2.5 years of 8th Shai would be lot more bearable.

Rahu 4th & Ketu 10th until August2017 means some peaceful stuff with paternal relatives and some career oriented blessings from the maternal family. If horoscope Ketu is well placed, this Ketu movement shows good image projects and visibility at the workplace. Rahu Ketu moving from Sept2017 to 3rd and 9th house is a GREAT news for Vrishabh folks. This is the best news from all angles including career and family and health and what not! This is one of the most significant change of this year for Vrishabh for the 18 months from then! You will be able to create visible and mysterious impact thru your communication, expression, travel and presentations on the surroundings. Its an absolute blast for the artists..!

Guru going 6th from Sept2017 to Sepr2018 would be mandating to refine & “serve” what you got in the 5th Guru. It will shows saturation in career BUT it must be used to hone and fine-tune the contacts, the work and the position you got in the 5th Guru - -it is an incremental step by step increase. However, it does show good money if not health!

The 5th Guru until Sept2017 is a great time for anyone who was waiting for kids (apatya-prapti) or getting married for that matter! Guru drushti on the Moon is great for your mom’s health and also doing good things for mom. 5th Guru is 11th to the spouse’s house and hence great period for romance/marital life. Guru being traditional, society conforms and is usually happy with this development! :)

The 8th Shani has drushti on the 5th house means one needs to watch education (students) and kids. Pay close attention to what the kids want. You will need to spend time with them not giving quick fix or quick solutions. 8th Shani is about inheritance related issues. Need to pay attention to any long-ignored matters.

July to Oct Shani would be 7th again and particularly Mrig nakshatra folks would need to check what Mom wants and needs. There could be some health issues still leftover despite comprehensive treatment.

Rahu Ketu moving from Sept2017 to 3rd and 9th house is a GREAT news for Vrishabh folks. This is the best news from all angles including career and family and health and what not! This is one of the most significant change of this year for Vrishabh for the 18 months from then! This position for this mysterious axis has most benefic results and hardly any problematic one!

The 8th Shani mandates that the investments need to be handled step by step and no gambling or quick gains attempt which are against Shani drushti on the second house. Previous mistakes will be exposed which need to be handled with cold calculations. Any emotional decision would cause damage! It is imp to be practical & “just” with any investment. Of course, emotions are imp but there is a limit to it. Compromising some emotions to preserve most of the part of it (family prestige etc) is always a good choice.

The 5th Guru is all there to support with fresh new wealth coming in your life. It shows increased income due to job/business. Your short-term goals with wealth will be achieved for sure. Until Sept2017, Uranus in the 11th house will be very well directed and could show some sudden & quick gains. This is especially true for folks who deal with latest technology & modern sciences (Uranus governance). The 6th Guru from Sept2017 shows good luck with stock markets/mutual funds etc investment activities. 8th Shani mandates long term outlook though. But Guru will bring in some experts in your contact.

Simply speaking the 8th house planets are about enough sleep and rejuvenation and yoga and also homeopathy! 8th house Shani will benefit from this quite a bit. Of course, it is asking you to deal with hereditary issues and that is where the homeopathy comes in picture. Guru would be 6th from Sept2017 and will force to deal with long term ignored issues with health. The 6th house is about Ayurveda/stomach – such visits will be fruitful. The 6th Guru will bring in expert medical advisers in touch. Of course, health is a focus for sure. Nov 16 to Dec 16 would be more so and also June16 to July16 too.

MARS Effect:
The 12th Mars from March 2, 2017 to April 13, 2017 recommends driving carefully and avoiding adventure sports. It shows checkup of vehicles and long pending servicing to be completed before March 2nd itself. The 3rd Mars from July11, 2017 to August 27, 2017 shows travel to meet siblings or friends or simply picnics with friends and siblings. The 6th Mars in December2017 shows success over competition.

SUN: In the following two months, Need to check what seniors / upper management /Govt want and check their and your priorities match! Handle any stand-off with them with tact & diplomacy. Obey traffic and other laws!
1.       April 14th to May 14th : 12th house Sun – adversity with seniors & authority, Govt, Father
2.       Dec 16th to Jan 13th à 8th house Sun – PEEDA from seniors & authority, Govt, Father etc

Neptune continues in Aquarius (Kumbh) for several years! As this Neptune creates some angles with planets passing thru 4th and 10th house, it shows innovative & creative steps at workplace. This Neptune position is very good for production industry if you participate in “Innovation” which is a focus area of all organization these days.

Uranus (Harshal) in 11th house in Meen shows sudden income/friend visits – Any planet great in 11th house. Uranus is no exception. For large organization & countries ruled by Taurus sign, it shows gains from electronics or advance sciences. At an individual level this Uranus recommends taking care of kids from Mid Sept to Mid Oct & then in December but this is nothing major.

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