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Monday, March 13, 2017

2017 Annual Horoscope VRISHCHIK (Scorpio in 2017): Rashifal

VRISHCHIK in 20017 (Scorpio in 2017) MOON Sign -- 2017 Annual Horoscope
This article applies to Moon Sign Scorpio (VRISHCHIK). It talks about the Kriyamaan karma (instant karma) and not the “destiny” of individuals. The destiny-analysis requires horoscope, palmistry, numerology and face reading etc. Moon Sign plays significant role when it comes to “Kriyamaan”.

Some well-known Moon sign Scorpio folks: Narendra Modi, Nitish Kumar, VilasRao Deshmukh, Manohar Joshi, RR Patil, Zaheer Khan, Al Pacino, Wasim Akram, Nana Patekar Sun Sign Scorpio: Indira Gandhi, Dilip Kumar, Dharmendra, Sharad Pawar,  Gopinath Munde, Manohar Joshi, Sushmita Sen, Rajnish. This article also applies to some extent Scorpio Sun Sign i.e. people born from Nob 16 to Dec 15 (Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong:

SCORPIO Sign Characteristics
They love power & they love to intimidate. They look very stable on surface and very stubborn but just below they are boiling with emotions. The word “Khunnas” and “Passion/Junoon” is synonymous with Scorpio Moon / Sun Sign. These people go to extremes. They are VERY intense and they can & do take a lot of stress/load/responsibilities. This is reflected in black circles around their eyes (especially Scorpio Sun Sign). They are very secretive – information / knowledge are like power and not to be shared easily. They do have some psychic abilities and often know what other person is thinking. They have great instinct and often it is true. They need to keep POSITIVE approach always – negativity can make them sting themselves! This is a great sign for military jobs. Scorpio sign planets in a horoscope denote tremendous passion for an incomplete desire of the past birth! Contrary to Western Sun Sign calendar – Bill Gates, Julia Roberts, Shah Rukh Khan, Leonardo etc are Sun Sign LIBRA and not Scorpio. “Tragedy king” Dilip Kumar although moon sign Leo, he is Sun Sign Scorpio (Dec 11). Scorpio Sun sign folks born from 16th Nov to 15th Dec also show these characteristic. Folks born from Jun14 to July14 Gemini (Mithun) Sun Sign oppose these characteristics; Folks born from Oct16 to Nov16 Libra (Tula) Sun sign also oppose Scorpio characteristics.)

Sadesati start from August2012 hasn’t been an easy period for you. It is a tough test with new learnings & also understanding of who is yours and who isn’t. The 12th Shani from August2012 was going away from your comfort zone and your mass-base/sphere of influence. June2013 to June2014 was especially tough due to the 8th Guru which showed mis-aligned hard-work & stress. The 9th Guru until July2015 was good to get some position which is strategic and you always wanted it –an important position for sure. The 10th Guru from then to July2016 was more stress & reporting to someone of equal or less ability! Now from Sept2016 to Sept2017 Guru will help you get paid for your efforts from July2014 onwards!

Shani moving to your sign from Nov2014 has helped with coming back on track in career, getting closer to your mass-base or win back your mass-base. However, it is a mental torture or rather maturity test – use data and figures/facts and not emotions to debate! Let data speak. You have mental & physical endurance – use it & wait/watch for the right opportunity to make your move – KEEP EMOTIONS at bay until Feb2017 & again from July2017 to Oct2017! Watch health of mom for sure especially kidney and reproductive/ progeny organs.

Scorpio Moon 2017 Projections
Shani goes to the 2nd house (the last phase of the Sadesati) from Jan 26, 2017 but becomes wakri in April and hence comes back 1st (in your rashi) from June 21, 2017 to Oct 26, 2017. From then it is in the 2nd house until Jan2020. Of course, this Shani coming back 1st (June21-Oct26) would be affecting more to Jyeshtha Nakshatra as they face this first Shani more than say Vishakha (almost none) and very less to Anuradha. For Jan to June and Nov Dec 2017 Vishakha would feel the most of the 2nd Shani whereas Anuradha in 2018 and Jyeshtha more in 2019. However, 2nd Shan is 2nd Shani except June21 to Oct26.

The 2nd house Shani starts the final phase of Sadesati where you family wealth, family wealth decisions, your investment decisions are put under Shani’s scanner! Shani will expose all the mistakes and undue risks taken in the past 27 years with the investments. Any debts not paid would be affect severe financial penalty and hence you better ensure you are clear your records books. You will be forced to cut losses in some investments by taking very pragmatic, curt and emotion-less decisions. Your decisions will need to be based on cold-calculations and not passionate outburst. Any of your need for credit from your relatives might be met with a rude surprise giving you a reality check who stands by you in your crunch time. You had this indication to smaller level in the 12th Shani from Nov2011 to Nov2014 and if you had not made amendments and continued to depend on these unreliable folks – you will be in for a rude surprise. However like ANY planets in the 2nd house it gives or rather starts a new income in your life for all the efforts you put in when the planet was 12 and 1st to you. So Shani was 12 and 1 from Nov2011 to Jan2017 for you and in the second how movement while it exposes blunders it will also start fresh new income for you BUT slowly and steadily. Whatever was planned and executed in the last 5 years will not bear some fruits from 2017 to 2019 end. Shani in 2nd and dhrishti on 11th advises NOT going after quick bucks and easy money! Karmani Adhikaraste! Shani is masses or workers and now AGAIN after 5 years of Gap – your income would be again proportional to the number of folks work for you (your mass-base). Shan 12 and 1 makes you earn individually by your own skills and improving your ability but this 2nd Shani now gives you NEW mass-base, higher level of workers and hence your income now starts going up as people working under you start going up. As This Shani coincides with 11th Guru until Sept2017 it means getting paid for all efforts done from July2014 onwards. 11th Guru will give you a lot of good gains by Sept2017 which should not be confused with the 2nd Shani! :)

This time Guru has been supporting Vrishchik in Sadesati which wasn’t the case last time in the 80s. So when Guru goes 12th in Sept2017 to Sept2018 – You might feel sadesati effect a bit more as Guru would also put you in an exile of sorts and will force to answer “WHAT NEXT for 12 years” question.

The 11th Guru from August2016 to August2017 is SIMPLY GREAT – It will pay you off for whatever you did from last 4 years or rather last 11 years. It is a culmination of all the efforts and each & every contact you acquired in this period. The LABH STHAN – house of gains and BIG planet like GURU means some long term plans see the success and get you some material gain for sure. As Guru is the owner of the 2nd and the 5th house – FAMILY and KIDS gains is VERY MUCH likely. Kids would have some success for sure. If you are in education sector some big awards and recognition is almost a certain for you. The VISHAKHA folks would see effects right in August to Nov2016; Anuradha from January2017 to April2017or so and Jyeshtha from April to August2017.  It is a period of great fulfillments and fill good. You would be finishing or rather completing many things in this period until August2017. At the same time think what you would be doing for 12 years ahead from August2017 as that question would hit you very soon from August2017 as suddenly many completed matters and projects no longer help you! J

Shani in your rashi from Nov2014 to Jan2017 (and again from June-21-2017 to Oct-26-2017 has not been fun) – it will continue until Jan-26-2017 and again from July2017 to Oct2017! It is a test of all sorts – mental and physical. It is time to put head down and work & work without asking for results. Some unreasonable folks with power would come across or against you – you need to handle them with smile & genuine humbleness. Remember SHANI is masses & workers who earn LOT LESS than you – so even if trifle bit of arrogance which YOU think as self-esteem could cost you and you wouldn’t even know it until after the damage is done. More humble you are and more patient you are – more these people will work for you and make you successful. Shani drushti is on the 10th house – career, workplace – so it shows some tussle and long term difference of opinion with your seniors. You need to choose your battles carefully and always think about bigger picture – the WAR

RAHU and KETU change to the 10th and the 4th house until Sept2017: The 10th Rahu with Guru means you will get some IMAGE & High visibility work. This will help gain some good image and mystique at workplace/career. Your image would be higher than your ability in many aspects. If paternal family elders have left some unpaid karma and good-will – you will miraculously gain in the 10th house Rahu movements. Rahu is paternal grandparents and their karma. If there is a good name in society from this side – you will benefit illogically/mysteriously as it is not your life and your actions that are resulting in some unexplained gains! However RAHU in the 10th house could make someone GREEDY at the workplace – agitation & anger from your side could lead to unhealthy gossip about you. So need to be careful – keep good intentions and all will be good. KETU in the 4th house is natural as moksha trikon house. Good time for spending quality time with the maternal family elders. Also a good time for some home d├ęcor and especially taking care of property of the maternal side family.

RAHU moving to the 9th house from Sept2017 shows good luck getting good position at workplace, higher position and much awaited promotion also. This is more applicable if your paternal grandparents haven’t been too naughty! :) There could be a travel associated with this promotion or position. KETU in the 3rd house from Sept2017 is very good for expressions, presentations. It is particularly great for artists. It is more useful when your maternal grandparents have left good-will and not used an overdraft! :) KETU 3rd shows some picnics or some leisure events with the maternal relatives.

8th Mars from May 26th to July 11th Please drive carefully and use all safety gear. Get vehicles serviced and inspected by May 3rd week. Check what siblings want. Also watch body heat and do some homely remedies like gulkand or some kokam juice etc.  Again 12th Mars from from NOV-29th to JAN-17 -2018 the same things apply but this time you might be travelling farther so more attention to the vehicles and long pending issues could be resolved by November..!

SUN: In the following two months handle seniors, Govt  /police related matters with tact & diplomacy during following periods; Do not take unnecessary “panga” with authorities in these 2 months.
1.     June 15 to July 15 – 8th house Sun
2.     Oct 16 to Nov 16 – 12th house Sun

If you are born from Dec 13 to Dec 16th of any year – Until Jan 26th, 2017 and again from June21 to Oct26 -- Please take care of father’s health, self-kidney and internal reproductive organs issues seriously. Handle seniors and Govt matters with tact and diplomacy!

If you are born from Dec 17th to Dec 20th of any year: From 26th, 2017 to June 21, 2017 and again from Oct26 to Dec31st 2017 -- Please take care of father’s health overall and any accidents to head or leg for self. Handle seniors and Govt matters with tact and diplomacy!

Uranus moving to the 6th house from April2017 shows some hidden enemies affecting your chances at times. Of course, in 2017 it is more applicable to the Vishakha nakshatra and first charan of the Jyeshtha. Uranus being 5th until March2017 is good for folks who are into some inspirational work and predominantly artists. Neptune continues in the 4th house which is good for spiritual or religious pursuits. It shows some sant-sahawas and visiting places of Sukoon.

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