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Sunday, March 12, 2017

CHANDRA Ketu Yuti (Moon Ketu)

CHANDRA KETU Yuti (Moon Ketu Conjunction)

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My article on Chandra-Rahu has been a liked a lot. Many folks are surprised how someone could write on exactly how they are or how their state of mind or attitude has been! Some people even mentioned that they were in tears while reading the article as it explained to them “why” they have such extreme patterns to their personality from time to time. It made them make peace with themselves! J Is been almost 2+ years or more I wrote that article and Chandra-Ketu part never materialized!

I am THE authority on this topic as I have Chandra Rahu yuti in the 1st house that too Chandra approaching Rahu and only 1 degree away from Rahu! J Believe me it is may be J for me but L is for my parents and friends in childhood! J J My mother could kill you with examples of my childhood rage, aggression, sportsman spirit (lack of), “unfriendly attitude”, getting lost for hours doing 1 thing (Grahan kaal effect on mind), climbing up a building or jumping from top of the building in construction sand with little provocation etc etc! J

Rahu and Ketu are a great mystery to an astrologer and certainly a new one! A quick summary would be like this (without getting into mythology!) Rahu and Ketu are always 180 degrees apart to each other and hence also called as Axis (“Aksh” in Sanskrit). They are POINTS or Nodes – intersection points of Earth’s orbit around Sun and Moon’s orbit around Earth. Rahu is called as North Node as it is intersection point above Earth and Ketu as South node as it is intersection point of orbits below Earth. These points due to their very definition are eclipse points as when Sun is near Ketu and Moon is near Rahu “at the same time” – we see the magnificent ring.

Mouth, Aggression, Agitation, Excess, Hedonism, Boiling Blood, Insatiable Desires, Image conscious, Creates some sort of image and multiple ones at that but never the “actual” one; In the horoscope it represents paternal family. It could mean Paternal Grandfather (or Grand-mother) or even their siblings); Planets near Rahu or the house Rahu is in, show predominantly repeating DNA from PATERNAL side family. Rahu can show (or could be perceived by others as) superiority complex.

Tail, Height, Spirituality, Pessimism, 6th sense, perceptive, some sort of deficiency, Cold; Subdued but highly image conscious. In a horoscope, it indicates maternal family; It could mean Maternal Grandfather (or Grand-mother) or even their siblings; Planets near Ketu or the house Ketu is in, show predominantly repeating DNA from maternal side family. Ketu can show (or could be perceived as) inferiority complex. Check the last section of the article for detailed thoughts on “KETU”.

This means there is a deep connection of family history (DNA), family Karma or family good-will with Rahu & Ketu. Rahu and Ketu is what differentiate two kids born at the exact same time & the exact same hospital. Rahu & Ketu are the reason why Astrology cannot be an exact science. A given horoscope just can’t EXACTLY match the maternal and paternal family history that affects someone so much!!

Ketu and spirituality are deeply connected. Most saints are born with Ketu in 1st house in Guru drushti or with Guru. The greatest of saints are born with Guru Ketu in water sign and the supreme-most with Guru Ketu in Meen (Pisces) rashi in the 1st house! J

Moon shows our emotions, sentiments, desires and constitutes major part of our “mind” along with Mercury which shows intellect / logic, Moon conjunction with any planet has a DIRECT impact on the way we think, emote and react. Moon conjunctions with planets would indicate how our brain is affected. Moon with Rahu or Mars – aggressive elements or chemicals in brain tend to be more; Moon with Ketu or Shani, pessimism or slow chemicals are probably more in % than usual. Moon Mars shows some aggression but it is controlled and tends to be more aggression than outright agitation or irritation like Rahu.

Chandra Rahu in water sign causes lesser agitation & irritation but more of emotional outbursts. Chandra Ketu in fire sign causes lesser pessimism or self-pity. Both when with Moon show desire for acknowledgement, publicity or visibility.

Chandra Ketu yuti is considered as highly malefic in astrology as Chandra-Rahu one (even more so than the “unhealthy” Mangal-Shani yuti). Chandra Ketu yuti is also considered by most of the Sanskrit granth as a curse (shrap) from the past life.

Effects of Moon & Ketu combination:
The person tends to become a bit pessimistic and less aggressive. There is some fear of unknown especially in childhood. Fear of darkness or some phobia is seen in childhood which even can continue later in life. They develop some extreme likes or dislikes without any practical or rational reasons. Moon in itself shows one’s sentiments, emotions and with Ketu it only shows a lot more sensitive nature and at times a weak temperament too that has several insecurities. An insecure mind can make a harmful action in split second with is regretted later on. These people tend to be very predictable to certain actions which could be exploited by some “chapter” people! J They can be manipulated by targeting their weaker side “dukhati rus” by vested interests of others.

Their mind is very BUSY (“Manasik Wyagrata”). They get lost in their thoughts quite often and can forget what is happening around completely. They can keep doing one thing for a long time if their mind gets enamored by what they are doing. Especially in their childhood they can lock themselves in some room or a small place in the house where nobody goes and make folks search the whole colony before they come out themselves to find a complete chaos around! J

There are reasons a Horoscope MUST be checked early in life when you see some extreme traits, behavior in a kid. Chandra Rahu yuti or Chandra Ketu yuti folks are one such breed. Moon with Ketu has a great psychological effect. These folks need special attention and care for them to keep on track. Not understanding the root-cause can lead to very troublesome early life for them as well as their parents. Whereas Rahu makes one sentimental but aggressive/agitated, Ketu makes a person suffer inside without much expression, subdued personality with various phobias and fear of unknown things. This makes a person especially in childhood to have a very dreamy nature with very less differentiation between real life and their dream world. They can also get very scary dreams. Their mind keeps creating images of everything they see in life. These images are their own interpretations of reality!

Childhood events make a lot more impact on their mind than folks with well-placed moon. Parents could get frustrated with them and their sensitive nature from time to time which could further make harm to their psyche and make them find support outside! As they grow up, become social & make friends, these traits can certainly reduce also more so as maturity and knowledge and common sense prevails over the weak mind! They need to be told stories of great heroes or heroism in their childhood which helps them align themselves to some behavioral pattern. They need to keep watching good movies which also show idealism or heroism and good-deeds. They soak such stories and behavior like a sponge. “Falatu” “reality (rather cruelty)” shows are not their cup of tea! Also, they should not watch movies having tragic ends. Their mind will follow any path which can get them acknowledgment even if it is short-lived! They need to be told the stories that also show long lasting success which comes with hard-work. Instant gratification is an easy trap for Chandra Rahu less for Ketu but still need to make sure hard-work is instilled in them from childhood.

They are often lost in reality and their own thoughts or version of reality! They often make mistakes to take their thoughts as the reality! Their gift of perception can also catch thoughts/vibes of others making life further difficult for them as thoughts are lot more nasty than the actual actions. So they could worry or fear somebody or something which actually is not going to affect them! i.e. “image” supersedes the actual threat. So, surrounding environment affects them a lot more than others. Cheerful people, fresh colors, proximity to nature can make wonders for them.

This yuti does show a covert desire for acknowledgment and popularity. They tend to compromise some values or even sentiments of others (with or without intention) to grab that attention & acknowledgement. This also can be described in other words as they are affected by “najar” of others frequently. (The solution is included at the end of the article).

They spot patterns very quickly & that’s why they feel often that Deja-Vu “this has happened earlier” feeling which could be even from the past birth(s)! They can surprise you also by telling what would happen next by observing some patterns. This makes them great candidates to play Table Tennis or more so Caroms! Most champions of TT or Caroms have Chandra Rahu or Chandra-Ketu combinations! Of course, sports activities require well placed Mars too. (Rahu-Mars and Ketu-Mars also great to spot patterns related to sports!)

It is obvious that this combo is good for learning astrology or other things that are perceived as mystical! J Yoga & Ayurveda is certainly useful & makes them a better person.

These folks often have a very different image in different circles. Different circles have completely different approach towards them which they are acutely aware of. They are at ease dealing with these very different groups of people at different occasions. The fun? Starts when these groups start to collide / mix.

Physical Effect: This yuti or Rahu/Ketu in the 1st house of a person results in an abrupt chin – i.e. narrower/smaller chin compared to their forehead. Rahu shows boiling whereas Ketu shows cold/calm which could also reflect on their health. Ketu with Moon or Mars warrants good exercise and getting the heart rate up for better circulation. Walking or running every day for some time is a must for anyone with Ketu in 1st house or with smaller or faster moving planets like Sun, Moon, Mercury Venus and more so Mars.

Invariably, this Yuti shows a troubled & a hectic life for the mother. The sign shows the body part which would cause issues to Mom’s health. (Dhanu: legs, Singh: Spine/heart, Kirk: Lungs / breasts, Makar: Knee; Vrushabh: Neck, throat and so on).
Although Guru drushti on Moon-Ketu combination or Guru with them reduces following effects by stabilizing Moon and Ketu both, still these effects will be seen although lesser in frequency or intensity. Even if the owner of the Moon-Ketu if placed in a healthy sign with Guru Drushti; these effects are seen with lesser intensity.

Conversely, Shani drushti on this Moon Ketu can dramatically increase the pessimism and depression or negative thoughts. Also it can increase skepticism. Add to that rashi-swami being wakri or with Shani or direct drushti of Shani and you have more issues at hand. Major psychological issues could result when Moon it very close to Ketu with Shani along with it or Shani drushti without Guru drushti AND also rashi-swami of Chandra-Ketu is wakri and in a unhealthy sign for it. Decision making power reduces quite a bit with such combinations. One can never comment what they would do next! I have seen people deciding to go to city X and when reaching bus-stop, boarding a bus for city Y!! Again, the solution is included below in Recommendations. I have seen that regardless of severity, these things can help dramatically.

The effects mentioned above are seen lot more when Moon is closer to Ketu say in 5 to 7 degrees. Moon going towards Ketu is more of an issue than leaving it (i.e. Moon 26 degrees and Ketu 27 degrees than say Moon 28 and Ketu 24.) But even when Moon and Ketu are apart by 15 degrees the effects although not as dramatic and aggressive they still exist. Even if Moon in 1st degree and Rahu in 30th degree of a sign shows very less issues --- It WILL show all of the issues albeit with reduced intensity.

Recommendations / Solutions:
1.     Hanuman Sadhana helps to gain energy and reduce pessimism and even bad dreams. The Hanuman Sadhana is THE biggest thing for Chandra Rahu and Chandra Ketu folks especially kids. Sanskrit Ram-Raksha and Hanuman stotra and Hanuman Mukh Darshan for daily 3 minutes on a well formed Hanuman poster makes wonders for these folks.
2.     In their childhood, they should always be told stories of GREAT folks like Hanuman, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Veer Savarkar, Lokmanya Tilak, Samarth Ramdas Swami, Swami Vivekanand until the start identifying their own role models. This makes sure their energy goes in right direction.
3.     Even in adult life these folks should read great stories and always identify ROLE MODELS and follow them like there is no tomorrow! (I have always looked upon folks like V. D. Bhat, Balasaheb, Dilip Kumar, Bachchan, Imran Khan as role models in their spheres).
4.     One VERY UN-ORTHODOX recommendation for them is to listen to “Metal / Hard-Rock” music. Metallica’s (Metallica Metallica) album is really great. The heavy metal music can certainly help reduce KETU’s pessimistic impact on them for sure. I have seen amazing results for most of the folks. Mind you – it is against their nature to listen to such music but they NEED it for sure. Specially for an active person who is trying to achieve something or wants to achieve something – this is a MUST.
5.     You can refer to my article “Hanuman Sadhama” for quick details of point (1) above.

Some basics:
1.     Moon goes thru all 12 signs aprx 28 days. (26 hrs 52 minutes per Nakshatra – 27 nakshatras)
2.     Moon is never wakri etc J
3.     Rahu and Ketu are the mean of the intersection points of the Earth’s orbit (around Sun) and Moon’s orbit (around Earth)
4.     Rahu and Ketu are 180 degrees apart and always in opposite houses in the horoscope
5.     Rahu and Ketu are always wakri due to the progression of Moon’s and Earth’s orbit.
6.     Rahu and Ketu travel for 18 months in a sign.
7.     That means Chandra goes to and past Rahu and Ketu once in every 28 days.

Moon in the horoscope represents or is Governor of mind (not intellect), emotions, water in the body, and your mother apart from several other things. The position of Chandra in your horoscope shows which area of life you are most interested in. 1st house Chandra shows self/image/appearance-conscious person. In the 2nd house – family, wealth, jewelry, investments etc. 10th house work place, career, father. 4th house Mother, Sukh-sthan, farming, home etc.

A quick Article which I had written on FB in an answer to a question about KETU:

(1)   KETU -- "Kujawat Ketu" i.e. Mars like Ketu is written in Sanskrit granth which again shows that everything written in Sanskrit need not be taken as God's word! :) Mediocre or pretty much wrong stuff could have also been written in Sanskrit as it would seem from this!
(2)   KETU is NOTHING like Mars.
(3)   Only similarity is 7 years of Winshottari mahadasha length -- and only length!
(4)   Ketu is about spirituality, cool temperament, sukoon, mental peace & Godly messages in its best forms and Ketu is about pessimism, too much affliction and too much self control or inaction, lack of energy etc in its negative form.
(5)   We mere mortals are in between somewhere! Saints and great souls belong to the 1st category.
(6)   Ketu is of course great or "belongs" in Moksha Trikon ( 4 8 12 houses) and also Dharma-Trikon like 1 5 9 houses. BUT ----
(7)   Ketu also shows maternal family and especially Maternal Grandfather/mother.
(8)   So Ketu in Artha-trikon (2 6 10) shows more practical & economics/money-minded / oriented Maternal family and Rahu in 2 6 10 shows such paternal family. So Ketu need not be only considered only from one such angle but it has several layers of analysis.

Ketu when close to some planets certainly shows maternal family DNA repeating for what that planets shows in your horoscope! Ketu close to ascendant degree shows great maternal family influence or rather rebirth from the maternal family.  The drushti on Ketu shows how maternal family is placed and also the OWNER of Ketu’s house is of ultra-importance as it again shows the direction of maternal DNA where/how the owner is placed! A soul chooses or forced to choose two families and mom and dad as per its karmic history and as you can see – 100% match is just almost impossible to find in this world? Somewhere there will be some mismatches between the karmic history and the horoscope which is reflected in a grahayog which is off in degrees or is far away from ascendant or moon degree!

So to answer KETU is to answer questions about Maternal family – better and well placed and good deeds from maternal family, better ketu position in the horoscope and amazing Ketu antardasha and mahadasha. My maternal grandfather (& grandmother also) was a school teacher in Chalisgaon and BOTH had tremendous good-will there! So much so that when an immigration officer saw Chalisgaon as my birth-place, he asked me how I was related – he was stunned to know “Vaidya Sir” naatu and made sure I was escorted out without many checks to the outside gates with full support etc! They taught generations and that times teaching was not commercial at all – there was a GREAT respect for teachers and especially my grandparents. My EVERY Ketu maha or antardasha brings me blessings, tremendous blessings and some great positions and some great colleagues who do some good work for/with me! My maternal grandfather was STRONG in sports and an athlete – My Ketu in Vrishabh in Mrig nakshatra (Dhoni has Mangal in this degree so is Sunil G). Amazing fact that he was Vrishabh rashi!!! My Shukra is VERY well placed in 4th house and is with Guru which means maternal grandfather was a gem of a person and GREAT AT HEART!! (4th house is “inner peace” or anta:karan!)

So KETU – needs to be analyzed from all these angles from spiritual, pessimistic karakatva to maternal family status and karma too.

(P.S. Ketu also shows possibility of cancerous stuff or stuff that gets spoiled whereas Rahu shows anger agitation and stuff that boils! So Ketu’s nakshatra and Rahu Ketu and wakri planets in Ketu nakshatra or close to Ketu nakshatra does show some cancer related history in either paternal or maternal family!)


  1. What if moon ketu conjunction is in twelfth house in a horoscope?

  2. Very interesting!!
    I hv chandra ketu yuti in 7th,
    But I somehow stay away from my maternal side ....
    It's very interesting...How every placed planets.....Reveal our DNA...
    Learning more ...
    Thanks for sharing,