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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Mars (mangal) in the 12 houses of Horoscope

MARS the warrior in the 12 houses
2017 Annual Horoscope for all Rashi:
What I have observed over the years that Mangal or Mars draws a lot of attention from non-Astro folks. So I thought of writing down a quick article about Mars’ effects in all the 12 houses. I will try to cover in a very objective manner keeping side my creativity (whatever little) aside.

A Horoscope is called as “Manglik” if Mangal is placed in one of 1, 4, 7, 8, 12 houses; i.e. 5 out 12 people in this world are Manglik (aprx 42%). It indicates that it is not a big deal then? There are various varieties of Mangal coined by Astrologers: Kadak Mangal, Soumya Mangal etc! J Mangal with a Soumya planet like Moon or Venus is usually treated as Soumya. Or Mangal in Guru’s drushti is called Soumya. Even the one with Shani’s drushti is considered Soumya! So basically --- All Manglik varieties are Soumya?!  J More on that later.

Mars is the governor of: Blood, Siblings, sports, land, vehicles, speed, aggression, adrenaline, south direction

1st House Mars / Mangal:Shoor Amhi Sardar amhala kaay kunachi bhiti” (We are great warriors, we have no fear) Shah Rukh Khan, Michael Jordan (Even the Mangal in Aries/Mesh has these characteristics: Balasaheb, Kapil Dev)

The aggressors, the warriors, sports-people, competitors, initiative, headstrong, anger, momentum, energy are some of the words that could be used to describe these folks. They always come across as somewhat unapproachable. They have tremendous energy and drive. Many times they lose hair early due to the extra body-heat they have. The 1st house Mangal always shows initiative of some sorts. The will-power is usually quite high and also the ability to execute initiatives with force! As 1st house is Dharma-Trikon, these folks are at the forefront to take on responsibilities & duties, at times beyond their physical strength. These folks lead by example and are at the forefront of the activities. They are uncontrollable in their childhood. They can talk/walk or move a lot in their sleep. Better put some pillows around so that they do not fall on bare floor!

This house Mangal is very good for sports related activities regardless of the state/sign and strength of this Mangal. The Mars closer to the ascendant degree is quite effective and shows all these traits quite a bit. If it is away from the ascendant degree, you will see all these effects with a bit reduced intensity especially the facial expressions. Eye-brows of 1st house Mars folks are peculiar: They will be angular and mostly dark. These folks do not laugh very often and also do not laugh for a longer period in one go! J

Regardless of how well placed this Mars in 1st house is, there would be some irregularities with blood flow (mostly extra, heat, impurity etc) which results in some facial / skin issues. Ayurvedic medicine and eating cool stuff like Sabja or Tulsi etc helps quite a bit to contain body-heat, right from childhood. This also brings them some calm and reduces anxiety.

Needless to say – HELMET is a must for these folks as 1st house is Tanu Sthan (body) but it is more about “head / face”. Especially, when Mars has aspect from Shani or with Rahu – this is a must!

These folks are not meant to be very good conflict managers; rather they can make conflicts worse by their aggression. This is something to inculcate, if they are in the corporate world. Only after the age of 30 they learn (thru mistakes) this art.

GANESH Upasana is highly recommended to all Manglik folks but especially the 1st house Mangal folks. Atharva-shirsha is brings great results to these folks. Using red clothes suits them unless Gemini/Virgo ascendant and major Gemini/Virgo influences in the horoscope (multiple planets)

Mars / Mangal in the 2nd house: Family, Wealth, Eyes, Tongue
This is a non-Manglik position. Mangal in this house makes person eat hot-n-spicy stuff and also shows inclination towards non-veg stuff. The voice is usually raspy and they tend to say things that hurt folks. They are usually straight talkers and can’t beat around the bushes. Moon/Mars in 2nd or 8th house make the person talk quite fast! Others find it very difficult to follow their speed. Many a times, speech is not clear in the childhood and takes time for them to say “R”. These folks tend to be extravagant in money matters. They lend or borrow money easily and get in trouble – overall they are hasty investors! J This Mars shows Karmic links with land in the family (Bhoomi). How good/baldly this Mars is placed will show if the past karma is good or bad with family land matters BUT no matter how bad the past karma with land, they tend to make property/land etc in this life. These folks also get very good support from brothers (mostly younger). Like the planets in Vrishabh rashi, this Mars in the 2nd house is self assured and relaxed as opposed to “stable on surface but boiling beneath” 8th house Mars. If the Mars is owner of 10, 11th house then these folks can also do business with siblings/cousins.

They have this habit of committing/promising something which they can’t delivery –i.e. they tend to over-promise! They usually have a lot of friends unless you have Shani seating with Mars or close aspect from Shani! They are also good at sports activities but the success in sports is not as much as the 1, 5, 9, 11 or 3rd house Mars.

There are good chances of hurting/injury to right eye, teeth, lips especially in the childhood. When the Mars is ill-aspected by Shani, it shows issues in family wealth, investments, inheritance of debts than wealth, severe health issues with eye, teeth, lips, throat etc and also blood related irregularities. It could also show some accidents to folks in the family.

Advice to Mangal folks is not to enter investments field independently until age of 27/28 i.e. after maturity (as defined by others and not you!) J Also, eating habits should be watched for too much of a hot-n-spicy stuff. Sanskrit mantra/stotra could certainly help with speech clarity in the childhood and later on too.

This Mars has drushti on 5th, 8th and 9th house of the horoscope: any planets there in close degrees as Mars would certainly see the effect of this drushti. Some bad placements in these houses would certainly be aggravated in such a case.

Mars in the 3rd house: Parakram, Expression, Arms/Shoulders, Siblings, Short Travels

The 3rd house Mars gain, this is a non-Manglik position. This is a naturally strong position for Mangal as 3rd house is about individual parakram. Mangal in this house makes a person quite friendly, mostly extrovert with energy in some sort of expression. Needless to say, this is a great house of Mangal for Sportspeople. These folks would enjoy the game and sports more than carrying the responsibilities like Sachin and Dravid who have Mangal in Dharma-Trikon (Duties). The Kaam-trikon Mangal would enjoy the game more than carrying duties relentlessly. (Kapil Dev 3rd house Sun in Sagittarius and 7th house Mangal in Aries – Both in Kaam-Trikon)

Prakash Padukone has Mangal in Mithun rashi in 3rd house, I suspect Dennis Lillee who has Mangal in Mithun also might have Mithun lagna and also Roger Federrer I think!

The 3rd house Mars is very significant from siblings’ point of view. It shows a definite karmic history with siblings and friends too. When there is a definite good or bad karma with siblings, then a person tends to have 3rd house Mars. A well placed shows very well-to-do siblings, a badly placed one could show blood, health issues with siblings and even a very badly placed could show miscarriage to Mom in the next pregnancy after this (your) birth. The intensity of this Mangal will show the degree of good or bad events for siblings.

These folks also tend to have some land 6 to 8 hours away from their native place. Now, again the intensity of the Mars would show good or bad luck with the land but some definite karma with land which is 6/8 hrs away from the native place.

This Mars is more action oriented or tactical than strategic Mars in the 9th house. They would like to attack the opponent directly than grinding them to slow death like Dravid. However 9th Mars to Moon or Lagna is seen in MANY Great sports-personalities. The 3rd Mars would not care much about stats but would certainly have various legends or “kissa” about how they tackled certain bowler, batsmen or a player and how they tricked them in some situation to take advantage etc. These folks would not be bogged down with the seriousness of the event (Say World Cup Finals) – they will still do/play like the way they play in the nets/practice!! J

This Mangal shows certain vitality or energy in expression, attitude of short-writing, painting or singing could certainly be there if well placed with say Shukra or Chandra – Poetry could very well be possible when with artistic setup (With Shukra in Shukra sign). With Budh in Budh signs it would show great MATHEMATICAL ability for sure – knowledge carried from the past birth in mathematics (engineering one and not just basic one).

This 3rd house Mars can also make person travel abroad or places that are 6 to 8 hours for short terms and it makes them stay away from home and family from time to time. However, they make very good friends/contacts at these distant places.

Mars in the 4th house of a Horoscope: Domestic.  Land,  Farms, Family feud for property,  Vehicles

Mars in the 4th house: Sukh-sthan, Mother, House, Vehicles, Home-Land, Farming, Native place
Why would a soul chose (or forced to) 4th house Mangal? The 4th house is comfort zone, the “such-sthan”, the native place, the home and of course house that shows your Mother. The “SUKH” i.e. the comfort or joy of everything in life is shown by the 4th house. You might inherit property or land (the well placed 8th house) but would you use it yourself is shown by the 4th house. A very well placed 4th house shows multiple houses, vehicles etc. This is the house that shows if you have a land which can be used for farming (water availability). The 4th house on the whole shows ability to keep you & your surroundings happy (or lack of). Moon and Venus or Guru in the 4th house shows this ability in abundance.

The 4th house belongs to Moksha-Trikon (Spiritual Triangle) and hence shows “internal” happiness and peace than outward or physical approach.

So Mars in 4th house – Mars being Governor or siblings, blood, land in our life – shows that the person wants to have the comforts of these things in life. It also shows affinity of lands and apartments, houses etc. A well placed Mars (in good sign, aspected by Guru or Moon or Shukra) shows great karma with these things and success in land, happiness from siblings etc matters. A very badly placed Mars & especially in the 4th house shows that the person will get the lands, apartments etc with some issues with it. i.e. the person will have those things but not enjoy or leverage the land for happiness.

The 4th house Mars also shows some arrogance or restlessness at home-front but not in office! J It is like showing aggression in kitchen but not where it matters the most i.e. workplace. It also shows that the person although a very good at sports would not make GREAT attempts at personal milestones or overachieving in sports. This Mangal does not want to work very hard as SUKH STHAN planets (4th house) will never allow person to work very hard! The soul wants to rest and hence the predominant 4th house! J (Shani in the 4th house (Advani & Bachchan. Aurangzeb have/had 4th house Shani) keeps the person away from comforts and keeps person working very hard trying to come out of comfort zone always! Of course the 4th Shani shows comfort or support or SUKH/happiness from masses.)

The 4th house VERY WELL PLACED Mars shows that the person is very good at providing sports like environment! The 4th house is about creating environment around you which is great for sports. So providing GYM if in Mangal’s (Mesh Vrishchik) or Guru rashis (Dhanu/Meen)or providing a sports-bar if in Shukra rashi is always on cards for 4th house Mangal. Dhanu rashi Mangal in 4th house would certainly show great physical strength etc but more attitude towards providing Gym or sports equipment than using them! J
Sania Mirza has 4th house uchcha Mangal (Tula lagna and Tula rashi & Surya also). Mars in Capricorn (Makar) would ALWAYS give sports ability even if in the 12th house but 4th house Mangal makes person work less hard and achieve far lesser than what it can achieve. To summarize the ability of hard-work is not the part of the talent of the 4th house Mangal – it is there in 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11 house Mangal quite a bit.

Just imagine a very badly placed Mangal in 4th house and you can see obligations or some bad experiences with land or the apartments etc. Also, mom’s health could be affected and also some “bhawu-bandaki” i.e. fighting with siblings for property/land etc could be very well there.

Mars in the 5th house of a Horoscope: Sports & Engineering Responsibilities, Captains, Dutiful

Mars in the 5th house (Dharma Trikon, Tactical Success, DREAMS, Sports, Achievements, Budhdhi-sthan, Kids/Santati)

The 5th house is part of the Dharma (Duty/responsibilities) trikon. It shows responsibilities in life, tactical success, sports, Budhdhi-sthan (intelligence, studies etc) and most importantly it also shows your Kids (santati-sthan). I have explained the 5th house Tactics, 9th house Strategy and 12th house Vision in my article on Moon-Sun Relationships in a person’s horoscope. Do check it out using search feature. The 5th house shows GO-GETTER approach. In IT terms it shows a development project with specific goals and objectives to be achieved in specific duration! The 6th house shows “Production Support-Maintenance” etc. The 5th house planets make person masters of ACT and EXECUTE and less on strategize /planning.

The Mars or Sun in the 5th house shows stronger/longer upper phalanx of the thumb (execution/force/action) than the middle phalanx which shows planning, logic, and strategy! (The lower phalanx is nothing but Venus mount!)

This is a GREAT Mars position for success in sports and sports related actions. Most of the sports captains (responsible) are born with 5th house Mangal or 9th house Mangal – more in 5th house as SPORTS is about ACTING & EXECUTION. Imran Khan Mars in 5th house in 1st Degree of Sagittarius in Moola nakshatra shows INTENSE SPORTS, siblings and Mom & kids related Karma!!! Blood for Mom (as 4th owner) and 1st kid could show some issues as 1st degree of Moola does show some blood related issues. Sunil Gavaskar has 5th house Mangal in Vrishabh rashi in Mangal’s Nakshatra and so does MS Dhoni! MARS is SPORTS and hence sports related achievements, responsibilities are shown very well in this position of Mars. One of Bela’s friend has 5th house Mars in Kumbh, is 27th born and Aries Sun also – She can be seen completing some long cycling runs or even some 20+ KM marathon etc! J (Her Husband has the 4th house Mangal in a STRONG for Mars house!)

This Mars could obstruct primary education as ability to focus or concentrate is a bit lesser unless this Mars is in Mithun, Tula or Kumbh rashi (AIR Signs) but still from time to time, sports activities or plain simple outgoing nature and “Dhamal” with friends would affects their academics for sure. The education after 12th standard could be ok as they life engineering or mathematics later in the life. So their later life education when Mars’s effect is lesser is much better and focused.

The 1st kid could show early stomach, digestion or some health issues which later on become ok. This Mars has direct impact on the kids both good & bad. Kids are treated as friends and are themselves quite aggressive and straightforward.

A badly placed Mangal would shows blood or some other issues with younger siblings and also kids and also the relative denoted by the house owned by Mars in the horoscope (For Imran Khan it is his Mom and also grand-kids). The badly placed Mangal would also shows some issues with lands, vehicles and some accidents from time to time.

Sachin’s birth time is shown as noon/1 pm etc with Kirk lagna on the net but I am very sure that it is 5th house Mangal and hence Kanya lagna – else he would have played like Kapil Dev (7th house Mangal) for his own pleasure and not with the GREAT responsibility he plays with. All his life he played with great responsibility and tension without enjoying the game as much as Sir Viv Richards or Kapil Dev. This shows a 5th house Mars  - Yes it is a GOGETTER mars and WILL get involved with fights and TACTICS etc unlike 9th house strategic Mangal of Rahul Dravid. The 5th house Mangal and Meen Budh has affected his academics anyways – Thanks God for that! J Sachin’s Mars has done neechbhang of his Guru also. His childlike innocence is for sure from his Meen Budh and Aries Sun.

Mars in the 6th house of a Horoscope: Competition, Rivalry, Wars, Decease

Mars in the 6th house of a Horoscope (Artha Trikon i.e. economic zone, Stomach (all those digestive system parts!), Rog-Sthan (i.e. diseases/illnesses) Ripu (Shatru / enemies, Competition) sthan, Service Sector house, Servants, Pets, Mama/Mousi – Mom’s siblings)

This is a very tricky house a fiery planet like Mars or rather for any planet! Sanskrit granth and most (theoretical) astrologers have been very one-sided view of this house. Practitioner astrologers are well aware of the importance of the planets in this house from “economic” sense.

Mars in this house shows a very competitive spirit (“Hyala maaru ka tyala maru!” J) & even some sibling rivalry would be easily seen (Ask Asha Bhosale, as how fiercely competitive her elder sister is/was! J) Sometime in life they would see some conflict of interest with siblings and also cousins (from maternal side). This Mars position is very good for contact sports like American Football, Kabbaddi etc. Relentless hard-work & competitive edge is what defines them aptly. This is a good Mars position for even dirt biking or really car driving (tough & highly competitive conditions.)

Health is wealth and this house summarizes your overall health, the nature and extremity of possible illnesses. Mars in this house usually shows acute hunger (active digestive system) from time to time; it is highly advisable to eat some good stuff from time to time to keep digestive/acidity in check. Drinking water frequently is a MUST. Kidney stone although could be seen more frequently in the 8th house Mars, the 6th house Mars can certainly cause it too. The position, navamansh and degree or nakshatra etc peculiarity of this Mars would show the illness for maternal cousins also! There is some karmic obligation towards siblings and cousins – you got to always help them and be always in touch with them for sure. The more you do this more support (or less issues) you see in Mars Mahadasha, Antardasha or Bhukti. A very badly placed Mars in this house could show severe blood related issues to self and more so to siblings (cousins) too.

This Mars usually shows some land related activity with the maternal cousins or maternal family. There is a good chance of some collaborations or partnerships with the maternal folks on property stuff/deals/projects. It is highly advisable to donate or use “some” land for social cause like orphanages, hospitals (more recommended).

Being an economic zone and service sector house, Mars in this house shows a very good wealth creation in this life. There is a conscious effort to increase wealth in this life. Providing service to sports/sports equipment (Sagittarius), surgery instruments, Good industry (Taurus), Chemical industry (Scorpio) etc etc is very much possible for this Mars. The navamansh and the nakshatra and sign would make it clear which area this service could be provided. The owner of the 6th house and its sign and nakshatra or navamansh would also need to be considered.

Whenever the gochar i.e. current Saturn is aspecting this Mars, one needs to be ultra careful with the health issues, check what cousins/siblings want and also a blood test is not a bad idea at all. Driving slow and not getting too competitive in this period is recommended too. Saturn would certainly show the side effects of competitive nature on health, on relatives or even empower enemies to make you realize other side of being too competitive.
When Mars is the owner of the 10th house or even 6th house (own sign) and some relationship/drushti of Jupiter (Guru) or even Mars in Guru rashi could show doctor as a very good profession for sure. This shows success in the field of surgery/medicine or even accident hospital. Sports physiotherapists could be born under this Mars with some good Guru connection – say Mars in Sagittarius or in Pisces sign.

Military services are a great option too for this Mars in fire sign especially, when in Mesh rashi. These folks like hands-on approach & direct action (Armed forces). Maybe in air signs, this Mars could show air pilot etc profession too.

While the 5th house Mars achieves something and rests back on the achievement for some time, the 6th house Mars is a relentless force that keeps working on improving it. The 12th house Mars likes planning and not action, the 6th house Mars likes hands-on approach than planning or strategy! The 6th house Mars would show bigger upper phalanx (execution, initiative, action, will power) of the thumb than the middle one (logic, planning). These folks are hard workers and never rest – rather you can see restlessness in their approach in some or other way.

Mars in the 7th house of a Horoscope: Movers. Free Flow Energy

Mars in the 7th house of a Horoscope (Kaam Trikon, Partnerships, Marriage, Long term Wars, Competitors, Court Matters, External Reprod organs)

Mars in the 7th house has drushti on the 10th house and 1st and 2nd houses apart from of course it is in 7th house. The 4th and 8th Drushti of Mars are seen more effective when there are planets in those houses (10 and 2 in this case). These folks are movers due to aspect on the 1st house (self), there is an aggression in movements which in childhood is a bit too uncontrollable. It usually results in broken teeth but more so forehead/head injury etc. At least 1 / 2 injuries leave a permanent mark on their face. 1st house is good at single sports where as these 7th house one prefer team sports and playing with a bunch of folks. This Mars shows a defiant mood and there is a tendency to take others for granted; there is very less regard to what others need especially in the childhood. This can cause other people trusting them & falling on their face (literally). Especially, the pillions are in for very scary rides with them!! J There is a great tendency to learn from mistakes which can be very costly. i.e. only after they fall from somewhere they do it cautiously the next time (not doing is not an option for them) J These folks are so active that they end up moving in their sleep and sometimes wake up completely 180degrees opposite from their initial position! J They like keep moving and in childhood making them sit for 1 lecture for 1 hour is also TOUGH for teachers.

Relationships: An untamed Mangal without Jupiter or Saturn aspect shows gets into relationship in haste without any advice etc. By the age of 28/29 their maturity changes and the one they like at the age of 21 seems a big mistake now! J Hence, it is advised to be careful in early relationships as long as they are expected to be long lasting – it is fine. i.e. expectations from early age relationships should not be huge. For marriage is highly advised to marry after say 28/29 for guys and say 25/26 at least for girls. It is very difficult for them to be tied down to one person early in life.

Health: This Mars also shows some more activity with blood or even irregular at times; it affects the marks/pimples etc on face. Pimples or blood impurity/heat etc showing up on face is very common with 7th house Mars. Needless to say this Mars could be a bit more troublesome to girls than boys in Indian culture at least. Ayurveda & Yoga to keep blood quality and regularity/uniformity in blood circulation goes a long way! Of course, Mars in say Capricorn or Leo or even Sagittarius might not show such issues a lot. Jupiter aspect on Mars will reduce side effects for sure but Saturn with or on drushti on 7th Mars is not the best thing for health/blood/siblings.

Sports / Driving: There is a possibility of driving very fast and doing stupid things on bikes/cars early (teens/20s) is very very high. They can break some bone (mostly legs or even hip-bone etc) due to 7th Mars. Air Sign Mars shows lesser of such probabilities but it still shows sudden such movements if not all the times. Air signs Mars can drive a person to take some risk after some thinking or calculated risk etc but some variable in the equation or assumption goes wrong and they literally fall on their face! J

Business Partnerships as rule are not advised & even if a must then after the age of 30/32. Everything written on paper is a very good idea – everything in a black and white and nothing left to mutual trust etc. As this is a Kaam Trikon house – there is a free flow in their approach which does not want to be bogged down by daily/weekly responsibility. Aspect on the 10th house shows ability to create momentum in business/work-place. However the same aspect shows some tussle with seniors/authorities or older people from time to time. Their extra energy makes them dislike people who appear more matured etc. However, this tussle is not about long term things or about vision/planning etc but more so of execution or operational nature.

A badly placed Mars recommends Ganesh Bhakti and also Hanuman Sadhana to channel the energy to right causes, bring some discipline or at least some “values” to this aggressive Mars. (Hitler has Mars here in Aries with Sun). I think Kapil also has 7th house Mars in Aries (Libra Ascendant). If the Ascendant, Moon are not too Mercury centric then using Coral helps especially of Mars is in a weak for Mars Sign but still it is better to stay away from Coral unless there are some real health issues. All said and done, there NO BETTER remedy than running/walking for 5/7 KM everyday to get rid of Mars’ bad effects on the blood circulation. Regular gym is the best remedy than gemstones for Mars related issues – Any of them actually and not just health.

Mars in the 8th house of a Horoscope: Mission Impossible

“Son your Ego is writing checks, your body can’t cash!” J

What I have observed over the years that Mangal or Mars draws a lot of attention from non-Astro folks. So I thought of writing down a quick article about Mars’ effects in all the 12 houses. I will try to cover in a very objective manner keeping side my creativity (whatever little) aside.

A Horoscope is called as “Manglik” if Mangal is placed in one of 1, 4, 7, 8, 12 houses; i.e. 5 out 12 people in this world are Manglik (aprx 42%). It indicates that it is not a big deal then? There are various varieties of Mangal coined by Astrologers: Kadak Mangal, Soumya Mangal etc! J Mangal with a Soumya planet like Moon or Venus is usually treated as Soumya. Or Mangal in Guru’s drushti is called Soumya. Even the one with Shani’s drushti is considered Soumya! So basically --- All Manglik varieties are Soumya?!  J More on that later.

Mars is the governor of: Blood, Siblings, sports, land, vehicles, speed, aggression, adrenaline, The South direction.

Mars in the 8th house of a Horoscope (Moksha/Spiritual Trikon, Inheritance, Mrutyu/Death or rather Ayushya Sthan, Internal Reprod organs, Kidney)

The 8th house is not in sync with the 1st house; it opposes the 1st house and shows the obstacles, physical pain or loss of energy. The 8th house is 2nd in spiritual triangle (4 8 12) and shows yoga, alternative medicine, occult, mysterious stuff or hidden/secretive stuff. It is called as Mrutyu (death) house but is also called as ayushya (life) house, more than longevity it shows the situation (type/nature etc) at the time of death.

Mars in the 8th house is troublesome to self. These folks write cheques their body can’t cash! J They are known to do stuff beyond their physical limits. Mission impossible hero Ethan Hunt is the best example of the 8th house Mars. It is obvious that these folks drive bikes & cars VERY fast – they tend to know the bike/car limits instinctively but rest of the folks don’t! J It is a stupidity to give them even a bicycle in their childhood – be prepared to attend them anytime! Yes, Jupiter drushti on this Mars makes it much tolerable as Jupiter allows them to do all these things with calculated risks and know exact limits of these things. Multiple marks on their face (teeth, eyes, eyebrows, nose) are very common due to childhood activities. Yes, this excess energy tends to get channeled better from the age of say 28/29 etc for guys and say 24/25 for girls. Saturn movement on this Mars or opposite (or even 4th) to this Mars teaches them very valuable lessons not to take matters beyond a certain limit. If this signal is ignored -- the repercussions are far more serious (loss of a finger, broken legs or even permanent damage affecting quality of life) – of course this Mangal needs to be too much of a badly placed in order for this to happen and even then there are so many social / family values etc pulls etc to keep folks away from this.

There is an excess energy in these folks which is for everyone to see. They seem not to get tired, they are but they do not think that way and continue to put in efforts with the same vigor. They do go through periods of excess hard-work and then recuperation by over-sleeping/resting. The 8th house does give Sinusoidal wave of energy dissipation. A High peak followed by a high valley. Their sports career or overall career also seem to have the same pattern of periods of tremendous hard work followed by periods of Business-As-Usual. They can accelerate any time they want & also again go to cruise control when they think so. It is VERY VERY difficult to brand them or to predict them with accuracy!

They speak very fast (unless Mars is in a fixed sign) and their speech is not clear, especially, in childhood. It takes time for them to say “R”! J Sanskrit shlokas can really clear their speech / tongue. Eating habits are usually irregular and they like spicy stuff. Eating on some shabby joints is quite likely (taparis) as the 8th house does show such hidden or not very well known places. These are the folks who suggest that certain place has very good wada-paav or Misal that not many people are aware! J

This Mars of course shows karmic obligation towards siblings (all kinds including cousins) and they usually tend to be elder ones in the family in their generation or have to act like one. It also shows some bad land related karma in the family. This karma if bad could cause blood related issues in the family to make you spend exactly the equivalent amount the family gained due to land stuff. Kidney failures, piles or any kind of blood issues indicate such stuff. Karmic healing works wonders for any 8 or 12 house planets. Donating blood, land(!) to Non-Profit -Organizations works wonders. Donations to blood cancer research institutes, helping cousins, siblings also wonderful. Needless to say gym / regular walk / running is a must to keep blood circulation regular as 8th house does show irregularity for sure.

I can tell you countless examples from my childhood where I jumped from 3/4th floor into construction sand or went to an apartment on 3rd floor from other apartment gallery and so on; broken teeth due to “Kabbadi” (Trying to get hold of Harkesh Singh)– a scar still on my lips (a stitch that came out); stitches in my head (no kidding – HEAD – the noise that reverberates in your head when they put stitch in head is amazing to say the least!) J Trying to walk on the walls of adjacent building wall (“Chandranagar” in Nashik) full of glass pieces specially put for me! J (Spending hours on tamarind trees and taking pride in climbing any kind of tree!) Knowingly running in to a tree full of thorns to take a “catch” (3 balls 5 runs – you got to attempt that catch!) J Trying to take a VERY fast turn on sand (bicycle—countless injuries on knees); Broken arm at the age of 4/5 etc

Mars in the 12th house of a Horoscope: WHY??
Mars in the 12th house of a Horoscope (Moksha Trikon, Planning, Vision, Expense of Time, Money and Energy, Feet / Ankles, Jail, Oblivion) You will get a very good idea how deceiving the 12th house is from this article:

Like Pisces or Meen rashi, in this house the planets show certain detachment to the area of life shown by the planet both by the houses they own and also the “karakatva” of the planet. There is a sense of “giving” (apple tree philosophy) this house gives to the planet. It certainly shows the obligation the person has in specific area of life. The 12th house shows the vision (or lack) that the person has and the sense of broad picture say 3000 feet view of the proceedings!

Mars in the 12th house shows that these people are the last people to run! J They will wait for the next bus to come in but would not try to catch a bus by a bit of a running. They will rather blame their colleagues for not planning well to catch the earlier bus! J Apart from the houses the Mars owns, Mars is “karak” of blood, siblings, anger, sports, land, south direction etc in our lives. Mars 12th means there is some obligation towards these things and one should not expect income or gain from these areas of life! Rather, the person “gives” to these areas of life. So ayurveda is required to cure/augment blood quality, they need to help/donate to siblings, donate land as much as possible etc. Mars shows aggression, warriors, wars, sports – The 12th house Mars folks provide vision, strategy to wars or warriors and even sports people in the modern era. They prepare the blue-print of an attack or mastermind or architect an assault by seating at home. They are not about running around and leading from the front but they are rather monitoring everything from the top without getting involved in the action. This is nothing but a obligation towards the nation of the sportspeople etc. Imagine, you training sports-people and they performing brilliantly and you clapping from the spectator areas – in a way it IS a karmic obligation from the past birth that these folks are paying back.

However, the 12th house also shows political oblivion or jail in worse cases. An ill aspected Mars or ill-placed Mars here with Rahu or Shani etc could make person do some wrong things and get in REAL trouble from time to time.

If you have seen “Ab Tack Chhappan” (Nana Patekar). His initial boss (Dr. Agashe) comes across as 9th house Mangal, good at strategy but an idealistic man. The changes senior Mr. Suchak (who has also acted villain in “Sarkar”) comes across as 12th house Mangal! He plays his cards and uses someone like ‘Sadhu’ (Nana) character maybe with 6th house Mangal to execute these plans! Of course Mr Suchak comes across as badly placed Mangal.

The 12th house Mangal folks many times are seen giving some advice while watching a game! J They are able to decode the proceedings and able to comment very well WHAT needs to be done. How to EXECUTE is – it is not their cup of tea! They like to live execution to others! These folks seldom run and when they run they create issues for themselves and others! J They are advised to wear best quality footwear else they hurt their ankles or feet.

Like any 12th house planet, 12th Mars folks also catch some tide in life and clung on to it to make it big in life. The physical sign of 12th house Mars usually is fingers of the palm (top phalanx) curves upwards which shows a thinking person with evolved thought process of an architect and not curving downwards like an assembly line worker. Even the color of palm is usually pale and not too much blood flowing thru! J

When Mars is in Aries (Mesh) or a fire sign or say Capricorn (uchcha) sign, they do play some sports but again there is an effort to make minimum movements while keeping, bowling (short run-up etc) as they do not ENJOY too much of a movement. Even Aries sign Mars would be seen unwilling to run much despite the ability to run (The Vrishabh ascendant makes it worse – Ganguley anyone?) J

Even the bikes & cars these folks buy are not sports but cruisers (slow but steady in style) or SUVs (bigger view ahead!) If not being careful these folks can face an accident due to negligence or sheer bad luck! But many a times t his accident is due to overall detachment in mind but sudden surge of driving fast (which they are not used to). I guess this is enough! J


  1. how come there is no Mars in 10& 11 th house ??

  2. how come there is no Mars in 10& 11 th house ??

  3. Nice to see you back in here, Milind. A little nostalgic too. Used to spend hours on this site a few years ago.

    Please complete the article with 9,10,11 Mars.


  4. Can you please post your comments on Mars in 11th house>

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    Mangal in 1st , 4th , 7th , 8th , and 12th house . ( effective at Degree ? )