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Friday, March 3, 2017

Astro Guidelines for all Signs in APRIL2017 (Rashibhavishya April 2017 & March 2017)

Will update this every other day.  all times are Indian Standard time GMT minus 5:30.  Active posts in the Yellow highlight.

Shani wakri is in the first navamansh of Moola and Budh is wakri is in on the boundary of Mesh/meen still in Mesh) -- This is highly kaarmic. This means some unexplained aggression or behavior of some people. Folks that have pending karma with the MATERNAL Side family -- Mama mousi, cousins or maternal grandparents etc would be reminded greatly of the same.

Budh becomes maargi May 4th which helps but still in the first Navamansh in Mesh -- so still above things keep in mind. Head injury, nervous system issues are seen in births also during such time - April last 2 weeks and May first week. Kanya -- Chitra nakshtra please be vigilant. Anyone with planets like Shani Mangal drushti on KETU in the natal chart also be aware. being aware means -- PREMANE Ghya.. .Love cures everything -- be calm, serene and loving to the surroundings.. !

[15] MARS / MANGAL has moved to VRISHABH (Taurus) on APRIL13, 2017 and would stay there until MAY 27, 2017. This is adverse to MITHUN & TULA moon signs with vehicles, sports injury & body heat. It is important to get vehicles checked for regular stuff like oil, washer fluid, air pressure & so on. Be serene and calm while driving. Avoid road rage and arguments -- LOVE can cure cancer so it can certainly help avoid these things *easily*. :) "premane ghyaa" is the mantra :) Friends and colleagues could have some difference of opinions or simply might not be in a position to help. Same with siblings & cousins. Some expense for siblings, vehicles, injury (for Mithun) is likely and fatigue, being overworked, high body heat is likely for TULA / Libra. Left eye a worry for Mithun along with feet/ankles and for TULA it is the right eye and the teeth. Punarvasu of Mithun & Vishakha of Tula would feel this more in initial 12 days. Ardra and Swati would feel from April end to May 18 Vishakha of Tula and Punarvasu of Mithun would feel it from May 18 to May 27 more.
This Mars /Mangal change is good for Kanya, Makar & Vrishabh signs (earth signs). It is OK for Vrishchik (volatile & fiery relationships), gains for KIRK from friends siblings and colleagues and expression, travel for Meen. For Kumbh it is meeting near & dear friends/colleagues and spending quality time for them and also spending money or time on home decor or land/home improvement
[14.5] SUN enters ARIES on April 14th IST morning and stays there until May14th. (ie. Sun Sign Aries Starts from April 14 till May13th and not as per Western Calendar!)
(1) This means KANYA Moon sign needs to handle matters with seniors, govt, police, father with tact and diplomacy. Obey traffic laws particularly as RTO / Traffic Police might find liking for you!
(1A) Uttra-Phalguni Nakshatra in Kanya would see effects immediately in the next 10 days.
(1B) HASTA would see such effects from say 24nd April for 2 weeks as per your charan of Hasta -- 1st on 24 to 26 and 2nd from 27 to 29 and so on!
(1C) CHITRA would see these effects from May 7th to May13th
(2) Similar things apply for Vrishabh Moon Sign who would need to spend more time, money and efforts to work with seniors, authorities, father or Govt related matters!
(2A) Krittika needs to watch-out 14th April to 23rd April
(2B) Rohini from 24th to May 7th as per exact charan!
(2C) and MRIG needs to watch-out form May8th to May13th. / take 1 day from these dates but overall the whole MONTH need to be watchful for sure!

[19] MOON in MESH TUESDAY 9:55PM IST April-25-2017 to THURSDAY 9:47PM April-27-2017 IST. This is adverse to VRISHABH and KANYA moon signs for these 2+ days. Given that Mangal is in Vrishabh this is mostly stable & mixed in a way as Moon sign and RashiSwami making 1:12 formation. Consolidation time for all signs in a way except Sinvha, Kirk and Mithun who have pro environment.
(1) MESH: Back on track, image and gains, family time too.
(2) VRISHABH: Adverse expenses, expense or investment in self, Avoid hot headed comments
(3) MITHUN: Income & gains, pro environment, gains from distant place, abroad etc
(4) KIRK: Increase in workplace influence, Income, Gains, Support and help from friends
(5) SINVHA /Leo: Start of very good 6 days ahead, Pro environment, travel for work and meeting workplace friends or colleagues, feeling of invincibility (sory of) :)
(6) KANYA: Fatigue, Travel fatigue, Travel with siblings or friends possible, Take enough sleep or eat BComplex pills! :)
(7) TULA: Partnerships, Spouse, Avoid risks in driving or dangerous driving, Also adventure sports etc beware.
(8) VRISHCHIK: Dinner, Social Events, movie etc with spouse/partners, some connection with the maternal siblings
(9) DHANU: Quick success over competition, Good time with kids for kids
(10) MAKAR: Rejuvenation, rest, Quality time with mom & also kids. Good books and good people around
(11) KUMBH: Travel possibility with friends or siblings to to meet mom or with all of them to native, Some activity at the native land/farm
(12) MEEN: Incremental gains, Family might travel to meet you or vice versa, Good expression and speech, Good spicy food

[18] Moon is in the MEEN rashi from April 23rd SUNDAY 8pm IST to April25, Tuesday 9:54pm.
This is adverse to MESH / ARIES moon sign with expense on self & also medicines and also maternal family. It is also adverse to SINVHA/Leo moon sign with fatigue & mission impossible efforts but also some surprise easy money from investments.
Vrushabh has great gains and some swapnapurti and great for kids matters. MITHUN is workplace importance increase & getting a lot of things done. KIRK: It is start of 6 good days ahead for Kirk rashi with good travel and expression & support from environment. SINVHA: mentioned above KANYA: Partnerships, Collaborations, Image & Pro environment TULA: Social events, dinner, maternal & paternal cousins both connects and upset stomach VRISHCHIK: Tactical moves & success, Some SwapnaPurti. DHANU: Rejuvenation & rest but some workplace senior company & quality time with some senior or experts. MAKAR: Expression, Travel, Good for artists, Siblings KUMBH: Incremental gains, Investment gains, Good food & family time MEEN: Back on track, good image, Collaborations/partnerships etc
[17] MOON in KUMBH from FRIDAY 2:21PM IST April 21, 2017 to SUNDAY April 23, 2017 8 PM (7:58). This is adverse to MEEN and KIRK moon signs for these 2+ days. Given Kumbh Co-Owner Shani wakri in intense nakshatra of Moola makes this a bit tricky BUT it is 11th from Moon and has drushti on Moon -- this is good for most of the sign (3-11: LabhYog). Some order will be seen overall on all aspects of life with most people benefiting some or other thing.
(1) MESH: Income, Gains, help from elderly & higher placed ones, natural pro environment
(2) VRISHABH: Workplace influence, Help from ladies but some older one might be upset, Productivity high & Output high
(3) MITHUN: Start of good 6 days ahead, Respite from partnership worries , travel possible to meet partners/spouse
(4) KIRK: Fatigue, Over-work, mission impossible, too many things at one time, patience & calm with hard work will help
(5) SINVHA: Collaborations, Partnerships to achieve success, Use of knowledge, intelligence, lawyerly arguments
(6) KANYA: Social events, dinner with near & dear ones,, maternal family proximity & serving obligations to them
(7) TULA: Quick movements to achieve success, Kids time, good inspiration & expression within a framework
(8) VRISHCHIK: Rejuvenation, peace, calm, meeting near & dear ones,  Family time
(9) DHANU: Travel, Expression, good for artists, siblings, good image, visible & practical impact on surroundings
(10) MAKAR: Incremental gains, income and investments abroad (distant places), Good food at costly places :)
(11) KUMBH: Back on track, image, energy, feel-good, income
(12) MEEN: Expense, investments in self & workplace, plan properly - don't jump into actions, review if expense is good or is an investment.

[16] MOON in MAKAR from WEDNESDAY 4:46AM IST (early morning) to FRIDAY 2:21PM IST April 21, 2017. This is adverse to KUMBH and MITHUN moon signs for these 2+ days. Given Makar Swami Shani wakri in intense nakshatra of Moola makes this a bit more tricky than 2+ days out of 28 days of every Lunar cycle. So these 2 days are not outright great for anyone global as rashiswami itself 12th to moon and wakri in Moola..! Obviously these times are ripe for people with Wipareet Raajyog like police,  doctors, lawyers, medicals and so on. Moon in Guru drushti helps though to limit Shani wakri impact.
(1) MESH: Workplace influence, elderly folks interaction,  older people advice whether like it or don't. Travel against wish possible for workplace.
(2) VRISHABH: Start of good 6 days ahead. New things to start. Some inheritance issues would linger on. But overall positive.
(3) MITHUN: Fatigue mental & physical, delays,  spouse, partnership obligations/troubles. patience is a virtue.
(4) KIRK: Social Collaborations, spouse time, partnerships, maternal family connection continued in these 2 days.
(5) SINVHA: Social events, dinner, upset stomach possible, celebration with kids, time & energy & money spent for kids, 
(6) KANYA: Quick execution & success, kids time, native connection continued (mom)
(7) TULA: Rest, Rejuvenation, meeting near & dear folks,  folks could travel to meet you
(8) VRISHCHIK: Expression, travel,  writing, be careful with  investments, talk carefully avoid bitter words
(9) DHANU: Income, gains, good food & family times, good or improved better personal image
(10) MAKAR: Coming back on track, good connections and meetings, image improvements,  expert advice
(11) KUMBH: Expense, investments in self, recalibrate for  next 28 days,  check errors & omissions of the last 7 days, correct and move ahead, plan until 21st and action from then
(12) MEEN: Income, Gains, meeting good folks, workplace influence, elderly people could trouble but help also!  :)

[14] MOON in DHANU from SUNDAY 4:39 pm APRIL 16th to APRIL19, WEDNESDAY 4:46AM (early morning). This is adverse to MAKAR and VRISHABH moon signs for these 2+ days. Initial 24 hrs are about Chandra in Moola nakshtra. Except for marriage and say some religious work, it is good to avoid major decisions or major purchases if possible until Monday evening. The world cannot stop just because Moon is in Moola, but just remind yourself that there could be re-start need when it moves out of Moola (not a big deal but a good-start is psychologically somehow very imp for Indians!) :) :) An example, in June2009 we 15 senior people visited ABS Gym in Magarpatta in Moola nakshatra and only 1 of these joined! :)
(1) MESH: Start of very good 6 days ahead. New things start. Travel possible to meet maternal family, mama mousi cousins. Also doctor or some medical advice. (2) VRISHABH: Fatigue and adversity and delays, mission impossible sorts, keep working HARD, things will align on Wednesday! :) Some easy /speculative gains are possible though. (3) MITHUN: Collaborations, Partnerships especially with older folks or poorer folks, Spouse time, Meeting & connecting with mom and the native place is likely. (4) KIRK: Social events, Dinner etc with some upset stomach, mama mousi or maternal cousins related work/help. (5) SINVHA: Quick tactical moves, income, good execution, good for making an impression, interviews etc, Kids time, investments long term only - avoid speculation, Good for lawyers. (6) KANYA: Rejuvenation, Homely environment and much needed rest, Some obligation care of mom and native place. (7) TULA: Expression, Writing, Siblings time, lawyerly arguments, Quick travel but some fatigue (8) VRISHCHIK: Investments, good food, family time, long term investments, good speech, incremental gains due to work of past 6 days (9) DHANU: Back on track after 2+ adverse days of expense, much needed energy and optimism, workplace image and publicity possible, avoid drinking water/swimming at shady places (10) MAKAR: Expense, travel for and against your wish, good/bad experience with travel, new opportunity but interim delay of 2/3 days. Lage Raho Munnabhai, invest and not just expense (11) KUMBH: Income, gains, meeting well placed elderly and older people, Some inheritance issues mixed progress. (12) MEEN: Increased influence at workplace, older people stopping your path might cooperate, stress but happening, need to get expert and experienced advice for sure

[13]  MOON in LEO/Singh/Sinvha from THURSDAY midnight APRIL 6th to April 9 SUNDAY morning 6:51AM . This is adverse to KANYA (Virgo) and MAKAR moon signs for these 2 days. 
(1) MESH: Kids expense,  time with kids, watch seniors and their needs, handle then and Govt/Police tactfully
(2) VRISHABH: Homely Env, rejuvenation,  gains due to or around native or close friends/folks, mom time
(3) MITHUN: Expression, Travel and presentations for work, picnic possible,  Meeting sinbings and cousins mostly maternal
(4) KIRK: Income, gains, family time, good food, Senior support and good luck
(5) SINVHA: Back on track, image, but handle seniors/Govt/father/professors etc authorities diplomatically and carefully, good energy much needed
(6) KANYA: Expense, Watch Vehicles, Check vehicles carefully, AVOID katkat and pir-pir (cribbing) and listen to good music and keep good mood -- will make it much better and positive
(7) TULA: Gains, Income, Pro env, elder siblings, some success over competition
(8) VRISHCHIK: Stress but happening, workplace productivity, increased power etc, Go getter-attitude
(9) DHANU: Start of good 6 days ahead,  Good luck near native, travel to native or to meet mom, meet near & dear folks
(10) MAKAR: Fatigue, unnecessary travel to meet seniors or authority, waste of some time but necessary,  some quick gains possible from investments
(11) KUMBH: Collaborations, Partnerships at workplace but also family folks, Family time and more so maternal side stuff
(12) MEEN: Social events,  Dinner, mama mousi and maternal cousins connect, Celebration of some sort

[1] KANYA & VRISHABH from March 2, 2017 to April 12, 2017
MARS is in MESH (Aries) from March 2nd 2017 to April 12, 2017. This means moon signs VRISHABH and KANYA need to be careful with vehicles, driving, adventure sports etc. Especially 2 wheeler folks need to be careful -- use helmets, gloves etc for sure.
Krittika and Uttara need to be more careful until March 16. Rohini and Hasta to be more careful from March 16 to April 3 specifically whereas Chitra and Mrig (of Kanya & Vrishabh) from then to April 12th. But on the whole Vrishabh and Kanya need to be careful until April 12th.

[12] Moon in Cancer/KIRK from April 4th 5:20 pm to April 6th Midnight (Thursday). This is adverse to moon signs of Singh/Sinvha/Leo and Dhanu. Sinvha expenses and travels as per and also against wish & Dhanu fatigue & expenses for self and kids.
Good 5 days ahead for Vrishchik, OK now for Kirk (energy/optimism), Stress but happening for Tula, expression/travel siblings etc for Vrishabh, Kids & education/intellectual impression for Meen. Mesh to have rejuvenation & rest, Kanya to have GAINS and income and pro-environment (real estate) - watch accidents though; Makar partnerships/spouse time; Kumbh - -social events, dinner, upset stomach

[11] MOON in MESH from WEDNESDAY morning 11:39AM, March 29th, 2017 to 12:31PM on FRIDAY MARCH 31, 2017 . This is adverse to KANYA (Virgo) and VRISHABH moon signs for these 2 days. 
(1) MESH: Back on track, energy boost, keep positive without undue aggression, progress, FAST actions, use helmet
(2) VRISHABH: Expense, Watch Vehicles' condition, drive carefully, AVOID road rage for sure, cousins would need help but could also trouble you! :)
(3) MITHUN: Great income,  meeting great friends, Real estate, vehicle gains, help from elder cousins
(4) KIRK: Power at workplace, stress but happening,  help from freinds and colleagues at workplace,  lot of productivity
(5) SINVHA: Start of great 6 days ahead,  short Travel, Bhagyakarak, meeting powerful friends, cousins & siblings, good stuff
(6) KANYA: Fatigue, Drive carefully or simply outsource, Avoid ANY action as a quick reaction -- RESPONSE and not Reaction is what needed,  Some  quick gains but with a catch
(7) TULA: Collaborations with cousins,  siblings and mom, but some war like situation & confrontations,  formidable foes - handle carefully
(8) VRISHCHIK: Social events but some confrontations and competition, Dinner etc go slow with stomach, be positive but avoid rage, acidity possible, Drink lots of water
(9) DHANU: Great sports activity, great inspiration, great execution and quick success, sports gym activity great, good luck with siblings and colleagues and friends
(10) MAKAR: Rejuvenation, planning with siblings & mom for real estate & property etc near native
(11) KUMBH: Travel, Expression, Parakram, communication, publishing, great for sports folks,  impact on surroundings
(12) MEEN: Gains, Spicy food with good deserts! :) Good but strong speech, family time along with siblings, cousins, investments activity (land)

[10] MOON in MEEN from MONDAY morning 9:40AM March 27th to WEDNESDAY morning 11:38AM, March 29th, 2017. This is adverse to SINVHA (Leo) and MESH moon signs for these 2 days. 
(1) MESH: Expense, Health checkup, maternal family, investments, Watch health, No adventure, keep low risk profile, Expense of  time money and energy would be however well directed
(2) VRISHABH: INCOME, Dream-Come-True, Great for kids and having kids, kids would do well, intellectual impression, good speculation, inspirational work!
(3) MITHUN: Stress but happening,  Workplace productivity, Meeting near & dear ones at workplace or from workplace, meeting parents possible
(4) KIRK: Start of very good 6 days ahead, new things start travel, writing, expression, support from the environment
(5) SINVHA: Fatigue, Hard-work, but easy money, stocks or sudden gains, inheritance good, but watch health 
(6) KANYA: Partnerships, collaborations with seniors/elderly/powerful, image, expansion, drive slowly and carefully
(7) TULA: Social event, expense for dinner, maternal folks, maternal+paternal gathering of sorts possible, connects with abroad people
(8) VRISHCHIK: Execution, Great success, Impressive Intelligence. Go getter attitude and so on, kids would do wonderful
(9) DHANU: Much needed rest & rejuvenation, near & dear ones and also at workplace & home both, reading good stuff and getting help from good books and also experts
(10) MAKAR: Expression, Artistic inspiration, quck travel, fruitful presentations, siblings & maternal cousins meeting and help from/to
(11) KUMBH: Investment gains, Good food, family times,  Good speech, long term good investments
(12) MEEN: Back  on  track, good image & visibility, collaborations and partnerships with experts & Guru type folks.

[9] MOON in KUMBH from SATURDAY morning 4:57AM MARCH 25th, 2017 to MONDAY morning 9:40AM March 27th. This is adverse to KIRK and MEEN for these 2 days. MEEN would see expense & also investments for the workplace. KIRK would have fatigue and adverse situation, need to watch health.

(1) MESH: Income, Gains, Pro Environment, good new developments, meeting older influential people possible
(2) VRISHABH: Workplace productivity, Good time with the father or seniors, stress but happening
(3) MITHUN: Start of good 6 days ahead, travel to meet partner/spouse possible, travel and new developments possible
(4) KIRK: Peeda, Fatigue, Misaligned efforts, mission impossible sorts, Need to watch health, maternal family troubles
(5) SINVHA: Good for Partnerships/Collaborations but some audit/review also, Quality time with spouse and also kids, 
(6) KANYA: Social events, dinner etc with maternal cousins or mom or native place folks, watch stomach
(7) TULA: Quick execution success, Inspirational moves, great for artists, travel for display of work, Expression
(8) VRISHCHIK: Home Environment, Family time, rejuvenation, Self help/investment in self, Meet near & dear ones
(9) DHANU: Expression, Quick Travel,  Image, Siblings time and help. Course corrections for siblings
(10) MAKAR: Investments, Income from abroad or distant folks possible, go for long term and NOT short term, good food, dont eat at shady joints!
(11) KUMBH: Back  on track, energy and execution, optimism, good time
(12) MEEN: Expense on self/family, Investments for workplace, A bit adverse environment.

 [8] MOON in MAKAR from WEDNESDAY 8:36PM MARCH 22nd 2017 to 4:57AM SATURDAY morning MARCH 25th, 2017. This is adverse to KUMBH and MITHUN for these 2 days. KUMBH would see expense but also gains from abroad/distant folks. MITHUN would have fatigue and adverse situation and also relationship tests/conflicts.
(1) MESH: Happening, Workplace productivity & influence, Good luck & support from ladies
(2) VRISHABH: Start of 6 great days ahead. Travel but travel fatigue & trouble, health imp, careful in travel with stuff & papers/tickets etc etc
(3) MITHUN: Fatigue and health issues, tussle with partners and spouse possible, meditate -- will help a LOT.
(4) KIRK: Collaborations, partnerships,  increase in sphere of influence
(5) SINVHA: Social events with for kids and also maternal folks, dinner, upset stomach possible
(6) KANYA: Good Execution but continued worry for mom and native place, Good time for much needed home decore rather improvement! :)
(7) TULA: Rejuvenation, rest and meeting mom native along with siblings and cousins, something of an obligation to help them.
(8) VRISHCHIK: Writing, Expression, Proposals, presentations, short travel
(9) DHANU: Gains, image, hard-work, attention to details, good food, family time
(10) MAKAR: Coming back on track, watch health, take care of belonging in travel/transit, keep an eye on stuff, Good image though & well directed efforts.
(11) KUMBH: Expense, or investments for customers abroad or distant, income from abroad/distant people places, a bit adverse -- keep patience and watch health (legs).

(12) MEEN: Pro, Income, Meeting good people, workplace influence, productivity, clout etc.

 [7] MOON in DHANU from MONDAY MARCH 20th 9:09 AM to WEDNESDAY 8:36PM MARCH 22nd 2017. This is adverse to MAKAR and VRISHABH for these 2 days. MAKAR would see expense for travel  but eventually good would come out due to meeting well placed people. VRISHABH would have fatigue and adverse situation but also intellectual stuff that will impress folks, watch kid's needs.
(1) MESH: Start of very good 6 days, travel possible to meet maternal folks, or even meet a doctor
(2) VRISHABH: Fatigue and adverse situation but also intellectual stuff that will impress folks, watch kid's needs.
(3) MITHUN: Collaborations, partnerships spouse time, meeting near & dear folks and mom possible, good quality time with spouse.
(4) KIRK: Social events, maternal cousins, mama mousi folks, expression and presentations
(5) SINVHA: Kids, family, investment gain, training and education good time, some success, good food
(6) KANYA: Rejuvenation, rest, mom, homely environment, good advice coming your way - Sant Sahawaas.
(7) TULA: Travel, Expressions, Expense for travel, presentations, artists travel abroad or 12 hrs places
(8) VRISHCHIK: Good talk, food, Gains, income, meeting elderly folks or rather higher knowledge folks, Your knowledge would yield good results.
(9) DHANU: Back on track, energy, execution, workplace productivity, positive feel, Meeting with father or good time with seniors or Govt officials possible.
(10) MAKAR: Expense for travel to meet influential people, money spent on SMEs and knowledge people, But eventually gains and support by their knowledge.
(11) KUMBH: Income, Gains, inheritance gains and positivity, health imp: alternate methods like homeopathy and Yoga.
(12) MEEN: Workplace productivity and workplace partnerships, Good support from opposite sex, stress but happening, good stuff.

[6] MOON in TULA / LIBRA from WEDNESDAY 9:07 AM MARCH 15th to . FRIDAY 8:36PM March 17th, 2017. This is adverse to Vrishchik and Meen for these 2 days. VRISHCHIK would have expense overall but also romantic stuff & even education planning maybe. MEEN would have fatigue and running around but some image too.
(1) MESH: Collaborations, spouse, partnerships, Some expense for spouse possible or for vanity.
(2) VRISHABH: Social events, dinner with friends, support from opposite sex, maternal cousins meeting possible
(3) MITHUN: Good for kids, education, training at workplace, good execution success and workplace image
(4) KIRK: Homely environment even away from home, meeting near & dear folks, rejuvenation, possible to travel a little to meet mom.
(5) SINVHA:Travel fatigue, Expression, Presentations, Be careful with travel - avoid conflict with anyone but more so authorities
(6) KANYA: Income, Good food dinner with spouse, partnerships, avoid spicey stuff
(7) TULA: Back on track but watch health/stomach, good image, maternal cousins proximity,
(8) VRISHCHIK: Expense, Expense for romance, Check details, retrospect, review and course correction
(9) DHANU: Income, Good support from native place, Good time overall
(10) MAKAR: Happening,  Workplace productivity, Happening, Communication at workplace
(11) KUMBH: Start of good 6 days ahead, travel possible to meet family, travel likely, natural support from surroundings
(12) MEEN:Fatigue, hard-work, a bit adverse period for health, easy money possible but don't be greedy

[5] MOON in KANYA / VIRGO from SUNDAY 11:55 PM (midnight) MARCH 12th 2017 to WEDNESDAY 9:07 AM MARCH 15th 2017. This means TULA needs to be careful with expense & meet up with maternal cousins for dinner etc. KUMBH would have tough time and fatigue and running around but also some investment gains & family time:
(1) MESH: Social events, dinner etc, expense for fun, cousins both maternal and paternal
(2) VRISHABH: Execution, Kids, Income, Gains, Pro environment, Attention to details needed, good Audit and reviews
(3) MITHUN: Homely environment bonding with seniors, meeting near & dear ones, Work from home? :)
(4) KIRK:Expression, Presentations, Communication, 50% bhagyoday, New stuff, Proposals
(5) SINVHA: Income, easy money, prize money, family time, good food
(6) KANYA: Back on track, execution well directed efforts, meeting with mentors/Gurus (Sant-Samagam), Image and visibility
(7) TULA: Expense, tough time, reptrospect, adjustments, maternal/paternal  cousins both and expense of time energy and money for them, re-planning, restrategizing
(8) VRISHCHIK: Income, meeting elderly people, Good direction advice to self and others, intelligence, all around gains
(9) DHANU: Workplace Guru type people meet, ,great, advice stress but happening, talk to experts, workplace productivity, hard-work
(10) MAKAR: Bhagya-yog, new things, support from seniors, Good information and knowledge, Mentors pro and supportive, great 6 days ahead
(11) KUMBH: Peeda, Fatigue, but some quick gains from investments, inheritance matters both good/bad stuff.
(12) MEEN: spouse, partnerships, collaborations, marriage self or attending them, image, publicity, good imagination but also innocence.

[4]MOON in KIRK Wednesday morning MARCH 8, 2017 11:57 AM  to Friday 5PM MARCH 10th, 2017). This means LEO/SINVHA Moon Sign would have expense, investments & a review of any mistakes in the past 6 25 days, some time and expense needed for kids and spouse. DHANU will have fatigue & hard-work & need to watch health of self & mom, Arguments with siblings possible.

(1) MESH: Homely environment, income from  abroad/away places, Rejuvenation, rest
(2) VRISHABH: Travel, Expression, Some fatigue, Talking to seniors,  Siblings / maternal cousins
(3) MITHUN: Income, investments, family, good food, tussle & travel with partners possible
(4) KIRK: Visibility, Image, Back on track, watch health, eat on time
(6) KANYA: Income, Pro environment, Elder siblings, Good movement overall, maternal family social events
(7) TULA: Workplace productivity, Expression, Inspirational work & artistic stuff
(9) VRISHCHIK: Start of good 6 days ahead, natural support, travel with  or for mom and also family, investments, homely stuff
(10) MAKAR: Partnerships, Spouse time, Collaborations, Expense for spouse! ;) Maybe meeting family of spouse/partners
(11) KUMBH: Social events, maternal folks, income, dinner etc with influential people
(12) MEEN: Kids, Quick execution and success, intelligence, Expense & time for kids and also education. Some great news and your idea fructification..!

[3] MOON in MITHUN from Monday, MARCH 6th, 2017 8:20 AM to MARCH 8, 2017 11:57 AM (Indian Standard Time). This means KIRK Moon Sign would have expense, investments and maybe fatigue too due to misaligned efforts. VRISHCHIK will have fatigue & hard-work & need to watch health, some efforts for home decor or for mom's well being possible.
Global: Both Mars and Shani in Mesh Navamansh means fire or electricity issues. Both are in Rashi-Gandant (first degrees of Ashwini and Moola -- Intense events at border or warlike or some disturbance is likely

(1) MESH: Travel, Gains by travel, Gains by Siblings, Expression, Presentations
(2) VRISHABH: Income, Workplace Support, Good food at home and workplace/colleagues
(3) MITHUN: Image, Visibility, Feel good, Back on track, Travel & some bhagyoday (minor)
(5) SINVHA: Income, partnerships/collaborations success, feel good, Things that like to work on
(6) KANYA: Good productivity, Workplace imp, Dinner with colleagues, Achievement and celebration at workplace
(7) TULA: Start of 6 good days ahead. Good strategy, well aligned efforts, success, inspirational stuff
(9) DHANU: Partnerships, Collaborations, travel to meet spouse ot travel with spouse to meet siblings of either, Expression, Presentation
(10) MAKAR: Social events, gains from maternal folks, upset stomach, good food, investments
(11) KUMBH: Inspirational execution, work of art, quick steps by success, Go-Getter attitude
(12) MEEN: Meet near & dear ones, Mom, expense for friends or native or home, Obey laws, handle seniors / police etc tactfully.

[2] March 4th 5:40 am to March 6th 8:20 am  (Indian Standard time)
MOON is in VRISHABH from MARCH 4th (Saturday) morning 5:40 am to Monday, MARCH 6th, 8:20 AM. This means MITHUN Moon Sign would have expense, investments and maybe travel/expense to meet father. TULA will have fatigue & hard-work mostly misaligned watch health for sure -- its the first priority.
(1) MESH: Investment in & gains from abroad/distant possible, good food, family time
(2) VRISHABH: Image, popularity, income, elder maternal siblings
(4) KIRK: Income, Good news, Pro environment
(5) SINVHA: Productivity, Support from seniors, Sudden income
(6) KANYA: Start of good 6 days ahead. Travel or new people meet possible, Partner/Spouse time
(8) VRISHCHIK: Partnerships/Spouse, Working with kids, Inspirational work that you love to do
(9) DHANU: Social events - maternal family, mom mama mousi, cousins,party time
(10) MAKAR: Kids, Siblings, Inspirational artistic work, feel good, success
(11) KUMBH: Rest Rejuvenation, Real estate, land, farm, family, homely environment
(12) MEEN: Meeting siblings,Travel, Presentations, Image, Things you love to work on

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    [15] MARS / MANGAL has moved to VRISHABH (Taurus) on APRIL13, 2017 and would stay there until MAY 27, 2017. This is adverse to MITHUN & TULA moon signs - This is so perfect prediction for Tula, Hats Off, but still how many days left to suffer? :)