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Friday, March 24, 2017

Random Thoughts 13: Astrology and Longevity, Death, Health

Random Thoughts 13:  Astrology and Longevity, Death, Health

The most feared part of Astrology or Astrologers for that matter is comments about Longevity or simply death! Can death be predicted accurately using a horoscope? The simple answer is “it depends”! J It depends on the intensity of the past karma and specific desire of the soul which gets reflected in the horoscope for this life. We are of course talking about a natural death and not by an accident or murder or even war etc stuff. If a soul has a very narrow minded purpose of this birth, the moment that purpose is served the soul wants to move on to the next journey. It is very similar to Sir Gary Sobers giving away the wicket to a baller he liked after he has scored a century and the team is in a good state! Is it that simple – No -- but logically yes it is similar? The soul would chose or forced to chose the death which is in line with the past karma. If a soul has a wide vision for his birth with multiple interests and serving/entertaining humanity as much as possible, the soul could stretch beyond the logical age/longevity shown by a horoscope also. Even practicing Yoga, practicing Ayurveda best practices etc would increase life span for sure.

Disclaimer: Is it logical to comment about death generically for a horoscope of a person who have so and so ascendant, so and so planetary formations? NO – A BIG NO – Logic is simple – You cannot say that all the people born in that 2 hrs of ascendant time will die at specific time! J J This is downright bogus! Hence, if you see ANY Astrologer forecasting death – DO NOT TRUST it – Even though some death was predicted correctly – it would be by chance and not exact calculation! J Yes, we can certainly say that so & so period is of some issues for accident or say stomach issues or even say kidney or bladder etc issues but the intensity of the events is VERY difficult to forecast.

Suicide is a separate/different topic and I did not want to complicate or confuse this topic with it. So this topic is not applicable to Suicide cases. For example Dhanu Ravi/Sagittarius Sun shows long life but horoscope could show suicidal tendencies. Accidents or sudden health issues are of course covered as it is about some “yoga” & “karma” which could cause such termination of the journey.

How does Astrology tackle this issue of Longevity: There are 3 types of Categories the horoscopes are put in and there is no clear cut age limits for these (There is Balarishta also which means some issues before the age of 8 itself but again it is just a probability)
1.       Alpaayu: Up-to 32/35
2.       Madhyayu: Up-to 58 to 65
3.       Dirghayu: More than 70 / 80 etc

The important houses that should be checked for longevity are of course the 8th (Peeda/mrutyu) and 3rd house (8th house from the 8th house) and of course 6th house (Rog-sthan). The overall robustness is checked by the 1st house quality. So 1, 3, 6, 8 houses are very important when it comes longevity and these houses help put horoscopes in 3 broad categories.

Alpaayu: There are no clear cut definitions for this but moon in 8th house or lagnesh in 8th house is usually frowned upon by Astrologers! J What *I* feel is that “parivartan” or exchange of owners of the 1st house and 6th house; 1st house and 8th house; 3rd house and the 8th house; 3rd house and the 6th house certainly shows some probability of say a bit shorter life. BUT BEWARE – Again read the disclaimer above!! J What brings some certainly to the main horoscope is the exact same situation in the Navamansh horoscope or 1 of the above yog in main horoscope and other one in the navamansh horoscope. Without replication of the Alpaayu yoga in navamansh, it could be bumped into Madhyayu yoga! I know a person with L1 & L3 in 8th house still alive at the age of 38 despite having similar stuff in Navamansh too! ;) ONE VERY BIG Disclaimer will come at the end of the article! J

Madhyayu: Just simple L1 in 8th or L3 in 8th or L8 in 1st or L8 in 3rd, L1 in 6th or L6 in 1st could show Madhyayu yog. Even L1 in a very intense nakshatra and near some karmic Fixed Star and also wakri etc could be considered. These are again diluted if the planet is not in similar degree of the Ascendant or even Moon Sign degree. Closeness to ascendant degree shows the DESIRE (or forced) of the SOUL which is almost impossible to alter by this life karma. Planets not close to ascendant degree (in any house) could accept this life karma’s push! J i.e. the past karma is not that extreme (good/bad) with those planets – they are middle-class planets for a horoscope. J J

Dirghayu: L1 in 1, 4, 5, 9, 10 without Shani or Mangal drushti or association in a friendly sign and non-intense nakshatra or fixed star; Guru drushti on such a well placed L1 only adds to the quality of this long life (health/robustness and also good “acharan” – behavior in this life). Guru 9th to L1 is more important than Guru 5th to L1.

The Biggest Disclaimer: When Guru is aspecting L1, L8 or L3; there is a great chance of Alpaayu becoming Madhyayu, Madhyayu becoming Dirghayu! J Even Dhanu Ravi i.e. Sagittarius Sun shows a great longevity. This Guru drushti can completely make an astrologer fall on face! J

So all said and done: If you are really serious about Astrology get out from the urge to check your own horoscope for every article! J Yes, it does happen in initial stage of leaning (6/8 months) but instead of thinking that everything you read applies to you – You should also makes mental notes that the things you are reading could be mediocre or downright wrong! J Not everything written in Sanskrit is great! Even in those times some bad words might be available in Sanskrit. J

Whatever you read including this site/article should NEVER be taken on face value! Unless you have 50 case studies for 1 Astrology concept – it should not be taken seriously!! A common sense would tell you – not everybody born in those 2 hours drops dead on a certain date – nor everybody born on those 2 hours becomes Balasaheb Thackeray or Sachin Tendulkar or Ratan Tata! Rahu & Ketu show family history and THE EXACT SAME horoscope with L1 with Rahu or Ketu would show DIFFERENT life-span as per paternal or maternal family average longevity! ;) 18 years of Rahu mahadasha + 7 years of Ketu Mahadasha and then various antardasha etc are controlled by Rahu Ketu i.e. YOUR OWN FAMILY HISTORY --- Rather you are born in the family which has a DNA that matches with your Karma! Then how you can escape the pulls/push of the family karma?

YES – There WOULD be similarities in the people born on the same time-span with same ascendant and navamansh but family history is reflected in Rahu and Ketu works completely on its own and sets the people differently.

So when you see an Astrologer saying FIRMLY that falana person would get cancer or die FOR SURE – STAY AWAY from that person! They are half-baked potatoes! Best case – they are mediocre or stupid without false intentions; Worst case they are intelligent and want to MILK you completely!! J We can only talk about certain probabilities. With some effort I can show you people born from 9 10 11 April 1974 having some or other serious or minor health or accident issues from Sept2009 to Nov2011 – The degree of issues is SO MUCH VARYING THAT it takes REAL Concentration, REAL intuition and also COMMON-SENSE (which is not common) and ability to see “THE DIFFERENTIATOR” of a horoscope to predict the degree of intensity of an event.

P.S. There are other thoughts that by doing Hat-yog one need not die at all – your body can start active cell regeneration and just survive on fresh air and water! J You can check Linda Goodman’s STAR Signs book for that. It is said that many yogis are living in Himalayas for 1000s of years (I haven’t met one yet though!) J

The same book has MANY secrets in front of you if you are ready to “tune” to it! It is almost scary once you realize what she has shared there!!! Two VERY interesting concepts in that book are related to “Permanent Weight Gain and Permanent Weight Loss procedures”.


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