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Friday, March 24, 2017

Random Thoughts 14: Close degree Yog, Geographical (Medaniy) Astrology, Planetary Cycles

Random Thoughts 14: Close degree Yog, Geographical (Medaniy) Astrology, Planetary Cycles

[1] “CLOSE-DEGREE” yog i.e. Anshatmak yog.
There are countless planetary formations called as “YOGAS” in Astrology! Nava-Pancham (9-5) Yog, Shad-Ashtak yog (6 – 8), Labh yog (3-11); Dwirdashak yog (2-12), Kendra yog (4-10) and of course Yuti Yog and Pratiyog. I guess all the possible formations are covered here. There are fancy Sanskrit names  to these formations depending on planets involved. These names also make these formations sound special & mysterious! For example “Gaja-Kesari” yog is when Chandra and Guru are in Kendra to each other i.e (4-10 or yuti or Pratiyog of Guru and Chandra). Pancha-mahapurush yog is when specific uchcha planets are in kendra from lagna (ascendant) Shani Mangal yuti is called as Angarak yog and so on. Guru and Rahu together called as “Chandal” yog (what a lovely name!! J) and Chandra Mangal together called as laxmi yog!

Whatever the yog in the horoscope is magnificent or downright obligation (karmic burden) – it is of not much “practical results” if it is not in close degrees. The deep desire/past karma of a soul is reflected in planets are that are in some formations in close degrees. Also, as mentioned earlier planets that are in similar degree as lagna-degree or Chandra-degree are of particular significance.

For example: I saw one case where Moon Sign and Ascendant was almost the same and rashi-swami and lagna-swami (both the same) was in the 8th house and in the same degree! This person had tremendous health issues or accidents or even surgeries when Shani was aspecting the 8th house. Almost the same horoscope after 2 days had the same moon sign but later/last degrees and ascendant also in 20th or so degree – The rashi-lagna-swami was again the same degree as the first person. This person had some minor health issues and minor accidents which could even be ignored when Shani was aspecting the 8th house (and hence the rashi/lagna-swami). Now from the 1st person to this person you would see thousands of horoscopes with the same moon sign but different lagna-rashi – They would not see as many health or accidents as these same lagna-Chandra rashi and that too close degree!

Similarly, saw a horoscope where there was exchange of 1st house and 8th house owner (anyonya-yog) in exact degrees; both around 18 degrees. (There were other yog which supplemented these yog so not to take only this yog as the resultant.) Both being Shubh planets the person lived for 21 years. Similar horoscope with exchange in 2nd and 26th degree lived for 70+ years! Again, the 1st person had the ascendant degree also at the 18th degree which was very close to these two planet’s degree!

What this means is – whenever you have some very bad or very good yog in the horoscope – it is not of that significance (both in good or bad results) if it is not in close degrees!

[2] Medniya Bhavishya (Geographic Astrology)
This is when we say India is of Makar rashi, America is of Mithun rashi and Pakistan is of Mesh rashi and Maharashtra is Dhanu rashi and so on. Nobody would know the origin of these hypothesis. Maybe yes America was formed on 4th of July (which means Gemini Sun and date of “change” agent Uranus). You can see that these signs can be used to guess the events in these countries. India’s Makar rashi is in last few degrees as per my observations of past few years.

Makar had a GREAT patch from August 2004 to Nov 2007 with Guru 9 10 11. Real estate and Share Market went berserk in this period in India. 2008 Saw India having 8th Shani and 12th Guru – tremendous downfall in share market and rear estate getting hit badly too! 2009 some feel good and recovery and 2010 bringing real estate rates to normal and so on! Now 5th Guru will certainly have tremendous success by May2013 for sure. Shani will support from Nov2011 to 2017 end almost. So India is now going to it a growth trajectory – Do not crib about weekly downfalls in Share Markets – By May2013 India would have had a good success and would catch the next curve for sure.

Now – every state will have their own sign-pattern and every city would have its own – they will of course alter the overall India Makar rashi effect but would not be completely able to negate it for sure.

Every time Shani enters Vrishabh rashi USA gets in to a very bad phase of 7.5 years. They are riding a GREAT WAVE until Shani in Aries! Previous bubble probably was the biggest in Aries Shani and Aries Guru that came in around the same time until 2000. Then it burst! 2001 2002 saw Shani going 12th to USA and entry in Sadesati. (Events similar to 30 years ago -- 1972/73)

[3] Planetary Pulls regardless of Countries
Apart from this regardless of Country Signs – Planets have their own cycles – Guru and Shani predominantly have their cycles – Guru in Kirk (water sign – uchcha for Guru) has the greatest rain all across the country! Hail-storm could be seen in the places that hardly get any rains! Similarly Guru in Kirk makes the same. Guru or Shani in Nakshatra owned by Chandra also have similar effects (Rohini, Hasta, Shravan). In 2005 Guru in Hasta & Shani in Kirk caused havoc. Rather May2005 to July2007 Shani in Kirk caused havoc with the rains. (Some last part of 2003 Shani entered Kirk and went back to Mithun – it rained only when Shani was in Cancer and helped Congress win the election in Maharashtra!)

Now from May2013 to May2013 Guru in Mithun – Shani in Tula – I see two major forces NOT contributing to rains at all! L L SAVE WATER NOW!!! Helps to be careful. From June2014 to July 2015 – Guru in Kirk and Shani in Vrishchik after Nov2014 – amazing rains in this period!

Similarly, Shani in Singh (Leo) changes power all over the world! Democrats won in 78 and again Obama in Leo Shani. Shani in Leo is not very good for the Rulers or Kings or presidents or plain simply people in power. Similarly Shani in Aries or MESH is not good for warriors – BIG WARS happen when Shani is in Aries. Cargill also happened in Aries Shani and crushed Musharraf’s MESH MANGAL big time! J 1st World War and 2nd World war also I think was Aries Shani effect quite a bit. Warriors/military leaderships all over the world are changed in Aries Shani!

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