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Friday, March 24, 2017

Random Thoughts 18: Why Gochar (Transits) Planets are analyzed from Moon sign

Random Thoughts 18: Why Gochar (Transits) Planets are analyzed from natal (birth-time) Moon sign
2018 Annual Horoscope for All Rashi:

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Moon in a horoscope shows past unfulfilled desires or the passion of a person. Also, a soul could be forced to take birth with moon in some house & sign/rashi to fulfill past life obligation which is completely ignored or maybe some harm was done there!

This desire is a major focus for the person in this life. The person always thinks and works towards that house & that sign almost 24 by 7! The mind, emotions & to most part intelligence is also used for that house/sign almost all the time even when the person is asleep. Moon also controls or governs “mind” or emotions for a person. Moon is the fastest moving planet in the solar system as it revolves round itself while revolving around Earth and along with Earth it also revolves around Sun! All these motions shows that the house that person CARES the most is the house Moon is located at the time of the birth.

Examples: 1st house moon shows desire for personality, publicity due to personality or people contact etc; 2nd house moon shows desires for wealth, jewelry, investments, land, Food, family etc. 8th house would show interest in occult, meta-physics, mystical hidden stuff, mining, inheritance, astrology etc.
Basically, the position of Moon shows what person’s idea of success is and what are areas that he thinks are his success. It is person’s own yardstick to evaluate self or the indicator of happiness. So when person says “when I will get this position, salary and job etc” that does not mean their parents of friends think they are not successful. It is just their OWN state of mind.

Example: Regardless of destiny, Shah Rukh Khan and any Makar rashi person in India “feels” the same about their current state! Since end of 2007 Makar has not FELT that they are doing great! J 2008 was VERY bad – One would say Shah Rukh bought IPL team and had some hundreds of crores – but he did not feel good at all in 2008 – 8th Shani and 12th Guru made sure that he had nothing to do and nothing much immediate to look forward! Billu & that Anushka film came late in 2008 or Billu in 2009 actually! Akshay Kumar had 3rd Guru and 11th SHANI in 2008 and his movies grossed some 500 Crores in 2008 without BIG releases like Bodyguard or Ek Tha Tiger or Ra.One!!! INDIA – Makar rashi had tremendous feel-good in 2007 – which completely collapsed in 2008 and somewhat came back in 2009 but it has not found its feet still. (The same case with Gopinath Munde, Raj T and Rahul Gandhi – all Makar rashi like Shah Rukh – have not had tremendous success from Dec 2007 – some sporadic 1st Guru in 2009 and 3rd Guru from May2010 to May 2011 has helped them.)

So regardless of your destiny or your past great or bad karma --- Gochar planets are a great indicator of how you are doing in your own sphere of influence!

So this explains very well why the current (Gochar) planets should be analyzed form your natal (birth-time) Moon sign. They show that how “the surrounding world” is placed – pro or against – your desires! You might want to go in one direction but the world is trying to go in other – is what Sadesati or any 12th house planets are about. You can only do planning and home work and preparation & keep working hard while the world again is ready to come back in the direction you want to go! J J

9th house planets start bhagyoday, strategic initiatives and positions for you but your Moon position decides which field (house moon is placed in, house that moon owns), which area (rashi, nakshatra) that desire is placed in. 11th house planers give you money & multiple gains BUT for the same areas and field where you had this great initiative in 9th house planets and so on. Simply speaking, the magnitude of the success is shown by the Gochar planets BUT the field or areas of success are shown by the disposition of Moon in the horoscope.

It is obvious that 9 10 11 house Moon positions are very good for career as there is past karma and hence such Moon and the desire is about career – when the planets are 9 10 11 they do get success as they wish but even when the planets are 12, 1, 2 to their moon sign they are either 9, 10, 11 to their lagna rashi (ascendant sign) – So they might not be happy but they are still progressing in the direction of their desire which is career! J

1st House Moon desires position (Dharma trikon) and publicity – 9 10 11 Shani will do this but 12th Shani & Guru will force to find new avenues to get new positions & new publicity! J

2nd House Moon shows desires of wealth & family – so 9th Shani to Moon is 10th to Lagna and starts something new in Artha-trikon or Economic-Zone itself.

So you can understand WHY Gochar is analyzed from Moon – you would NOT see ANY book that explains WHY it should be checked from Moon sign. Maybe nobody wants to read it! J or Maybe it is precedent set by previous astrologers and also their own experience!

“Rando”mer Thoughts! J (more Random than usual) J

We as a country have no process to protect IPR (Intellectual property Rights) so we get none! Astrologers from YEARS have kept knowledge within their family and not printed easily – exception Master V.D. Bhat and M.D. Bhat who shared knowledge and thoughts like there is no tomorrow! J (Lal Kitab etc is a JOKE – No Offense! – Have not read it completely—could NOT read it completely!)

Every Astrologer has to start from scratch – literally scratching heads by reading so many conflicting texts & opinions that it is a chaos and Astrologers are the ones who need Mantra-Sadhana to make sense out of reasonable text and bullssss text! :) :D I have a utterly useless book named “Miracles of Numerology” (will not mention the author) which has Numero stuff of NO USE whatsoever!

The value of this site or blog would be known to Astrologers who started recently (or even experienced ones) who would see some of my VERY PATENTED thoughts shared easily for free! J But yes, nothing is for free and I am either paying off what I got in past birth or WILL be paid off what I am doing now! I am completely comfortable with the theory of karma which I preach and would like to practice it as much as possible (we are all human – so of course I will have some Chandra-Rahu Arrogance/aggression’s “mental zatale” from time to time – uncontrolled aggression rather AGITATION) J

Happy Reading!!

Remember -- The world existed before you started reading astrology and it will continue as-is; even if you stopped reading astrology. We are only “re”-searching things! J Apples fell down for years before Newton; they did not go in the sky! J J
Additional Thought on Transits from Moon Sign: GOCHAR from MOON or LAGNA:
Example Guru going over 1st house Moon (lagna) would increase weight & image in places that are related duties--job etc as Dharma-Sthan whereas 8th house moon it would be in spirituality or Astro or yoga or homeopathy (alternate medicines) etc similarly moon going over in 2nd house would be good for wealth investments etc etc – There is common effect of Guru going over MOON for sure but the HOUSE it is in decides WHERE which field they will get that effect and also the house that moon owns would also see some good stuff ---- Desires of folks with

Moon in the 9th house as to moon in 4th house are COMPLETELY different and then their effects would be also VERY VERY different... that's why Lagna shows destiny of this life and moon shows unfulfilled desires of the past life that person wants to fulfill in this birth -- Also Shani house or rashi shows the obligation of that person in this life and Guru's position shows which field the person is expert in and would gain further knowledge in this life.

One more example -- Suppose 8th house moon and 4th house Guru -- Guru going over Guru i.e. 9th to Moon -- What would be the effect ----> Guru 9th to Moon means some new things in life -- Bhagyoday that could make one travel? new position -- where? Guru going over Guru in 4th house -- new Guru or mentor in life -- great advice -- higher education -- so new great position in academics or even education course etc etc -- travel possible to take this position up or even very close to native place BUT as Guru going over Guru in 4th house --- The person will get VERY HOMELY and a GREAT close to heart people where he/she will analysis should be holistic from lagna chart and moon position -- Why we give Gochar from Moon in Annual or Weekly is that -- it is impossible to write for lagna + Chandra -- -Also just from lagna does not apply AS MUCH -- UNLESS that is you know all the planets!!

Example above -- Assume that Mars is in 10th house -- it would show getting NEW friends or coming in touch with old friends and mostly related to workplace. getting new ADHIKAR or power at workplace and also more so due to contacts with these friends. Possible to buy a new vehicle for sure (even Guru going over 4th house Guru could result in buying a vehicle or a house or farm etc).


  1. Wonderful article..please elaborate on all positions of moon in some article later.

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  3. Great analysis, as usual. Please share your valuable thoughts on Moon in the 29th degree (29 degree in Gemini and next house Cancer being its own house, so no water/fire incompatibility. Thank you!