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Friday, March 24, 2017

Random Thoughts 19: Destiny/Desires; 3 Generations of Rashi-Swami; Thoughts on Astrology

Random Thoughts 19: Destiny/Desires; 3 Generations of Rashi-Swami; Thoughts on Astrology

[1] Kriyaman / Destiny – Natal Chart Usage for Gochar Planets along with Moon Sign
I mentioned in the last article about why Gochar is analyzed from Moon sign to check “what effects” and which field or which area it works etc. Here are some examples to shape thinking in that direction.

1.     Say Moon sign Cancer/Kirk and Mithun/Gemini lagna/ascendant in a natal chart
a.     Currently Guru in Vrishabh is 11th to Moon Sign - Multiple gains & money etc due to 11th Guru. What started in 9th Guru from May2010 to May2011 will give great gains in career, personal life etc
b.     This Guru is 12th house to Gemini Lagna – which means these gains could come from 12hrs away places or simply abroad (or say Pune -- Delhi)
c.     12th Guru to lagna would also uncover something with health & cause expenses. It will also make one spend time, money and efforts on some mentors, taking consultancy or plain simply spending on GURU or a great advice. It is also great for new studies and spending on some training courses or a certification etc
d.     12th Guru would also help Mama Mousi folks.
e.     As 11th to Moon – meeting with influential friends also possible – elder friends who would help you dramatically and bypass some hard-steps etc for you.

This example gives an idea how both 11th Guru to Moon works with your karma of past few years especially from 8th Guru and how 12th Guru to Lagna works with destiny related stuff. 6th Guru to Moon would make YOU connect with Mama Mousi or doctors by your own drives but 6th Guru to lagna would make it happen due to some event NOT started or initiated by you! i.e. Kriyamaan Karma part of Gochar planets bhavishya needs to be analyzed using Moon Sign and Destiny effects of Gochar needs to be analyzed from Lagna! (Of course, Kriyaman karma is always in synchronization with past karma and geo-political situation! Kriyaman cannot be completely mutually exclusive to destiny)

2.     Currently Guru going thru Vrishabh and would enhance image of Vrishabh rashi folks
a.     For someone with lagna as Vrishabh it would be their personality and hero-giri etc – as mind/personal desires is placed in personality house (1st)
b.     For someone with 10th house Vrishabh Moon (for Sinvha lagna) – it would be at work-place and career! As mind is placed in work-house! J Some award etc at workplace.
c.     Similarly someone with Vrishchik lagna – it would be image enhancement due to something to do with partnerships – collaborations – mergers and acquisitions and also by some business expansion due to partnerships. Or plain simply marrying someone great! J
d.     Someone with Tula lagna – Moon in 8th house would enhance image due to alternate medicine, yoga, spiritual stuff, INHERITANCE related developments or plain simply lottery if Shukra is also there in Rohini nakshatra along with Budh! J

Basically –9th Guru to Moon starts something new in life with what YOU desire and 9th Guru to lagna starts something in life for what you destiny desires! J Even Guru 9th to Mars starts something with Sports or vehicles or engineering etc and Guru 11th to Mars gives great gains due to that start (World Cup!) – Chain of events that is started by 9th Guru (prominently / overtly) gets to logical completion in 11th Guru & you wonder “what next” in 12th Guru! J

So 9th Guru to Moon has VERY big impact as it is to do with how a person “feels” and “desires” – feel good factor as it is a success to his/her own efforts and passions!

Similarly, Shani going over all planets of the horoscope and all houses of the horoscope make you work hard for that part of your life and also uncovers health issues or other issues with people around you etc. Shani gives success after hard work and Guru bring blessings from your bhagya and also gives great advice or help from some great soul who are born around you during the same century!! J

[2] 3 Generations of Rashi-Swami
Ashtak-warg analysis is a good “data-point” but in my opinion it hides more than it reveals. Mars (Mangal) is in say 0.01 degrees of Sagittarius (Dhanu) rashi -- it would show up VERY great in Ashtak-warg which is correct in a way but what it hides is that this Mars could show some blood related issues to the person him/herself or the person shown by the house Mars owns. So the placement of the planet; the power of the planet in that rashi; placement of the owner of the sign (rashi-swami) and also the owner of the nakshatra-swami are very important. Ashtak-warg does not take into account the power of the rashi-swami of the concerned planet.

For example, this Mars which is Dhanu – if Guru is placed wakri or stambhi in Vrishabh first degree could be VERY troublesome! On the other hand Guru Placement in Aries or Leo or better yet in Dhanu itself would increase the power of the Mars multiple times! Two effects – Rashi-swami is placed in synchronization with the planet (nava-pancham) and also Guru drushti on this Mars regardless of signs/rashi.

Actually, 3 generations of planets should used to gauge the power of the planets in a horoscope. i.e. say Mars is in Dhanu – Where is Guru, (owner of Dhanu) – Say in Leo/Singh – Where is Sun (Owner of Leo) --? These 3 generations show the power of the planet and how well that planet will influence life of the person.

1.     Sachin Tendulkar has Mars in Capricorn (Makar) and Shani in Vrishabh (Nava-pancham) which is very pro & owner of Vrishabh, Shukra is in Aries which is again powerful due to Mars in Capricorn! J Also Shukra is with Ati-Uchcha Surya/Sun! So 3 generations – or rather even 4 generations are VERY powerful here.
2.     Imran Khan: Mars in Dhanu and Guru in Aries with Moon – again Guru in aries and Mars in Dhanu – Anyonya yoga in Nava-pancham that to from 5th and 9th house! Add Moon in the equation and you have a great picture in front of you. But still his Mars in 1st degree of Moola/Dhanu shows some blood issues – in his case to Mom as Mars owner of 4th house and also Moon Sign (Rashi-swami)! Moon denotes Mom again!

This is THE reason planets in their OWN Sign or Swagruha are VERY powerful. Balasaheb Thackeray and Kapil Dev with Mars in Aries! NO need to check 3 generations of ownerships! J Bachchan Sahab with Budh in Kanya with 4 other planers increasing power of all those planets that include Sun & Mars also. Lata Mangeshkar has Kirk/Cancer Chandra!

A wakri or stambhi planet could reduce the power of all the planets in its house. Now use logic – what happens when Mars wakri in Aries – Powerful but some bad event or some specific bad past karma to affect the person in some case. Guru wakri in Dhanu and in Moola – Some hard from santati or some issues with Guru not recognized in past life but still ability to turn-around these things by efforts as Guru in own rashi. Even a VERY bad Guru placements in 1st degree of Moola – kids could get some 15-20 years of life – now whether miscarriage or late santati is lesser sorrow or short lived kids is lesser sorrow – who are WE do decide that! L But still Guru wakri in Moola does indicate that good karma to help kids is required and also acknowledge every good advice or a mentor in this life.

Even an uchcha planet needs help from its rashi-swami which swagruha planet does not need! In that way planets in their own sign are lot more powerful than uchcha planets. However, uchcha planet has the ability to rise way beyond swagruha planet if its rashi-swami is also uchaha in swagruha (and in synch) etc.

Some thoughts on Astrology:
Principles / postulates of astrology always work but it takes experience, practice, case studies and your OWN technique to perform analysis. It is like any other profession – Doctors, Lawyers or anything that requires practice! Andha-shraddha nirmulan folks say that Astrology is not a science but medicine is a science – then why not have Doctor ATMs? J Why you go to a specific doctor and why not ANY doctor who is certified? One needs to identify “patterns” and “combinations” in order to prescribe anything – “Wyakti titakya Pravrutti and Prakrutui” (Each person has different attitude & health)

Similarly, economics, weather channel etc are also accepted by these “Buddhi-pramanya wadi” folks but not astrology – the reason is simple – Astrology is governed by “Sanatan” people who have CLOSELY tied it to religion, culture puja, path and parampara! LOGIC is the ONLY base for Jyotish / Astrology.

Only Jyotish / Astrology is the system in the world which can be used to give patterns about economics, weather, politics at broad level and health, wealth, personal milestones etc at individual level. Murali Manohar Joshi tried to institutionalize it in University but it was not allowed by so called Secular and LEFTIST (^&*@^#*&#(# ) agenda. J Why Astrology tied to religion in India – does not need to. Why you want to get rid of some GREAT system due to which the subject of Astronomy came out in the 1st place!

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