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Friday, March 24, 2017

Random Thoughts 6: Multiple Planets in a house & “Accidental Nature”

Random Thoughts 6: Multiple Planets in a house & “Accidental Nature”

Many a times there are multiple planets in a horoscope say 3, 4 or even 5 in one house. In such situations, Guru drushti or Guru on these planets could be magical as it would enhance most effects and limit losses if both Shani and Mangal part of those planets! It is obvious that either good or bad effects both would be highly pronounced in this person’s life. Good days would be very good and bad news from everywhere when things are not good! The following text concentrates ONLY on the effect of these planets of 3 houses that are not in sync with the house these planets are in the horoscope. The immediate next house, the 6th & the 8th house from this house are affected in some way.

1.       When there are multiple planets in a specific house in the horoscope, they usually cause some harm or say partial fulfillment to the house that is 2, 6 or 8 from that house.
2.       For example, too many planets in the 4th house affect the 9th house in the horoscope somewhat. Also they make you stay away from practical achievements of your knowledge (5th house) or even Kids. Similarly, they are not in sync with the 11th house too.
3.       Too many planets in 3rd house would make person travel so much that they might not be able to enjoy SUKH too much in life (4th house) or stay closer to mom or even just relaxing at home or having a party/dinner with closer friends despite having close friends.
4.       SO when there are various planets in the 3rd house and 9th house – the 4 and 10th house of the horoscope are affected the most and the person would stay away from parents and even there could be some repercussions towards mom and father’s health & longevity IF Moon/Sun are not very well placed in the horoscope (rashi bal, sthan bal, Guru drushti etc)
5.       Too many planets in 12th house could affect health (the person will ignore 1st house which is image, appearance and also overall health, well being). Also, it could show a spouse with some health issues as this 12th house is 6th to marriage house (7th). Also too many bad or too many planets in the 12th house would also affect the kids (5th house) and PERSONAL achievements as person would PLAN and ARCHITECT the plans that are achieved by others.
6.       There is nothing good or bad – it simply using common sense means that 1 thing MORE focused in life WILL affect some other thing in life being lesser! J
7.       Spiritual terms or Spiritual Explanation – The soul wants to concentrate due to the PASSIONS of past life so much on 1 ASPECT of life that the focus on many things is just not there as it is NOT the life purpose of the soul anyways! J

“Accidental Nature”
Please note that accident and Mangal are very closely related as Mangal shows blood, sports, running, driving etc. So Mangal in bad state in a horoscope will certainly show some accidents in life due to own actions or just out of some misfortune also (100% someone else’s mistake!). The text below is about even Moon and Sun signs and about attitude/behavioral pattern and not about destiny/past Karma etc.

1.       Accidental nature or “suicidal nature” terms are taken as very fatal. Suicidal nature when reading palms means that the person until a moment would have completely logical analysis etc but suddenly something happens as all the logic goes for a toss and the person does something really stupid. Similarly, Accidental nature in a horoscope does not mean fatal stuff but just smaller things and part of attitude/excitement in the person which causes some funny accident – Spilling milk/water, things getting thrown from their hands etc.
2.       The most accident prone signs in the Rashi-Chakra (Zodiac) are Aries and Saggi i.e. Mesh and Dhanu. When a person is Moon Sign Mesh and Sun Sign Dhanu – it is seen more or say a person with a combination of these signs in a horoscope make person spill, throw stuff unknowing due to some quick gesture or an action. Even in a room while taking to someone they start walking and stumble upon a table and hurt their knee or feet! J It is mostly funny and sometime embarrassing than fatal etc. So Mesh and Dhanu rashi is it is well occupied in some person’s horoscope – beware if you are around the person! Especially, the Moo, the Sun and also Mars (Mangal).
3.       It will be seen more for Dhanu moon and Mesh Sun compared to Mesh rashi and Dhanu Sun as later is more strategic and the former is more tactical configuration as you can see from the article on “The Moon and The Sun Relationships in a Horoscope” in this blog itself.
4.       Even the Mars in DHANU NAVAMANSH also tends to be a bit accidental. MARS: Right now, from Jan 5th 2012 until Jan 25rd and then even from Jan 25th wakri to FEB 11 – it is wakri in DHANU NAVAMANSH (Leo Sign!) Then it will be maargi wakri etc again in DHANU navamansh in Singh rashi. This makes this Mars a bit accidental for sure.  You could see more folks on the road “driving” you nuts! J Be watchful, as you can see some silly mistakes and silly positive MOVES by drives around the word causing nuisance kind of accidents! Some could be dangerous also given individual karma but overall this Mars in Dhanu navamansh is accidental for all folks. \

5.       Even in a Horoscope Mesh rashi Dhanu navamansh (Krittika) or Singh rashi Dhanu navamansh can cause this attitude in a person which is highlighted when some major planets in GOCHAR male yoga with this Mangal or in maha or antardasha of Mangal!

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  1. What about too many planets in second house, Kirk?