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Friday, March 24, 2017

Random Thoughts 7: CUSP, 3 Million Hits, FREE-WILL Vs. DESTINY, Watching a Movie Multiple times!

Random Thoughts 7: CUSP, 3 Million Hits, FREE-WILL Vs. DESTINY, Watching a Movie Multiple times!

This word is used as a loophole by Astrologers! J There is NO CUSP when it comes to Astrology! J Let me repeat myself again – THERE IS NO CUSP in Astrology – i.e. you are never a Sun Sign or Moon Sign Cusp – you are either one or the other sign & never a cusp!

1.       This word is used in “Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs” quite a bit. First of all Western Sun Sign calendar itself is wrong! It does not use Ayanash or Procession of Equinox in consideration! Example: 25th August and even 14th of Sept is Sun Sign LEO and not Virgo and NO 22nd or 21st Sept is NOT A CUSP – if at all there was a cusp it would be on 16 / 17th Sept but again NO CUSP – either Leo or Virgo!
2.       This is simple to explain using Karma principle: You past karma will decide the Signs of your planets and hence it would never be a cusp.
3.       You are either supposed to be a sentimental Cancer Sun Sign OR EXTROVERT FIRE Brand LEO Sun Sign! You cannot be a cusp as the ELEMENT of the sign and the ATTITUDE of the sign changes completely with the sign change. A cusp would be a VERY BIG LOGICAL mistake!
4.       Quick Primer: TWO ways to Group 12 signs
a.    3 groups of 4 signs each as per their ATTITUDE (Nature / Swabhav)
                           i.      1, 4, 7, 10: CHAR Rashi – CARDINAL Signs – BUSY, Moving Signs!
                         ii.      2, 5, 8, 11: STHIR Rashi – FIXED Signs – POWER Signs!
                        iii.      3, 6, 9, 12: DWISWABHAV Rashi – MUTABLE Signs – Expressive Signs
b.    4 Groups of 3 Signs each as per their ELEMENT
                           i.      1, 5, 9: FIRE / Action Oriented
                         ii.      2, 6, 10: EARTH (Practical)
                        iii.      3, 7, 11 AIR (Thinkers)
                        iv.      4, 8, 12: WATER (Emotional)
5.       As you can see – with the sign change you enter completely different ZONE of two groups.
6.       Sometimes astrologers say that it is a “SANDHI-Lagna” i.e. CUSP Lagna. For example: not sure if Mithun or Kirk; in such a case, physical appearance would help a lot. Also, the BEST logical analysis by observing the person would be to check with HOUSE the SUN must be located from ascendant – For example: The 5th house Sun and the 6th house Sun would have a very different approach. This would help you understand the ascendant. If you do not know the person and do not have access to video or pictures etc then prashna-kundali is used. The KP method is the most effective but again every method has its limits; the best is to check physical appearance and past events.

“AstroMNC” enters the “3 Million Club”
It has 3.34  million hits now in March-2017. The blog reached 1 Million hits milestone today on 2nd Feb2012! J It started in June-2009 with the 1st post of sade-sati. Until end of 2010, I was posting only core-Astro articles and not for “consumers” of astrology. The momentum was achieved with Annual Rashi Bhavishya articles at the end of 2010 and throughout 2011. The most loved articles initially were Sade-sati and Shani-Mahadasha as they brought a BRAND NEW perspective that was not seen in many books that have come so far on Astrology. (AstroMNC Numerology Value is 29 = 11 : 11 and 18/9 always repeat for me. I selected AstroMNC due to my initials (MNC) and had not checked Numerological Value. In Marathi this is called as “Loka sange bharhma-dyan, swataha korade pashan!) J

IMHO, my biggest differentiation has been the tendency to relate EVERYTHING to Astrology. It could be called as passion which is an overused word now days; employed even for mere interests & hobbies! J The way Kasparov says in his “How Life Imitates Chess” (for him that is!) that he relates every damn thing to Chess, the same way I try to relate every event to Astrology. It gets stored in my system with appropriate pointers. Again, as Kasparov says, information becomes knowledge, knowledge becomes wisdom and years of practice develop “intuition”. For me it is Astrology, for a Cricket fanatic it would be cricket, for a chess fanatic it would be Chess! So yes, I AM an Astro-FANATIC and I relate EVERY damn thing around me to Astro consciously/subconsciously. I guess that is the reason many a times I make some observations about someone’s Mama/Mousi’s brain or legs or uncle’s heart or grandfather’s siblings’ heart/ankle or a birth mark on ankle/feet; it makes the person a bit awed. They tend to forget that I could be wrong in the immediate next analysis! J

The biggest achievement I feel was of suggesting many frustrated couples about their “Santati-yog”. My effort to relate matters in spiritual & Karma related books to these couple’s issues has worked well. Also some of the best timelines offered by their horoscopes have helped them plan their life better (or is it?). What we have done only we can undo! I sincerely hope that my request/advice to do some good karma has helped them. I am still quite surprised to see so many common ‘grahayog’ repeating in the horoscopes that have santati issues.

I also feel great about myself that most of the folks with gochar Guru aspecting their Horoscope Guru stumble upon my blog and get in touch with me. This shows to me indirectly that I am indeed an “SME” (Subject Matter Expert) they found when they were supposed to get “good advice”! This makes me continue on the same path with conviction. When I would see folks with Shani going over Guru coming in touch with me – I would need to rethink, take a pause and study more and re-strategize my methods/analysis-tantra. But so far so good!!

We are all GHULAM of our own past KarmaNO FATE BUT WHAT WE MAKE! (from T-2). There is nothing we can do to avoid extreme graha-yog in the horoscope BUT we have a choice to do some good karma in the same area where we have done bad-karma in the past life. This would not negate the past karma but certainly soften the blow to your psyche and also fulfill your life purpose.

Destiny and Freewill: The last paragraph brings us to the debate on FREE WILL and DESTINY. You destiny is result or rather a byproduct your own will of the past life(s)! So yes, again your INTENSITY of past karma will decide if you have a “choice” i.e. Free Will or you have to go thru the inevitable Karma cycle. Your soul chooses (or is MADE to choose) parents i.e. the DNA that matches its own past karma – So how you can avoid something you have yourself decided!!? J Common sense would tell you that a given DNA would have some extreme bad things, some extreme good things but 70% things would be middle-class – Here – Karma of this LIFE will CERTAINLY HAVE a GREAT IMPACT – So KARMANYE WADHIKARASTE MA FALESHU KADACHEN is the SINGLEMOST brilliant advice given to the mankind. (promotion nahi mila – work MORE hard, Admission nahi huwa –Study more, Kids issues – Work with orphanages and less privileged kids).

Trying to use a TANTRIK is the WORST thing you can do – trying to bypass your karma has GRAVE consequences – an atomic war could very well be a result of avoided karma using power, money or tantriks! ONE SHOT and the whole area is CLEANED-UP! L Wrath of God falls on to societies that do not have appropriate channels of LAW & ORDER and more imp - JUSTICE! Constitution of a country is SINGLEMOST important factor in order to keep the LIFE going on in that country! Without JUSTICE – We are looking at MASS MURDERS!

Choose LOVE versus HATE always! In AHKHRI RASTA – Anupam Kher tells old Bachchan (Father) that he could not raise his kid on HATRED! It is indeed true. Everybody should be raised with LOTs OF LOVE & care. Govt / A society that neglect kids, girl child, has NO FUTURE as they have priorities elsewhere and not LIFE. (A country should feel ashamed that 40+ kids get drowned in Gujarat in one “simple” accident and there is no RIOT but some religious rumor can cause a riot!!) Please pardon the frustration – I become ghulam of my Mithun Mangal at times! ;)

Our FATE or Destiny is nothing but our OWN Karma and that is why a person like me takes birth on Chandra-Rahu in 1st house that shows a BURNING DESIRE for publicity (“Mala please changale mhana!”) a POPPULIST person who tries to please all (fails most of the times!) J A tremendous “CRY” of the soul for publicity which was not fulfilled in the past life; who used his knowledge to deceive some people and hence now paying it back as much as possible thru free-service! Internet makes me pay my BAD-Karma much more easily now as I can reach lots of folks – LOT MORE than I might have deceived in the past birth? I am getting a feeling that the bad stuff is getting paid (well, almost) now except for health issues which could crop up SEVERELY in Mangal mahadasha after 10 years. Shani in Kanya aspecting my rashi & lagna swami Mangal (apart from 5 other planets) did not help health from Sept2009 to Nov2011. J

Watching a Movie Multiple Times
You might know a few folks who are movie freaks and have watched cult movies multiples times. I know some folks who have watched “Sholay” 20+ times in theatre – not counting partial ones. My friend Mandar Dadhe knows Agnipath (Bachchan) by heart! J Many of us have “Andaz Apana Apana” by heart and can discuss many scenes from it for hours!

Astro Factors that contribute to this side of the personality:
1.       Common factors are: Love for movies/music/art, (Lalit-kala) which is shown by the 5th house;
2.       Ability to ENJOY something (Sukh bhogane ki kala!) i.e. the 4th house which is Soukhya sthan
3.       Emotional need and makeup or ability to remember so much stuff – WATER Signs – Significant planets in water signs of Kirk Vrishchik and Meen!
4.       Especially Moon, Sun and Budh in Water Signs certainly can cause person watch/read something multiple times due to the emotional bonding!
5.       More planets in visible hemisphere i.e. 9, to 12 houses would tend to oppose this side.  Planets in invisible hemisphere aid this certainly.
6.       Positions from the moon could be considered for this rule but planets 2 to 6 from Moon would give the ability the tendency & liking to do this but this life (ascendant) they would not get many chances for the same.

!!! THANKS much for all the Support so far and expect the same in future !!!


  1. One of my favourite astrologer. I learned lot of lessons from you. All posts r Very unique and extraordinary.