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Friday, March 24, 2017

Random Thoughts Part 11: Complexity of Astro Predictions (Art of Probabilities); Wakri Planets

Random Thoughts Part 11: Complexity of Astro Predictions (Art of Probabilities) & Wakri Planets

[1] Complexity of Predictions (probabilities)
Recently there was a debate by some folks on my Monthly Horoscope article comments section that it is too generic and based on only moon movements etc. I would like to add further complexity of not only the planets to taken in to account for weekly and monthly horoscope but the basic structure of the horoscope itself! i.e. there are not only 12 groups based on Moon sign but there are 1728 groups that should be considered for weekly or monthly horoscope.

When I write an article for yearly predictions for a sign (raashi) it is for the Moon sign. There is no thought behind what is the Sun Sign or Ascendant (lagna) sign. This is well understood by most of the folks reading articles. What we fail to understand that even a given rashi can be further broken in to 12 groups based on “Rashi-Swami” i.e. owner of the Mesh rashi which is Mars – Mars’ Sign!

So we have 12 groups within Aries (Mesh) Sign where Mars, the owner of Aries Sign, could be in 12 different signs from Aries to Pisces! So you can imagine the number of probabilities!

1.       Aries Moon Sign Group of people
a.       Can have 12 different Sun Signs
b.       Under that you have 12 different ascendants i.e. 144 groups of Aries Moon Sign!
c.        Further you have Mar’s Sign – further 12 groups for each of the 144 groups! i.e. 12*144 = 1728 groups!
This means, I should write 1728 different predictions for my Yearly or even for a weekly horoscope?! And I am NOT even talking about possibility of 3 nakshatra in these signs and you have – PLENTY (5184?) of combinations!? J

This is the reason why the predictions based on a horoscope will always be like “an art of probabilities” and hardly ever have a mathematical accuracy! More importantly, while analyzing a horoscope, it is absolutely critical to take 3 generations of ownerships into account while deciding the power of a planet! I.e for example Tendulkar, Aries Sun in exalted state and Mars the owner of Aries in a exalted state in Capri (both at the hyper-exalted degrees!) and importantly the owner of Capri (Makar) is Saturn which is VERY WELL Placed in Taurus Sign aiding the Mars and in turn the Sun quite a bit! When you have a planet in Capricorn and Saturn is in say Gemini or Leo – it is not getting the support from Saturn at all  -- The planet is trying to be step by step progress, hard work etc but Saturn is in Gemini or Leo not supporting this attitude and hence lesser power of the planet in the Capri (Makar sign).

This brings me to next topic of this article which I touched in Retrograde Planets article separately.
[2] Planets in the Sign of a Wakri (Retrograde) planet
Retrograde planet does show slow/weak Karma with the governance of the planet and the house the planets owns in a horoscope. But apart from that a retrograde planet reduces the effect and power of the planets in its signs. i.e. multiple planets in Taurus and Libra sign or say just Libra sign and Venus is retrograde – The power of these planets is reduced or hampered quite a bit. Simply, it means that the past Karma is not as strong to have strong effect of those planets! The worst part is when you have say Mars & Saturn together or even say Jupiter & Venus (opposites) together and the owner of that sign is a 3rd planet and is retrograde! Add to that if that retrograde planet is aspected by Saturn or Mars! (“Dushkalat Terawa Mahina”)

A retrograde planet in an intense constellation (nakshatra) or Sign (rasahi) would only add to the lack or rather bad karma with what that planet shows. The direct implication is governance of the planet (Guru Kids/Mentors, Mars: Siblings, Blood, etc) But also the house the planet occupies and also it owns in that order. Of course the Sun and The Moon can’t be retrograde. Rahu Ketu always retrograde so not consideration for them in this topic.

The retrograde planets are glorified in many Sanskrit granth(s) which I feel is not at all logical. Rather, more the speed of a planet, better the results in the mahadasha or antardasha!

Remedy would be good karma in the things shown by the planet for sure but also using the gemstone of such planet would certainly help not only with this planet but the planets in the signs it owns. More important is to understand which areas of like the planet itself shows and try to inculcate the attitude the planet shows. When Saturn is retrograde, increasing seriousness, hard-work and keep doing a thing until success is achieved and not leaving things in between and finish them meticulously. When Mars is retrograde, try to run 5 KM every day to get blood circulation up, eat red vegetable or fruits etc, make sure you exercise regularly and try to get some athleticism in the body.

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