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Friday, March 24, 2017

Random Thoughts Part 12: Rains & Astrology & INTENSE / Karmic Nakshatras (Ashlesha, Moola, Krittika)

Random Thoughts Part 12: Rains & Astrology & INTENSE / Karmic Nakshatras

Rain and Astrology:
It is VERY well known fact that when Saturn and or Jupiter in are the water Signs, it pours like crazy. Remember 2005 2006? Rather May2005 to July2007 when Saturn was in Cancer (Kirk) rashi and it poured like crazy. Add to this the Water Nakshatra/constellations that are owned by Moon i.e. Rohini in Vrishabh (Taurus), Hasta in Kanya (Virgo) and Shravan in Makar (Capricorn).  Saturn and Jupiter in these also make it pour more than average. 2005 it was Jupiter in Virgo in Hasta which had an added effect to Saturn in Cancer! J

Every time Jupiter is in Cancer, it is known to have hell-storm in India where it is not that often – so usually it happens every 12 years or so. Even Jupiter in Pisces (Meen) makes it pour a lot (May2010 to May2011?). The Jupiter pattern repeats every 4/8/12 years and Saturn patterns takes 15 and 30 years (aprox) repetition cycles.

Now Saturn is not helping as it is in Virgo and will enter Libra but Jupiter now is going to enter Rohini on June 29/30 and it could cause to pour more after this date. The Sun did enter Rohini on June 24 or so but it has only affected so much as Sun is not the differentiator as it changes to Rohini at around the same time every year! The real differentiators are Saturn and Jupiter! (Uranus in Pisces could cause some untimely or whimsical rain for next 5/6 more years). So we should expect a bit more rain from June 29/30 I guess.

It is hard to say that planets are “causing” this but it is easier to say that the Human life or everything on the Earth’s life-cycle is certainly reflected or mirrored in the planets. Experts would tell that the heat creates some pressure belts etc in the atmosphere which causes rain. i.e. the heat creates these pressure belts and gives way to the rain? It is reflected in the fact that before Chandra’s Nakshatra there are Sun’s nakshatra! So the planets moving thru the Sun’s constellations show the cycle of more heat/creation of pressure belts etc and once they enter Moon’s constellation (water) it starts to rain.

There is NO mystery to Astrology – it is as common as any other thing in your life, it is just that it has been so closely coupled to religion in India – it is difficult to think in a logical/rational manner about Astrology. Yes SPIRITUAL connection with Astrology is a MUST – without that learning Astrology is like those 6 blind folks trying to analyze an Elephant! J But coupling Astrology to religions and Gods has caused a lot of distrust in astrology as it is used to exploit “Shraddha” of people. The Newton’s law of Action Reaction is nothing but spiritually the subtle yet omnipresent & omnipresent law of Karma.

Intense Nakshatra / Constellations
In Vedic Astrology, some of the constellations are considered as intense/toxic and karmic. They are usually in the order of intensity (debatable!) Moola at the start of Sagittarius, Ashlesha at the end of Cancer, Krittika (3/4th in Taurus, 1/4th in Aries), Jyeshtha at the end of Vrishchik. Magha, Dhanishtha and Vishakha are also considered a bit intense for some of the planets.

In India, Moola gets the most attention when Moon is in it! J Especially at the time of marriage! J Which is very sad actually? Moon in Moola actually shows a disciplined approach with parakrami nature and achievement orientation: a great for education system and also sports! Rather, Sun and Mars in Moola are considered a VERY strong. However, natural benefics like Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and also malefic like Saturn are considered to give some trouble with their Governor-ship for the person. This happens when there are ill aspects or these planets are retrograde in Moola. The 1st degree or first 3 degree 20 seconds of Moola is especially karmic! There is some definite extreme past karma which needs to be paid off if a planet is in this degrees.

Krittika is very karmic at the end of Aries and at the start of Taurus – as it is owned by Sun, aspects by Mars or Saturn could cause some events like electric shock or fire etc especially of L1 is in this nakshatra – also L8 could be checked in this constellation.

Ashlesha is a very notorious one; actually Moon in Ashlesha shows a very emotional but mischievous nature. One should not be too worried about this nakshatra unless planets are in the last navamansh (Rashi Gandaant) of Ashelsha i.e. the last 3 degree and 20 minutes. Again, retrograde ones show some real issues.

There are some FIXED STARS in the Zodiac and some them are very karmic – An Astrologer can’t claim to be an expert if he/she can’t tell where are these exactly. Vrishchik Vargottam should raise an eyebrow if the planet or ascendant is close to Antares (Alpha-Scorpii the largest star in the Zodiac) and so on. Ascendant, Sun or Moon or any planet closed to some of the fixed stars can show VERY SPECIFIC outcomes for a person and even the times by current planets and Dasha/Antar-dasha.

“Navamansh Rahasya” (Marathi) from Hon. M. D. Bhat is a gem of a granth and is must have; even if you can read Hindi (i.e. Devanagari) it would make enough sense.

P.S. Actually, Linda Goodman makes a lot of pointed statements in her Sun Signs and Love Signs, Star Signs books about these constellations without mentioning them – like some part of Sagittarius shows these traits or some part of etc etc. After some years in Astrology, one should re-read Linda Goodman and you could see VERY HIDDEN messages in the books – they are revelations of highest order and you can’t believe that she gave it away but mind you they are difficult to spot as most of the times you can’t find something you are looking for when it is in front of you! J

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