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Saturday, April 22, 2017

AstroMNC: Random Astrology Thoughts 25

Table of Content

(1) Shukra in the 6th house of a Horoscope
(2) The 12th House

(3) The future is not defined!

(4) What is a Beautiful Mind
(5) Role of a GURU 
(6) Rahu Ketu Mahadasha / Antardasha Thoughts
(7) Moon the 9 10 11 house of a Horoscope
(8) Not Everything written in Sanskrit is 100% true

Shukra in the 6th house of a Horoscope
Astroquick -- SHUKRA in the 6th house shows a probability of liking someone older, divorced or married etc. it is not the best house for SHUKRA when it comes to relationships. Of course, there is nothing good or bad or being judgmental about this. The way karma is delivered has its own ways and methods which at times appear mysterious to us. SHUKRA in Makar also shows probability of liking someone older, sincere more learned or matured. These effects are exactly similar when Shani is with SHUKRA or Shani drushti on SHUKRA like say Hema Malini. Shani in the 7th house could also show similar stuff.

The effects are seen more when SHUKRA is in Makar navamansh or kanya navamansh whch means start of Makar or end of Makar Rashi. If L7 is also with SHUKRA or SHUKRA itself is the L7 then highly likely to get relationship from the maternal family / relatives. Deep karmic bonds with the maternal family for sure. There are no remedies etc to this but some suggestions to be careful and choosy and not causing karmic imbalance when it comes to relationships. Skin quality issues at times are seen with SHUKRA or Makar or SHUKRA with Shani or 6th house and in such cases Ayurveda and homeopathy could help. Helping friends get married, stay married and active participation in marriages of friends and relatives --- active help with money as needed etc etc karmic healing goes a long way.

The 12th House
The #12thhouse of a Horoscope is about planning & management. It is about foresight & more so vision and not just #strategy which comes from the 9th house. .The 5th house shows TACTICS needed implement/execute the strategy or the vision. So 12th house planets give a person very high intellect, ability to ASK VERY good Questions and always question WHY? You could see Mahatma, Bill Clinton, Narendra Modi and many people with 12th house Ravi which shows administrative vision as Surya shows administration. Ravi Shastri althought 11th house Mars in MESH -- has 12th house Surya in Taurus/Vrishabh - he was always known as calculative & calm and planning to chase runs etc to K Srikanth's aggression. The 12th house planets show abroad places, immigration and long term travels if very well placed and if very badly placed they show jail or exile etc. So 12th house planets or even 6 or 8th house planets need to be checked if they are well placed or badly placed! --- So the REAL Question is NOT if 12th house planets show problems -- THE REAL Question is -- "12th house planets are good for WHAT?"  
Mars in 12th is usually commissioners and military strategists! :)
 or Sports strategists. It shows great planning ability, fingers of hand curled up at the ends showing acute and high intelligence. 12th house mars show ankle issues, left eye issues and some obligation and duty towards immediate younger siblings. i.e. Mars in the 12th house makes person lethargic at times -- never would run to catch a bus and wait for the next bus unless Mars is in Mrig nakshatra in Gemini -- but still 12th Mars means they like Cruisers, bullets etc and not Sports-bike to go fast!

HOROSCOPE Quick Facts:
When I try to explain the 12th house -- The easiest exmaple is 12th house Mangal -- Character of Mr. Suchak in "Ab Tak Chhappan" - The ACP's body language is a PROTOTYPE of 12th house Mangal -- Strategy/calling shots. The same movie has a great example of 6th house Mangal -- Tackling enemies head-on with bare hands -- NANA PATEKAR's Character (ATS officer 'Sadhu')! ---> 6th house is direct competition, hand to hand combat or presence on the battlefield -- 12th house Mangal is Strategist, Coach, and Planner.

The future is not defined!
Future can be changed by altering attitudes and thought process. A Horoscope shows SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats) yes sure -- the birthtime chart does show UNALTERABLE past life karma and its "probable" ramifications in this life BUT we can by reading right books, advice from elders and GURU like people or simply seniors, older friends and same age friends with higher ability (Say Sachin AR Rehman) etc etc can CHANGE our future for sure.

I have case studies. So, don't let ANYONE fool you in the name of astrology. YES, your past life karma WILL interfere and you will at times have to fight it off or just go thru it patiently. BUT there is no substitute for right attitude and hard-work. Talent is nothing but interest earned on hard-work.
So a Horoscope can help understand SWOT -- and help us change our attitude and hence change our life. (Else why would astrology suggest remedies at all...) If things were hard-coded in a chart ---- astrology would NOT have had a division of remedies at all..!! 

Remember, all remedies try to alter your behavior and make stronger the good side of your attitudes and try to bring down the weaker side of your attitudes -- a Horoscope is NOTHING but a BUNCH of attitudes a chart throws out. A psychological configuration mirrors in our DNA. BUT WE are the ones who can make the change slowly but surely.

NO FATE BUT WHAT WE MAKE.. As today's fate is yesterday’s work only..!

What is a Beautiful Mind
Moon in Guru drushti (or with SHUKRA) AND more importantly rashiswami in uchcha raashi (in a nakshatra of a friendly nakshatra swami!). No Mangal or shani drushti on moon or no Rahu Ketu with moon.
Beautiful Mind:
Good person, sense of greater good, tranquility of mind and great focused application of mind --- mind at peace even in chaos around or even in a machhi bazaar :) :)
For example, Vrishabh rashi and SHUKRA in Meen rashi (Taurus moon with Venus in Pisces)
:) easy!? :)

Role of a GURU
A GURU does not only teach you the subject but he/she teaches you how to LEARN the subject! So that you can go farther than he/she did. That’s why I LOVE V.D Bhat books: He has NEVER explained Dasha / MahaDasha effects, Gemstones or even Moksha or Spirituality that much. He has NOT written on Palmistry or probably never ventured into it BUT he SHAPES your thinking so that you are "enabled"/empowered to venture into any subject or any topic in astrology -- even the ones he never ventured into!

Rahu Ketu Mahadasha / Antardasha Thoughts
Simple question is: Has your paternal family/ grand-father left good unpaid karma or maternal one? The fact that we inherit wealth from paternal family and more and more associated with paternal family is ALSO reflected in Rahu mahadasha being 18 years and Ketu is 7 years!! 
(1) So RAHU paternal grandfather has left unpaid BAD karma -- you will be screwed in Rahu maha or antardasha. Apart from this you will also chase an IMAGE and material things in Rahu mahadasha 
(2) KETU -- MATERNAL Grandfather unpaid karma -- and it makes you seek sukoon and spiritual stuff or pessimism etc in this maha or antardasha
(3) My Rahu antardasha is all hedonism/image and publicity and chasing some image etc BUT it is positive publicity
(4) KETU Antardasha and mahadasha is THE BEST PERIOD In my life -- As My Maternal Grandfather was primary school teacher and left TREMENDOUS unpaid good karma -- I ROCK in Ketu antardashas and GREAT promotions and successes have happened in Ketu antardasha for me -- as MANY friends and people help directly indirectly in this period mysteriously -- ! It is a HIGHLY personal experience.

******My Grandfather's younger brother had company of SAIBABA in his Ketu mahadasha from birth!! As his Ketu was 1st house with Moon and Ketu -- 1st house planet with Moon AND Sun means 300 times effect on life --- past karma, destiny and desires of this life ALL are THE SAME...!!! So he got his first 5 years of life with Saibaba!!!!!! It is amazing for me to see such case studies...!!*****
Ketu with Guru in Meen rashi in 1st house is description of some of the GERATEST SOULS and Saints born --- SPIRITUAL Gurus -- Ketu Guru in Revti Nakshatra last degree and or last navamansh and lagna degree also in that navamansh -- is the TIME FOR GREATEST OF SOULS to be born on Earth again!!!

Moon the 9 10 11 house of a Horoscope
You can read any book that Moon in 9 10 and 11th house gets tremendous respect and good verbiage! :):) Of course, 9 10 11 are VERY strong houses for ANY planet and any planet in these houses shows very good past karma but Moon has special meaning there. When planets like Shani and Guru go 9 10 11 to Moon they give great increasing success or growth curve to a person or a corporate. However, when they go 12, 1 they create a void or saturation or even some loss or investments etc etc. Now think about 9 10 11 house moon positions. When Guru or Shani go 12, 1 and 2 to the moon (Shani's Sadesati) -- even then they are 9 10 11 etc to the Lagna-Rashi (Ascendant) and end up helping in some or other way the person. i.e. the desire of the person is so much in strategic things or career things etc (moon in 9 10 11) that Saturn Or Guru going 12 1 etc to moon indirectly end up starting something new and helping in sync with the lagna-rashi!! This Gochar ability of any planet to help the person despite being so off to Moon sign makes these houses very important for moon!

Not Everything written in Sanskrit is 100% true :)
Kujawat #Ketu and #Shani like Rahu is SO incorrect. Don't trust anything you read on internet or on books without CASE STUDIES and Anoonbhuti! Ketu is like Mars?? :) Rahu like Shani?? What is wrong with some of these authors??? If at all -- Rather Rahu is hedonism, agitation, aggression and extreme desires --- whereas Mars is a aggressive, initiative & energy. Ketu is spiritual, often pessimistic, weak and like say Neptune or even calm and slow like Shani... BUT of course Rahu is NOT like Mars and Ketu is NOT like Shani... I am just saying that Rahu is lesser away from Mars than it is from Saturn and Ketu is lesser away from Shani than it is from Mars! :) Anyways -- Lage raho!

P.S. Only thing Ketu is like Shani is 7 years of Mahadasha of each; similarly, Rahu 18 and Shani is 19 years --- so these Sanskrit sentences apply only to periods of the mahadashas.


  1. Milindji , Very informative article as always.

    I gave Rahu in 10 th place in Makar rashi.My rashi is aries ,Aries lagna.

    Will this Mahadasha beneficial?


    Ravindra Gulumkar

    My Rahu mahadasha will start from 2020

    1. YEAH absolutely it would be good but how good -- dpeends on where is Shani! :) if SHani not wakri and not with mangal then quite good. If Shani or Rahu in Guru drushti then - WAAAH! :) :)

    2. Thank you so much for your reply.
      Shani is in 2 nd place with Ravi in vrushabha Rashi.
      So I hope Rahu mahadasha will be good for me.

  2. A huge set of information for the random astrology thoughts within your post sharing. Thank you very much. Kalpana Srikaanth | Kalpana Sreekanth

  3. YEAH absolutely it would be good but how good -- dpeends on where is Shani! :) if SHani not wakri and not with mangal then quite good. If Shani or Rahu in Guru drushti then - WAAAH! :) :)