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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Shani drushti on Chandra (Saturn Aspecting Moon) in Natal Chart

Short Article on Shani drushti on Moon has following effects

(1) The person has a sensitive temperament which makes them a bit pessimistic at times. Ruth-ke baithate hain from time to time especially in childhood but almost always regardless of age. They could be a bit too subdued and “suffer in silence” in the childhood. Fire Sign planets or Leo Sun or Sagittarius Sun can make them express but still the mind is quite troubled.

(2) There is a mandate to keep emotions in check and show maturity which is developed by the age of 29 and they are better with handling emotions from later age.

(3) Shani drushti on Moon shows some obligations towards Mom that these people have and also the house the Moon owns. MOST probably it shows obligation towards women in life (all sorts).

(4) Even Shani's position 4 7 11 or with lagna shows the specific obligation they have for this life - and from Moon it is about WHAT "THEY" THINK THEIR obligation is.

(5) The 4th house Shani to moon obligation is about mom underscored. 11th house it is more about elder siblings but 11th Shani obligations or Shani drushti are lesser issues than 4th house or the 7th house.

(6) OVERALL this Shani drushti on Moon restricts a person from being highly imaginative positively -- their imagination however in some negative things can run wild (“Man Chinti te Wairi na chinti”). ----

(7) OVERALL -- Emotional Insecurity can make them do things that are not correct...compromising integrity at times which should be avoided.

REMEDY - Taking care of Mom -- helping Mom and mom's relatives. Respecting women regardless of how they treat you .... and also HANUMAN Sadhana for increasing POWER of Mind -- Listening to Swami Vivekanand or someone VERY positive like Swarzenegger and also listening to HEAVY METAL MUSIC helps quite a bit... Always READ HERO stories - Watch positive and HERO movies where HERO saves the day!!! SELF HIPNOTISM is HIGHLY NECESSARY for these people where they keep telling themselves how blessed they are and they can make positive difference etc etc.


  1. Thank you. This is easy to understand and makes sense.

  2. Thank you milind ji, this helped a lot