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Saturday, April 22, 2017

AstroMNC: Shani in the 8th house (The 8th house Saturn)

The 8th house Shani: Saturn in the 8th house (Mruttyu Sthan, Peeda Sthan)
The 8th house: Mrutyu Sthan,  Peeds Sthan, Adverse to self (1st house), inheritance house (wealth), internal reproductive organs, kidneys, urinary system.

Any planet in the 8th house has some side-effect attached to it. It could be the karakatva of that planet or it could show some acute issues to at least one of the house it owns. It is certainly not the best for health aspects. Of course, it is the house of disproportionate income when some natural benefic planets are well placed in this house in DevGani or Manushyagani nakshatra (or own rashi own nakshatra) in good drushti of other natural benefic planets. 8th house planets directly impact the 2nd house by association which primary wealth or investments house. AstroMNC

The 8th house Shani is not the best of the news for sure. It does show acute obligation from the past life. The obligation it towards the “masses” or large group of people (say consumers of a product or a service). As you can see anyone who can deceive people like doctors, astrologers, lawyers or real estate stuff (inheritance) results in 8th Shani in the next birth for themselves or they have people born close relatives with the 8th house Shani. It is BY rule a kaarmic obligation! Even with Shani in Makar or Tula or Kumbh or Vrishabh in Rohini nakshatra or Kirk in Pushya would have issues for sure. The 8th house Shani directly impacts internal reproductive organs, urinary system and kidney etc. So these organs show slow growth and strength is acquired slowly by the person in these areas. So obviously, kids (the 5th house) & family the 2nd house) is impacted by Saturn drushti of 10th and 7th respectively. This is only logical as one can’t have early kids with slower strength literally physically! Even if enough strength of organs – the life circumstances the wealth and the family state etc doesn’t allow the person to have early kids/own family. “Kasht Karanesehi Krishna milata hain” is true for all but more so for the 8th house Shani. It is karma which is omitted in the past life or naughty or mischiefs from the past life that is reflected here and it DOES need sustained karma, hatrd-work patience etc to get over this Shani. So it is obvious that the first cycle of Shani of 29.5/30 years is an investment for the person and paying back the karma or “filling” the deficit in the Tijori of life or simply filing the dug up whole in the streets of life before the plane can take off! :)

The 3rd Drushti of Saturn on the 10th house shows some long-term differences with the father. Even if very close to father (as the 3rd Drishti without a planet in this house is not that detrimental) the career or life path is very different than the father (hence long term differences anyway even if great emotional attachment). Literally, Shani here doesn’t allow or doesn’t give person much of an inheritance! Rather, it is a conscious or sub-conscious state of the SOUL to take birth under this Shani to pay back those past life issues!

The 7th drushti of Shani on the 2nd house (investments, share market, family wealth): indicates that any CUTE attempt for easy money, quick bucks or trading are in-vain! They result in some real losses, especially, until the age of 30/32. The share market investments STRICTLY should be for the long-term prospects and with NO RISKS in highly safe stuff (say FD or say Tata, Reliance etc in India) :) Any hurry or cheeky stuff or listening to some advice for quick gains is a disaster waiting to happen!  Teeth, eye (right), neck, tongue etc shows some peculiarity (Waichirtya) and long term decay and slow strength etc with this Shani drushti.

The 10th Druhti of Shani on the 5th house (Buddhi sthan, Santati Sthan, Inspirational stuff) shows that they can speak lawyerly and have ability to doubt stuff or review stuff or audit & policing ability. It is also much needed so that they don’t get into speculative stuff! The 5th being buddhi sthan the scores in the exams need more hard-work than usual. Again, some ignored things from past life need to be corrected by extra effort in studies. Of course, scoring in exams and academic certificates etc in the 4th house & 5th is more about APPLIED education and real useful practical education with results—more like practical exam. So use of knowledge is what Shani wants and could take away person from scoring mindless “marks” in exams and adopt more conservative approach of direct use of knowledge in practice. Practice makes man perfect (Women are already perfect) is more applicable when Shani drushti is on the 5th house.

As one can see Shani in intense nakshatra like Moola, Ashlesha, even Krittika in Mesh end of Vrishabh start, Jyeshtha to some extent, Magha first navamansh, Ashwini first navamansh (lesser extent) is more of an issue. Mangal with Shani shows explosive past karma where land & property and blood related issues are combined and kidney or prostate etc becomes very vulnerable! The health related to genitals & internal reprod organs becomes a huge issue with Mangal Shani. Also, it makes the right eye susceptible to injuries and also teeth too lot more. Stitches to lips, head, over eyes, broken teeth is a given for Shani Mangal in 8th or the 2nd house. Raahu in there with Shani just aggravates the matters whole lot more and it is like the masses taking a morcha/ march on your house! :) The Ketu with Shani and that close or Wakti Shani is recipe for cancerous stuff in the maternal family. AstroMNC

The intensity of events reduces if:
(1)     If owner of the 8th house (L8) is uchcha or own rashi but not intense nakshatra
(2)     Certainly, the L8 should NOT be wakri & Shani is not wakri
(3)     It should not be in Shani drushti (Hare Raam!) :)
(4)     Shani or or both are in Guru drushti.
(5)     No Mangal drushti on Shani or Mangal with or opposite Shani
(6)     Raahu or Ketu not close to Shani (tremendous relative and family history!)

The 8th and 12th house planets react very well to Homeopathy whereas the 6th house is mapped to Ayurveda. The 12th also gets some connection to Ayurveda due to 7th Drushti on the 6th house (Every planet has 100% drushti on the 7th house—180 degrees from its position). This applies lot more to Shani and 8th house Shani and Homeopathy result are quite closely coupled. GURU drushti on this Shani reduces the intensity of the matters whole lot lesser.

Walking every day 5 KM is a must for this Shani. Drinking enough water is another – Warm water daily is a AMRIT for this Shani – with Neembu & Honey - -nothing life it.. !!

The 8th Shani starts giving good money or results from the age of 30+. As most of the karma is paid back by Shani cycle on all planets of the chart and natal Shani – the curve goes up with the age 30/32. Major risks are better avoided until this age of 30/32 with the 8th Shani especially with wealth and health! Never expect some patent or secret knowledge or some proprietary information coming your way before age of 30. Even if you get it – don’t use it for quick money. This Shani is a natural trap for anyone wanting quick money! Even folks with GREAT GREAT 8th house and getting lotteries get screwed up when transit Shani is on the 8th house! :)

Like any planet, this Shani shows more acute issues for the signs of non-friendly planets and intense nakshatra or friendly planet signs. Signs such as (for Makar lagna) Sinvha, Kirk, Mesh, Vrishchik shows direct issues where as Gemini Tula Kumbh shows intellectual struggles. Aries Shani shows suffering due to a war, Scorpio shows by power-fights/politics or simply mining. Shani in blessed constellations and without Rahu Mangal ketu affliction is not a big issue for health and drastic events. However well placed this Shani is – it does recommend going easy or slow and age 30.32 for the things mentioned by the house of 2nd, 5th and the 10thAstroMNC

The biggest impact of 8th Shani is in the 8th house itself which is easy money and inheritance. Don’t expect it & certainly NEVER fight for it and let it GO – you will get equal and opposite from other channels of life!  If you fight for it you will pay equal & opposite by health or accident or some bad events! So if you get it without struggle & debate and special efforts –well & good – otherwise – “Jees Gali main Jana Nahi Usaka pata bhi mat puchhana!”  :)

There are Dasha antardasha and transits that show good times for investments despite having the 8th Shani in the chart and also there are some other remedies which I don’t like to share in such articles as they are taken out of context and it becomes “Maakadachya hataat koliit – bandar ke haat main angaar”. It is always good to have customized and holistic analysis of a chart with all aspects and 3 generations of a planets rashi-swami analyzed.


  1. Get to know about the shani placing within your post sharing. And the effects which is really informative to know about it. Thank you very much. Kalpana Srikaanth | Kalpana Sreekanth

  2. 8th house is also for in-laws. So what is the impact of 8th Shani regarding in-laws? Does it show bad relationship with them?

    1. Usually it shows humble beginnings for in-laws and their wealth increases step by step and when you are 30 they have started doing quite well.

  3. WOW...!!!Amazing write up.....after so many years it felt so good to read sensible astrology stuff...please do not stop writing on this blog :)

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