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Saturday, April 8, 2017

URANUS change to ARIES (HARSHAL change to MESH) April 2017

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#URANUS in ARIES April 2017: HARSHAL (Uranus) Changes to Aries today April 8th 2017 to ARIES. This is a BIG change as it is from end of a SEA oriented water sign to the start of the FIRE sign Aries. Last degrees of Pisces (meen) and first degree of Aries are VERY Kaarmic (remember Titanic? Sun was transiting last degrees of Pisces and first of Aries mid-April). This is especially a big change immediately for next 6 days, 6 weeks and 6 months as Surya is changing to Aries on April 14th and FIRE Planet Mangal is already there with BUDH. This is certainly accident prone stuff. Budh the owner of nervous system in Aries makes thinking fast and with Mars especially fast! As electronics and advance science owner Uranus to the mix and you get an idea! Fire, Brain and Electricity and modern science in a fire sign for next few days. Uranus travel in the first navamansh of Aries for next few months would be critical. It will be lot more active : “Jaagaruk” in this navamansh means first 3 degrees and 20 mins (3.334). This is particularly significant for geo-political happenings with war, tussle, stand-offs, terror and so on.

The technological advances would see bigger leaps in the coming 7 years. Uranus ruled advance sciences. 2010 was the last time it changed the sign and 2003/2004 was the previous change. So, you can see technology trends changing from those durations. One of my friends noticed that every time Uranus changed we had a different TOOL for project management and new tool sets etc coming in our company! :) It was indeed true as in 1997 and 2003/2004 and then 2010/2011 (pre-acquisition) and even now we are playing with new tools after one more acquisition.

At an individual level this change except for initial few kaarmic & active days is a great for Gemini / Mithun as it is their house of gains. It is great for Leo  / Sinvha / Singh sign as Harshal would enter in to the 9th angle starting around 21 years of support from Harshal. Also, KIRK would keep enjoying it as it would be the 10th which would show some sudden activities at workplace. KANYA gets it in the 8th house – so some sudden gains and monetary benefits but sudden news that could affect thinking and hence need to maintain calmness regardless what you hear especially while driving – avoid mobile phone use for next 6 months while driving. MESH could have urge to act --- please notice difference between response and reaction. Response always better than abrupt reaction! :) Kumbh will see sudden travel and some events with siblings. MAKAR would see native location events and proximity (sudden events taking near the native). Meen would see investments urge but need to be careful not becoming too ambitious and impatient.

As always, this Uranus impact would be observed a lot more when the Sun is in Aries from April 14th to May 14th and in Libra from Oct 16th to Nov 16th. With and opposite Uranus for the next 7 years!

Any planet better in the sign than in the 12th house. :) Uranus is no exception. It will bring in new ideas & energy for sure. It could bring in modern technology to the home and your life. You might want to check your mom’s health and any sudden event with mom should be taken seriously. Immediate effect would be to Ashwini nakshatra in 2017 and mostly first 2/3 charan.

This movement might seem adverse. It is in some ways as it would force to spend on modernity which you have avoided so far. Mayne house or organization security or latest technology and so on. It does show increased investments in technology else some losses or paying thru mishaps. This is more applicable to organizations that are very conservative. They could have cyber-attacks if not invested to secure stuff. Vrishabh is about diamonds and jewelry and mutual funds, investments, banking (along with 6th) and so on. So these people would be prone to some “probing”! :) Immediate impact would be to Krittika in 2017 and lesser to Rohini and nil to Mrig.

Income house planets bring in money! Uranus would be no different. It will bring in some gains in some or other formats mostly by technology use. USA being Gemini ruled should be happy! :) It shows getting unexpected friends and help from unexpected quarters! It is time for countries and orgs that spend a lot of modern tech to get paid off in this 7 years Uranus travel. Immediate 2017 impact would be to MRIG and only a little bit to Ardra.

(4) KIRK
The 10th house Uranus will bring in stress but happening feel. Some sudden changes to bosses and the workplace are likely. Watch father’s need & any sudden events with him. There could be some quick changes to job and job location etc when Uranus comes close to your moon degree!  Most impact in 2017 would be to Punarvasu and Pushya nakshatra first charan.

(5) Leo / Sinvha
Any planet great in the 9th house and when it comes out of the 8th house – its further great! Uranus starts 21 years of support to the Leo moon sign. It will start new things and gain due to technology and by adopting modernity. Latest gadgets and tech could change your life very well and in a much desirable way. This era would be adoption of tech by GIANTS – Govts & Big organization across the world as they are usually ruled by Leo. Most of the impact in  2017 would be to Magha and less to others.

(6) Kanya
Uranus moving to the 8th house shows some sudden events with electricity or fire etc at places that are ignored for safety for a long time. This is more applicable to Uttara nakshatra more in 2017 from April and not so much for Hasta and Chitra immediately. Shows immediate gains also from time to time. Sudden movements while driving and sensitive tasks are NOT recommended. Distractions of movements would be costly.

(7) TULA
Uranus moving in to Aries in the 7th house to Tula rashi – the house of partnerships and collaborations and spouse. This Uranus would show some sudden events with partnerships. Possible to get some unorthodox even weird people in marriage /engagement matters. It is advised to do proper due-diligence and background check etc before getting in to personal of business partnerships. The most impact in 2017 would be to Chitra nakshatra.

6th house Uranus in the house of social status /position, people you work with, & enemies means you will see some sudden changes in the co-workers and people you work with when Uranus is closer to your degree in these 7 years. Need to be aware of Gupt-Shatru. Gauge and judge NEW people carefully. New tech will help in the job quite a bit. 2017 most of the impact would be  for Vishakha and somewhat to Anuradha first Charan.

Uranus moving to the 5th house from April2017 is good for some modern sciences research or some sudden inspiration especially for artists etc. It would also mean some sudden urge or sudden activity. One should watch-out for fire or electric issues (older places, ignored, not maintained etc) in April2017 to next ½ months when Uranus would be in a highly karmic initial 3 degrees of Mesh rashi. In 2017, most of the impact would be for Moola nakshatra.

(10) MAKAR
Uranus changing to the 4th house from April 2017 shows some changes to the house/renovation and rather modernization of many aspects of the house - -using latest gadgets and technology etc for the house. You would have good time SUKH etc with modern sciences and electronic gadgets for the next 7 years but INITIALLY for 6 months from April2017 – ensure that the electricity and related equipment is safe and secure and inspected. Some untoward incident for ignored maintenance is possible in 2017. The impact would be the most for Uttarashadha in 2017.

(11) KUMBH
Uranus changing to the 3rd house (Aries Sign) from April2017 shows sudden travel probabilities, sudden presentations or white paper needs (some sort of expression). Some quick event with siblings are possible. 3rd Uranus impact would be major of Dhanishtha nakshatra in 2017 predominantly.

(12) MEEN
Uranus going 2nd to your sign shows some investment gains and new income in your life due to slow but steady changes & rather investments done from 2010 in your life (modernity, technology, latest stuff) – However avoid very sudden investments at your whims and take some information decisions. This Uranus is more effective to PooraBhadrapada and Uttarabhadrapada first 2 charans in 2017 and less for other charans (the last 6 charans of meen).


  1. I am not sure why my earlier comment did not show up. Nevertheless may I request you to elaborate for 'Mithun' your statement: At an individual level this change except for initial few kaarmic & active days is a great for Gemini / Mithun as it is their house of gains.

  2. The zodiac astrology signs prediction within your sharing, which is really amazing and informative. Thank you so much. Kalpana Srikaanth | Kalpana Sreekanth

  3. love your analysis of Harschal. mine is natal retro and Uranus just went retro. new source of income from Technology is already happening.

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