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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Wakri Shani in 2017: April 6th to August 27th, 2017 (Vrishchik entry June 21, 2017, Dhanu Re-Entry Oct 26, ,2017)

Wakri Shani in 2017: April 6th to August 27th,  2017 (Vrishchik entry June 21, 2017, Dhanu Re-Entry Oct 26, ,2017)

Shani has become retrograde on the late night of April 6th, 2017. March 28 to April 6th it was "almost" Sthambhi  (without much motion relative to the Earth). It will enter wakri into Vrishchik on June 21st. It will become maargi on August 26, 2017 at 27:05 in Vrishchik and it will enter Dhanu back on Oct 26, 2017. It will go past the 3:40 degree where it became retrograde on Dec 1, 2017.

This retrograde Shani means slow movements FOR all folks regardless of the charts. But it is NOT a very overt kind of effect. It is like election-model-code "achar-sanhita" where there are some restrictions! :) So things will move but they would be "range-bound" and might not give a "break-out" to quote Share market analysis! :) Recovery from injury or from an operation could be seen a bit slow in this period especially for Makar lagna & Makar rashi people or folks with a lot of planets in Makar rashi. As Shani is rashiswami for Makar moon sign or even Sun Sign -- these people will see some health or mental-state down-time -- not dramatic etc but at some level.

Usually in Prashna-Kundali as per master Krishnamurthy  (KP Method originator) the wakri planet is the worst thing! The planets in its nakshatra don't give any results! And if wakri planets itself is in the ruling planets then it gives result AFTER it has become maargi AND it has gone past the degree when it became retrograde (in this case 3:40 in Dhanu). But this is not about Prashna-Kundali and we are talking medaniya or collective effect on it which is "range-bound" as mentioned above.

Wakri Shani is in two parts -- in Dhanu (until June21) and Vrishchik (June21 to Oct 26) and that too travelling thru very intense degrees of Moola nakshatra first and then Jyeshtha nakshatra later. For overall worldwide health and peace this is not the best time. Moola shows fire stuff, head, leg & sports injuries and Jyeshtha shows large water supplies/reservoirs, mines & chemical stuff. There could be some intense karmic stuff delivered in this period.

(1) For people born from Dec 17 to Dec 21st --- April6 to June21 is not the best for their father's health, self spine/heart, legs & also relationships with seniors, Govt matters and all sorts of authorities like professors, police, RTO and so on..!

(2) From June 21st to Oct 26th 2017: It is not the best for People born on Dec 13 to Dec 16th. Again health issues to father and self spine, heart and kidney/urinary/renal system. Makar will see gains & Mithun will see success over competition with this change (Akhilesh would have liked to have elections from June 21 to Oct 26th) :)

(3) For people of MOOLA nakshatra: From April 6 to June 21st is not the best for Mom's health and self emotional matters.

(3) For People of JYESHTHA nakshatra June 21st to Oct 26th is not the best for mom's health and self emotional matters & also overall image..! Especially this applies to Moola first charan and Jyeshtha last charan.

(4) This wakri Shani is slow steady tough period for VRISHABH and KANYA folks until June 21st. Kanya would have 3rd powerful Shani from June21 to Oct26 again giving some edge and success again! Tula will enter sadesati leftover again in this period and Makar would be out of sadesati for this period! :)

(5) Let us see how Donald Trump does from June 21 to Oct 26 as SHANI would be opposite his Sun June 14th born) in this period and would show tussle with lawmakers and judges and investigations. It would be TOUGH for him with the law machinery..! He would need to handle matters with tact & diplomacy.

(6) Someone like Pak Cricketer/politician Imran Khan has Mars in first 2 degrees of Moola so he could see some accident or some offense from now to June21 or from Oct262017 to Dec31, 2017.


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  4. Any specific issues for Tula

    1. Tula be careful with investments in July to Ocyt

  5. Tula be careful with investments in July to Ocyt

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