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Saturday, May 6, 2017

AstroMNC: Astro Advice for all Raashi / Signs for MAY2017

Will update this every other day.  all times are Indian Standard time GMT minus 5:309 Posts 17 14 10 8 3 are the active ones and currently applicable.

[17] Moon is in LEO / Singh from Wednesday May 31st 2017 11:14AM IST to June 2nd 2017, FRIDAY 6:19PM IST. This is adverse to KANYA & MAKAT raashi. For Kanya it is about expense, travel to meet seniors or powerful /Govt people & expense on influential people. For Makar, it is a mission impossible and hence fatigue and physical stress. As the Wednesday noon IST onward shows Chandra-Rahu yuti – chasing an image should be avoided and very practical, pragmatic approach should be taken.

MESH: Good execution, kids, some income & investments
VRISHABH: Rest, Rejuvenation, mom time, paternal folks could come visit too
MITHUN: Travel, Expression, picnic, Expense possible, Senior trouble
KIRK: Incremental gains, income, money, cash flow etc, family time too
SINGH: Back on track with some much-needed energy at workplace, proximity to seniors
TULA: Income, Gains but some seniors trouble, Income & pro stuff from mama mousi/maternal folks
VRISHCHIK: Workplace influence, High productivity, collaborations/partnerships with seniors
DHANU: Good 6 days ahead, Travel possible, Success over competition thru seniors
KUMBH: Partnerships / collaborations, maternal connection
MEEN: Social events, Dinner etc and Upset stomach, travel to meet maternal siblings possible

[14] Mangal / Mars has changed to Gemini today on May 27th, 2017 01:05AM IST (after midnight). It will stay there until July 11th, 2017 around 2:30 pm (IST). This is adverse to the moon signs of KIRK (Cancer) and VRISHCHIK (Scorpio). Both signs need to ensure their vehicles are serviced, up to date, air pressure and oil, coolant levels etc are appropriate. Drive carefully - -not slow and not fast but just with the mood of the traffic. PREMANE GHYA! :) Be loving to the fellow commuters. Assume your siblings, your family members are driving in the streets! :) Avoid road-rage, arguments. For KIRK it is more about expense and for Vrishchik is shows some injury & expense and some “peeda”.

As Mangal is BANG opposite for next 4/5 days to Shani -say until June 2nd : ALL signs and all folks need to drive “with love”! :) The things are not good on the streets, for wards, for sports people and bitter enmity and so on.  The planetary situation is quite volatile (Sphotak!!). There could be some eruptions of anger etc on borders & event on the sports grounds. The “mahoul” is not healthy with traffic and especially rush hours. PATIENCE is the KEY. This is for all signs. But it a headache with partnerships for MITHUN and DHANU. It is of MATERNAL family problems for MAKAR & KIRK. About KIDS for Singh. About mom and father for KANYA. About Family and investments and inheritance for VRISHABH. About kids, elder siblings and income for KUMBH, About seniors/fathers and workplace for MEEN. About travel & siblings for TULA. About vehicles and siblings and Health for VRISHCHIK.

[10] Those who have Mangal (Mars) in the first 3 degrees of Mithun, Kanya, Dhanu or Kumbh – Please don’t take undue risks with sports, biking, driving and gym etc stuff. Also avoid getting into fights or road-rage. As I often say “Premaane ghya”. Especially those with Mangal in Mithun & Dhanu are especially active in sports and multiple activities – they are directly under scanner of Shani. This is until June 21st, 2017 and again from Oct 26th to Dec 31, 2017.

[8] Sun is now in Taurus now May 15th to June 15th. Beware Mithun and Tula with seniors, court, police etc
#Mithun and #Tula i.e. Gemini and Libra MOON signs: please use tact and diplomacy with seniors, police matters if applicable, any people with authority, professors and so on until the 15th June. There could be some tussle with seniors.
Acute dates for nakshatra:
(1) Mrig and Chitra nakshatra May 14 to may20.
(2) Ardra and Swati from May 20 to June 4
(3) Punarvasu and Vishakha from June 4 to June 14.

This is pro for Kanya for the next 3 months. End of tussle with authorities and new era of collaboration and support from them for the 3 months.
Vrishchik shows some collaboration with seniors.
Dhanu shows success over competition.
Makar shows some tactical success, inspirational moves.
Kumbh shows native proximity, pride of native and native people and closeness to senior people.
Meen could see some quick travels for presentations and expression and work that they love to do.
Mesh is about some investing gains and income.
Vrishabh is about end of tussle with seniors and coming back on track with what they want and need!

[3] Shani wakri is in the first navamansh of Moola and Budh is wakri is in on the boundary of Mesh/Meen still in Mesh) -- This is highly kaarmic. This is for first two weeks of May especially. This means some unexplained aggression or behavior of some people. Folks that have pending karma with the MATERNAL Side family -- Mama mousi, cousins or maternal grandparents etc would be reminded greatly of the same. Budh becomes maargi May 4th which helps but still in the first Navamansh in Mesh -- so still above things keep in mind. Head injury, nervous system issues are seen in births also during such time - April last 2 weeks and May first week. Kanya -- Chitra nakshatra please be vigilant. Anyone with planets like Shani Mangal drushti on KETU in the natal chart also be aware. being aware means -- PREMANE Ghya.. .Love cures everything -- be calm, serene and loving to the surroundings.. !

[16] Moon is in KIRK from MONDAY 7:54AM May 29th, 2017 IST to 11:13AM WEDNESDAY May 31st, 2017 IST. This is adverse to Moon signs of SINGH (Leo) and DHANU (Sagittarius). Singh sees expense for kids & travel kit etc. DHANU sees fatigue and over-work due to responsibilities and some obligations to kids. For all signs Shani Mangal opposite continues in very tough format for next 3, 4 days more. Watch traffic and be patient in traffic/driving etc. Avoid social media wrong or offensive comments for sure.
MESH: Rest, Rejuvenation after hectic travel or continuation of a hectic travel
VRISHABH: Expensive Travels for family disputes & meeting siblings, unpleasant exchanges / expressions
MITHUN: Incremental gains some income, family time and partnerships problems
KIRK: Back on track with some energy, maternal (maam mousi) connect, workplace efficiency
KANYA: Income, gains, pro-environment, some property dispute, family home etc debates, mom health
TULA: Workplace power, Workplace travel for some collaborations, Travel with or for cousins, spouse possible.
SCORPIO: Good 6+ days ahead- - be careful with investments, travel possible, maternal folks connect of some sorts
MAKAR: Partnerships collaborations and expense for them but good quality time spent with them
KUKBH: Social events yielding good contacts to expand business, upset stomach, travel for social events possible
MEEN: Kids time, good execution and success, good income and workplace productivity.

[15] Moon is in MITHUN from SATURDAY 7:35 AM May 27th, 2017 IST to MONDAY 7:54AM May 28th, 2017.  This shows expense and tough time for KIRK rashi and shows physical pains, fatigue for VRISHCHIK rashi. All signs see some vehicle and traffic issues.
MESH: This is of travel & siblings to Mesh. Quarrels with siblings possible, Older folks trouble in travel
VRISHABH Family and inheritance issues, some income, Good food
MITHUN: Back on track but partnerships troubles, fights, Good image in some groups but bad in personal life
SINVHA: Kids issues for Sinha but income too.
KANYA father time and senior time but some debates/tussle.
TULA: 6 good days ahead, relatively! :)  Travels and meeting friends
DHANU: Partnership troubles, image problems
MAKAR: Social events but quarrels in the parties / dinner, maternal family
KUMBH: Income but controversial one! Elder folks behaving weird – Kids doing well but need attention
MEEN: Rest Rejuvenation but attention to parents needed more so the father
[2] MARS / MANGAL has moved to VRISHABH (Taurus) on APRIL13, 2017 and would stay there until MAY 27, 2017. This is adverse to MITHUN & TULA moon signs with vehicles, sports injury & body heat. It is important to get vehicles checked for regular stuff like oil, washer fluid, air pressure & so on. Be serene and calm while driving. Avoid road rage and arguments -- LOVE can cure cancer so it can certainly help avoid these things *easily*. :) "premane ghyaa" is the mantra :) Friends and colleagues could have some difference of opinions or simply might not be in a position to help. Same with siblings & cousins. Some expense for siblings, vehicles, injury (for Mithun) is likely and fatigue, being overworked, high body heat is likely for TULA / Libra. Left eye a worry for Mithun along with feet/ankles and for TULA it is the right eye and the teeth. Punarvasu of Mithun & Vishakha of Tula would feel this more in initial 12 days. Ardra and Swati would feel from April end to May 18 Vishakha of Tula and Punarvasu of Mithun would feel it from May 18 to May 27 more.

This Mars /Mangal change is good for Kanya, Makar & Vrishabh signs (earth signs). It is OK for Vrishchik (volatile & fiery relationships), gains for KIRK from friends’ siblings and colleagues and expression, travel for Meen. For Kumbh it is meeting near & dear friends/colleagues and spending quality time for them and also spending money or time on home decor or land/home improvement

[13] Moon in Aries / MESH from 8:25AM Tuesday May 23rd, 2017 to Thursday 8:29AM, May 25th, 2017 IST. This shows expense & difficulties to Vrishabh and some fatigue and overwork to Kanya.

MESH: Coming back on track, investment income, family time
VRISHABH: Expense for self and family & seniors (time)
MITHUN: Income and gains, Some expense for seniors, siblings possible
KIRK: Workplace increase of power, income
SINGH / Sinvha: Start of very good 6 days ahead, workplace power increase, travel to meet seniors
KANYA: Travel fatigue, peeda, health issues
TULA: Collaborations, Spouse time but watch vehicles and no risks with adventure sports etc
VRISHCHIK: Social events, dinner etc possible, collaborations with friends
DHANU: Kids time, good success, maternal folks meeting, success over competition
MAKAR: Rest, Rejuvenation, meeting friends, siblings mom etc
KUMBH: Travel with or to to meet or siblings, Rest followed by travel (second home?) :)
MEEN: Incremental gains, good food with siblings and mom, travel quick to an eatery or wine factory! :)
[12] MOON in Meen (Pisces) from Sunday May 21st, 5:21AM IST to Tuesday May 23rd: 8:24AM IST. This shows well directed expenses for MESH (Aries Moon) and Some fatigue, tough time and mysterious gains to Sinvha (Leo moon sign). As rashiSwami of Guru aspects Moon it shows good collaborations and well directed efforts for all folks regardless of signs.
MESH: Expense but well directed, health expense, recalculations and adjustments
VRISHABH; Income!! Dream come true -- kids doing well
MITHUN: Workplace happening but some stress, great guidance at workplace
KIRK: Start of 6 good days ahead, travel, expression, meeting SME/ Guru type people
SINVHA / SINGH: Tough, Fatigue, mission impossible but some mysterious gains
KANYA: Partnerships, Collaborations, Spouse time, Good for single folks for marriage aspects
TULA: Social events, Dinner, maternal folks, expense well directed
VRISHCHIK: Kids doing well, some execution success, great gains
DHANU: Rejuvenation and much needed rest, mom time, native proximity
MAKAR: Expression, Travel, picnic, travel with or to meet elders or experts Guru sorts people. Guru Kripa
KUMBH: Gains, income, inheritance matters, good food
MEEN: Coming back on track, good collaborations and partnerships

[11] Moon is in KUMBH from Thursday night 10:13 PM, MAY 18th, 2017 to SUNDAY early morning 5:21AM IST. This is adverse to moon signs of KIRK (fatigue, health) and MEEN (expense, corrections needed, mistakes to get highlight).
MESH: Income, gains, support from elder older folks
VRISHABH: Workplace productivity, stress but happening, inheritance issues
MITHUN: Start of 6+ good days ahead, Travel and natural support, Pro environment, relationships need focus!
KIRK: Fatigue and health issues, mom and maternal folks need attention
SINVHA: Spouse, partnerships time, collaborations, Kids need attention
KANYA: Social events, Dinner, upset stomach, maternal family and mom time – mom needs attention
TULA: Quick execution & success, inspirational work, good power despite 12th Guru
VRISHCHIK: Rejuvenation, rest and native place connect
DHANU: Expression, Siblings time, Quick travel / picnic possible
MAKAR: Incremental gains, Investment luck but NO greed. Obligations to distant places would be fulfilled, expense for abroad folks possible.
KUMBH: Back on track, energy & optimism, good income possible
MEEN: Expense, Stress, some defamation & according corrections needed, stress at workplace, older people would make trouble

[9] MOON in MAKAR / CAPRICORN from 11:36AM TUESDAY MAY 16 (IST) to 10:12PM THURSDAY MAY 18, 2017 (IST). This is adverse to KUMBH and VRISHCHIK moon signs for these 2+ days. This is tough for all folks as Rashi-Swami of Makar is Wakri and 12th to its own sign and that too in a very intense navamansh in Moola nakshatra. Some real intense things happen on this navamansh and hence some karmic law acts also happen during this time. So overall this is not the best for MEDANIYA means all over the mother Earth.
(1) MESH: Workplace Pro environment, stress but happening, some older guy can travel to meet you.
(2) VRISHABH: Start of relatively good 6 days ahead, natural support but still some fatigue and inheritance trouble.
(3) MITHUN: Fatigue, partnerships trouble, spouse arguments possible, take it easy and with “premaane”
(4) KIRK: Collaborations, spouse time and also maternal family obligations (mama mousi cousins)
(5) SINVHA /Leo: Social event, upset stomach, kids need attention, good service provider role to get recognition
(6) KANYA: Good execution, success, kids doing great, mom and native place, house needs attention.
(7) TULA: Much needed Rejuvenation and rest, Travel for or by maternal Cousins to meet, mom time
(8) VRISHCHIK: Travel possible, Good expression, meeting friends/cousins, invest wisely – no hurry!
(9) DHANU: Investment gains, good food, Keep speed slow of everything—speed not recommended right now.
(10) MAKAR: Back to energy & optimism but still take it easy and slow/steady, some long-avoided expenses!
(11) KUMBH: Expense but also income from distant places or people mostly older, tough and slow time, patience takes care of 90% of the things, There is no hurry!  :) Waqt Achha bhi aayega naasir,  ghum na kar jindagi padi hain abhi
(12) MEEN: Income, gains, older people might tease at workplace, might need to do cold calculations but overall a good period of 2.5 days ahead.

[7] Moon in Dhanu rashi from the midnight Saturday to Tuesday morning IST.s
MAKAR: This is about expense and travel as per wish or against wish also to meet elder knowledgeable people.
VRISHABH: fatigue, extra efforts - some misaligned. Some good news from kids.
This starts 6+ days great days for Mesh. Mithun sees some spouse and partnership time but also some dispute and ruthana etc. Kirk sees some celebration and dinner and social events with or for maternal family. Sinvha Leo moon seems some kids time and slow but steady successful execution. kanya gets some rests and rejuvenation and time with experts! Tula might see quick travel picnic but some minor bad event in travel. Vrishchik will see incremental gains and income money etc. Dhanu comes back on track with energy and workplace productivity. Kumbh has gains and income and meeting older people and some gains from that. Meen sees workplace collaboration and meeting or workin with office friends closely!

[6] Moon in Vrishchik starting 10:38AM May-11 -2017 for next 2.5 days. This is adverse for MESH and DHANU moon signs. Starts 6 good days ahead for MEEN. This is of gains to MAKAR and of partnerships spouse time etc for VRISHABH. MITHUN will celebrate some success and would party around. KIRK would spend time with kids and siblings. SINVHA will rejuvenate and recuperate with near and dear ones and also meet office friends. KANYA would travel with or for siblings or friends -- good expression picnic and dhamaal. TULA will have some incremental gains and easy money but watch vehicles / traffic. KUMBH would see workplace influence and productivity and also good support from colleagues.
Not enough time today so posting a quick article.

[5] MOON in TULA / LIBRA from 10:52PM MONDAY MAY 8 (IST) to 10:37AM THURSDAY MAY 11, 2017 (IST). This is adverse to MEEN and VRISHCHIK moon signs for these 2+ days. As Shukra the rashi-swami of Libra is exalted in Meen rashi, this is OK for most folks! Big change from chaos of Budh in Aries first degree. Although Budh continues in the highly karmic degree of Mesh where people have episodes like Nirbhaya or even the 45/46 years old Shanbhag ghastly did (that also 17th Dec I think). Shani in Mesh navamansh of Dhanu rashi Moola nakshatra is also tough...!
(1) MESH: Collaborations partnerships, expense and investments for partners -- shopping! :)
(2) VRISHABH: Social event, dinner etc with maternal folks, connect with maternal family ladies (cousins, mousis etc)
(3) MITHUN: Good dreams!  :) Good execution and quick achievements, satisfaction at workplace
(4) KIRK: Rejuvenation, travelling to meet near dear ones or they travelling to meet you, good recuperation, lady luck
(5) SINVHA /Leo: Travel fatigue, expression, siblings, watch health
(6) KANYA: Income for and by partners, good food, family time
(7) TULA: Back on track after hectic 2+ days adverse taking toll on psyche, start execution now and good image etc
(8) VRISHCHIK: Plan properly - -no haste - watch sudden expenses & take calculated risks only, Good time for young folks1 ;)
(9) DHANU: income and gains from and at native place, lady luck and mental and material support from them, good sukh
(10) MAKAR: Happening, presentation/expression at workplace or for workplace, travel with or for dad or seniors is possible, Good productivity for artists
(11) KUMBH: Great 6+ days ahead, pro & natural environment support, travel for or by family to meet
(12) MEEN: Fatigue, misaligned efforts and misplaced exuberance, unproductive hard-work but necessary!  :) :(

[1] SUN enters ARIES on April 14th IST morning and stays there until May14th. (ie. Sun Sign Aries Starts from April 14 till May13th and not as per Western Calendar!)
(1) This means KANYA Moon sign needs to handle matters with seniors, govt, police, father with tact and diplomacy. Obey traffic laws particularly as RTO / Traffic Police might find liking for you!
(1A) Uttra-Phalguni Nakshatra in Kanya would see effects immediately in the next 10 days.
(1B) HASTA would see such effects from say 24nd April for 2 weeks as per your charan of Hasta -- 1st on 24 to 26 and 2nd from 27 to 29 and so on!
(1C) CHITRA would see these effects from May 7th to May13th
(2) Similar things apply for Vrishabh Moon Sign who would need to spend more time, money and efforts to work with seniors, authorities, father or Govt related matters!
(2A) Krittika needs to watch-out 14th April to 23rd April
(2B) Rohini from 24th to May 7th as per exact charan!
(2C) and MRIG needs to watch-out form May8th to May13th.
Give / take 1 day from these dates but overall the whole MONTH need to be watchful for sure!

[4] MOON in KANYA from SATURDAY MAY 6, 12:31PM to 10:51PM MONDAY MAY 8 (IST). This is adverse to KUMBH and TULA moon signs for these 2+ days. As BUDH rashi-swami of Kanya is in the first navamansh of Mesh it is a bit tough for worldwide events. Of course Budh maargi helps a lot.

(1) MESH: Social events, maternal family connect, Dinner etc
(2) VRISHABH: Execution success but planning and expense for that and also for kids
(3) MITHUN: Income, Gains, meeting with near & dear folks, rejuvenation and recuperation
(4) KIRK: Expression, writing, siblings, workplace events dramatic
(5) SINVHA /Leo: Incremental gains, travel by you or family members for meeting
(6) KANYA: Back on track, but headache and extra efforts, stress
(7) TULA: Expense for partners, expense overall, patience needed
(8) VRISHCHIK: Income, Gains, meeting elderly people, Good advice, kids time -- pro-environment
(9) DHANU: Workplace success, support from peers, stress but happening, detail/clerical approach needed
(10) MAKAR: Good luck and new people, travel, new opportunities, Pro-Env!
(11) KUMBH: Fatigue, stress, Take some tonic or B-complex pills! :) Misaligned efforts but no major issues, alternate medicine advice great time
(12) MEEN: Collaborations/Partnerships, expansion, good image etc


  1. Very informative.All minute details covered.

    I have one question:Do we have to consider Gochar Graha Sthiti for prediction or one's Mahadashsa and Antardasha are more important?

    1. Yes -- always needed gochar along with Dasha Antardasha..

  2. What time zone do I enter if born in Nov 78 in uk or is it calculated? Ie +3 hours?

  3. Please use AstroMNC FB page chat window and I will let you know- Dont post birtdates etc in the open! :)

  4. Is there some kind of planetary move by which Kanya Ras ppl ( uttara falguni ) are simply going throu stupendous financial loss ( stock market) .... others losing their expensive stuff ...mounting stress ?

    1. Sort of yes but rather fatigue and over work might be causing stress and hence financial loss.. the world is not that logical & analytical as Kanya over-thinks..! The world is a chaos!!