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Sunday, May 14, 2017

#AstroMNC: Shani in the 12th house of a Horoscope

#AstroMNC: Shani in the 12th house of a Horoscope

The 12th house is a BIG mystery for all astrologers! It is if well placed shows IIM level of intellect and an MBA and ability of being an architect like say Ravi Shastri or Lalit Modi who devised IPL. Ravi Shastri has ensured cricketers like Sachin T weren’t taken for a ride and has ensured good advertising deals for them thru his company(?)”. Also, he was known for cold calculations and very good planning to chase or shape the innings – highly calculative and always planning and getting strategy correct. This all reflected in his 12th house Surya in Vrishabh (27th May Birth). (Well, Mithun Lagna and MESH Mangal in the 11th house showed his sports inclination along with the 27th date ruled by Mangal.)  At the same time a badly placed 12th house results in some jail time also or political exile! The 12th house also shows abroad and immigration and kaarmic links from the past birth which are 12 hours away from your native place.  Even transit planets in the 12th house shows some expense or investments that are much needed. Sort of an obligation which has been avoided to pay back! 12th transit Shani to moon in Sadesati start and the 12th Guru to moon also created a void in life. So yes – these planets do have some obligations attached to them whether in the natal horoscope or transit chart! (KP method gives a good method to analyze multiple planets in any house). If any house is about ARCHITECTURE / Vision / Planning / /Blueprinting it is the 12th house. The 12th house is also about sleeping & dreams and obviously biggest visions are thru dreams! :) It is not a coincidence. The whole like and each & everything is mapped to the 12 houses – 360 degrees of the zodiac and all the planets! The 12th house is also called wrongly as ShayyaSukh  (sex). It is partially true: The 7th house shows the quality and nature of the partner, the 8th house shows the physical ability to perform whereas, the 12th house shows the expense one would do for that! Of course, it is one of the 100 things that the 12th house shows for a chart and not the only things! ;)  Don’t go digging your charts!  :) AstroMNC

I have a detailed article on the 12th house here:

So, you get an idea that most astrologers ate stumped by the 12th house planets and related analysis. When SHANI is in the 12th house of a natal chart – it becomes a nightmare for an astrologer to analyze! :) Like any house one needs to check the planets in the house, drushti/aspects on that house, the owner of that house where it is in which rashi and house and nakshatra, the aspects on that planet! Also, Nakshatra-Swami of the planets and their houses & aspects on them. Usually a RAASHI or a House shows WHAT and the Nakshatra & Nakshatra Swami shows HOW (broadly speaking).
So, what happens when Shani is in the 12th house? Here is some analysis for this powerful yoga:
Broadly speaking: Shani in the 12th house shows some obligations towards the masses, employees, consumers, large group of people and people at the bottom of pyramid. It shows you have ignored these people in the past life. Your soul wants to “design” some products or services for these people. The rashi and nakshatra of Shani shows the area / subject / field of this design and architecture whereas the nakshatra shows also further segregation but also how this person would go about it.

As Shani is older people – obviously, some obligation with the older people is shown.

This Shani shows expense of time, money and energy on a group of people. One has an obligation to help these people and hence needs to “spend” person stuff for that.

The travels one MUST do and not that they love or like to do! The 12th is a house of travel to far places. Shani mandates the travels and makes one travel for necessary stuff.

As Shani has drushti on the 9th house which is also a house of travel --- this is further underscores that without this travel it is difficult to pay off karmic burden or obligation of this chart!
a.       If Mangal is in the 9th house (more problems) or the 3rd house then it shows accidents or theft possibilities in travel – need to take care of luggage & electronic stuff.
b.       If it is Surya then fights with conductor driver and pilot and so on! :) Tussle with authorities in travel is seen.
c.        If Shukra or Moon involved then some lady trouble in the travel is quite likely.
d.       Raahu or Ketu in the 9th /3rd house can throw some mysterious issues which oftentimes can’t be explained. They can only be related to grandparents’ life experience.
Shani drushti on the 6th house shows chronic and long term health issues. The owner of the 6th house if also in Shani drushti then the intensity of the matter is higher and lot earlier in life.
e.       If Mangal or Surya are in 6th house or owner of the 6th house AND is in Shani drushti then there is some violence, dramatic, accident or surgery or some maaramaari etc involved in it.
f.         If it is Shukra then progeny/reprod organs and relationships are under scanner.
g.       If it is Moon then Mother related obligations and deceases spread thru water could be seen.
h.       If it is Rahu or Ketu with or opposite Shani – then there is a hereditary deceases angle associated with it. Shani k=Ketu caused cancerous stuff whereas Shani-Rahu caused quite a bit of violent stuff.
                                                               i.      Shani Ketu shows obligation to maternal people and also people who are evolved and socially higher placed and higher social & economic status.
                                                             ii.      Shani Rahu == Have written a detail article – obligation to paternal family but also people of different caste culture and language and lower rung in society than yours!

When this Shani is Raashi-Swami or Lagna-Rashi Swami – it is damn important for health and career and overall success! It shows need to show vision, architecting or blue-printing or simply planning / management services to be provided to people who are shown by the rashi or nakshatra! For example
a.       Shani in Dhanu in the 12th house would be providing services to education, sports, gym, education institutes
b.       Shani in Makar in the 12th house – Financial institutes, manufacturing units, slow running organizations AstroMNC
c.        Shani in Leo – Services to Govt or HUGE organizations – conglomerates like Tata GE etc
d.       Shani in Vrishabh or Kirk – Farmers, Farming and related research, Finance, Jewelry
e.       Shani in Tula – Services to politicians, artists and so on.

The above things are applicable even if Shani is not Chandra-Rashi or Lagna-Rashi Swami but probability increased when it is Swami or some planets in the chart or there are some planets in the Makar or Kumbh rashi in the chart!

The 12th house is about ankle & feet and hence need to always use high quality of shoes etc and always protect them with safety etc. The 12th house is also about the left eye. Shani drushti on the 2nd house – this affects eyes and teeth!  More so the right eye. It also means that the family wealth has some issues and some problems were created by the family in the past times before or even after your birth (mostly before). So, investments until the age of 30 should be long term without HASTE or Greed!!! Else some real losses could happen! Eyes teeth and neck could have issues if Raahu in 2nd or Mangal in 2nd or Drushti Of Mangal on the 2nd house.

SHANI also shows obligation to the houses it owns! And this is MORE so when there are some planets in Makar or Kumbh. Then you need to check Karakatva of those planets and the houses those planets own. More so the houses Shani itself owns and Karakatva of planets and NOT so much the houses those planets owns further – unless Shani also has drushti on those houses.

SHANI is nishkaam karmayogi – it is your own conscious and subconscious which results in the chart you get – it is your choice to have this chart. Shani is just the auditor and channel so that you pay back your obligations in this life!  AstroMNC

A VERY WELL-PLACED Shani in a very good Rashi say Vrishabh in Rohini or Tula in Swati or say Makar in Shravan --- and say in Guru drushti and without any Rahu Ketu or Mangal influence shows huge income by providing services to people abroad. It still shows providing services and not occupying positions of political power etc like 1st Shani – but it does show huge huge incomes which are disproportionate or people could call it easy money. But again, this starts more so after age of 30 and usually Shani is well placed from Moon for this to happen.

As the 12th house is also about getting rid of things from the body (sweat & other things), it could show slower activity and issues with that. So some 5Km walk per day and gym is necessary for this placement. Lack of physical activity could be caused by the 12th house Shani which consciously needs to be worked upon.

The BEST REMEDY for Shani is positive Karma – understand which area of life, which people, which field and relatives & friends or cousins or spouse or partners or whatever is indicated by the chart. START EARLY in life to pay back the karma so your own soul/brain can fill the gaps in your own DNA and cures your issues!! Your kids’ charts acutely show your obligations which are further unpaid despite Shani consistently and continuously giving you opportunity to pay them back. By the age of 30 usually SHANI has made sure you pay back all obligations to a large extent and hence the 12th Shani life is much better after age of 30/32. Until then it is an investment of karma – either by good deeds, delays or by sufferings. The intensity of the past karma would decide which one it is BUT GOOD DEEDS and Good Karma Trumps everything!! AstroMNC

There are ayurvedic & homeopathy remedies that work magic for such 8th and 12th house planets but that needs careful deliberations and my study is in the initial stages. Need to start some collaborations and tie ups for this one! :) Alternate medication or alternate healing methods really work well for 12th house planets and Shani is no exception! AstroMNC


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  2. 29th August 1949 8 59 Am place Bisauli. Uttar Pradesh . My father has shani and surya in 12 th house. I second the feet part as they are sensitive for him. He is travelling a lot and has opened school in his hometown for lower class people. At this age is there something he can focus which helps him pay karmic debt

  3. 29th August 1949 8 59 Am place Bisauli. Uttar Pradesh . My father has shani and surya in 12 th house. I second the feet part as they are sensitive for him. He is travelling a lot and has opened school in his hometown for lower class people. At this age is there something he can focus which helps him pay karmic debt

  4. Very nice information about 12th House Shani Milind Sir :)

  5. any prediction on 12th house saturn with mars???

    1. It is of some issues accident and injury to left eye ankle or feet-- one of the mama or mousi issues. Shows some obligations to siblings and cousins. Possible miscarriage to mom after your birth in the next pregnancy -- some land mishandled in the past brith

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  7. It is of some issues accident and injury to left eye ankle or feet-- one of the mama or mousi issues. Shows some obligations to siblings and cousins. Possible miscarriage to mom after your birth in the next pregnancy -- some land mishandled in the past brith

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