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Friday, June 30, 2017

Born in 1983 (Ketu Shani) and Born in 1988 / 1989 (Raahu Shani Relationships)

When it comes to paying back Karma: Milk that changed to Curd cannot be made to Milk. But the curd (wealth, land) could be returned or equal and opposite help could be done to the affected parties (by you).

The timing for this article is important as Shani was in MOOLA nakshatra first 3 degrees from Jan 26th 2017 to June 21 217 and NOW AGAIN will be from Oct 26, 2017 to say next 2 months but in Moola  nakshatra wakri maargi etc in the major part of 2018.

Folks born in 1983 and Mid/Late-1988 ad Early 1989
Over the past several months/years I have been getting some acute (earlier I called it “goosebumps”) experiences with the astrology analysis. There are examples of years of kidney stone issues, some miscarriages or issues in deliveries, leg, head injuries and so on. This article applies more to you if you have had leg related stuff with the paternal or maternal family elders or some extreme events or lesser longevity to the maternal or paternal elders. If you start early you can pay back karma by slow & steady good deeds and systematic small payments than being hit by big event or big stuff reminding you of pending karma. (Rahu Ketu are paternal / maternal DNAs inheritance and play a huge part with past birth memories along with Moon emotional memories and Sun the bones-heart-spine and physical robustness memories)
(1)     The planetary formation was KETU in the first 3 degrees of Dhanu rashi in that period which was from Mid-April-1983 to August 10, 1983.
a.       This increases more so as birth-dates move from April towards August.
b.       Means July August1983 a lot more than April May and July last week and upto August 10th quite a bit.
(2)     Shani had a very close drushti on Ketu during this time, and more so July August 1983,
a.       this underscores the problems with health or longevity to the maternal elders.
b.       Some extreme events with their health including legs or head related stuff might have happened to the grandparents of folks born in this period.
c.        The incidents could have happened say 15, 30, 38, 45, 60 etc and years BEFORE their birth.
(3)     So, folks born in this period do have some acute past karma with the maternal elders (Grandparents). What this meant to these folks is that they have some involvement in these events and were a stakeholder and gained or had something to do with these events
(4)     This meant lesser longevity to the maternal elders, acute intense events with them (predominantly maternal grandfather)
(5)     This also means some legs related minor injuries, lingering pains in legs or head, acute health issues to you to the organ and the things that are shown by the house of Ketu (5th Kids, 3rd Siblings, 4th Mom , 7th marriage,  8th Kidney Reproductive organs, 6th stomach, 10th father/career, 12th legs ankle feet and so on)
(6)     Any injury to your legs or head & the organs shows by Ketu house would be a Karma-Sanket of pending karma with maternal elders. REMNDER for you to pay back some of the past these elders did and you benefitted in the past or this birth directly or indirectly.

The Generic “Remedies” are to
(1)     Confess / Agree to God that you acknowledge this. Ask for help to find out - - Many a time the Souls/energies yet to re-born, are listening and willing to help and temporary relief or forgiveness (case studies and experiences). However, Pooja, Gemstone of Ketu (Cats eye) and such is a temp relief like out from jail on a bail and not permanent release!
(2)     TRY to find out what could have happened with the maternal grandparents & by them!
a.       In some cases, it is also seen that some bad things could have done by your maternal grandfather and his younger sibling(s) and
b.       YOU were beneficiary directly or indirectly by this. So you need to pay it back in some form by good deeds to the affected people.
(3)     While you try to find & help affected parties ALSO Help the maternal grandparents and their families, cousins and so on if you are well-off than them.
(4)     Specific remedies vary from chart to chart and position of Ketu to lagna moon and other faster changing planets like Budh Shukra Mangal which can’t be part of this article.

While Pooja 7 Karma-Kaand, gemstones never hurt, the BEST remedy is the good KARMA / Actions to help the affected people – these could be your maternal grandparents and their families (cousins”) or even other people who got affected by aggression or some bad things done by maternal grandparents.

Folks born late 1988 and early 1989
This applies to 1988 the whole year & most of 1989 but predominantly this applies to folks born in Nov-Dec1988 to Feb1989. In this case replace Ketu in all the above text by RAAHU BUT the nakshatra is not that intense like Moola so karma is still there which is bad but not as bad as in the 1983 case. So here you will see paternal grandparents
‘ side issues with intense past  karma and some issues with legs below knees. Your injuries and pains to legs would be the reminders of Karma-Sanket of pending karma with the paternal family elders. Again, the house of RAHU and SHANI would decide the outcome but both paternal grandfather/mother and their younger sibling might be involved in the extreme past life events. Remedies will also be similar as mentioned above but for Rahu and paternal family.

There are more such years & extreme planetary formations which I will include in subsequent article. The purpose is to make “aware”. NOT to run for some remedy or pooja or gemstones – just that if you have some mysterious events & injuries or pains with legs and you are born in 1983 1988/1989 you can take such articles more seriously. Even the maternal or paternal elders having leg injuries.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Goosebumps: Mars, Siblings, Blood Issues, Miscarriages, Land and so on

Goosebumps: Mars, Siblings, Blood Issues, Miscarriages, Land and so on

Goosebumps: Sometime you get goosebumps by how chart manifests itself. I was discussing with a friend back in 2010 as he was trying to purchase an apartment. While analysis (causal on smart phone seating at friend's house late night) of his chart -- I suggested that right now (a) he will get a apartment which he likes might be used one and might cost a more than usual but it could turn out well etc. (b) New one would be costlier and would confuse him and might not feel like the right ones -- delays etc in the possession and so on. Well this is not the point -- while analyzing the chart  I asked him if his mom had a miscarriage after his birth and if not the next sibling could have some blood issues and maybe some longevity issues -- if no miscarriage and he has a sibling then some land issues in the maternal family and his mama mousi folks family might be there where he and his younger sibling might have benefited in a wrong way in the past birth. This life it could reflect with  blood issues lesser to self but more to his sibling(s). The answer stunned me -- the answer was yes there was one who lived for 18/20 or more years  (I forgot) & had blood related issues!!! 

Sometimes I wish that astrology doesn't apply as much! But it makes you wonder at times and makes you frightened also.  BUT it is also liberating that EACH karma is paid and makes you do good karma so that you will get these positive Karma Points..!!

Surprise is I observed very similar (almost the same) stuff for 2 more people born around similar time-frame (sometime in May June 1975).

It also used to happen in the 90s and early last decade when I used to guess moon or Sun Signs of people in our offices after a few days or at times a few hours of observations!  :) Sometimes I used to get the Sun Sign wrong and then used to ask if "he'she was born from say xx am to XX am or these 2 hours on that day -- to their surprise it used to be correct -- so they were that Ascendant lagna rashi which I observed predominantly. Usually Meen Surya or Meen Moon sign is a bit difficult to guess as physical form is taken of other sign more so as Meen rashi is sort of a pushover! :) :) 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

What is Astrology Part3: Probabilistic Science / Art of Probabilities

The article itself is about Not so obvious! What is astrology can be answered by two simple words: “Probabilistic science” – or Science or rather “art of probabilities”. Probabilities of something happening would be always from 10 to say 90/95 % but of something NOT happening is also AT THE SAME TIME is 100-10% to 100-90/90%! J So it is NOT an EXACT Science. Why is so – Why it can’t be exact – The Sanskrit Granth say that Shivji has cursed this science and hence and some describe in a shloka that “Who else than the creator Brahma knows what is really going to happen?” We can answer it in a more elaborate way by this article! There are so many astrological formations which are contradictory in the same horoscope – and hence the word probability!

Sometimes you wonder what to do with all these things in astrology. I see many posts across Astrology groups and the sheer amount of confusion is unprecedented. It takes years for an astrology student to make sense or rather come to senses and remove chaos and noise from the information. The “Laal Kitaab” is “DTulahanya” – “He Raam” sort of a book of whatever parts I have read it. Not using palmistry and numerology is FINE but having arrogance about not using them is again “Dhanya” and “He Raam”!! The REAL crux of the analysis if WHEN to use WHICH theory and ignore other theories that might be insignificant for THAT specific horoscope and that specific question or topic of analysis! For example, Children / Kids – (Santati/Santaan Yog) – one single horoscope could have various different things at the same time – WHICH ONE would be more crucial and which stage of life (timelines) is the REAL crux and what about partner’s horoscope!??:)   Just look at the sheer list of things below which is used to impress a customer or put fear in the customer. These mere terms of astrology would leave you speechless…!

1.       12 House of horoscope and what each house means
2.       Dharma, Artha, Kaam and Moksha Trikon in horoscope
3.       Raashi, Nakshatra, Charan, upa-charan and their Swamis/owners! Their characteristics – topic of a PhD!
4.       Nakshatra – Dev, Manushya, Rakshas
5.       Devata and Wanaspati and so on of nakshatras
6.       Planets – their Descriptions, their characteristics and their impact in each sign – a PhD topic!
7.       Planets’ impact in each house of a horoscope; Combined with signs and nakshatra
8.       Planet friendships, enemies, neutral
9.       Drishti of planets on houses and other planets and what they mean! Guru 5 7 9, Shani 3 7 10; Mangal 4 7 8 and so on! :)
10.    Bhavesh in various house i.e. 12 Bhavesh in 12 houses – 144 combinations (L1 in 1, 2 3, 4 etc and so on for L2, L3 etc etc L means Lord/Owner)
11.    Navamansh Kundali, Saptamansh, Dashamansh and so on divisional chart
12.    Bhavchalit kundali
13.    Chandra Kundali – all the analysis of Lagna kundali to be also seen from Chandra Kundali…!!
14.    Yuti Yog, Pratiyog, Kendrayog, Navapancham, 2-12, shad-ashtak, Sunafa, Anafa, Maala, Anonya yoga, Chandaal Yog, Wish Yog & 1000 more J
15.    Retrograe / Wakri (!! The Most controversial topic!)
16.    KrishnaMurthy Method (Highly effective for Prashna shatra) – it is a whole BIG discipline and highly mathematical
17.    Bhav, Bhavesh,
18.    Kaarak planets
19.    Planets – friends and enemies
20.    Astangat
21.    Raashi - Gandaant
22.    Goon-Milan (!!)
23.    Manglik – Kada, Soumya
24.    Kaap-Sarp(!!!)
25.    Shani Mangal yog…!
26.    Winshottari Mahadasha, Antardasha and their meanings
27.    GOCHAR Phal
28.    Ashtottari Mahadasha
29.    Yogini Mahadasha
30.    Deen-Phal, Varsha-phal method
31.    More…

All these things would tell you that there is always a good reason to explain why something happened the way it happened! J But it is very very difficult to PREDICT what is really going to happen! Several of these contradictory things can make an appearance in ONE single horoscope – making prediction probability (there goes the word again) at times very less. Only things that are certain and obvious and repeated in Lagna Kundali (3 things-- Bhav, Bhavesh and Kaarak), indication in the Chandra Kundali, Exact degrees (Bhavachalit /Navamansh & more divisional charts) scan be predicted with some certainty – which is never the case. It is obvious as most folks have past karma which is mixed and not too intense in one single direction. When the past karma is in one single direction then you have unavoidable certainty to a prediction. When some things are very good or very bad in the past karma you already know the greatness of damage they can caused and you don’t need an astrologer to tell you that. Or only use would be to know for an astrologer that – YES this Horoscope works as these events or these conditions exist in their life (validity of a horoscope). The use of astrologer is for those things where you past karma id MIDDLE CLASS! J i.e. average, below average where THIS LIFE karma matters a LOT! Astrologer is nothing but a SWOT analyzer! Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat in a Horoscope is what a job of an astrologer is.

WRONG Questions to an astrologer: When will my marriage happen, When will I get a job or change a job…

RIGHT Questions: When should I get married (when would I meet a right person)? When Should I change job or expect a job or rather wait for a proper job etc.

Astrology A Myth or Science:

Astrology – a MYTH or Science!??

I have seen some posts and also some discussion groups or chats where very interesting things are written. They are interesting as they are extreme! Both sides opposing or supporting use some pretty extreme or rather abusive language! In this article I try to raise some questions mostly to people who think astrology is a myth (it ISN’T). PLEASE DO answer these questions as I NEVER get answers to these questions by these so called Pro-Science or so called intellectuals!! They are VERY narrow-minded when it comes to even discussing astrology and are seen showing tremendous ignorance or downright arrogance! For people who are supposed to be “intellectuals” it is very surprising that they close their minds for any subject! J

These folks do not seem to have problems with following disciplines:
1.       Stock Market Analysis
a.       Technical analysis of stocks – often this goes wrong and various analysts have their own theories about the same stock! J Why not BAN all the technical analysis of stocks? Let us do that before we even think about banning Astrology which is around for 5000 years from the era of GREEKS! J
b.       Fundamental analysis – They also invariably seem to go wrong! What is this P/E ratio – Why P/E ratio for some industries say 15 and some 7 and some 25?
c.        Comment: If this statistical tools & past data is allowed to use in Stock Market analysis WHY NOT ASTROLOGY? Astrology is nothing but statistical tool which shows various probabilities! Sometimes probability of something happening is 70% sometimes it is 30% and so on! In extreme circumstances, it is 80% but one CANNOT say for 100% sure using astrology that something WILL happen.
2.       Weather Channel
a.       In India at least I see them going wrong all the times? J Recently they said that rains are 2 days away – it rained CRAZY the same evening! J And more the next day. Some people lost lives in Pune!
b.       Again this is based on study of various factors and quite scientific but NOT an exact science.
c.        Do we want to BAN it – or still want to use it for RISK Mitigation so that you are prepared?
d.       If there is a possibility of heavy rains – you should limit yourself to say Sinvhagadh and not go to Mahabaleshwar! J
3.       Economics:
a.       Why all these countries go bankrupt if economics is such a sound subject? J Why ANY company should go bankrupt when economists are helping every company?! J
b.       Why the USA did have so many issues in 2008 if so many Economists were there to help and subject of Economics was so strong! J
c.        Various theories of economies work most of the times but do they all the times and which theory applies when?
d.       I expect a VERY strong argument by someone who understands economics “Milind – Why the hell you are commenting on Econimics when you have not studied it” My Answer – Buddy 1000s of people are commenting on Astrology without even reading 1 Page about it! J J

Let us go thru some of the MOST ignorant and arrogant questions that are raised by folks who oppose Predictive Astrology:

1.       I saw as Astrologer who was very poor – if he is not able to use his Astrology to become rich – How we can help me become rich? Or I saw an Astrologer whos son dies at young age or An Astrologer who has a Widow Sister – How they could not prevent such events – and if they can’t then how can they help me?
ANSWER: Very logical question when you read it the first time! J But it is pretty dumb and stupid actually. It shows they do not know what is astrology or “Predictive Astrology”.  My answer are composed of very simple questions: Why a doctor ever has a headache!? Why a doctor ever falls sick? Why a doctor has to ever die? J J How can an eye doctor with specs can help me with my eyes? Why a heart specialist like Neetu Mandke has a heart attack???? Do you want to say that a doctor with a single bad tooth should not give ANY consultancy to others or operate on the teeth of others?

If you are a truly an independent observer – and not prejudiced against or for astrology - -you would say – OK dude – I understand that the question above is not correct or ill-conceived but still people feel Astrology should help – YES – PREPARE – If you get some indications (not extreme like death or serious illness) but of some warning that so and so period demands caution – forewarned is forearmed. You can control at least your reaction or be ready with an umbrella when there is possibility of rain!

2.       Astrologers use FEAR their advantage – fear of death, fear of accidents, fear of Mars and fear or xxxx to get money out of people!!! So let us ban astrology! J
ANSWER: VERY True!! But Folks – In India today doctors are getting rid of around 200 to 300 girl-fetus per 1000 – So let us ban the discipline of Medicine itself. Or let us ban at least sonography machine completely! J How bad this argument is??? J J A knife in the hands of a surgeon and in the hands of a thief – You get the idea what I am trying to say?? How many doctors play with emotions of their patients to get them various tests done for “the sake of being safe”? Or how many times you are asked “Did you get parking slot? To check if you have a car? J or your wife asked “where do you work” J

But I agree to this claim from folks who oppose or support astrology that it is misused to “maximize revenue per customer” just like telecom companies by “value added services”! J

3.       Planets are so far away they cannot have ANY influence on a person’s life. How can they control or be even aware of some Mr or Mrs X on Earth?! J
ANSWER – Yes that’s true! They are not aware of any individual! Rather, it is my observation that the planets are a MIRROR image of a person’s karma – mirror image of inalterable past karma and its future consequences! But planets NOT having any impact on humans is arrogance to say the least. Why do we wake up in the morning and sleep after Sun sets? Our complete day is dependent on the Clock which is dependent on “relative” movement of Sun to Earth! J (Do not start with Earth revolves and stationary etc 1st standard stuff now J) (Some ignorant folks also as questions “if you introduce a planet between Shani and Guru how the hell it would impact my life --- HOW ignorant?? The whole Earth axis could shake or change if this ever happened! J)

4.       At the same time in same hospital a Boy and a Girl are born – They have such a different life depending on the gender and especially in a country like India – How could you possibly predict without knowing the sex of the person?
ANSWER: Of course not! Share Market analysts use the same principles to different sectors differently – They tweak those stats very differently for such sectors and even based on different countries for different sectors. Why that is allowed? J “Late marriage” in a horoscope usually depends on caste, religion, family traditions and for a girl late is also 25 26 and for a boy it would be say 29 30 etc. So you have GOT to tweak those principles that way. 8th house or rather 7th house Mars is more troublesome to ladies due to monthly cycle than guys! Now – this can’t be changed but still guys would also have some issues with blood circulation with 7 or 8th house Mangal.

5.       At the same time 2 kids born – 1 hospital exact same time two different families – I could be ROYAL family and other a farmer? How the exact same horoscope create such different destinies!?
ANSWER: RAHU and KETU in the horoscope - -Rahu represents Paternal Grandfather and Ketu represents Maternal Grandfather. So if both have Rahu in the 1st house of horoscope (ascending at the time of birh) – Then they both will look like their paternal grandfather/mother. But their respective ones and exactly the same! J J Similarly Rahu in 10th house – They both would inherit or do for a living which is similar to what their paternal grandfather did! So Rahu and Ketu show inheritance or DNA if you will – in Astrology! Of course, every soul has its own karmic history and they will be forced or allowed to choose the families to be born which matches with that karmic history! Rahu & Ketu in the horoscope shows repeating DNA from paternal and maternal side families. That is why – Astrology would NEVER be an exact science. You would never know what all their grandparents did in their life time! YES – You can see a LOT Of similarities in their families, # of siblings and even character of their parents and even families etc due to having same horoscope for sure!!

Kids born in a given year have same teachers are in same standards from 1st to 10th! J J Ins’t it a miracle? Why not credit it to they having same sign Guru or Shani or Rahu Ketu?! J J

6.       What happened to PLUTO – It is NOT a planet anymore?
Answer: Show me an astrologer who ever used PLUTO for ANY practical analysis! J J I use and see tremendous use of Neptune and Uranus for sure but NEVER EVER I could relate in my entire 21 years of studying/practicing astrology – ANY usage of Pluto!!

7.       Numerology is bullxxx – What happened when Roman king removed some 5 or 11 whatever days from the calendar? That means everyone today would have had some other birth-date if that would not have happened? (Paid Leave concept came from that time as workers were paid as 11 days were added to the calendar without having those day!).
a.       ANSWER: This sounds very logical but it isn’t! Yes when in 1400/1500 or whenever it happened there could be a possibility of some births at the time for say 2/3 days would have needed this adjustment. But within a week or so, the matters get adjusted to the new dates. HOW??? – It is simple – LET US ASSUME that Government says today that this week we will have two Sunday – i.e. say 16th and 17th June would be Sunday only and 17 would not be a Monday. All the folks who have holidays would not go to office on 17th but they would go to office on 18th which is NEW MONDAY now! They will not still go to office on 17th assuming it is Monday? Yes, there could be some who could do that and get deceived.
b.       We are COMPLETELY driven by numbers! Seconds, Minutes and Hours everything has 1:60 relationships. # of seconds in a day adds to 9 and also degrees add to 9. 3 6 9 number repeat in human life like anything! 24 hrs (6); 60 minutes in an hr (6); 60 seconds in a min (6) and so on. Our almost every action today and previously was driven by numbers. So saying numbers do not affect is something arrogant to say the least or at least ignorant.
c.        Numero is again about PATTERNS and Probabilistic science! You will observe some common pattern among all people born on date 1 or 2 or 3 – I have detailed it numerous times and also it repeats in Birth-date personality published every-day.
d.       These behavioral or attitude patterns is what makes us what we are – and our actions are our future destiny or kriyaman karma of this life. So a soul takes birth on 1, 10, 28, 19 when they want to start, pioneer something – most new industrialists or business-personalities are dominated by this number i.e. born on these dates. It shows INITIATOR nature, personal brilliance, difficult to follow orders of others and have ego/self-esteem and somewhat aloof, unapproachable who do not like people coming too close – but give a lot of warmth to people from distance! J So these patterns can be very easily observed especially if you are 7 16 25 born! J J :D
e.       I started observing Numerology very recently (a few years back) & observed people and tried to guess birth-dates (groups). It indeed worked!
f.         THE REAL ART and ability is to marry the horoscope, palm with numerology and make appropriate changes in the outcome of a horoscope etc. Again, without CASE STUDIES – one should not talk about something confidently.

8.       The Soul Theory or rather Soul as a concept itself is flawed – The population on Earth is increasing day by day – How new souls are coming thru?
a.       ASNWER: Very logical? Good Question but then please try to answer it yourself. You have great scientific mind!? J Why can’t a soul SPLIT? When karma becomes very big, sequential births to the same soul could be a too long a process? Then why not have multiple births to the same soul which overlap in timelines? For example Someone like Hitler who had big quota of pay-back, could have taken thousands of births and get killed etc in some fights all over the Earth to go thru the same pain he inflicted? It is quite likely.
b.       Why you want to use all your energy and intelligence and scientific approach to just ASKING questions and NOT answering it? J
c.        Does science know answer to all questions – Rather every answer creates 10 more questions when it comes to scientific discovery!

9.       What is this Rahu & Ketu nonsense? It is just one more mechanism to earn money by spreading fear
a.       Every profession spreads fear as mentioned above so let us not go there
b.       Rahu Ketu are intersection points of Earth’s orbit around Sun and Moon’s orbit around Earth. These are REAL things and not some imaginary stuff.
c.        Yes, you would ask what impact does a POINT have? But then again it is all about case studies! I have them and you do not! J
d.       Rahu as explained above is paternal family DNA and Ketu is maternal family DNA. Please Sponsor me giving the SAME SALARY I get in IT and I will show you how the DNA repeats for people from paternal side predominantly for the health/organs shown by the house Rahu occupies and maternal side DNA for the house sign etc Ketu occupies? Why don’t Govt of India FUND such things? OH Wait -- We are a SECULAR country!!!^@*^#*(#*)#*)#(#)!!!!! J
e.       Rahu and Ketu have definite effects on temperament, mind, aggression/agitation and pessimism (excess of these things) and there are various exampels with me (hundreds!) which I observed from early 90s.
f.         Without ANUBHOOTI nothing works! Every professional including psychologist have their own patterns and astrology is no different.
g.       Rahu Ketu show family history & at times I have stumped people by asking “Did you grandfather had anke/feet injuries or he had flat feet” – yes then you kid would also have a flat feet – and they are stumped further as 1st born indeed has flat feet! J

Will add more Q & A here

So what is Astrology? (I have two articles on this topic but here is a quick summary) It is ALL ABOUT KARMA and you own Karma some of it is also past life and not just this life! J
1.       Simply stated: It is “Art of Probabilities”. It is about observations and STATISTICS (case studies) collected over thousands of years and observations of real life events to come up with some principles or postulates.
2.       Astrology is NOT an exact science. Yes the calculations used are completely scientific or exact mathematics (movement of planets, signs, degrees and etc etc) but the “inferences” drawn is where LOGICAL part starts.
3.       Astrology (WHAT & WHEN) is about the birth time planetary positions (WHAT: Fundamental Analysis: Mahadasha, Proximity of prominent stars of planets) – and angles that the planets make with birth-time (natal) for rest of the life of a person (WHEN). The timing (When) factor of predictive astrology is dependent on gochar planets (planets moving around making angles to birth-time planet positions) and DASHA system – Based on Moon degree in a given constellation. Wimshottari system is the best one.\
4.       Can you predict the timing of death – NO – Again I have a separate article about Alpaayu (Short life span), Madhyayu (Medium life span) and Dirghayu (Long life) Yoga BUT to answer simply – NO – ONLY for some VERY VERY EXTREME Horoscopes only one can comment on death month or week – DAY would be very difficult and timing almost impossible! (Retrospect – everything is very easy)! J Just seat outside a hospital and take notes of death timings and ask their relatives birth-times and you would get stats – to comment something and let me tell you that – they are not conclusive – but yes timeframe of life can be certainly commented but again advanced medicine and Yoga and Baba Ramdeo can always help you gain 5/10 years! J
5.       Like various CURVES in economics and various theories – There are various principles in astrology – When 2 or more contradictory things exist in a horoscope, it is very difficult to comment what would happen for sure. For example – Shani drushti on 5th house – lesser kids and late – But Guru 11th So Guru drushti on 5th house --! J Add Shukra in 5th house or Moon!! And it is VERY difficult to comment anything! J
a.       Which principle to use when it THE KEY and like a great doctor it comes with personal brilliance but also with PRACTICE!!
6.       Astrology is a NEVER ending PRACTICE!!! Like Sachin you can score 200 but you can also get out on 1st ball some day! J You can’t middle each ball.

7.       The best part about astrology is that FOR 1 PERSON it can comment on following aspects of his/her life
a.       Best time for marriage
b.       Best time for having kids
c.        Health Analysis – Likely health issues and Accident prone periods
d.       Testing times – With various aspects of life, Mom, Father, Seniors, Govt, Kids, Relatives, PROPERTY
e.       Inheritance – Property – Land
f.         Finances
g.       Promotions (Better & bigger Responsibilities and not exacty a paper which says you are promoted)! J
h.       THE BEST PART of astrology is THE SWOT Analysis for a person Dos Donts
                                                               i.      Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats!

It is THE ONLY Discipline in the world which can comment on ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR LIFE -- !!!!!!! It is a TOOL and in the hands of a great surgeon it gives life – in the hands of a crook -- !!???

A BIG Issue with Astrology is its connection (in India) with religion! It is mentality of Indian folks which makes it very difficult to distance Astrology from religion. An Indian would find it VERY difficult to pay an Astrologer for analysis, predictive probabilities, dos/donts. They would be happy to spend thousands of rupees of Pooja and travel thousands of KMs for God! So of course, historically it has been that way! Even a Medical store is always opened along with a hospital – isn’t it? J I wish that Pooja and related things were not attached with Astrology BUT I have found some mysterious powers in some of the “FORMS” of Gods like say Hanuman, Durga and even Lord Rama!! I have experienced it myself especially Hanuman Sadhana – it helps align all those CHEMICALs and hence Chemical locha in your brain to VERY good things and makes wonder for a person and also it does not cost anything! J Also – Money time and efforts can be exchanged! So you put efforts to get something like a white paper or spend money to buy from someone! Similarly – there are ways in Astrology which allow you do spend something to gains something – Color therapy is lot more effective than Gemstones from what I have observed.

Sagun & Nirgun Upasana is a different argument as different levels of spiritual awakening warrants different types of upasana/prayaer. An advanced man can go for Nirgun-Nirankaar (and anaadi-anant i.e. Allah or God) but mere mortals or common people do need an IDOL to pray as they are at the start of the spiritual ladder.

MANTRA – Can’t comment much in this article for the want of space (wistaar-bhay). I have seen Ram-Raksha (& mostly all Sanskrit Mantra) making a magical impact on people and especially KIDS -- !!!! Unless scientifically proven wrong or proven correct – I will advise Mantra for sure but NO SUBSTITUTE for KARMA.

Even with greatest of horoscopes – say Sachin – you HAVE TO WORK HARD AND RUN ALL THOSE Runs and make all those efforts and practice sessions. Without KRIYAMAAN i.e. actions or hard-work of this life, even the greatest of past karma can’t be delivered to you! (Apart from being born in say Ambani family) J Even then – you have to work hard to make your OWN success – Ask Mr. Anil Ambani!) Salman HAS to make a movie regardless of how his fans make it easy to collect 100 crore in 4 5 days!! J

I have very big articles of Usage of Gemstones – Not repeating here!!

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