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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Astrology and Huge Success (Bhavarambh)

Astrology & Huge Success: Bhavarambh
(One needs to look at the planets that are in the same degree as the lagna-degree and Chandra-degree to map this discussion to their own horoscope.) If not the exact degree – plus or minus 3 degrees is also quite effective.)

Following observations are based on case-studies of highly successful people. The question that is always raised & will be raised about astrology is why the day Sachin Tendulkar or Gary Kasparov or Kapil or Richards or Pele were born – 1000 others born on that day didn’t have similar successful like these folks? This article tries to get down to the basic of why a specific planet is more effective for a chart than others.

For wild success in ONE field or one topic is usually very strongly placed planet in that chart. The meaning for strongly placed could be
(1)     Uchcha,
(2)     In swa-rashi, in swa-navamansh,
(3)     Uchcha and swa-navamansh,
(4)     Uchcha and swa-nakshatra,
(5)     Drushti of Guru on the planet,
(6)     Effective house for that planet (Digbali, Sthanbali etc
(7)     Not astangat
(8)     Not in Shani drushti.
(9)     Owner of the sign of this planet is not in Shani drushti! :)
(10)  Is either owner of the 1st house or
(11)  Is Rashi Swami and
(12)  is not 8 12 from lagnesh or rashi-swami (in-sync)
(13)  In navamansh chart it is not with Shani or in Drushti on Shani – It is in sync with lagna & or Chandra or D9 chart.
(14)  Birth-Date or the total addition of the birthdate adds to the number shown by this planet.

This above is all great and needed But the BIGGEST differentiator and the key for WILD success and that too thru this specific Planet X becoming the only focus of a life:

The degree of the planet in very close or the same as Lagna-degree and or Chandra-degree!!

The above aspect makes the planet the most imp aspect of your life. With the same degree as lagna or Chandra, the planets drives the destiny & desire of the person single-handedly! It brings the FOCUS on the things shown by this planet. It dominates most of your decisions and the actions.

Of course, this works the other way also regardless of how good or bad a planet is placed in a chart.  So the planets not placed not so strongly & in the 8th or the 12th house in the same degree as Lagna or Chandra would show an acute obligation that the person needs to pay back in this life. These planets will keep pulling that person towards this obligation time & again. 

Planets placed not so great and not so bad in the same degrees would show a middle-class life but with efforts and deliberate FOCUS the person will eventually get to the success they want.

Yes, people born on Sachin’s b-date do have good sports & running ability, they do have good supportive siblings and they do have good land and eventually they have made it quite big in life in their own right but the “Bhavarambh” of Ati-uchcha Mangal is important and maybe they didn’t have Mangal close to their lagna or Chandra degree and hence multiple planets took their focus in their life! :)
P.S. Bhavarambh is a bit more complex as every Bhaava/house is calculated and is not thought to be the same degree that of ascendant BUT the case studies DO show that lagna-degree and Chandra-degree and planets degree play a HUGE role instead of calculating EACH bhav/house of the horoscope & where exactly it starts.  (KP method places HUGE importance on Bhavarambh - -cusps.. rather it is one of the major aspects of the KP method.)

My example: (NOT a wild success yet) :) please don’t take it as arrogance! :)
(1)     My lagna in 22:XX degrees
(2)     Sun in the 27/28 degree in the 5th house (Forecasting, Preaching, Teaching, Go-Getter, All-rounder etc)
(3)     Chandra in the 27th degree the first house (Imagination, 6th sense memory in Vrishchik)
(4)     Raahu in the 27th degree in the first house (occult especially in Vrishchik!)
(5)     Neptune with Chandra Rahu in the first house but 15th degree in Vrishchik away from Chandra Rahu
(6)     Lagna Chandra Rahu and Surya – all in the nakshatra-Swami of Budh. Budh itself in the 5th house of forecasting
(7)     The Sun in the 5th house which is in Vargottam Navamash of Meen rashi has defined me completely in this life.
(8)     The 5th house is applied science and Meen rashi is spiritual in a way. So Vargottam Navamansh in Meen) but the 5th house is “applied” science.

(9)     The fact that the owner of Surya Sign – GURU & Co-owner Neptune – Neptune is with Moon itself in the first house (imaginative, 6th sense etc). GURU is in Vargottam Navamansh in Kumbh (modern, intellectual approach, using latest tech etc).

As Neptune is NOT very close to Moon and in Anuradha nakshatra and not in the same degree as Surya Chandra Rahu - -I might not get into completely intuition or psychic kind of stuff – (Chandra Rahu close first do point to that). Also Surya in 27/28 degree and Lagan in 22:XX degrees so not doing this right from childhood. It started HUGELY from 2006 in the Surya Mahadasha. It was of course always there from the 90s but you can see how these degrees play such a massive importance. Chandra mahadasha is ongoing now and later Mangal. Raahu mahadasha from 2029 onward (if survive the Mangal Mahadasha form 2022 to 2029!!!) would make presence probably worldwide. The health aspect of this chart is gone for a toss (kidney, mouth, teeth etc etc) but with “Saai-Kripa” might get past 2029.. let us see! :) :)

I take pride that my Mangal degree in Gemini is the same as Dennis Lillee and Prakash Padukone. Padukone had Mangal in the 3rd house whereas Lillee might also have 3 or 5th house. I have it in the 8th house and also completely OFF from the Lagna and Chandra degree - - mangal - -sports career not MEANT to be!  :) Ability - -well that will always be untested now – but of the best in the circle I played with! :)

Some other non-astrology thoughts:
Today, A new joke I heard: yoga is beyond religion. It IS a Hindu religion product and it IS a Hindu thing. If you do not like this FACT -- please do not do yoga. This is British buddhibhed and divide and rule and making Hindus feel apologetic for being Hindus!! Yoga IS Hindu and will be Hindu always.. if you have problem with it --- please don't do it!!!!! Else tell me which prophet taught yoga to his disciples.
And Hindus: STOP doing buddhibhed & stop being victims of buddhibhed as Vedik, Bhrahman, Bahujan, Kshatriya, Mulniwasi and what not -- every one who worships IDOLS is a Hindu... regardless of who came up with a word Hindu Sindhu or Bindu.. I doNOT care..!! People who do not worship idols regardless if what religion they are -- they are "A-Hindu"...!
Tomorrow - -after some years Westerners will prove Mantras are very useful to cure conscious and subconcious mind and also the DNA and hence remediation of various things much before they happen and then MANTRAS will also become shamelessly non-Hindus!!!!


  1. if I wish to check mine get analysed what is the process

  2. good mention of yoga!! great milind.

  3. Very informative article , I also suffered a lot despite having very good intellectual capacity. I desire to get analysis of my Kundali.

  4. Could not agree more regarding Hindus being apologetic defending what their forefathers or ancestors passed on from aeons of time. In the name of unity in diversity, Hindus are diluting their own faith, practices, rituals, norms and belief. You have rightfully called it out. Seriously when I come across Hindus in USA proudly eating beef and pork, and displaying their advance thinking as to all animals are same, so why not beef and pork! I tell them, go home and ask your Dad or Mom, if they eat it too. By the way, personally I do not like or practice eating any meat, fish or egg or birds, no nothing that moves! Hindu scriptures clearly preaches us to be vegetarian. Anyway, bottom line is Hindus must defend and feel proud of Yoga being an integral part of our faith. Period.

  5. This explanation may explain as to why someone is successful but does not explain as to why 2people born on same day and same time and same place --as will have identical natal chart including all the degrees and nakshatra etc - will have different life.There are several children born in Florida Hospital today at 7 AM who will ha very same planetary position but different life.How do you explain that.I am sure your answer will be interesting.thanks

    1. Yes --The simple answer is Raahu and Ketu. Raahu is the paternal family & Ketu is the maternal family (they also represent other things). So assume that Rahu is in the first house of each of these people chart. They would not look the same like each other but they would like either paternal grandfather or grandmother! :) So Rahu ketu show the family history & completely differentiate horoscopes from each other. Yes -- there WILL be similarity as how how much %% of good and bad these individual folks are inheriting from their grandparents. There WILL be similarities as to what their grandparents did as a pattern. So this explains that an african american baby would look like their grandparents, an Indian like theirs and white americans like their own! :)

  6. If i wish to get analyze whats the process

  7. This happens because when a planet is in the same pada as the lagna, it falls into one of the kendras of the navamsa, giving great stability and strength.
    For example, if the lagna falls in the 2nd pada of Virgo rashi, this is Aquarius navamsa pada. If say, Venus falls in the 5th house of Capricorn, also in the 2nd navamsa pada, then this is also Aquarius pada and thus it falls in the navamsa lagna. If Venus falls in the 2nd house Libra in the 2nd pada, then it goes to Scorpio navamsa, which is the 10th house of navamsa. Do you see the pattern forming? For the 1/5/9 trikona, the 1st house of the navamsa is where these planets will go. for planets in 2/6/10 houses, to the 10th house. For those in 3/7/11 houses, 7th house. And for 4/8/12, the 4 th house.