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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Birth Dates of 5 14 23 ruled by Budh / Mercury

BUDH / MERCURY Effect : The birth-dates of 5 14 23
BUDH/ Mercury Effects: 5, 14, 23 borns have this habit or even destiny: When they earn some money say 5 Rs - They have an impact in surroundings or part of a deal where someone earns 100Rs or there is a turnover of 100Rs! i.e. They have this ability to connect supply & demand and create a win-win situation for both the parties and earn some valid income in the process. Real estate agents/shar market trading (& "players") hence are usually with 5, 14, 23 b-dates along with good Mars presence. Depending on their intellectual level they display such events. Balasaheb Thackeray when saw some good paintings from Mr. Paranjape -- He called up Taj folks and asked them to evaluate the for their lobby - They evaluated and were happy that they got such great deal -- Mr. Paranjape was happy that he probably got 10 times more than he would have otherwise!! This is magic of birth-date of 23...!!!! Of course, Balasaheb, Kanya rashi also that adds to 23's effect!!!! Similarly, Aamir Khan, when does this program on TV -- He charges 3 crores or whatever per episode -- but in the process, he might have affected 3000 Crores of India public's money positively. It is a win win situation for him, the channel, the janata who watches it. On the small scale -- people buy cars & sell for higher money etc -- on a large scale like Balasaheb or even Aamir -- people affect 1000s of crores in the process earning their rightful %!!! Of course, Balasaheb couldn't care less about his % ---- Not all are like him!! So just to summarize the birth-dates of 5 14 23 are about trading, negotiations, articulation, supply-demand gaps and creating a win-win situation for both the parties. They have this sense of humor and quick wit too. Drawing cartoons or at least getting such ideas by some observations. BUDH in a natal chart / horoscope is about nervous system, brain composition, mama, mousi maternal cousins etc folks. People with problems with these obviously as you can see can’t be traders! :) A well placed Budh in a horoscope will show good control over these things for sure. At least the relationships with mama mousi and maternal cousins can’t be bitter if not great! The world is inter-tangled and interconnected! It is all karma. Shar market trading gains are usually someone’s loss - -it is not creating value. Or large investors putting money in the market from abroad etc and then traders earning some % on these deals by Share Market trading. This is still a Win Win and not outright karmic obligation as someone is not losing this money! But still trading at its own karma and as long as it is fair like connecting DOTS and two parties and having some fair % out of it, it is all good.

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